Does Islam Teach Hate?

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fue Buena Vista,

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la boo, boo, Sunni Islamic conductor whatever the time

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you're you're invited here because we have a serious problem. The problem is that we are dealing with the subject of hate, right? Why do we head in the first place. So last time, we had a good conversation about the, the psychological aspect of head, as well as the philosophical aspect of it. And we just touched a little bit of the faith aspect of it, the true belief actually protects you from from hate. But then we looked into all these protective factors, which protects Muslims, if they truly believe that protects Muslim from getting into this trap of head, and then ultimately ending up in violence. But the problem with us was that we found so many different references and

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references in the Quran, like for instance, if you pick up acid, right, and we, there's so much on there, if you pick up anger, there's so much and then if you look into the incentives and the punishment, and everything in the in the Day of Judgment, there's so much there, we needed a scholar, to sum it up for us that how Islam and the message of Islam actually

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protect us, like all those protective factors are there for us, for as true believers, that we would never, ever, if we truly believe right, there's the condition, we will never ever develop hatred for people to an extent of getting into into violent violent actions or other other ways of harming them. So that's the challenge. And that's why you're here. Okay, as an introduction, was last time the last a lot of salon so let's,

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first of all, I could see the word faith.

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Basically, when somebody has faith in God that created him and created the whole universe around him, once you understand the concept of the purpose of our creation, you know, or you know, las panatela, or God Almighty, summarized that purpose in so number 51, our 56th should Omaha love to Genoa, inside Atlanta,

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have only created jinn and mankind, but to enslave themselves to me, whether we like it, or we like it, as I always say, we are slaves to God, we need him every single second, you and I and Omar and all the viewers cannot guarantee that breath that comes out to come back again. Yes, right. So we need a lot all the time. So once we have faith in God, then we should go to the message sent to us by God. And that's the books that were revealed through the Archangel Gabriel to the prophets. And that takes us to the next part, which is the role model. So God sent messengers, who are humans like your nine? Because if you send somebody who's godly or Son of God, or this or that, then we have the

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excuse that no, oh, I don't have the same qualities or the same potential like him. This is why I can't Yeah, but he said no, you know, for example, Jesus be supplemental Quran. He said, he and his mother used to coolangatta they eat food. That's right, which means they're human human. Yeah. Okay. And if you're a human, then you will need the creator for everything. So these role models, what they did, they they received the revelation, and was just like theory, the practice that this way when we relate to them, we act the same way they acted. Let's take for example, an example of the teachings of Jesus Bishop and he said, if somebody slaps you in the right cheek, turn the left or

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into the exactly, that doesn't mean weakness, because some people misinterpret this. It means tolerance, it means don't reciprocate anger with anger, because this is going to lead to negative emotions. Okay? You know, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he was approached Prophet Muhammad peace by a man he said, also Niala sort of like give me advice prophet of Allah. He said lotto slick, simple word. Yeah, you can write a whole book about the advice. That's fine. And the man said, Give me more. He said lotto. It's not to get angry. Yeah, it's uh, give me more he said lotta why three times anger leads to what? Could leads to hate? Yeah, yeah. Anger could leads to

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what? You might kill someone. Exactly. You might harm yourself.

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So controlling anger you're sitting one day with the with with his companions who said, matter of deliciously chicken, who do you think? Or who do you consider a strong person amongst you called Friedman? nabasa? Somebody who knocks people out? Exactly like if you were to ask Omar or, you know, the young generation, like, Who do you think is like a struggle? A strong guy is like a

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six pack, right? But then the professor has no

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basis. Besides, a strong person is the is not the person who knocks people out in a machete to let em Luckily,

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a strong person is the person who can control themselves when he's angry. Yeah. And when God talked about the incentive, okay, in the Quran, if you go to so number 38133,

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God says, was

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11 out of 13 robbed de como Jen, what's the ultimate goal of every human being, for God to forgive him, and to allow them to enter His mercy? That's right, which is in the form of Paradise, where he's gonna live happily, forever.

