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Juz’ 27 with Dr. Nazir Khan

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few nights of Ramadan and before I get to the episode tonight I want to remind everyone that is it is the 27th night and a night that could very likely be laid with the other two please exert yourself in your app and to exert yourself in a bother and to consider this blessing night inshallah time to be one in which you make a donation to yaqeen Institute and show us that we can continue to provide free quality content that lantana that is to the benefit of everyone inshallah tada so again 27th night a night of Salah euro and Vicky and sada COVID-19 timer, so please do inshallah tada consider supporting your team. And with that in sha Allah to Allah I want to bring back Dr. Nasir

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and hamdulillah Ronnie from Canada, the safer side of the border Mashallah. Always led by the very competent Justin Trudeau.

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The last parents

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you know, we so we'll see what happens down here to rizek law fair for being with us, Dr. Song. Does that okay?

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So from the law, as always, we're gonna miss your face bombs. Oh, no, you got me.

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Under the law, it's been a pleasure for me, so inshallah Tada, just these last few months. So Pamela, we get to just 27 now and this is a powerful just and it's one that brings about a great amount of joy for some and something for us to look forward to benign Tada, as we love one another and joke with one another here and we talk about the blessing of faith. There is the reminiscing of the people of Paradise in this juice. And before I get to that, inshallah Tada. Right now, we're in a sort of Mufasa Mufasa. I mean, the frequently disconnected most of the rhythm I'd say it starts from certain foods right, some say it starts from sort of off so frequently disconnected by

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investment up by the Bismillah. R Rahman r Rahim in the beginning of the sutra, and also frequently disconnected in that the eyes are generally shorter in the pseudos as well, the benefit of that is what our mother showed a lot of time said that if the first verse to be revealed was do not drink alcohol, the people would have said, a lie, we could never get rid of alcohol. And if the first verse to be revealed was, do not commit adultery than the people would have said, a lot he we will never leave off adultery. But instead of Allah Subhana, WA tada started off the bulk of Mexico. And before these laws came, were these Sulabh Muslim, these short sutras that make up the latter part of

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the problem, not even the latter half the last, or does have the fourth. And last kind of what to add, in this, as mentioned, frequent mention of the hereafter frequent mentioned of towhees monotheism first, and then the Hereafter, and ethics and morals and faith until Eman settles in the heart until faith settled with them. And then came the other laws that make the demands. And so what that tells us is that if we really, you know, spend time with these last few pages of the Quran, and we affirm their meanings in a strong way, then it becomes easier for us to accept the commitments that we are asked to make to Mohammed sallallahu wasallam that we spoke about last night with our

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dear chef, yes, if that means in every way possible. And so that includes commitment to the outcome, to the rulings to the judgments of the prophets of Lysa commitments to the more difficult commitments that we are supposed to make being ready to accept those difficult commitments, out of a sense of obligation, because we would have formed the spiritual foundation that is really embedded within these last few exactly these last few chapters of the plan. And so a couple of years ago, we we mentioned the conversations between the people in Paradise and the people in Hellfire, and some of the regrets and some of the blame that gets assigned between the people in Hellfire, the people

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in paradise sing in kittila to redeem you almost led me astray. These are some things that are present in the last couple of examples that we covered. Here we start off with a loss of kind of what's

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showing us the reminiscing of the people of Paradise in the pool, and the way that they are celebrating amongst themselves, how Allah subhanaw taala brought them from a place of misguidance to a place of guidance on how Allah brought them from a place in which they were being mocked to a place in which they are constantly being showered by the blessings and the praises of the angels, how they went from a place of being persecuted in Mecca or being persecuted wherever they are or challenged, not necessarily persecuted, but subject subjected to certain forms of oppression and aggression for being Muslim or not.

