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When we stop becoming affected by the things occurring around us, when it doesn't raise our human, this is a sign that our hearts become hard. So for example, we see a loved one or in close one die, right? We're sad for a day or two, we're like, you know, death is certain and all that. And then we forget quickly, or we see natural disasters, we see the signs of a lot. All around us, we see a whole cities being destroyed. We see this happen that we see major world events, and it makes no difference to us. Right when we just were just indifferent to the things happening around us, or we look at the blessings of a lot and it doesn't raise our email. Right? We think about the fact that

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Allah Allah gave me an eyesight. Allah gave me the ability to think Allah gave me my two hands that I have, if I didn't have my hands, for example, what would my life be like? And I guarantee you, that whatever your life is, like right now, if a lot took away a single head of yours, a single head, your life would be incredibly different life as you know, it would completely change. And this is why I talk to somebody who's had head amputated or are reputated and ask them how their life is. And they will tell you that before I lost my limb, my life was completely different. Right when we stopped thinking about these matters, when we look at the blessings of a light, it doesn't affect

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us. This is another sign that our heart has become hard.