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Juz’ 15 with Zohair Abdul-Rahman

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All right everyone so don't want to lie here I would ask me I apologize now

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what I'm wanting

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people to

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do is send him about a copy go to Silicon Mohammed in Salalah it was an early he was like me he was listening and

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I'm hearing myself

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or others apparently

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it's the Australian connection so I was just about to say welcome our Canadian brother brothers a hair company law who's usually on a mountain somewhere is if you've ever watched this videos on European not just read his spiritual psychology stuff. He's usually off the typical boat or stealing a banana from from from a gorilla or fighting off the cow for something I mean, it's just he's always fighting animals punching a kangaroo, you know, we're glad to have him with that just when totally started

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to just like

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that happy to have you

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as always, Grameen inshallah tada just before I get started with the just right away, I wanted to actually give everyone sort of a heads up and show them that not next week, we're gonna of course be doing our finished strong webinar inshallah tada it's an all day telethon that you can tune into for a few hours and with a drop in shot all the time, it'll be just a great thing to have going on in the background shala on the 20th day, which will be may 13. And shall let's either from 3pm to 8pm in Charlottetown and I'm also going to be starting a late night pm reflections and somehow I've been thinking about this, I know that there's a lot of content that's already out there. But what what I

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could do at 1am usually, well 2am Eastern 1am Central time you know, usually you know every no Hold on, we'd have late night reflections so inshallah tie this here at 2am Eastern on facebook live in columns, I'm just going to log on and do a short reflection on one of the qualities of a rebound man where a lot of talks about the servants of the Most Merciful and he gives us

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11 qualities in fact, so inshallah Tata will break those down over 10 nights in the nighttime and that'll be 2am Eastern on my Facebook page and shout out starting on the 13th may 13 night as in 14th, I know we have to orient that inshallah Tada, but after the telephone Salah that night, which will be the 21st night of Ramadan and not a time. So let's get into it inshallah tada where Jews 15 in Charlottetown, and the turning point in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sort of the facade was the journey when Allah subhana wa Tada, called the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the heavens allowed him to see so much of the unseen that he was calling the people to

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be mindful about, allowed the profits license to lead the profits in prayer. The prophets I send them saw God has set up in his full form for a second time, the way that he saw when he first received the revelation, the prescription of the salon, the prayer, so many different things. This was a turning point in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it's very important here to pay attention to two things. Number one, the nature of the next two Sutras, which is sort of calf and sort of medium is really miracles. It's all miracles, miracles that were happening in the lives of people

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in the lives of prophets that came before that showed the power of Allah, the decree of Allah subhana wa tada it made things so manifest. And if you think about the beautiful placement of stuff that is not here, this is the miracle of the Prophet slice alum that resembles those miracles right? this one a lot takes him from Mecca to Jerusalem, to the heavens and back all in one night. This is a miracle that resembles those wondrous miracles that you start to see in the next two sources. These two Sooners ruthless law and sort of go hand in hand, the first surah which is Islam, starts off with tests b sapan, and levy s la vi, vi, all glory v2 one and two, the one how perfect is He

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who took his his servants on that wondrous journey. And the second sudo, which is circle camp, starts off with a verse about hems Alhamdulillah Hilah De Anza Raveena Kitab until the end of the eye All praises be to Allah. And of course the prophets lie Selim said that the two

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light words on the tongue that are heavy on the scales and that are beloved to a man, they are panela He won't be hungry, he said handleiding so Subhana Allah He will be handy. He is literally how these two suitors start glorifying the perfection of a loss of habitat and then praising Allah subhanaw taala for them and also

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Make sense that it comes at this point in the life of the Prophet slice arm as well as the plan, because a lot tells us

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towards the end of the Quran one of the last suitors that was revealed to the Prophet slice Allah, either gemasolar he would fetch, when goodness and success comes to you, what's the way that you respond to success, the subject behind the obligor was tough. Okay, glorify the praises of your Lord tests, beer and hunt. And it's the FARC This is how we respond to blessings when they come in our lives, and want to last the parents out, of course, after we think that everything is, it has has turned away from us. And obviously, in the case of the prophets, the success and the opening that comes in the lives of the prophets directly correlates with the destruction of the nations that