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They're scrolling in the gardens of them as believers celebrating with one another. And as they're reminiscing, they come to the conclusion. And then a lot more Elena O'Connor that was similar that this wasn't us. This was a loss of Hannah without us showing his blessing upon us, favoring us and removing us from the punishment, despite offenses that we committed that, that were worthy of punishment, and so appraising a loss of habitat or thanking a loss of habitat, or the blessing of being saved, and the blessing of being rescued is kind of that was the idea. Now I shall the lavonne had talked about that a sort of Mufasa that these were the soldiers that settled themselves in the

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heart that prepared the hearts of the companions in Makkah, that were just as instructive as the persecution and the character building that came through the insults of Abuja, Abu lahab, the poor and that was being revealed in Mecca that prepared their hearts and it showed the low tide.

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Once read this ayah all night long men a lot already know what

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kind of law Erdogan is available the a lot of time and we said that I came to visit my aunt Isha while they love on her, and she was my maternal aunt. And I found her standing up. And she was reading this ayah in sola, and she would remember Allah, and then she would make dinner and then she would weep. He said, so I stood behind her, hoping she'd take note of me. But she kept on reciting this ayah over and over again, tender, whatever key she would call upon a lot, and she would cry until I left and I went to the marketplace, and I didn't have to do and I came back and she was still reciting that same idea. Same idea.

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Amanda love it. No one had ever someone there's so much about it. But I want to tie a theme and Sharla tied together look at the theme that these few songs will find in the same Jews and certain Heidi Mandela, do cradle la Harlan has an app for your wife, a hula, who is the one that will spend a beautiful loan that will give a beautiful loan to Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah will multiply the neocolonial love you deserve Adam, whoever spends today gifts today will find their compensation tomorrow. And this sutra talks about or this just starts off with the reminiscing of the people as they are witnessing those blessings from Allah subhana wa tada in agenda? And of course, Allah

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subhanaw taala. In the same just ties in what sort of non heavy a chromatic can be been? Which of the beautiful signs of your Lord, will you deny which of the favors of your Lord, will you deny an insert or not? What is the law give us these lofty descriptions of General, lofty description, these beautiful descriptions of paradise. And so that just starts off with the reminiscing in Paradise, the gratitude to a loss of hundreds out of four that paradise. And then you get into these long, beautiful descriptions of Jenna and all of its features. And how does Allah subhanaw taala call you to the beauty of Paradise, it's really powerful, because sort

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of calls you to observe the beauty of the creation that you can to imagine the beauty of the creation that you can't observe that you can't, okay, so I'm gonna say that again. So if you look at sort of a map, there is

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a beautiful discourse and flow, about the heavens and the earth, about everything from the trees and the sky, to the fruits that are complete. Everything is elaborated on so beautifully and so on, why not in the Most Merciful. And the first favorite that Allah subhanaw taala mentions, of course, is that he taught the poor app because that is the greatest blessing, the blessing of guidance, but as a lot elaborates on the beauty of these signs, and these favors of a less penalty upon you, a lot of calls you to observe them and then to try to imagine the blessings and agenda, the favors and genda that you will never be able to grasp because no one could comprehend what his agenda no one could

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comprehend and scenes, we can simply wish for them and we can trust that the one who has made the beauty that we can observe so stunning certainly has prepared something that we can't observe that is far beyond our imagination and that is worth striving for. So you have the reminiscing of the people of Paradise and their strong themes of agenda throughout this and I want to talk about one more thing and shout let's add one more theme that I find in this Joseph inshallah tada Abdullah will will take it from there in the beautiful way that chef from Villa knows how to take inshallah tada and elaborate further on this theme. In this just you have sort of the nudge where you have a

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suit off, that is so powerful, so powerful, that when the prophet SAW some recited suit at the najem all of the polytheists in Mecca, made sujood they were captured by the moment and they made so do they possibly

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straighted some of the Muslims were in Abyssinia and because of that large prostration of the people of Mecca, the polytheist of Mecca. Some of them actually made their way back because they had heard the people of Mecca had embraced Islam because as the prophets lie Selim, this surah, the people fell in such that with the exception of only having to have that arrogant man who took some dirt, and he wiped it on his head, according to a narration, right, but the point is, is that this sort of captured them, the beauty of the poor and the combination of the elements, it was a moment where they were moved, and they felt in prostration. Okay, so that was their moment. And I want you to, to

