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The Words of Ya’qoob (AS)

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melissani of Coca Cola and hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was happy he made a bad once again, everybody Somali Come on over. So today I'm going to try to take on the task of discussing some things from is number 66 all the way to 68. with you guys, this is now the response of jacoba salam when his sons told him that they are they've made up their minds and they're going to take Binyamin, who has not been mentioned by name the youngest brother, they're going to take him and they're going to get that, you know, years worth of load that kale, it's Kalona seed, it's an easy load, there's no way they're turning that down. So they basically

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disregarded their father's concern of the previous statement. Now the father is desperate, and he's going to try to he recognizes that there's no way he can stop them. So in the weak position that he's in where they're not regarding his authority on this issue, he's going to plead with them. And he's going to basically say, I'm not going to let him go until you do this, this and this. Now, I need to give you a little bit of a disclaimer about these three is that what I'm going to do in this session is explained to you the basic lessons from this, as I understand them, as I've been trying to do with other IRA, but there are there is something about these ions that has been a very big

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subject of discussion in Tafseer. History and in our tradition that has to do with the evil eye. So that's a subject in the traditional Islamic tradition. And many Muslims are familiar with it, you know, this is called another right or another in the Arabic language, but like it comes from a famous Hadith of the prophets of Salaam Alaikum, Huck. Now, before we get into that subject, and I'll kind of bring up where that applies. Before I talk about that I want to just give you guys some transparency. This is a subject which isn't explicitly mentioned in the Quran, anywhere, there are places that are used for instead love for drawing evidence of its existence in the Quran. But it's

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not actually directly spelled out as a reality anywhere in the Quran, not not in the way that some people claim. That's actually not true. There are narrations, several of them around this. And the early interpretation of this is particularly among the Tabby regeneration onwards, is very popular that this, what we're going to read today has to do with the evil eye. So that is a very, very popular, and a very common to the point where it became the standard interpretation of these. There are other ways of looking at this ayah. And even as early as Ibrahim inequality, there were alternative views of the same idea that I'm going to discuss that's kind of weird for me to talk to

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you about different points of view, when I haven't even discussed the idea with you yet. So what different points of view but what, I'll come to that in a minute, or in a few minutes when we get to that part of the discussion. But what I will tell you as part of my transparency with you is that I'm going to share what I've come to understand of these is the lesson to be drawn from these IOD. But the larger subject of the evil eye and how to understand that I think it's a relevant subject. Because it is it has been associated with the Quran. And it affects many Muslims and many Muslims think a certain way, hey, don't dress like that you're gonna get the evil eye or you're, you're

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gonna go to the wedding, you better you know, read something and blow on yourself or something like that, because you're gonna get the evil eye. So it's a big part of our cultures. And it's something that's kind of, it's part of the Islam of many people in one way or the other and I'm not refuting it and not accepting it. I'm saying that it's something that deserves a deeper look. Right. So, for that, I must admit that I don't have the qualification.

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Are the research really to engage in that study, so I'm going to try to look for a scholar or two, in the next day or so

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that I can have an intelligent conversation with as a seeker, as someone who knows the narrations. As someone who has read about this subject before, knows, perhaps maybe only a little bit more than the average Muslim listening to this knows about the evil eye and how that works. I mean, we've all heard some things about her growing up as Muslims and we know a thing or two, right? So I want to kind of wrap my head around it for myself and have a conversation about how to understand the framework of this subject with somebody and as soon as I secure that conversation and that appointment, I'm going to make that a live session also. And depending on how its structured, I

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might even open up the opportunity for you guys to ask your questions about that topic, collect them, and then have a follow up session on the subject before moving on to other IOD. But let's come back to the right hand. And let's come back to these ions in hand. So, Arlen aucilla hamaca. Now Jacobi, speaking to his sons who say we're taking Binyamin and going, he says, I will not send him with you. If I want you to almost like imagine not that I know this happened, but it's almost as if he's standing at the door. You're not going anywhere until you do this. Do what I had to come in alive until you give me a covenant. A covenant means a sacred promise a binding promise from Allah.

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Now this from Allah is a little bit confusing because that sounds weird in English, give me a promise from Allah. Ameen manana liberty that is originating from Allah meaning when somebody when you make this promise, you have to understand that this the validity and the weight of this promise comes from Allah. In other words, we swear by Allah, that we're going to do so and so and so. And Allah is the witness. And Allah is making this word of ours sacred. So it's not I give you my word, I give you my word with allies witness and allies guarantor, that I'm going to fulfill my words. So if I, if I break this agreement, I haven't just committed a crime against you. I've committed a

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crime against a law. So this is a pretty heavy demand that jacoba Islam is making of his sons. And it's important to note that he didn't make such a demand before. So why now, the way you can understand this is he's powerless at this point. But he also as much as he's worried about them, and he doesn't like what they do and doesn't trust them. He's they're still his sons. So he's still concerned for their well being. But now it's come to the point where the only way he can have any hope that they will do, as they say, is if they have any ounce of faith in a law left in them, I'm going to hold on to that as my guarantee I have nothing else to hold on to. But you know, by saying