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rejected them. And so there's the good side of this, which is that the prophets are elevated and the prophets are shown a new way out. And of course, the unfortunate side of this, the tragic side of it is that the people that reject their prophet after all of this time,

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destruction comes upon them or punishment comes upon them. Verse 18, of sorts in Islam is a response to the first verse of sorts in the first verse of sorts and nothing, which is the previous floor is utter underlying for notice that you know, that the command of Allah has come so do not hasten towards it. Okay? Do not hasten towards the punishment of Allah, it is coming. So don't challenge and provoke your Lord and say, when is the punishment of a lot going to come? In verse 18, of sorts that Islam men can add to the ideal agenda that we have on the show.

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Indeed, that the memory that whoever desires for the hasty punishment to come to them we will hasten it for them as we see fit. So verse 18, is a response to the previous surah so it's

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the first also if you remember yesterday should have the law beautifully elaborated on in the law, hip mobility with x&y eater is a quarterback that Verily Allah subhana wa tada commends you with justice and excellence, and to spend and to show kindness and to show the best of yourself, to your family to your relatives. What is the law give us here? Probably some of the most beautiful verses honestly, if you took out a lot and the whole plan is beautiful.

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But you know, certain nukkad goes into the blessings of the blessing of the bee and those things that you don't usually take into consideration. Verse 23, to 26 of sorts that Isra what is the last penance I talk about. He talks about how you treat your parents and particularly how you treat your parents when they become old. Okay, so it's not just what Karnataka Kerala town will do in that year will be added any Santa which is common throughout the plan that your Lord has commanded that you worship Him alone and that you treat your parents with excellence and a lot putting them in that category, right to elevate its importance, but Allah specifically mentions the time when they become

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old, okay? One of them okay, now hold on one of your parents or both of them found out toquilla often do not say to them, even if don't roll your eyes at them, don't disrespect them what attend have them I don't don't make them feel like they're repulsive. Don't treat your parents bad. What kind of a person can be incredible to the world around them can treat people with such courtesy, and then their own parents who brought them into this world. They treat them with disgust and with repulsion even though you know Allah subhana wa tada is giving them an opportunity to honor them in their old age. Welcome lahoma, cola and Karima and stay to them generous words, honorable words,

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don't speak to your parents except with honorable words. And if you go through these ions, last pads, I mentioned at the quarterback Myskina webinars to be done a lot starts to mention everybody, right? Starting with the quarterback, the same words that are used in the previous surah starting off with those that are closest to you, giving them their rights with miskeen, webinars, TV, and so on so forth. mentioning the poor person mentioning the homeless person that you respond with axon so show a sound to your parents, okay? So axon to your family, and establish their codebook establish their rights and then let that be the structure from which you build all of your sound to society

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that is around you. So it's really a beautiful

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few verses here. In the middle of surface plot, verse 61, Allah subhanaw taala once again gives us the story of shape on blease refusing to prostrate, but particularly points to his arrogance us Judo demon holux Athena, should I prostrate to the one that you created from dirt? Why because that is the characteristic of the people that are destroyed in this sutra. Okay, the arrogance and the pride that they have in sort of the calf where Allah is clarifying creedal matters a lot has the same story there of a police refusing to prostrate, but in certain calf almost placed exactly in the same place. Can I mean

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Agenda Professor Colin Murray lobby, Allah subhanho wa Taala clarifies the nature of safe on that he was not a fallen angel, that he that he that we should understand the creed and we should understand the nature of the unseen and how Allah subhanaw taala has created created the unseen. Verse 65 is another declaration to shape on laser like adding salt on that you do not have any power over them. Eliza then goes on to talk about an

