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Ramadan uncovers the potential that each and every individual has the capacity to become. Use this month to improve yourself.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu on weekly deceptiveness agenda with another Ramadan pro tip.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran in one of the most powerful and remarkable yet concise sutras in the entire Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says will answer he swears by fleeting time, by the time that is running out the time that is just melting away in the in some of the few who said that without a doubt human beings are in loss that they are suffering. And that run running out of time is only increasing their suffering. But Elon makes a very powerful exception to this. Elon, Latina, amanu, Romulus Ali, hottie whatever. So Bill happy whatever service Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, except for the people who believe they do good righteous deeds, they enjoying good the truth,

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and they enjoy patience. All right. And so what I wanted to talk about here today is the importance of good habits, human beings, as the suta explains to us, we are the sum of our habits, and our actions. And that's basically what defines us ultimately, today, a lot of times people want to try to define themselves by maybe what they perceive or think of themselves. But ultimately, at the end of the day, it is our actions and our habits that ended up defining us. This is why Allah subhanaw taala reminded the prophets a lot he summed up on what in neck Allah Allah who can tell them that you have very great, amazing noble character, that is what defines you. The month of Ramadan is an

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amazing opportunity for us to be able to define ourselves. One of the salient things about the month of Ramadan is that it I feel that it uncovers and exposes the potential of a person who we have the potential to become. Think about yourself during the last Ramadan and how productive you were, how effective you were, how good your character was, how good your salon your worship was, that is who you have the potential to be. And every year what I tell people to look at is look at yourself after the month of Ramadan, and are you noticeably better than you were before the month of Ramadan started? after Ramadan ends, there's naturally going to be a dip in terms of our time and our

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productivity. And that's to be expected to some extent. But the key factor is that after Ramadan, if we go back to being exactly who we were before Ramadan, then that was a loss. But we have to be better than we were before Ramadan started so that when the next year that I'm about comes around, we continue to take these steps up. So what I wanted to recommend today is a lot of whether it be psychologists or counselors and people who focus on correcting the behavior of people. They tell us that it is proven based on studies on people that if you write down your goals, and your objectives and the things you want to achieve and accomplish, they are easier to achieve and accomplish. So

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what I'd like for everyone to do as an action item in this particular Ramadan pro tip is I want you to sit down with a piece of paper or pull out your phone. And in the note, I want you to type up three good habits that you would like to develop this Ramadan, and three bad habits that you currently have that you would like to get rid of this month of Ramadan. And then all month long stare at that piece of paper, pull up that note in your phone constantly and continue to work on it and chip away at it. And in sha Allah, Allah I hope and pray that we are all able to achieve that goal of building three good habits and eradicating three bad habits from our lives. Shall we work

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with a practical goal like that? In a practical fashion, we'll be able to achieve and accomplish this from Milan. Just below head on for watching. I want to recommend that everyone subscribe to put on weekly and of course Share this video with family and friends. Until next time does akmola head on with Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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