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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick reminder inshallah tada when coming to the masjid to pray. One of the things that we noticed sometimes is that when people are getting late to the prayer, they'll drive really fast and driving fast, okay? That's, you know, whatever but driving fast in the masjid especially when there's people outside and there's kids they're totally not cool you're putting people's lives in danger all to catch the follow up. And specifically regarding the slot on the prayer we know that you know press Adam told us the mentioned socketable hottie that even when we are on foot, we shouldn't rush and send them he

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said that who if the prayer has started, don't come to it running rather come walking, while being calm, right? So come with calmness, whatever you catch, prayed and whatever you missed, make it up. So if that's the case with being on foot, then what about driving in our car. And we do have an added responsibility when operating a heavy machine in operating a vehicle to keep other people safe, specifically in the mesh that people are there to pray. We don't want to do something which is wrong or bad In the name of Allah. Right. So person I know. And I know people's intentions are good until they want to catch the prayer they want to catch as much as possible. And therefore they may

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rush but that is against the son of the person send them and as I said, he told us of the opposite. He told us to not rush. When it comes to the parents specifically during Juma the Friday prayer. This is often the case because sometimes people are trying to catch the prayer itself. Maybe they miss, they missed the hotbar. And they just want to catch the prayer itself and they don't want to miss Java. So they'll rush to the prayer. But as I said that goes against the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, I send them just a friendly reminder for myself and for all of you as well. And I hope you all have a good day. Take care. Until next time, said I'm the lucky one.