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inverse ad to some how to love that he made it she found me when A is evil Vitamina Ilaha Salah that it heals the hearts of the believers and it is a mercy to the believers. And last sort of course there was a lot of emphasis on the preservation of the Quran. And then I know that supposedly Abdullah and Zuhair inshallah will both be talking I think should have the alarm if you're talking about sort of the cavalry are still in the slot but I know that they're here we'll be talking about the calf and we'll be going into it inshallah, Thailand tomorrow as well because it's part of the Jews. But I think there's a really beautiful connection to the end of certain Islam in the beginning

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of certain calf and the end of sorts of calf and I want to point to that, who did the prophets lie some interact with most on the night of Islam, or Saudi? Right, the conversations with Mossad Islam from the prophets. Imagine how different the revelation of the Quran is to the prophets lysozyme. Now, when Moosa is mentioned that he has Salaam and moosari, his Salaam is spoken about Moses is spoken about at the end of the surah in such in this way, Allah mentions the nine signs of Musashi Salaam, that have passed and the punishment of Fidel right. And then, you know, in the next sort of, sort of encounter, so Moosa is explaining to their own why Allah has destroyed him and why Allah has

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sent this punishment and this decree upon him in the next door at the end of the sword is musante salaam, I'm not able to understand the decree of Allah subhanaw taala with people that are not like that out, right? So Musab understands the suffering and the punishment of Fidel and this horrible person in the end of this surah. But in the next surah, he's asking other Why are these good people being punished like this? Why are they suffering in this way and Allah subhanaw taala is clarifying that to him in the under certain cap. And so some have a lot in the end of this surah Allah shows Moosa his other in the sense of his power with the people of Freetown and in the end of certain calf

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Allah shows most that is covered in the sense of his wisdom through the workings of and Heather Finally, it ends with Eliza ends this little with what Kunal hamdulillah Allah de la mia tacky What are that what am IA could know who should reconsider and say Praise be to Allah, who has not taken a son and has no partner with him and his dominion? and sorted Catholic begins with what happened? Did he learn that the answer until the end of the year, so a lot finishes with a slot with commanding us to say hand and then to praise him and then the beginning of suited calf? His hand is, is the praise of a loss of Hannah Montana, and Charlotte's with that I'll hand it off to Sharon, I'm done.

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Not here.

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Mr Nava salatu salam ala rasulillah Juana la wasabia. Woman

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hamdulillah. This this chapter, but as far as I mentioned, is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, I said, I'll be it last month, Allah sent the promise of the light it was sent up to the heavens. And we know that there was a legislation from that legislation was this legislation of the silhouettes of the silhouettes of humps, the five prayers. And what I want to concentrate on here is a beautiful portion of this chapter in the slop is verse number 78. Through at verse number 78, through 80.

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were lost upon without to give some some imperative verbs. And it's important for us to remember two things, that when an imperative verb is there, the the also or the, the origin, or let's say the initiation of an imperative verb is obligation. And with that obligation, we should know automatically that Allah loves that action severely. Meaning that whenever a law obliges you with something, let's say the five pillars, that is an action that Allah loves dearly, to where if you try your best to fulfill those, a loss of panda with data loves you, and saying that is important because we need to remember when we look at the, I'll say guidelines of Islam, right? Because every

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guideline has a MCQ such sugary it has an objective. Instead of saying rules, we should say, you know, Islam has guidelines that have objectives and the objective is only for our benefit. So here when we see this beautiful verse, that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, after they've been demonstrated, geniuses have given sola tightly to leuke shamcey illa hasakah layli will call an alpha God in the for an Infinity Cannon mesh Huda alasa panel with the dimensions here established the prayer at the decline of the Sun from its meridian until the darkness and the middle of the night.