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He said, Aldo has some hour to one on the expanse of that Paradise is equal to the heavens in the air, or a little more duckling. It's created for those who mix fear and fear God.

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So yeah, what's the incentive? paradise and the mercy of Allah? What should I do there? He said, a lady in a

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nap is wrong. He was dumb, or they are those who spend and they have lots of money. At times have lots of money. Yeah, you know, and at times when they have little money. So in thick and thin, as we said, Yeah, okay, exactly. At times when they are rich at times, even when they're poor. Now, the second quality, which is very relevant to what we're talking about, is it will mean

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meaning and those Not only that, in the translation of the Koran, or the meaning of the Quran to find curb their anger, control their anger, it's even deeper than that. Because to curb your anger is yet to mine. But alas, it alcohol they mean elevate your color means to swallow your anger.

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Look at that degree. Yeah, like, you know, Ramadan is coming so far. So quickly. Imagine a farmer were to sneak into the kitchen and eat something during the day, and he comes out and he sees you or he sees me, he's gonna be embarrassed. So he's gonna, it's not gonna be Chong. He's gonna swallow it swallow the food. So he doesn't even show that he's shown. Exactly right. So Allah said, Don't even show anger in your face. Swallow your anger. That takes a strong person to do that. That's right. Yeah. And the next one, again, refers to passion, patience. He said, One Laffy, nyan in

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us. It takes a lot of patience, to be able to forgive and forget exactly. If you were to ask so many people today, when somebody wrongs you, are you able to forgive? Or let's say, but are you able to forget?

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I'll keep it here. Yeah, I always give this example, when you're on your phone when you're on your wife. And then you come back home with a gift and say, sorry, honey, I was wrong. She's gonna say, okay, let it go this time. Yeah. Okay. then a month later, you make a same mistake. You bring a gift, and you come back and say, I'm sorry. Like last time.

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You told me you forgive me. Yeah, I forgive you. But still here. Yeah. Because if she forgets that she's not going to pick it up, and that's why it takes patience to be able to do this. And then Allah said, while Love Will your head say me and the loss of Hannah tada loves those who do what he gives you a framework.

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Swallow your anger. Step number one

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forgiving forgiven forget That's right. And do good to those who wronged you, except you can never even reach it. So far away from it. Exactly. Okay. So he's saying do good to those people. Amazingly enough, when you go back

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to the to the role model again, the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah says, How many times people mistreat him, a man who was a rabbi called me when he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he knows that scripture of the rasa lamb in the book that was given to Moses be thrown around the Torah. He said, He is very, very patient. And the more you try to make him angry, the more patient it will be. That's one of the signs say went to him the prop salon borrowed some money from him. And some people always asked like, why would

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promiseland borrow from people who are not Muslim. That's right. Yeah. Okay. Because the Muslims might be shy to come and ask for the money again. So you want to make sure that somebody is gonna come and say, Give me my money. Exactly. Okay. So this man came before the due date. And he said, you know, give me my money.

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But he didn't ask it in that way. Yeah, he wanted to provoke the boxer and make him angry. He said, in a coma, Benny Hashem Coleman Mach. That's how it started. You declare of Hashem talking about the problem. You're procrastinating people, as it's like, you take the right people, and then you just like, you know, try to procrastinate like, no, it's not now come tomorrow. Yeah, yeah. Dude, it was not yet.

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Then he said, Give me my money. And the professor smile. And Amaro sitting there, or heard this? He tried to take his sort of

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upset look, no, don't do this. And the man who's scared?

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So the processor cell upset. Again, this is the framework of patient. Yeah. And what did he do to him? He said, just tolerate lyrical. Yeah, okay. Yeah, he insulted you don't get angry. Don't have something here. Okay. You said tolerate, and trust the fact that God will reward you for that. And then he gave all my advice, and he gave a blood donor advice. He said, Omar, both of us needed something better than what you have done.

