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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season three, Episode 19

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SLM is on Assalamualaikum and welcome to day 19, we are almost we are very almost two thirds of the way into Ramadan. So for today your tasks, okay, in terms of your coding and reading, we are going to specify what it is, you are going to write down three lessons that can be learned from Syracuse, Syracuse is not a particularly long sought out. So I really do want you guys to go through it, to read it. And then tomorrow, inshallah, I'm going to share with you three lessons that I have learned from Sora to serve your article. It's a very important article on how to stay healthy in the last 10 days of Ramadan, which is very important, because eventually now you know that you're almost two

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thirds internal Milan, you may start to feel the physical effects, especially if you're fasting very long hours in summertime. And so we need to make sure that to really take advantage of these last seven days that we are keeping healthy, we are eating good food, healthy, nutritious food, and that we are not skipping support. A lot of people do this, I don't understand why so hold has Baraka in it. So what is good for us. And if you eat the correct foods as a whole, it can make a difference to your fasting. And the one tip, which I really cannot emphasize enough, is drinking water, staying hydrated. Now, one thing that I used to do, which again is very silly, what I would do is before

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federal comes in, I think I may have explained this, I would drink like two liters of water in one go. And I wouldn't be like That's it, I'm gonna stay hydrated. I really wouldn't

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be you don't retain any of that water that you've drunk in the space of one minute. So make sure you're drinking water sporadically. If you're going into where you're drinking it between your cars, and you're eating slowly and you're not over eating and I'm alone is not the time to put on weight, especially if you're fasting 19 hours. If you only have five hours to eat in the day, and you've come out of Ramadan having put on weight, you need to reevaluate how you're eating. And then your last task is to volunteer two hours of your time for any cause that you'd like.

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This volunteer work can be anything from going to your local Masjid and volunteering doing admin. to for example I do is twice a month I've actually volunteer at a church they do feeding the homeless and I join in with that find any cause that you like, and give up two hours of your time to help make a difference for them.

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That's your task for day 19 and inshallah tomorrow, we are going to start working on how we find peace and contentment. I hope inshallah you guys have a fantastic day. And I will be with you guys tomorrow.

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Hey everyone, this is Mira here now just before you hit the pause button, I want to let you know something we are having a giveaway this Ramadan to win the productive Muslim audiobook along with a free one year subscription to the productive Muslim Academy. So this is the same Academy that gives you access to the Ramadan course and all other great courses to help you be super productive. Now the exciting thing about this giveaway is that the more you share with your family and friends, the more entries you have to win this prize pack. So check it out by heading over to productive Muslim podcast.com slash gift that is productive Muslim podcast.com slash gift. Thank you for listening and

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have a great day.