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The re citation or the court of dawn in the indeed the re citation, or the court and is every witness now, just a small to dissect in this verse just a little bit, a loss of chronic dialysis up him to establish and we know in Arabic there's a devil Sadat and if comments are solid, and that meaning just perform, it's just just to perform the actions to where it could be considered sound. But if comments are sadati establishing the prayer is within yourself and within other people, but here loss of power with Allah is saying it to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he's starting something new. It's a new *tier it's a new shirt, even though the belief with all of the

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other profits is the same. They lay the law there's no God but Allah, but we see that the *tier they may have been differences in that from ours is 5% five per day. That's an obligation for example. So he says establish the prayer lead to Luke is Shamsi at the decline of the Sun until its darkness and of the night. Now, here's some of the scholars mentioned when he mentioned this timeframe. This is comprising of the of the force ahlawat, the force of law, lots of law, also Margaret

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Lawson, Margaret and Isha. So when Allah subhanaw taala is talking about this, some other scholars say that it's these four prayers because it's that time span and then the last one God says what quarter and and in February. Now, core an comes from Cora, which means to read, and also comes from a tete leaf, you need to join things together. So it's a compilation of chapters, if you will, but here some scholars, some people translate it, or let's say, interpret it to be re citation at the time of fudger which establishes the fifth time fudger prayer. So the core Anil fudger, and some scholars mentioned that the core and should be recited and a long you know, long is as you see the

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son of the province of Aloha and it was son of them. And a lot last month, Allah says, In the Quran and tragedy cannot miss who that verily the re citation of the Koran, or the Koran in and of itself is that which is witnessed now the scholars mentioned that that which is witnessed is the witnessing of the angels, that the angels will witness you. There is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he talks about the prayer being 25 times better in congregation than that of in, in, in independently by yourself. But then he mentioned when reciting this Koran at this time Subhanallah you will get the angles from the night and the angles from the beginning of the day

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Subhanallah so the angels will be witnessing you and watching you as a loss of power with data mentioned here. And you mentioned as much who then meaning that the angels will witness and also a loss of power with data. Shaheed one of his names is a Shaheed So firstly, a lot of sample code and and further shows the importance of what Salatu the future you know, this time now we were at home and sometimes we may be a little negligent of making so lots of budget on time, waking up with the sun in our faces as which happened some time with, you know, the companions and they were very, very upset when they woke up. And they saw the sun was in their face, meaning that the slots and

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feathered The time has surpassed them. Okay. But in any case, when we look at the slots of fudger it's something that we should cherish you know, the promise of awesome love the erotica I tell you he loved the two, the two rakaats before slots and budget, and he said had a minute jr when I feel it's better than the dunya and what it contains better than this world and what it contains. So making that effort to understand the importance of the salaat to the future, and that it's witnessed by the angels in the last month Allah says, woman a lady for 200 v nanofiller. To like I said, a bicycle, your bicycle rabuka mccalman muda. And then he says, and from the night, we mean a layli

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and from the middle of the night, pray,

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pray with the Quran for 200 to be and 200 200 as we know the name is a prayer in the middle of the last third of the night. And that comes from 100 who Jude which means no it means sleep. But when you put it on this morphologic makeup to find tahajjud means is Allah. So to have Jude literally means relinquishing or eliminating, known eliminating sleep to do what to get up and stand up and praying. Because that's the time when this any other ideal is lost. It's the time where it's the you know, most anticipated time for you to have sincerity. And that is in order for a law because said last month, I said nafi Let's intellect and naskila, as we said with unfair means additional or

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extra. So this is an extra, I bless you, as some scholars mentioned, that it's not only an obligation for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but it's highly recommended and so virtuous for the Muslim to stand up at that time when everyone is asleep. And this, he said, and perhaps Allah will, you know, make for you or raise you to a common mahamudra which is a praiseworthy place. And that is what some scholars mentioned, is the intercession of the prophets of Allah to sell them for the people on that day when there is no return. In any case, this last verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, we'll call Robin

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hilmi model Honda Civic can originate Maharaja Silicon Valley mendonca suparna nazira. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says and say, My Lord caused me to enter a sound entrance and to exit a sound exit and grant me from yourself a supporting authority. here when we talk about mood Hala, silicon Omo,

