The Danger of Ignorance – Surah Al Kahf – A Deeper Look

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But finally, this, this is the important thing that's going to tie in to what we're talking about when in ignorance is passed down for a long time, without giving it a second thought, see ignorance, it leads to evil. Like when you do something without proper knowledge, then you're gonna end up doing something unjust unfair, either to Allah or to people in some way or another. So when traditions are passed down in society, over time, some injustice develops, maybe the first people who said it or thought it didn't realize how serious the ramifications are, but over time, a corruption develops in that society. So for example, you can have somebody who some creative dude

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who or group of people who wrote the Hindu scripts, or you know, the scriptures, or whatever, right. And in a day, one of the things that comes out of that culture and those writings is a class society, people in different classes, they may not even I have realized the ramifications of this. But what happens eventually, when there are people who are tortured, because of what class they belong to, are deprived or oppressed because of what class they belong to, right? And institutionalized forms of racism, all that came from somebody's writings. So the people who originally wrote them have no idea how serious things get later on. Then later on, when people react

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against this, they have had enough and they want to react against it, do they only get rid of what was wrong, or they get rid of the whole thing,

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they get rid of the whole thing.

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When you don't fix one little wrong, that's part of your tradition, and you let it stay, then it boils into that small wrong becomes a very big wrong, you know, leaves the world of ideas that actually starts causing real problems in the real world. It's not just a philosophy, and then it becomes a huge problem. And then later generations come and they want to get rid of the whole thing. Now, this is what happened with Christianity in Europe, the Creed in my intro series, when I told you about the problem with that creed, and what it led to, eventually, what did Europe do?

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They just got rid of the whole thing, which we don't want anything to do with this thing. It's a mess. It's a complete mess. But guess what, this is true of the OMA.

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This problem is true of the OMA, we have today in Islam are what we perceive as Islam, certain practices that actually have nothing to do with Islam.

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And we've we consider them like, staple parts of Islam without ever questioning them. You and I were raised with many things as just Muslims. And we never thought twice, whether they have something to do with the sum or not, you just do them. You just do them. And we don't realize that those cultural practices or wherever they came from that we do, do end up hurting people, they harm people. Islam came to prevent harm, but our cultural practices aren't always that way. You know, not all cultures evil, but there are some practices in our cultures that certainly harm other people. And we don't realize how much you know, to give you a small example of that the Islam celebrates the rights of

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parents, but it's um, certainly also emphasizes justice. If you allow the rights of your parents to justify injustice against the wife or against the children, and they here's this man who's got children, and he's not concerned with their education or their well being but he sends money to his father all the time or his mother takes care of them well beyond their needs. But the kids are completely deprived in the name of warble Walid any sudden he thinks this is Islam that's actually not Islam at all. He's just in his head this is what Islam looks like you understand what might happen to those kids

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they grew up hating Assam they'll blame Islam for that. They'll blame Islam for what what happened? Or you have a kid who went to a house madrasa

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memorizing the Quran, and the teacher beat him to a pulp when he made mistakes and happens and this kid half of the Quran is not a Muslim.

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As a matter of fact, when he goes into a masjid, he and this I know a kid like this in Dallas, goes into a masjid and actually starts having convulsions. Because it brings back memories of him getting beat.

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You know, he can't even stand inside a masjid for too long. It gets traumatized by it. So now he's how wants nothing to do with Islam itself, but because of what

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some stupid tradition that was passed down in the name of Islam. And his parents thought they were doing something for some this teachers some into some deluded sense thinking, you're doing something for us, and they're beating the kid, and then they're telling him Don't tell your parents because if you tell your parents is disrespect to your teachers, and whoever disrespects you, the teacher burns in hell.

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You know, that's not Islam, but you know what's going to happen as a result.

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You're going to have people that want nothing to do with Assam. They want nothing to do with the Quran. They want nothing to do you want nowhere near this thing. So when you have practices that you introduce beliefs that you introduce norms that you introduce

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I have nothing to do with knowledge. Even in the name of Assam, you are thinking you're doing something for Islam, but down the road you're actually putting pushing people away. An entire continent of people, entire nation of people, the Christian people have more read the among them, people leaving Christianity faster than any other faith. You know faster than any other faith. And by the way, we're not that far behind. We are not that far behind. And it's you can blame the media and propaganda there's plenty of dirty laundry inside dogma, plenty of reasons for people to be traumatized by Islam itself. Plenty of reasons. You know, when people go to Hajj if somebody is for

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example, concerned with humanity, a humanitarian and they became Muslim and they will go to Hajj.

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What are they gonna see?

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They're gonna see, you know, Child, child slavery. They're gonna see people begging on the street. They're gonna see a class society, classism, the tents depending on what class you came from. Right? How are you supposed to be all human beings are equal, that's the point of hudge you're wearing it around. So you're not in a class. But we're not we can't wear the air conditioner. So we set up the tents with there's different kinds of catering and escalators to the gym are hot and all this stuff for certain classes. Some people can do the life in a helicopter or something I don't know. Like,

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the whole point of it was humanity's equal and we made that into a class society thing.

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You have that some of the most luxurious hotels overlooking the Hudson and in between the harem and those luxurious hotels are homeless people that have been sitting there for two months that don't have anything to eat. And inside those hotels, they're catering food that one person couldn't finish in a month and he's got on his plate

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and when a person sees that, you know, we don't impede people go there so mashallah the construction is really nice.

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You know, the marble is really great. Yeah, well go out in the streets America see what happens. See what you see

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this person going to be drawn closer to summer further away. You know, people want the edge I don't even recommend that you go to hide yet and to build a little tolerance before they go because if they see that up close and personal, you know, here we are giving lectures about Islam cares about the environment and there you have people

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in was deliver

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even chucking bottles all over the place.

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It's crazy. So this mean we're reading about Christians? Yes, but we cannot forget what Allah is talking about when ignorance spreads.

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Then you are setting yourself up for much much bigger disaster down the road. Much bigger disaster. This is what are the about him just some things about that. The grammar implications of capoeira Colima. This is an interesting conversation. We'll conclude with this conversation inshallah. Not too much.