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pay attention to their moment, they had a chance where they could have come back to a loss of Hannah mozzarella, and embrace the implications of that, such that in the long term, and found themselves amongst

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monks, the servants of the Most Merciful, and those who are amongst the sagia Diem and found themselves on a different side of history altogether. That was their moment. Allah subhanaw taala talks about the moment of the Prophet slice that I'm in the sutra, what was the moment of the Prophet sallallahu, wasallam gibellini, salaam Shadi do puja do attend for Stella, seeing his salon and all of his magnificence, and all of his glory, taking up the entirety of the heavens and the earth, the entirety of the sky was taken by the presence of God, His Salaam, he had the entirety there. And as you beat it, his son had the entirety of the heavens in the earth covered, and his

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wings were spread out. And the prophets lie some talks about

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the gems and the pearls coming down from those wings, What a magnificent sights, the Prophet slicin would only get to see twice once in the beginning of His revelation, and the second time on the night of an assortment of add ons. But the moment of the prophets lie salon was when he saw gibreel, at his salon, the middle of tin festiva, completely free of any defect in his creation, rising to the top and then to be at his salon approaching the prophets lie Selim account of cavaco, saying to handle a so called the prophets I send them and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, embracing the mission in the midst of his moments. And by the way, how beautiful is it that this shows up in the

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27 judges of the court, and right when there's such an emphasis on debate, and he said, I'm in labor to bother a lot of arguments, the 27th night to be later to call them but the beautiful description of God is not filling the heavens, you know, is in this surah. So that was a moment for the profit slice of them. Then you have what's the very next sort of so they rejected that moment, right, they were moved by what they could not see. But they heard the urn, and it was powerful, and they were captured and captivated and they could have become people of color, and but they pushed it away. What comes next, Allah subhanaw taala talks about a common source of poverty. The moment that

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the splitting of the moon, they challenge the profit slice of them, even though the four out is a greater miracle, they challenge the profit slice of them that if you could split the moon, we would believe in you. The profit slice them splits the moon and they observed the splitting of the moon as clearly as the prophets lie some observed debris IE Solomon horizon, but they still rejected they still rejected and sort of that heavy, Adam yet needed Medina Avenue and tuck Shaku will need to clean up Isn't it time for those who believe to soften their hearts to the remembrance of a lot woman that's

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what I call nuclear love, you know, to the Kitab in Florida or even an apostle

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Don't be like those people had a moment where their hearts were soften. They could have believed they could have turned back to a lot but they let a delay pass the time between that moment and making the commitment as a result of that moment passed. So their hearts pardon once again and they found themselves amongst the rebellious transgressors. inshallah tada with that, I'll pass it on to our viewership on them

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is Aquila Hana Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early use of your Mineola I'm sure somebody we assume everyone no naka de melissani of Coca Cola, yellow banana, I mean, as long as we are living, we still have the chance to remember the graciousness of Allah subhanaw taala upon us as human beings as people that Allah has created and placed on this earth for an ultimate purpose and shallow which Dr. naza will speak about. And fulfilling that purpose upon a lot from fulfilling that purpose is a reflection.

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That is a a means for you to constantly think about why you're here, that's the beginning stage. That's the first thing you need to do is firstly reflect on what you have been given reflect on what you have used from what you have been given how you used it, and then from there, your heart pours out to the creator of it of those things that you have been

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Given in a shaker are mentioned earlier in the verses just previously, verse number 16 and 17 is what we plan to cover. And the chapter will Hadid where loss of kinda with Allah is asking this question to the believers, it's an admonishment to the believers. So Pamela, you find that Evan Massoud mentioned that this verse came to us after we received revelation what as an admonishment from Allah, after four years of us being Muslim, have you know the message of Islam being prevalent amongst the Muslim Ummah? So seeing that it is an admonishment? And it is a question to remind you, you know, to ask you that to ask you, are you going to be someone that has turned back? Have you not