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Maharaja, Yanni, meaning that when we enter and when we exit, it is something of civic of truthfulness of righteousness. And as some scholars mentioned, who are Billa were lilla were filler, meaning that when you do something below, like we say, Bismillah you are seeking the names and attributes of a lot to be showered upon you. That's why you say Bismillah and you leave it empty. Because when you eat Bismillah you're thinking maybe I'll have to preserve me to protect me to provide for me or Rosa ALLAH hafiz. So when you say coming in and in a truthful manner and leaving in a truthful manner, we ask a lot, you're asking a lot to make you move back and aim to make you

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blessing wherever you are, you do it seeking the help of Allah, He nastain seeking help of Allah and for the sake of Allah, for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah with these prepositions heard of algirdas many, and they have many deep deep meanings as some scholars mentioned, that is the hardest, hardest aspect of the Arabic language is using these prepositions, which may have different meanings and connotations. Then the last said, when you ask him to have a beautiful exit, exit and grant for me from yourself a supporting authority there's so many beautiful gems as of last month us as middle I don't care and doesn't say any deca he says middleware don't care is showing that his elements are

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the mustard is the source is totally different than any other source of creation. So that help and assistance and support you're receiving, asking from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To make you have a more adjusted and to have a sound entrance and sound exit can only come from Allah and that's why you asked him. And preferably, when you're praying in the middle of the night, make this do I ask Allah to give you a sound entrance and a sound exit and knowing that the ultimate authoritative help and assistance can only come from Allah so in these days at your home, and you're sleeping, try to wake up at least five minutes before the time of Frederick comes in or 10 minutes, get your support.

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And at least make dua and at least least make drop with this drop. At least stand up and make run Raka in winter and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for his bounties and as we always mentioned, allowed us to be this month to be a catalyst for a new habit, not something that is seasonal. But Allah bless you all.

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Sounds like a lot faster from the law. Doctors are here to take us away from

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this religion. We start by praising and thanking Allah Spano, tada and sending his piece and salutations upon the blood messenger. I wanted to really focus on as you mentioned, the story of moose and Heather, I really find it to be one of the most fascinating stories in the Quran. And the things that happened, there's basically three series of events, you can say two events that moves on either adventure through and there's so many different ways that you can kind of dissect the story and get benefit from it, it's so deep. And I'm sure that inshallah tada in the next broadcast as well. Tomorrow, there'll be some gems coming from it. But I wanted to really focus on just one

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aspect of the story that I found quite profound. And that's the theme of loss that you find it coping with loss in particular and loss itself. In the story of Musa and heathered. When you look at the three events, you find that, for instance, the poor fisherman, he loses his boat, so there's lost there. And that's more in particular loss of property, he loses his boat and his livelihood as well, because that's how long is he going to do what he's meant to be doing at the sea. And then the second event as well, the loss of a child, which is the loss of life, and in particular, one of the most difficult and painful tragedies that a person can go through in this world, which is losing the

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the life of their own child, the innocent life of a child. And that's something that really affects a lot of people. People often asked when it comes to the problem of evil. For example, why does bad things happen in this world in particular, what really hurts a lot of people is the suffering of children. And so this story goes through that kind of concept of dealing with loss of children. And then the third one is an interesting one. So one aspect, it's about orphans. And so there's the loss of parents. And then the other aspect there's Moosa and Heather, who also lost what they lose. They lost out on their hospitality for that evening, so no food and shelter for them from that town, and

00:24:49--> 00:25:00

they lost out from an opportunity of payment as well. They did work free labor and nobody paid them at all. There was no minimum wage there. And so there was lost kind of you can see it throughout

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That last portion as well in that event. So, you see this theme of last throughout, and I want to take us back way back to sort of Bukhara and subpanel a very beautiful connection we see that Allah guarantees us in the Quran, while a number one there can be a middle hope he will do a one Nicholson minella, Molly will emphasize the Mirage that we will test you of fear and hunger and in particular, when not the same and loss of what, why not submitted and one of property like the fishermen who lost his boat, while unforce life like the father who lost a child with the Murat food, like moose and Heather, we didn't have that hospitality given to them in the food that they're able to be

00:25:40--> 00:25:41

hosted with.

