How Tahajjud Removes Stress and Sins

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Dear brothers and sisters, when the topic of preamble lay in the night prayer comes up outside of Ramadan, it can feel a bit out of touch, it can feel a bit disconnected from people, because let's be very honest, when we look at the state of ourselves collectively, it's hard for us to pray the five prayers, we have a struggle with the, with the mandatory prayers. And so some might say, Why talk about 200? Why talk about the night prayer when people are struggling with the five obligatory prayers? And I asked myself that question as well. If someone's struggling with the fraud, how can they even begin to entertain the I'm willing to entertain the idea of praying at night. And the

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Ramadan is, of course, an exception, you find people that just like people, fast Ramadan, that struggle with other obligations in the deen. And we ask a lot to make, what I'm Alon, the fasting of Ramadan, a means for them to fulfill the other obligations. But just as people, you know, can pass them along, but they can't do a lot of those other things throughout the year. In many ways people sort of relegate this practice to this special 10 nights. And that's it, and we don't really touch it. And maybe one day, my faith will get to the point that I feel connected enough to Allah subhanaw taala that I can start to entertain that conversation. And then once I start to dive into the books,

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and I start to read about the way that the setup the way that the pious predecessors, viewed the AMA name, seemingly as an obligation, not an obligation in the technical sense, which we'll get to, but as an obligation on themselves for spiritual health. It can be demoralizing and depressing because you read that and you say, Where am I and these people who would blame themselves so much for missing one night of the amulet and I don't remember the last time that I prayed a meaningful night for most when you talk about coming close to Allah subhana wa Tada. It is true, that not a cup of tea be shaken, that no thought to who I am, than what I have already made obligatory upon them. You

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can't prioritize the know often, over the facade, you can't prioritize the voluntary deeds over the obligatory deeds. However, if a person tastes the sweetness of certain voluntary deeds, not only can it help them be more consistent with the obligatory deeds, it can help revive the spirit of those obligatory deeds, in fact, which is what I he shoveled the amount of time and has said about certain Muslim men. If you read through it in Muslim men, the third revelation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is a page and a half. The second half is one iron is one iron. And I showed you last time and he says that Allah withheld the second part of resentment for an entire year from us,

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meaning what? When Allah first revealed to us yeah, you had resentment Kumi, Laila Illa, kalila, no spa, who Oh, in postman who kalila was it? It was Anatole Tila, Allah subhanaw taala revealed to the Prophet slice elements of the oma by extension, to stand up and pray at night, to stand up and pray a significant portion of the night and to recite a significant portion of what was revealed, it shall be alone. For a year, the obligation upon us was camelid, meaning to lay. The night prayer was an obligation on the oma for an entire year before the obligation of the five prayers came later on, similar to how we have a young man to do that some days, that were obligate, that were obligatory

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for fasting, but when Ramadan came, they became voluntary, like the fasting of autofunnel Ashura and other days like that. Okay, so with the prayer of gamma ln, she says that for a whole year and this was the most difficult time in the life of the Prophet slice Elam and by the oma who was facing persecution, and had no community, which is one of the wisdoms that they're in amount mentioned, they didn't have a community to gather they, they had no messages. they adopt an outcome to sneak into and to study and to do what they could. But everyone really had to pray by themselves. for a whole year, she said, we all prayed until our feet would swell. And then Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed the second part of it, which rendered the night prayer voluntary, but the prophets lie, some still maintain the habits, meaning the prophets lie, some still would pray until his feet would swell. And of course, many of the companions would maintain that habit. And there was the wisdom to that, that when you are struggling, this practice is not just the means of giving you great perspective and great connection to your Lord. But it also provides a unique level of relief of him of stress and anxiety. And that's something that's very unique about this particular habits, this particular good deed when you read about it, the way that the companions and the Son and the pious

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predecessors, speak

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About this act in particular, as being one that removes stress, stand up at night, you have a direct connection to your Lord, it's quiet, you don't have a meeting coming up. Right you you can, you can create the scene set the scene, the kids are most likely sleeping, they should be sleeping at that time. It's just you and Allah subhana wa Tada, the rules of the omelette are not as rigid. And I don't say that in a negative way. But with the Manitoba with the with the mandatory prayers, there are certain things you can and can't do. But with the PM, you can spend the whole night with one or two hours, you can allocate certain time to You're such that certain time to you're standing up.