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You know, I expected you to ask him to be patient, and not to get mad and to ask in a nice way, you're sort of top to ask in a nice way. And I expected you to remind me just to give him the money. Go bring him his money, even though it's not the due date. And give him 20 extra because you're scared.

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So what I wanted this, what am I gonna do? What did he do?

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He said, Listen, I did what I did on purpose, to progress. Your description, in our book, is that the more I try to make you angry, the more patient you will be. And I've seen that action now. I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship, but God, and you're the Messenger of God, and he was a rabbi.

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So again, yeah, this is the message. Do you think somebody who hates or treat people like that? No. Do you think somebody tries to make you angry? would you react like that? But I want to say something very positive to him. Can we hate in Islam? The answer is yes. What do we hate? We hate bad things. We don't hate people. That's right. We hate the bad things that people do. Amazingly enough, the Koran said the law in dealing with all non Muslims, not only the people of all non Muslims, and look what Islam teaches us. So number 16, is called them Dinah. And number eight, Allah subhanaw taala says,

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lay in herre como, Allah does not forbid you. God does not forbid you. And leadin LMU partido confit de, as regards those who do not fight you on account of your faith. While I'm you hurry to come in the ericom, I did not expect you out of your own homes. And our room, auto pasito la him to do belly to them to the meaning of

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bear means what Allah commanded this gentleman to do to you and his mom. Better means like the best good character, they might have the best manners. Treat them with the best manners. Be grateful. Be kind, be tolerant, be accepting, be patient.

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And be fair with them. If I'm the boss, yeah. And I have people in for the interview. Some of them are Muslim, some are not.

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I shouldn't be biased. That's right. Whoever has the qualification, I give him the job. So be just with them. In the lie, you have been moxa. Team. Let's give you another incentive. He says, trust me. I love those who are fair. So Islam is all about justice. Exactly. So can we hate I said yes. If somebody is doing injustice, we hate the injustice. And this is why in the entire message of the Quran, you always say that the best nation or those who do what, enjoying what's right, if there's any right cause will go for it or part of it. But if there's something wrong for it, what's wrong? Exactly. This is very, a very, very good summary, if you have any question.

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Good. So, so behind all these points, there's a whole ocean of knowledge right and I mean, when I started this exactly, just

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Not even a drop in the ocean. Right? Exactly. So in light of this the point that the concluding point and that's what this are we started the series, right? Because of this, this huge misunderstanding and misconception, there's this spread out there, through books and through research and through through other media stuff that Muslims, they hate us means the non Muslims, right? And people have taken it literally, they think that there is something in the message of Islam that teaches them to, to have hatred. In fact, I was asking this question when I was teaching Islam at the University of Wake Forest in North Carolina, in 2004. And then they said, Do people

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hate us?

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I said, What do you mean by us? If you mean the people give me a reason I was talking to the Americans, like, give me a reason to hate you. What did you do to me? they clap their hands for 20 seconds. I had to stop them. So like, let me finish. Okay. And then I told him a very special story that happened with me because I was living on campus, and the faculty apartments, and the all the buildings of the University are the same. So once I finished work, and I want to go to the faculty apartments, I kept going, like spinning around the place. I always like, I can't find my way to my destination. Yeah. So one time when I was so tired and was snowing, then a very old lady. She was

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like, 74

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she was walking by us, excuse me, do you know where the * the apartments, you know, are like, Yeah, come with me and score too close to where I live. I said, What do you mean? Do you live like, do you live on campus is like, outside? Like, I was just like walking? Like, this makes no sense. Yeah. And I was like, wow, he's walking at the university. Yeah, you know, anyway, so just go to the me and we started chatting. She said, what do you do here? I said, I'm teaching at that time. I looked very anxious. To have to be teaching. I said, like, No, I'm an associate professors like, what do you teach? I said, Islam, not Islam. She smiled. And anyway, I ended up inviting her to sit