00:25:42--> 00:26:23

And so these three categories that you see in the story most, there are almost like the archetypical categories of loss that people deal with in this world, financial loss loss of, of a person, a person that's dear to you, loss of food and famine, and drought and these sorts of things, the loss of a home. So these are the kind of general themes of loss that people deal with in their own personal life as well. Now, in particular, with loss I wanted to then really reflect on in this story. What really comes across in the story, what's communicated very powerfully is the belief in a gathering that's really demonstrated in a very practical way. And probably the most practical way

00:26:23--> 00:27:04

you will see any religious book at all convey the deep message and meaning and wisdom behind God that which is the belief in Divine destiny and predestination and decree, and the belief that everything happens for a reason. That's the kind of general theme of the entire sutra with loss is also Everything happens for the reason for a reason. And in each instant, when a person lost, it was actually for the better outcome. And that's really what we learned here. And so I really wanted to focus on this aspect of it. And it goes back again, to achieve Abdullah, I believe I mentioned a very profound point in the first episode of Quran 3430. And it was in the third verse of swithun,

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belcarra alladhina, Mineola vilified, those who believe in the unseen, and he mentioned very beautifully, that when it comes to the unseen, one of the hardest things to believe about the unseen is actually other because it has to do with our future, it has to do with our vulnerabilities. It has to do with the uncertainty that we face personally. And so it becomes very difficult for us to really internalize that belief in others. And so I really wanted to connect through these examples, we can go back to that general principle that everything happens for a reason. And we can get the right interpretation of events in our life. Because interestingly, that tells me to move from after

00:27:43--> 00:28:24

it's all finished. Set will never be will God be tapped wheelie, Milan, stopit, Alayhi sobre, I will inform you of the wheel, the interpretation of everything that happened, you were looking at it one way, you had one narrative, one interpretation of the events, I will show you what the true way of understanding these events is what's the right frame of interpretation. And that's really what internalizing belief of the other is about, it's about internalizing a new frame of understanding the world. And in order to do that, again, I keep going to Bukhara Subhanallah, Baccarat is full of treasures. There is a beautiful verse at the at the end after Allah says he's going to test us with

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loss of life and wealth and property and fruit. Then illustrata, Alice's Oba she just saw bidding, and congratulations to those who are patient. And of course, then sober is also a theme that's within the story of Musa and Heather Moses claiming he will have suffered in the circumstances that he finds himself in. But of course, he's just sees that there's just too much outright loan that he can't help himself but call that out. And that's of course the character of Musa alayhis salam. In any case, then Allah spent Allah says, Who are the sobre la dee da Saba to masipa. Those who, when they are struck with calamity, smile, it seems like I'm doing a sort of 33 it's sort of sort of

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Isra. But in any case, those who when calamity strikes them, and disaster strikes them, they say in lillah, here in LA Roger, and this is the correct way of understanding our entire life. There's two components here to Allah we belong, and then the second is to a longer return.

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And these this very short statement actually answers in any situation when a person is dealing with any loss from the three that we seen the story Muslim, are there any loss? There's four questions generally that a person asks, number one, how did this happen? Number two, why did this happen? Number three, how can I have the strength to move on? And number four, what do I do with the pain that I have inside? These are the four general questions keep this in mind. We'll go through each one. And how this statement and reflecting on this can answer all these for for us. Number one, how did this happen?