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It's a moment of joy. And when the scholar spoke about it, that's what they say. It's very interesting, because just like with fasting, you know, you always start reading about these studies, to try to make you feel better about your faith. And you don't need to write the benefits of fasting. It just it feels good, right when you hear about the physical benefits and things of that sort as well, basically the studies confirming what you already have been acting upon because it was prescribed by your Lord. And so you read these studies about mindfulness meditation, 20 minutes a day, 2025 minutes a day, but don't do it all at one time. Because you need to break up your

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mindfulness meditation throughout the day, because it will reset the cycle for you and get you back to where you need to be and put put you know, between those breaks those meditation breaks, everything in perspective, and it will improve the quality of your sleep.

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And if you improve the quality of your sleep, then you're energized during the day. And I'm like these people just need a lot. They just need prayer. We already we have something prescribed to us that is so beautiful. That doesn't mean that times of darat and Vicodin introspection are not good as well. But Salah really offers that vehicle and improves the quality of a person's day and a person's night. And we when you think about the unique stress relief, I listed a mount of domani hemo lantana. He said upon it, being at him at Zoom In alila we Villa him, you know people spend the entire night binge watching movies or, you know hanging out. And there are a lot of ways to spend

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time as well. Right? But you know, there's a certain relaxation, I need some relief tonight. So I'm going to spend some time and I'm going to just, you know, kill some time and feel good and sometimes that's hella that's good for you. But what he was saying is no planner. The people who have established this night prayer, even if it's a small portion, that they are in more joy than the people bla with. They're No, no, we're not even talking about people of sin. Right. That's a whole nother level. And he said, you know, describing it, he says what Obama? He called La HCA. He said it says if I could see my heart laughing when a person enjoys that night of prayer, he said no lucky

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I'm a lead man, but to MacArthur Jr. He said had it not been for a piano that I really wouldn't see any use and living in this life. But I don't think about anything in life as giving me as much joy as I do. pmla. saboteur punani about the Allahu taala and who he used to say ma che and Eddie do who can be Allah during demon camelid. I have not found anything in my life that is just sweeter, gives more pleasure. That's how they're speaking about it. Then the MLA and faline Rahim Allah to Allah, he said, efra Hobi layli mangiarotti. Robbie will occur on the hora de Luca, if Allah He said that I love the night prayer. Or I love the night because that's when I get to meet my Lord. That's when I

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get to spend time with Allah. And we were talking about the last few weeks how people can be exhausting. He said in the daytime I'm not so crazy about because I have to meet the creation of Allah. Dealing with the Lord at night dealing with people during the day. There is a peace and tranquility that comes from that. That makes what comes throughout the day more bearable. And that joy is freshening. That joy is replenishing. That joy is meaningful. It's you know, people are searching for it here and there. And it's in those few moments at night. And I'm going to get to this at the end but that doesn't mean praying all night. means those few moments that 1015 minutes

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that 20 minutes of recalibrating every single night at some point in the night between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala and the man personally bossy Rahim Allah tada he was asked my battery and water hygiene I believe him and asked me nasty would you have said How come the people that sleep the least at night have the freshest faces during the day it's as if they're they're energized ponder the unknown Hello but rock man for me No he panela he said because they spent the night in seclusion with the Most Merciful so a lot dress them with his light. Sorry the minimal say Rahim Allah to Allah He said in the Roger you slowly been laid the agenda Allah He went he noted

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You hibou it he couldn't Muslim that a person spends the night praying to Allah subhana wa tada in seclusion with their Lord. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala gives them nor gives them light gives them something that would that would connect them with every single Muslim. To the point when you talk about herbal Villa when we love each other for Allah subhana wa tada you see a brother you see someone in the messages, brother seeing brother sister seeing sister and right away you love that person for Allah subhana wa Tada. So you know, there's a Sakina there's a tranquility, that is coming from that person called a Yahoo Mendham Yahoo cuts, a person would see that person for the

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first time vehicle in the garage, and he would say, you know, I really love that man for Allah subhanaw taala. I don't know that person, but I love them for Allah. Something is being emitted from that person. And that is that time that they're spending with their Lord at night. One of the things that the scholars also mentioned particularly about this, is that during the day, the challenge of Salah is that you're thinking about what comes next.

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The greatest distraction. And that's how you treat the nurses that you learn what it is that ails it. Most people get distracted in their prayers and then playing Mohammed Allah said, by the appointments of what comes next. So your insula, but you're planning your next step, your next you know, I got to go do this at four o'clock, five o'clock, you're going here, you're going there, your mind is racing ahead of the salon. Most people that's what catches them and distracts them. And you you indeed have appointments you might have to squeeze in your prayer time. Some of you right now we're still at work, thinking about your next thing.