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seen enough of the signs as Shekhar mentioned about the the moon and as was mentioned, my sure he answered a couple of days ago, that we look at these signs, and we see that it is a means of expression on this earth for us. But what do we do about the recognition of those signs? Firstly, do we recognize them, acknowledge that they are from Allah, and after that acknowledgement, it demands something from us, and that is the devotion to him in different elements in ways manifest manifestation in our lives, primarily from the five daily prayers and the five pillars of Islam and the etiquettes of Islam. But again, this question is asking, Allah subhanaw taala is asking, asking

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them lm yet nealon living in Amman has the time not come for those that believe, and tuckshop kolu boom, the killer has a time not come for those who believes for their hearts, to be humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah. So when we say the remembrance of Allah, primarily that is the court No kidding. It is the reading the Koran, the word of Allah subhana wa Taala and letting that permeate your heart or trying to try your level best to when those Verses are recited, you ponder over the meanings of the verses, you ask people of knowledge about those meanings, you try your level best to exemplify an act out and actualize the meanings of the verses. And that is where

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the heart becomes soft. As we talked about shut has suffered earlier, the heart becomes soft with the remembrance of Allah and even the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala could be even more than that from the actions or being around any, any elements of remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala, such as you listening now, into this program is as a form of, you know, turning into the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala to increase yourself and your actions and ponderings of his greatness, then a loss of power what Allah says after that untuck Shaka Zulu Nicola women as elemental Hawk and what he has sent down from the truth. And some scholars mentioned that that is the Koran being a

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specific specification after generality, because what He has sent down is the Koran what He has sent down is the the message to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So in other words, when will it be? When will the time come that your heart comes soft, and remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of us as people that acknowledge that we have a connection with our Creator and with our maker, we know that we make mistakes. But the most important thing here is, when will you say to yourself, I'm going to make a change. When will you say to yourself, I'm going to make an effort to transform not I'm going to make an effort to be motivated. Motivated is the only beginning stage for

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transformation, from motivation to transformation is the bridge or road or subbiah of discipline. So when have we made that connection with Allah subhana wa Donna and promised ourselves that I'm going to make that step to be a motive to be disciplined in order to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala then the last panel with Allah mentions, whether you're Kunal Kala Dino to lucky to have him in common for Allah Allah He will Ahmed Cosette Kuru guru boom. And then he says, Do not be and let them not be like those who are given the Scripture before. And a long period passed over them. So their hearts became hard. So the previous nations had the message, but the message because we were

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human beings, human beings, we have our desires that can either pull us a direction, or we fight and control those desires, manage those desires, and keep them in a way that is beneficial for our knifes in our soul and our afterlife, to where it's beneficial for us in this life as well. So when we're seeing that Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the previous nations that neglected the message over a long period of time as time went on, they did not turn back. They did not go back to the vicar to remember Allah. As time went on. We were neglectful of it. But what happens, your desires will always be there and will pull you to a certain direction that will cause you to neglect

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initially, to where you may reach the level of as they say

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Gentlemen, compound ignorance to where you may say that I don't even believe that there's an existence of a creator as I used to. That was something that only dealt with culture. That's not really what real life is about. It's not something that's universal for all people. And that's where Allah subhanho wa Taala is reminding Do not let them be from that, that genus or class of people if you will, because Allah subhanaw taala is giving the characteristics and signs which is so beautiful in the Quran, he gives you a soft, he gives you characteristics of people, for you not to take on that etiquette, or that moral practice. rather take on the practice of the characteristics of the

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people that believe in him. Then he goes on to say subhana wa tada for Allah Allah will Amma do focus, its guru boom, okay, thielmann, whom fantasycon. So over the time, as time has went on, you know, people left off their prayer, they left off reading the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. There's an exchange brothers and sisters, there's an exchange, when you do not get close to the message of Islam, the message of Allah, whether it's through prayer, whether it's to taking good companionship, whether it's reading the Quran, whether it's even just having you know, being bound to honesty, being honest and trying to change your ways, if you will have you know, of that which you know, is