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alila everything belongs to Allah, and is only by Allah's decree and permission. As Hitler says to Moosa wa Martha and to an embryo, I didn't do any of that on my own accord. However, Rama tomb Arabic This is a Rama from Yoda, this is Allah Rama coming to this world. And so, everything that happens is belonging to a line or less authority and unless decree and unless other and unless other than decree, this knowing this point brings such comfort to a person, when they're able to interpret their event and they see this is the event. Okay, well, how did this happen? Why did it happen? or How did it happen? A lot decreed it. And then when we know our belief about a lot that allows will,

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as chairman was mentioning, a lot put in so to Esra. And then allow us hikma in Surah.

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Sort of gap in the story of Musa and Heather. And so Alice mother is always with his hikma, his wisdom, and so knowing that there is wisdom behind it and number two Rama as well as to our sorry,

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that says to musala salaam had urashima to remember everything that happened was Oh Rama, everything that a lot decrease there is Rama there as the angel say and so to the author was the article in Ramadan where Elma you encompass everything in Russia and knowledge. And so Rama is characterized by Allah's Will is characterized by his and so knowing this point that how something happened is from Allah decree, and Allah's decree is necessarily from a place of hikma and Rama. Now, that's easy to think in our mind, how do we internalize that into our heart? How do we take it from here and put it into a heart so we can deal with loss that we're going through a tragedy that we're going through,

00:31:48--> 00:32:26

or calamity or a difficult time that we're going through? And so panela males Fanta ease the suffering of those all around the world, it's a difficult time all around the world, especially with what's happening with lockdowns and economic insecurity and whatnot. A lot of people may have experienced this aspect. So how do I go from that belief in Allah in our mind to get to the heart, the key to this go back to sorta right, allowed the decree law he Tacoma in the loop, it is with Vicar of Allah. That is the mechanism by which what comes to Here comes into the heart. There's a law says that through the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace and tranquility, your beliefs

00:32:26--> 00:33:05

can find its home in its resting place in the heart, and it's through that repetition of the vicar and so when, and that's why you find in the morning car, for instance, we repeat has to be a lot has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who Allah sufficient for us, we repeat Lalalalala hold multiple hands, he belong 10 belongs everything and 10 belongs all perfection. Right in a moment as Allah mentions his beautiful point, the whole world can follow him there together because Allah to Allah belongs dominion, but also to Allah is every praiseworthy thing. So Allah is in control, and the one who's in control is also the most praiseworthy from every angle. And so this is a human callable hand, and

00:33:05--> 00:33:47

this is that Allah spent up To Him belongs everything and so we can really internalize that through the code of Allah by remembering a lot and bringing to our forefront his beautiful names and attributes in his praises. That's number one. Number two, why did this happen? What in Malaysia Roger, and to Him we return? Why did it happen for Allah sake? How did it happen from Allah? Why did it happen for Allah. And so anything that happens in our life is for the sake of Allah. And so everything that happens is an opportunity for us to come closer to Allah and fulfill our purpose in life. And so calamities or gloom that's done to us, or sins that we commit or a blessing, whatever

00:33:47--> 00:34:27

it is, in our life, those are the general four things that will happen in our life. Whatever it is, it's for Allah sake. So we respond to that calamity. with patience, we respond to that boom with forgiveness, we respond to a sin with humility and repentance. We were strong with that blessing with gratitude. Everything that happens in life is for Allah as she was mentioning lilla for the sake of Allah spawn Tada. How did this happen? from Allah Billa for why why did this happen for Allah lilla Okay, now the last two questions is how do I get out of this and what do I do with the pain? They're actually linked? And I've written all this down so that we don't get lost. I'll see if

00:34:27--> 00:34:30

Okay, very good. I don't think it's flipped I'm not sure if it's flipped.

00:34:32--> 00:34:33

Is it flipped on the screen?

00:34:35--> 00:34:52

Is good Okay. Very good. And so you can see here that we have the how and we have the why the how goes back to inner Lila is from Allah and then the Y is for Allah right ELO in LA Rajan. We're returning to a lunch you have to prepare for that. You see, you got I got the nice logo here for on 3430.

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

So here's the point. The third question, how do I find the strength it links back to this point.