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It's it's natural, right? That's your struggle. But somehow I love what they say about the AMA lane, is that it's a gift from Allah subhanaw taala because you're not missing appointments. You're not distracted by this immediate need that you have next. It's at the quietest time of your existence, and the only thing that you're giving up is sleep. There's a very beautiful example that was given by Tabori by the name of Sheree bin Hani Rahim Allah, he likened it to physical exercise. You know, when you physically exercise initially, there's an exhaustion of the body. But then you realize that you're exhausting the body for the sake of what the body, you're exhausting the body for the sake of

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the body. And so he said, when you give up sleep, you realize at some point that your sleep is actually filled with more blessing has more about a candidate, that 15 minutes or 20 minutes that you compromise is not going to make you a groggy person throughout the day.

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It's not going to mess things up for you. The sleep has more blessing in it. And what you gain from that time in pmla makes the sleep the easiest thing to give up in this dunya you're not giving up appointments, you're not thinking about I got this in 10 minutes, hopefully you're not checking what's up at 3am or whatever it is, or 4am

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you have time, you can pause, you can focus, it's quiet, and the day has not yet started. And that's wisdom from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So whether it's in the beginning of the night, when other people are going to sleep or the end of the night, when most people are still asleep. You can dedicate and allocate that time. And this is where we find this idea of what it means to have porb closeness to Allah subhanaw taala their brothers and sisters aim high.

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If you seek to be an average Muslim,

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you know, and that's why I despise it when people self labels. I'm a non practicing Muslim, you've basically sealed your salon.

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I'm a non practicing Muslim, I don't pray. That's what it means I don't pray five times a day.

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Aim high. If you seek to be an average Muslim, you're going to be a very deficient Muslim. If you seek to be a person of taqwa, then maybe you'll fall short you'll sin sometimes. But if you seek to be a person of axon, seek to be a person of excellence. There's one way there and that's a personal connection with Allah ehsaan does not come except through personalizing that connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's where you find the self say, the pious predecessors say nothing establishes that connection like pm. It's too busy throughout the day, too much going on. There is nothing that connects a person to Allah, like that time, because Allah Subhana Allah mentions that

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he descends at that time, in a way that befits him. subhanho wa Taala. He's calling out to you. And he's saying who wants to come close to me? Who has an appointment Allah has all the time for you. Allah does not take slots. It's not restricted for some religious people, somewhere in the world know the broken the sinner, the the righteous, the person who's trying to be righteous, everyone calling upon a lot that time of the Knights that's your time to get close to a loss of time.

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What's your honor? And it has some rahimullah to add. He said there is nothing there is nothing he said to a person who asked him what is it that brings a person closest to a lice and not animal sheet and yet takadanobaba hinomoto qaboun it Allah He applaud them and Pamela nothing brings you closer to Allah than piano lead. I fully working on lontana He also one time

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he grabbed the shoulder of a man and he said to him, Yangzi de la junta Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah to Allah comes down every single night in a summer dinya to the lowest heaven for your pool or Rob. And so the Lord says ketevan a damn Huberty for either Jenna Who? Lee no Nana Annie.

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A person has not told the truth they have lied when they claim to love me. But when the Knights comes, he sleeps on my appointments. Now not only he sleeps when I come down to meet him when I speak what I'm when I'm ready to listen to that person ready to listen to him or her and you say you love Allah subhana wa Tada. And a second you have even Jacobi Habibi. Allah says, isn't it that every lover spend some time with their lover and he says hi, Anna. dharmapala una Allah. Either Jana Himalayan, here I am looking out to my servants when the night comes looking out to my lovers, those that love Allah subhanho wa Taala

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rather than octoroon ahead that if he Jannati and he says, And tomorrow when they come to me, then I will satisfy their eyes, I will cool their eyes, I will fill their hearts with my gentlemen. those same people that I love, you want to be from those who are ahead of Allah, those who really love Allah subhana wa Tada. That's the only time no distractions 15 minutes, 10 minutes, something small. And the greatest thing you can ask at that time is forgiveness. That's the greatest thing. What am I going to ask Allah forgiveness? The greatest cause of stress is your sins because that's what puts the barrier between you want to learn and that's why that idea is always at the forefront of any