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bad, your heart becomes hard. And we've spoken about this numerous times, it's important to have it sent more aka, monitoring yourself. When you find the solid hain and the people that were of righteousness from the prophets of the the first class of them, the companions and the profits, you see that they were always individuals that turned back ynab turned back to a lot when they made a mistake, not if but when such as the companions when they would make the mistake. What made them companions is that they turn back to Allah when they made the mistake with one ally and he then Allah subhanho wa Taala continues on to say wikidot, minimum fasciae cone and know that many of them

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were the fastest growing many of the people from the previous nations because of their neglect over the long period of time, when they did not turn back to the vicar and the remembrance of Allah to where their hearts could have Russia and assure the horseshoe of the heart which further was exemplified through the limbs then a loss of Allah gives a beautiful, beautiful verse, which is a beautiful analogy which he gives numerous times in the Quran, when he lost without says it anymore. And anila you feel about that demo to

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know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one that gives life to the other that gives life to the earth after its death. But being at Allah, tacking on barely we have made clear to you the signs, perhaps you'll be of those who are mindful. So he gives an example of bringing life to the earth and in other verses of the Quran, after the earth was made, barren, but it once had life. So when we make that analogy of our hearts,

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that have been given life, this life of recognition of God, and his presence, and recognizing his oneness, and trying your level best to do so to exemplify that through prayer and different actions. But then there may be a time where you step away from that worship, you step away from prayer, you step away from good companions,

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and your heart becomes hard. But a loss of power without is this verse is a verse of hope. It's a verse for you to remember him anila you feel Alba back demo, he has a panel that he brings the life back to the earth after it was dead and burn, your heart can become dormant and hard. But know that there still is what is called the fitrah. The natural inclination that we have, that can always be activated, but it's up to you to make the effort to activate it. And when you do that, Allah blesses you with the tofield and ending here. This beautiful verse is a verse that Subhanallah you find, particularly to scholars that they when they talk about the Toba? And their repentance was none

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other than Philemon, y'all, and I'm delighted Mubarak. And they mentioned this verse was the verse that's upon law. They came back to Islam there we see reverted or converted, you know, for dailyburn eyob is a well known scholar, well known scholar of the past Subhan Allah, he was someone that they said had, you know, his statements, he was someone that was Azad, he was someone that was aloof from this worldly life, he did not cling to it. It's a penalty until I'm about to give you mentioned when fulfillment y'all passed away, but it wasn't because, you know, when he passed away that sadness left the earth, because for literally up always would admonish himself when they see him. He would

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always have a face of being sad because he always think about the africano and he always looked at his mistakes. And he used that as a motivation to make priceless statements to the seller to the compact to the to the scholars of the past. But for the Illumina y'all was someone that was a highway robbery fuel, he would catch the her judge and he was

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rob them are ob he would rob them for me up until one time Subhanallah he mentioned his story of how

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for Lily when he was going to meet someone of the opposite gender. And he was climbing over the fence to go and meet her. To where when he heard the verse being recited, and I'm getting into livina am untuck Shaku livecareer when he heard this verse, he said, and caught an era. And he said, The time is now, the time is now that verse, hit him.

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The verse hit him to where he left, and he stayed with us. And he lived around the home. And he was someone that was known as a scholar, well known scholar of the past. And Abdullah Mubarak, his story goes on my show him via his father had a garden, and he used to be someone that would party, for lack of better words, to where he you know, what he would, he would do it was it was very attractive to the people. Long story short when he heard this verse as well. He was someone that said, he was asked the question of why what made him aesthetic made him leave the worldly life. He mentioned this story. And it was Upon hearing this beautiful verse that made him, you know, change. And that's what

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we leave with, there's still an opportunity for all of us to turn back to a loss apana with Donna, Allison Dallas, asking you that question. When will that time come for you? And only you can answer that question by Article ofI. come

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under our slot or cinema larochelle Nevada, and he was talking to him one on one. So this shows the 27th just is a just that is familiar to the hearts of so many Muslims, right? It has so many passages in this in this just that evoke deep emotions within our hearts. And one of the verses that we've often heard quoted again and again, throughout our lives is the verse that talks about the purpose of life. And that's mentioned right at the beginning of the Ges, right at the end of the data yet world data says, well now caught up to Gina will insert inlandia we're doing I have not created the jinn in the human being except to worship Me, except to come closer to me with their