00:35:01--> 00:35:42

It's from Allah and so the strength comes from Allah. And that is through his Tiana, see this pattern that we're mentioning here from Allah for Allah, by Allah Allah Allah, it's throughout the Quran and in fact you find it first and super Fatiha. Er can now go do what you can to stay in to you, we worship and to you ask help. And so here, how do we get the strength? We asked help from the one who's in complete control, he can sustain and hear, how can I deal with the pain, the pain is there. Look, when a person feels pain, it's, it's something that's completely natural. It's not something that a person can actually, it's not that what is desired, or the quality of virtue is

00:35:42--> 00:36:22

that a person feels nothing in result of, of calamity. And when I mentioned, this is neither desired nor nor possible, we're human beings. The point is that natural pain, whether it's fear, in the face of uncertainty, whether it's grief, when we've lost something, we want to elevate that natural feeling to virtue, because you cannot have patience, if you didn't feel grief, you can have contentment if you didn't feel any sense of agitation, you can't have courage unless you felt fear. Otherwise, it's not really courageous or brave, you didn't really feel any fear to begin with. And so these quote, unquote, negative emotions are prerequisites to the virtue that were meant to get

00:36:22--> 00:37:00

through the first step, the first step and so that pain, we want to elevate it, how do we elevate it, it's through a bada it's through a bada. That's the aspect that that we worship Allah through that pain, that through that pain, we realized what is the low one for me? What can I show and be pleased? What can I What can I do within my being to make myself pleasing to Allah with what I'm feeling right now, that is a bother doing it for Allah subhanho wa Taala sake and bearing witness able to bear in during what we need to endure, and through the guidance of Islam. And so this is here, what do I do with the paint very bad, and they all go back to how they all connect, as you can

00:37:00--> 00:37:38

see, and so there's four questions there and any calamity anything in life really, you can even put blessing in here as well. anything in life? This is the correct that we this is the correct way of interpreting it all together. You have the how the why what we go from here with this, how do I get the strength to move forward and how do I deal with any pain that's lingering on and I just want to end with the beautiful thing actually should Abdullah mentioned it, which is the preposition that we see before the last name and this is something I had mentioned as well that we want to be in a state where we are biller lab filler. So biller is with always helping strength so that goes back to this

00:37:38--> 00:38:19

point here. lillah is for Allah spent Allah sake so that's very bad, that's that goes here. And then the last one is filler, which is in Allah XPath and that's the guidance the missing ingredient here. This is the state of a human being of a natural fit for a human being. The third component is the guidance of the Quran, filat with the pattern the path of a lot knowing exactly where I want to go how I want to get to Allah spawn Tada, that's my exact desired objective is for Allah, I will get there with a less strength and I will do it with the guidance that Allah Subhana Allah gave us and so with that in sha Allah will conclude a lot of jumping around but I hope it all came together

00:38:22--> 00:38:29

there's there's a reason why you you write spiritual psychology and you don't make our infographic set up. So I just want to make that clear for the audience.

00:38:38--> 00:38:41

Hey, go back. How why pain

00:38:43--> 00:38:46

How did this happen? To me as well.

00:38:48--> 00:38:52

I will use that I will use that and I will forgive you. Yes, yes.

00:38:53--> 00:38:55

I appreciate your forgiveness and

00:38:56--> 00:39:07

love to come and for everyone that's on you know just please do check out the wonderful work in spiritual psychology that doctors are has written for us. Please go check out his papers

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and we appreciate you being on with your enthusiasm and confining yourself to a room for a change. I wasn't kidding with all of you that I've never actually seen doctors are here indoors he's always outdoors somewhere and some some wilderness so we're happy to have him indoors and have that with us as well. Chef Abdullah is always like, My Lord you may Allah reward all of you on Charlotte's Island. We will see you tomorrow night for am 3430 will slow down Listen, I'm about to kind of Vienna Muhammad Ali he will sacrifice unto significativa so now when you come to LA he will run a cattle