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in my class. As a professor, I can give her the right. Yeah, you know, to sit in my class just to be like, yeah, like a participant just by listening. And she never missed one class, except one time. And the time that she missed the class, even though she's not registered in the class, she left me a box. A box in front of the tour brought tears to my eyes. When he opened the box, I found cookies, made at home by herself, and a cart saying, sir, Dr. Patel, I won't be able to attend today, because my only son came from New York to visit me and I have to spend time with him. I mean, my students in the class, they will never see a human relationship. I told them give me a reason to hate that

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woman. Exactly. Again, I'm stressing the fact that we don't hate people. That's for the sake of hatred. We hate the injustice that they do. We hate the bad stuff that they do. So the fact is, yeah, we don't hate people, as you always said. And in fact that Islam sums that up in song number five, number 32. a loss of heart that I said,

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Men are innocent.

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And for certain, forget a number Attila NASA Jamia whoever kills or takes the life of one person without a valid reason for somebody who killed somebody or for or like somebody who's spreading corruption on Earth, as if he has killed all humanity at large? Well, my aha, for

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me, however, saves one life. The Quran does not specify which life Mr. Muslim, exactly. So if I'm walking by now, and a fire breaks into a house, I'm not gonna stop and is it a matter Mohammed inside? Or is it jack or john, I'm gonna save whoever is going through pain and tension, because I'm a human being. And I am commanded to be mercy for all people. Exactly. And that was the role models, you know, showed us, you know, through all the 124,000 passengers, who came across the history of mankind with one message, which is submit to God, this is your salvation. That's right. And there is nothing in the message of Islam that would that would inspire people negatively to help others. And

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the point that you mentioned right about the we don't hate people, we hate their bad actions. So this the according to the definition of hatred from the psychology perspective, that is that you have people not because of what they do, but you had them because of who they are. Right? So that's the basic definition. So even their definition doesn't apply here. Because if you don't like for instance, what I'm doing and that's wrong, right. So you're not you're disliking my action, right? There's no hatred. There's no element of hate in directed from you, too.

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mean, right? So there's a huge difference. So even if you don't don't like whatever

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others might do, which is immoral or wrong or unjust, right, but it doesn't mean like, in that dislike this there is no element of hate at all right? Because when you define hate there is like you define that person, not his actions. Right? Exactly. So So even in that sense, there's no element of hatred at all. In fact, it's like channeling a negative emotion to be positive. Exactly. Because if you hate injustice, is that something bad?

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Technically, you hate interest? Exactly. Everybody who's wise? Yeah. You know, and has ethics should interest us? Yeah. Can I get angry? in a positive way? Yeah. When I see something wrong, bad. Yeah. So I'm trying to channel a negative emotion to do something productive and good. That's good. Yeah. So this perfect. So thank you so much for this unless you have any question. No, no question. Okay. You're so smart. Alright.

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Doctor, buddy, and inshallah, we will invite you for other things, other other other parts of this series, which is focused on trying to prove that we are not the enemy. So this was part one of that, and inshallah we'll do two other parts of this. And we'll, we'll, we'll be writing it. Thanks so much. In fact, before we go, look, I just look I'm like looking into the Quran. Yeah. Even in a las panatela wants to talk about disliking something. He doesn't use the word hate. Excessive law, you have a lot of fun, like, look at the way he puts it. Yeah. Look at the positive message. A lot doesn't like you to do injustice. Allah doesn't like for you to be unfair. Allah doesn't like. So

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it's not even like Allah hates that, right? Because he created his creation, and he loves them. And no one loves them more than him. Exactly. So he wants you to be good. But unfortunately, hatred comes from people who are bad by nature. So can I say somebody is like bad by nature or like his creative to be bad? No. People have a free world in their trade shows it and then it becomes the character. That's right. And then they get stuck. That's right. Yeah. Never. It's never too late. Yeah. Our job is to be tolerant and patient with these people and say, come back. We know. We know how to teach you how to love. Yes. And stop hating. Thank you so much again.