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acts of worship their their acts of prayers and supplication and all the natural actions that we do for the sake of pleasing Allah. Allah become acts of worship of Allah Subhanallah, Donna. And if you think about it, you know, there's certain fundamental questions, the big questions of life that every single human being has to come to terms with every human being has to have, you know, a way of making sense of these questions, whether they're religious or not religious, they subscribe to some explanation for these questions. And what are those big questions of life? Those questions include things like why am I here? What makes my life worth living? What's the point of all my suffering in

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this worldly life? What's the point of enduring all of this? What's, what's the meaning behind it all? And what does it mean to live a good life? You know, there's so there's the spiritual questions of like, the existential questions, then there's the moral questions about how to be good and how to avoid bad and, and what that all means for us. And then there's intellectual questions of life about questions of how can I use my mind to contribute to invent, you know, to leave something productive behind in this world when I when I've left? And these are questions that every single human being wonders about, and Subhanallah the beauty of Islam is that these are all beautifully explained right

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in that message of tawheed. That message of, of our journey towards Allah, Allah, the oneness of our Creator, and it's something that the Pontic scholar, author but as for honey, he mentioned the three purposes for why Alyssa, Allah created the human beings three reasons why Allah subhanaw taala brought the human beings into existence. Number one is there a bad that which has mentioned this verse, the worship of Allah spawn Tada, our acts of devotion to come closer to a lesser Kannada building our relationship with Alyssa to Allah. And number two is a model of building and constructing on this earth, you know, using using our intellect to develop something positive and

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productive on this earth. And number three is a latha our role and duty as custodians on this earth and he meant Michelle to be is one who says that our duty as our role as custodians is in establishing them a faucet, spreading the objectives of preservation of religion of life, a family intellect and property.

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So we have these goals of very bad worship of Allah a motto, developing the earth khilafah our moral custodianship and These correspond exactly with those three domains of life that we talked about the spiritual questions, the the the intellectual questions, and the moral questions. The spiritual questions are tied to a by the, the intellectual questions are tied to a model of the moral questions are tied to our duty as calepa. So the beauty of Islam is it gives us that that message that answers and ties together all of the questions that the human mind finds and that beset the human

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Mind. And so we get that powerful message about the purpose of our existence in Islam. And then right after that we go to sort the tour and insert the tour, we go from looking at the purpose of our existence, to looking at the origin of our existence, the cause of our existence in this beautiful passage in which almost cantata mentioned, I'm Holly POM in a variety of really shady and unhuman, harpoon, and her personality will all build up known are the ones who were created from nothing, or did they create themselves? Did they create the heavens and the earth, rather, they have no European, they have no certainty. And, you know, debate even more time before he became Muslim.

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He said that when he heard the Prophet system, recite these verses, had the unbeatable theater, he said, I felt like my heart was gonna fly out of my chest, that the power of these verses this passage upon love it speaking to the cause of our existence of how we know that Allah is the one who brought us into existence, and even told me I mentioned something very profound, which is, unless Allah is not giving us an argument, to convince us of something we don't already know of, in fact, the courage they believed in the existence of illustrata, rather, unless current data is giving us a set of questions that are awakening, our fifth route, which tshabalala mentioned, our natural

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inclination towards a less current Allah, they're probing us to do some soul searching, and to live up to what we see when when the person we believe in the existence of God. They didn't live up to that and how they in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, alone in accepting the guidance of His Messenger. And so one of the lessons that we get from this passage is that there's such a thing as behavioral atheism, where somebody can be a theist, they say, I believe in God, but it doesn't manifest itself in the way that they live their life, it doesn't manifest itself in their actions. So we have to ask that of ourselves. When we say that I believe Allah is all hearing and all seeing,

