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Episode Notes

‘Leadership Begins at Home’ was the Fourth and Final Installment in the ‘Making Our Mark’ Lecture tour in the UK, presented by Sheikh Sajid Umar.
‘Leadership Begins at Home’ was a talk presented in Trowbridge.

In this lecture Sheikh Sajid breaks down the family unit in terms of the beautiful Ayah found in Surah Yusuf (Ayah 4) and details the different roles that are to be found in a household, and how to be effective and excellent in these roles.

Part 3 from ‘Leadership Begins at Home’ highlights the significant and important role the mothers’ in our home play in shaping our Leaders of today and tomorrow.

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Let's go to our mothers and our wives.

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What can we say about our mothers and why? They like the moon, serene, beautiful to look at. So we don't want to say much. We don't want to say much because this gloomy face is why you guys

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gloomy at the moment has a light bulb switched on in our heads.

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Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah Don't lose hope in the mercy of our sisters are behind. So we won't say anything that makes them gloomy inshallah, we'll format the discussion in a in a different way. Our mothers are entities of the home, as we've seen from the ayah in Surah, Yusuf.

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And our wives, our mothers have a great role to play in developing leaders. In fact, they are leaders themselves. And we'll come to that. Now today's society, in many circumstances in way, tries to take away the beauty from the name mother.

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And take away the beauty from the term housewife to say housewife, it sounds sounds off, that we would have to engineer the name now and say, You know what? No, it's not called housewives, it's called domestic engineer. It's a different title to this profession, right?

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I have a different title treat as well. And that is the title of service. mothers and wives are true terrorists. What's the term? This term was coined by Stephen Covey. I'm just evolving the usage of the tab. And trim tab is the small rudder on the ship that turns which makes the bigger rudder on the ship turn, which makes the whole ship tab, Panama, Panama, imagine this who wants to be an accountant out there in the corporate world, when you can be a truth teller, who wants to be out there in the corporate world, doing any profession when you can be a trim tab. Now, I'm not putting down the importance of educating ourselves as females. And being able to carry society This is

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important. But I'm saying don't do it at the expense of the greater and the more important. The travesty is when we do that at the expense of the greater.

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That's the travesty. We're not saying don't do it. We say yes, do it. But don't do it at the expense of that which is more important. It doesn't mean society said is less important than it that it's less important. The Sharia came to set down right from wrong, right from wrong. It doesn't matter what society thinks. Yes, you strange. As I told the brothers the other day, why not? We should be strange people.

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Islam began strange. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for to Berlin ahora glad tidings to the strange people. You must be strange. A strange one is somebody who's, who's doing something that's not the status killed the norm of society. Now we're not saying that everything strange is good. But I'm saying when you follow the Sharia, that becomes strange. You should be happy. You should be happy. You reviver, you've revived something. So our mothers and wives the truth happens. They are the small rudder that turns the big rudder that turns the entire ship.

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That imams had mothers. And they were the means of them becoming leaders. In mathematic. Did you not take him to his teacher and say, a liberal adult, teach him either public or liberal and look at the advice of a mother that's a leader and she created a leader, Amanda, Alicia Malik.

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Abby hanifa had a mother

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that had Amanda

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and Amanda,

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the Giants upon whose shoulders we are trying to walk we can say we work we try to work on the shoulders. These giants have mothers, La ilaha illAllah.

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You see how important it is? They were the core and the epicenter behind them becoming leaders. And they were the shifts that turn the world's direction. But you see how that shifts or other you don't see that are diverted today and how they address the needs another other today? It's there. So my dear brothers and sisters, you are two tablets. You are trim tablets now. Our brothers only Langham the natural leaders, the natural leaders as I said I'm gonna I'm gonna try and speak about this in a way that makes our sister smile from the land. Because women are softer than males can take a bit of a knock. Right? Our mothers are natural leaders. Think about it. If we ponder if we sit back now and

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think of our mothers, what do we think about?

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We think about Subhan Allah, how they had vision all the time, all the time. Right? They would juggle 101 household chores.

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You wake up in the morning, it's getting the kids ready for school, getting the husband's breakfast ready, making sure his clothes are high and making sure the kids uniform is there, making sure the right books for the right subjects are in the bag. So you don't go to school and it's science and you got a math book instead of a science book.

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Is this not true? They juggling 101 things. But

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tomorrow, what they're doing today matches what they want to achieve tomorrow. And what they did tomorrow match what they wanted to achieve. The next day, they never got lost, amazing visionaries, amazing visionaries, that in doing 101 things, they never lost sight of the goal. They never lost sight of the goal. This is a visionary. This is the first quality of leadership to see a leader must be a visionary, because our vision was no way they want to get to. This is our mothers.

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Our mothers, they,

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when we ponder when we find everything that they are and that they were if they passed away, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant them, graves which are goddess from the goddess of gender. And if they are alive, then we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to preserve them, it is obedience. And if you're not a mother, yet, we ask a lot make your mother soon.

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I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, so we see that they have an amazing ability to exercise patience is another leadership quality.

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They would exercise patience, in juggling all these activities. In dealing with the different natures of the child. One child is upset one child is crying, one child is sulking. One child is happy, dealing with all these personalities from morning till evening, and still meeting a husband with a smiley face. What amazing patience. And she wakes up the next day to do it again. So there'll be

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a case where it's done tomorrow. That's it. I've retired, they never would retire. The mother's right to the end. So Pamela, even if you're 50 years old, or 60 years old, the mother still sees you as a child.

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If you came home and told your mother, for example, that look today, I got this you to look after it. You might be a 50 year old man, but she would say just look after it because to her, you still have a child. So they have this amazing ability to be patient. This is a mother's role in the house.

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Right? So what have we taught our sisters so far, they need to be visionaries, they need to be patient. But we teaching it in a different way, discussing our mothers and how they were. This is the qualities of the female, we discussed what the qualities of the male should be in the home, to exacerbate leadership in the home. And the presence of it. These are mothers, they are patient, also our mothers, they had amazing abilities to make herself sufficient. This is what a leader does. A leader never ever leaves their team in such a way that they are only dependent on them. They always lead it in a way that they become leaders in and of themselves in the tasks that they do this whole

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concept of taking ownership, taking ownership of others to test that did not make us clean our rooms when we got to the age. They cleaned it for us when we couldn't pick up things but as soon as we could, they taught us to pick it up. And if we didn't, there was a naughty corner.

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So they taught us self sufficiency, a mother should have this quality, to teach the child to be self sufficient. This is from the qualities of being a leader and from the qualities of making someone a leader. When you're a visionary, you make them a visionary. When you patient, you give them the quality of patience. When

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you when you introduce in their lives the concept of self sufficiency, they will take it to the next level when they go when they traverse throughout their lives, but you've taught it to them. So our mothers have this amazing ability to teach us how to be self sufficient. Our mothers inspired us.

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This is from the qualities of a leader. They were inspired. They taught us inspiration

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and the qualities of being an inspired individuals, so they will lead us and they've nurtured us to become leaders.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala granted the highest paradises, I mean, they taught us how to inspire others, we know this, we know this, that

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they would always teach us to take the higher ground, a father might say, you know what, if somebody is bullying, you bully him back or the mother said, No, you should, you should behave in this particular manner. If you behave in an in a different manner, you should try and defuse the situation this way. They always taught us to be inspirational how to inspire others that don't tell the same path as the next person. If a person is telling the low path, don't follow the low path. Show them the high bar, don't go down to their level, bring them up to your level, not so quality of the female in the home.

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Again May Allah subhana wa tada granted the highest paradisus so a leader should know how to inspire others. This is a matter

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this is a mother