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A Deeper Look Series – Surah Al Mulk

Nouman Ali Khan


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The Condition of a Believer’s Heart

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So who will have the Anshar come and what your adelakun was somehow Well, Uppsala will have either and he installed or put in place for you hearing ability the ability to perceive and see and passionate hearts it's interesting that from hearing and seeing we're not taken straight to the mind

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hearing seeing and thinking well John hola como sama wallop Zara well Kula

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he gave you hearing he gave you seeing and he gave you minds nope he gave you hearing he gave you seeing and he gave you hearts why we talked about this before the hearing and seeing should lead you to intellectual conclusions but your intellectual conclusions should lead you to spiritual growth

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right your your thoughts should lead you to emotions to maturity motions and Allah makes that transition here again these cross comparisons are very beautiful in the Quran, some of czar of EDA, and then some some of us will say an F ew manual or colonna, lotta different Lola Arabiya, Allah Chavez and demanded recall, the word of EDA does not come in the meaning of mines, except very, very rarely in Arabic, the common usage and without fee kilometer era, the Ayat came in the language of the majority of the Arabs. It didn't come in the rare meaning. So if you open up like a dishonorable forest, one of those lexicons and you find what shall I then can we have Hulu and Amanda How can

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kinda Yeah, TV Magna Carta waka sometimes it was used this way. That is not the meaning of the Quran. The Quran uses a word in its dominant most common usage, like what everybody would have got when they heard it, and what every would have would have got when they heard it when they hear the word facade is a passionate heart and intense heart. You know, it comes from the word facade as a verb for other LACMA or Lachman for Eid, it actually means roasting, or a piece of flesh that is open that that is boiled on flame is roasted on a flame. And it's the image of a heart that's full of emotion and it's burning up. Like if someone's passionately in love, they have a fraud, if

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they're passionately hateful to someone they have. If they're, like insanely committed to something, they have a fraud, if they're terribly scared of something, they have a fraud, if they're really grieved, they have, like normal emotions and normal states of your heart is a calm, but an intense state of your emotions is your facade. And we're learning something again, something very powerful in the Quran, your your thought process, if it's mature, your summer and upset you listen to a message, you looked at what it was asking you to look at. You thought about it, you arrived at these conclusions. Once you have genuinely arrived at the conclusions of Assam, you will put your whole

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heart into it. It's not going to be some casual affair. It's going to be your either that are going to be involved in it, you know, you've your your mind is settled on it and your heart is going to be constantly intensified. What we're learning is you know, if your religious affiliation is emotional only, right, you heard some very inspiring khutba and you got emotionally riled up and you decided you're gonna start praying again, if you don't feed your mind. If you don't feed reflection thought and you mature in your understanding of that religion, that fever, Eman, fever that you've experienced, what's going to happen to it, it's going to wear off, it's going to die down. But if

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you continue to feed your mind, you continue to reflect ponder, learn, grow in your religion intellectually, your emotional commitment, your spiritual commitment to Islam will become more and more stable. And you'll be you'll be able to be passionate about your religion, far more than if the summer and Assad were not there. Dackel wasn't there. The thinking piece of it was not there. You know? Our Iman is I'm gonna give you some visuals even though I don't have a chart here. Let me give you some visuals. Eman. We all know our faith goes up and down. Our faith it goes up and down. Some are good days. Some are bad days. All of us have them. There are no exceptions. You know, and we

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wish most days were like the few days we have a few good days, right? We wish all of them were like that. And here's the thing though. There's two aspects of our faith. There's conviction absolute, I'm convinced this is the truth. There's conviction.

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And then there's the emotional attachment.

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The emotional and the emotional attachment comes and goes.

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You know, you have you know, you have a dad, his name is this. That's my Dad, you're convinced.

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You feel attached to your dad once in a while. It hits you once in a while. The knowledge of it is always sitting there. But it's that knowledge should lead to certain emotional conclusions that comes and goes is not the case. And sometimes all you have to be told is that's your dad.

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Now that is something you already knew. And you could turn around and say actually, I never thought of it that way.

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You did that is your dad. But you know what telling you something you already know which is called a reminder sometimes helps not your mind but your heart.

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The Quran is called vicar reminder. The Quran almost always tells us most of the things we already know.

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It tells us to worship Allah to be grateful to him to be mindful of this stuff we know or don't know. We do know. But these can this information can sit somewhere in the back shelf in your mind and you're not conscious of it and you're not thinking through it. And it's not driving your everyday life.

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When it's brought to life when you're reminded by it, it rejuvenates and refreshes.