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does that prevent us from committing sins? Does that does that prevent us from from attaching ourselves to the dunya, and favoring something in the dunya over our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And the questions in the store, they continue to mount as the font is causing the human being to probe the depths of his or her own soul? until it gets to the conclusion of those questions. We're almost done. It says, unknown illa hunedoara law? Do they have a god a god a lord, other than Allah spawn Tada. And one of the ways of understanding of understanding that that the concept of ILA, everything you mentioned, is it's that which is the most beloved to you, that which

00:32:33--> 00:33:13

is dear to you that anything else? So is there something dear to us than our relationship with God? Is there something more precious and more Beloved, in this life that is more valuable to us than our relationship with Alyssa hondata? Whenever we're tempted with sin, or disobedience, and we know what the right thing is to do, and we're tempted with something, we have to ask ourselves that question. So the Hannah Lohan now you should glory be told us above that which they associate with him. And so that's that powerful lesson that we get about our existence from the tour. So we see the purpose of our existence with the data, the cause of our existence and sort of do it. And then in sort of

00:33:13--> 00:33:51

climate, we have a verse which tells us about the rule of our existence, the fundamental rule of our existence in Kula Shay in Hala, now who be other verily everything in existence, Alice pantalla, has created with Divine Decree with other and I want to mention something about Laila to mother because we know of this as the Night of Decree and their narrations which mentioned such as the narration about the login or password below one. And we have a whole article on Laila to father, if you look at the article, it goes into detail about this. But the generation that mentions that this is the night on which the Divine Decree from almost pantalla descends, concerning everything that's going

00:33:51--> 00:34:31

to happen in the coming year, the angels have the writing with them, there is a set of our fate that is written with almost everything that's going to happen, written with all this data. And then there is a record with the angels that the angels descend with, on that night of everything that's going to happen for the coming year. And Alyssa mentions fee how your flock kukula I'm going to hack in there on that night, every every matter is conclusively decided. And remember illusio Pamela mentions in the subsea, that means that after that it's finalized, it can't be changed. Whereas before that the Prophet Muhammad SAW some says, a die or the other that there are has the ability to

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

alter that that level of the writing that is with the angels, it can change that that that decree that is with the angels. So think about this. Why is there this focus? There's a virtue of later the other making Dorado was fundada on this night? What's the significance of it? And what does it have to do with the fact that this is the night of Divine Decree? There's a profound connection here, which is that this is our last opportunity that we have before that Father is downloaded from the heavens, downloaded from the heavens.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Everything that's going to happen for the next year, all the, you know, occurrences of prosperity or calamity that are going to happen on our lives. This is our last chance to make dua to Allah, Allah to forgive us of our sins, to change our father for the coming year. This is our last chance for all this pond Allah to forgive us and wipe away those sins, and to change those calamities to prosperity to remove and misfortune that could be false in the coming year. And so that's why there's that importance. That's one of the wisdoms of that importance of seeking out the knight of others to make Dotto less khandala on that nightmare list, to enable us to reach the leader to other and to obtain

00:35:39--> 00:35:51

his virtues and to make dawn that night Allahumma inika fall into Herbalife when we all lie, you're the most forgiving, you love to forgive so I beseech you to forgive me Melis panda except from all of us.

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Dr. Nasir and I have to say that later to publish an article you were a lot better than your co author.

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Until we had three authors as well. Oh sorry one of your co authors.

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team effort.

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Allah bless he has a beautiful article though. The blessing of working on together has been an honor but I mean and Zack locker chef Abdullah for reminding us that a loss gives life even to that land so surely can revive our hearts on this night we asked the last contact to revive our hearts to grant us His forgiveness and his pleasure. Again I want to remind you all and shout outside of a few things number one, keep us all in your garage all the time and this night and all the remaining nights number two inshallah tada if you feel inclined to do so inshallah is this is a night of Riba to consider your last supper to yaqeen inshallah tada on this night Isn't it time and number three

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inshallah Tada. We will have about the right man tonight in sha Allah tala at 2am. Eastern time, so please do join and I look forward to seeing you then ANZAC along fade on to Dr. Nasir and shadow Bella

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