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discussion on tahajjud. Any discussion on the night prayer from the Quran and from the Sunnah. Well, howdy homea stuff Iran. In those last moments of the night, they're seeking forgiveness from Allah. The last 10 nights of Ramadan, Allah in the careful one to build off of our foreign you're asking Allah for forgiveness, Helman. Mustapha, Allah Who is there anyone that seeking forgiveness so that I can forgive that person? As Allah subhanaw taala says to the angels, as he sees that slave of his standing up at night, your koulamallah he can own guru mother Yakubu Abdi. Go see what he's asking, though see what she's asking me for? Fair photo Mana iica A Robbie villarica on my fear attack. Oh

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my Lord. They're asking for your pleasure. And for your forgiveness fail cotulla Bushido Khan. Allah says to the angels bear witness, oh my angels and need quite the authority level. What are the two that I have indeed been become pleased with that person and forgiven that person. That's your time to get close to Allah and ask Allah for since that sin that's wearing you down that sin that's bearing on your conscience. It sins that prevents pm and it's pm that prevents sin. So you got to take that first step of walking away from that sin and that step forward is going to be at the night prayer. And that's where you say to Allah subhanaw taala yell I'm sorry when everything's quiet when

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it's just me and you I'm sorry a lot I'm seeking your forgiveness. The last thing I will say to your brothers and sisters in this regard is don't be little the small amounts of

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beginning of the night. end of the night, middle of the night, two cars koala had a little bit of a nice Don't be little. It matters and that's why the profit slice and I'm sad. inauthentic. Hi diekman farmer we actually is let me look at whoever stands up and just reads 10 ions. 10 verses will not be written as a person of heedlessness Do not be from the Lavine. Those people who are heedless heedlessness means you have a barrier you don't perceive God properly. You don't understand your purpose properly. If you're standing up and praying just with 10 verses reading to two short Sutras, you won't be written from a lofty woman comma b Mia t Aya cootie Berman al carnitine. And

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whoever stands up and recite 100 ions then they are written from the exceedingly devout the pious woman comma b elfia. could give me more concrete and whoever stands up and recites 1000 verses which by the way, if you want to do it once in your lifetime, the last two jizz of the Quran is 1000 verses, then they will be written amongst those who are piling up good deeds who have gone far ahead of everybody else with their good deeds. Sometimes it takes that example. Sometimes it takes reminding yourself that

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The small thing counts while you're aiming to get better while you're aiming for the bigger thing, so that you don't think of gambling as some sort of habit that's just reserved for this exclusive group of people. No, it's not it's for the Muslims. It's for those who want to stand up and pray those who want to enjoy that connection with Allah seeking first and foremost His pleasure and his forgiveness and that's why it no matter what the Allahu taala and Homer of the Lord no not

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in a narration from above Allah He says that I'm the love neuroma used to come upon us and Mecca can NZ do it not be Mecca what county at 100 Lumina Lee he used to pray at night long prayers in the night for Connolly that Laila cobbler sushi so one night he said to me right when fajita was about to come in yeah Avada Allah to como to slowly Willow chakra will be through simple and said once you stand up and pray even if you're going to read just a third of the poem. I mean a third of the

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you know fudgier is almost around the corner. So I said to him, yeah, man, that is right around the corner. What do you mean how am I going to read a third of the portal and that's maybe something that you know you guys do. We don't do a third of the Quran. So he responded in a certain class poonawalla ahead.

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tantillo furutani

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Kula heads is equal to 1/3 of the Quran. Who would not want to meet Allah subhana wa tada saying every night I used to read a third of the Quran

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right before 5g. So dear brothers and sisters, I know it seems like a distant habit one for the exceedingly pious but it's a way to Allah subhana wa tada that cannot be replaced by any other way. And in sha Allah to honor those who are struggling with their five prayers to pray them on time. This will only help at midnight on it's not in place of it. It's a means of connecting yourself to the Lord that you call upon day and night. We call upon him for forgiveness, and for salvation. akula kolyada was talking about iraq when he started Muslim infested threw in a hole for wine

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah while Ernie he was lucky woman La La Nina Well, not well Muslim in our Muslim article here. Mr. Tanaka, Semyon Karim, Allah, Allah subhana wa one Allah

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Robin Allah interested in lambda field and I'll tell Hamlet an akuna middle class in alum in a careful one to one alarm affiliate Idina probably come on come on a bonus the lotto Robin I have learned I mean as far as you know, the reaction approach is Jana Matatini, Mama llama sort of one and most of it in a famous Article of the malvarrosa love manicured lawn immunoblotting in West Virginia with one other veniam setting about the law and the law I'm gonna blindly assemble them for about 100 fascia you wouldn't wouldn't carry with me to come in and look into the current fiscal role if guru commerce guru on there now is it local or the Corolla Corolla yarmulkes in their own