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that he's also put their Acela, their afterlife at risk, right, because if they break this promise, obviously, it's sinful. But now it's blasphemous if they break this, so that's his way of securing, they're not going to do this. It's a desperate measure, by his by him to to at least give me this promise, give me something at least give me because I can't just let you go without having some reassurance because he knows what it felt like when his son's left with one of his beloved children, and never came back with him and came back with a story. And then they tried to convince him afterwards. And he doesn't want to go through that again. So before you come back and try to

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convince me, you must convince me already that you won't be lying. So before a lie happens, and then you have to make up a story. Before any of that happens. I'm going to preempt that because I have that experience already. And I'm going to tell you, you need to take an oath by a law that you will cut you and then what's that oath by Allah? Or emanating from Allah himself? Let the letter nanny be he that you will absolutely bring him back to me, you will absolutely bring him back to me. That's that's gonna happen. You're not giving me some wolf story this time. I don't want to hear anything. And then he says Illa and you have to become the only scenario in which I will accept that you came

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back without him is if your dog if you all got surrounded, if all unless all of you got surrounded. What does that mean? All of you got surrounded, you know, ironically, wolves hunt in packs. And wolves surround their prey. The wolves can even take down a lion. Because the lion goes after one and the others attack from behind, and they exhaust the lion until he dies, right? But interestingly, before the metaphor was they were the wolves that one should be afraid of. But now they're the ones that should be afraid of being surrounded and being preyed on why let's set the scene you have a difficult time in the region between countries even people are starving. When the

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economy tanks crime goes up. And when people are traveling on armed or traveling and it looks like they've got money on them on especially now listen to this, you understand this. They just came back and they came back with a load of stuff. They could have gotten robbed on the way right on the way back

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On the way there, they don't look like they're carrying much. So we know nobody knows the purpose of their travel. Right. But on the way back, clearly, they've got bags and bags of stuff. So they've got something to be robbed about. Now, people who see them pass by a day or two later, they're gonna see them that you shouldn't see those people again for a year. But they're gonna go hit that road again in a day or two. Right? And so people with an evil intent like, wait, these guys are making some kind of money because they went empty handed, I remember. And then a week later, they're coming back loads of bags, they're going back looks like empty handed, I bet they have money on them. I got

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to have something I could rob. So it is a dangerous situation to take the same road and go back again. And jacobellis is a sense to know listen, I understand that the roads are dangerous. The only situation the only scenario in which he's not coming back to me is all of you got surrounded and killed. All of you got robbed, all of you got taken taken hostage, none of you made it. I won't accept that the robbers came and just took him and all of you escaped somehow. How's that a scenario. So he's basically saying unless you Hogan, you have to be gone has been interpreted classically, also has to be surrounded also can mean to be surrounded for destruction. And you know,

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Quran even uses this phrase, not just for people, but where he Fabi somebody, right? That his fruit was surrounded, meaning a storm surrounded it, and it destroyed his garden. That's how the phrase is used elsewhere in the Quran. So the idea unless you get run over, unless you get robbed, or you get ambushed and get killed, that's the only scenario in which I'll understand that you didn't come back with him. And that's the only justification I'll accept and you have to become can also mean in a more general sense, unless you are overrun or taken hostage, or, you know, something like that. So, but in that case, it's not your that you're not coming back with him, nobody's coming back. None of

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you are gonna survive that. Right. So when you have to become so now they heard this from their father, and they're like, just let him get off, get off our case for the Moto mosaico home. And when they finally gave him their covenant, meaning they gave him their word from Allah, we swear by Allah, we won't do this and the Lama, usually the word Lama, which I'm translating as when they did it, you notice that when I translated I said, when they finally did it, or when it was all done, the reason I say that Islam is for Torah, so it's different from Isa, or Hina. Lama means after a while, which could suggest that Yahoo Valley salon had them literally spell out, you know, how you have

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nowadays? No, no, no, raise your hand and say this repeat after me. Not just, you better promise you under swear by Allah, you're gonna just Yeah, yeah, we will. No, that's not good enough, say it said word for word, say three times something. There was an actual ritual and actual ceremony kind of process by which he had them commit to this oath, before he let them go. Now, there is something to be said about the,

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the effect of that statement. I mean, there's no way he can hold them to that once he leaves, they leave the house, they can do whatever they want, right. But there is something to be said about the human conscience. And something to be said about no matter how messed up you think someone is, when you have them give their word and they spell it out, they look at you in the face, and they swear by Allah and they spell it out. There may be something in them at that moment. One, that's my phones have another thing as well. Okay. So, you know, at that moment, it might be that their conscience kicks in. And even when they're inclined to do the wrong thing that might come in their head, you

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shouldn't take the power of the human conscience for granted. Even for people that are messed up, it can wake up at any moment, right? So you're giving them so you're planting a seed, it may not, you may not see its effects right away. But it might activate at any time.

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Right, it might just turn on that switch might just turn on because of this experience. And you never know when that can happen. And this is important because these kinds of conversations when you when you spell something out to someone or you make them understand the seriousness of something, and you you you turn it into this kind of very rigid, you know, you're going to say this exactly as I want you to I need you to repeat exactly after me. No, take this seriously. And until he sees that they're taking it seriously and they're not just rolling their eyes. He's not letting them go. He's giving them a hard time. So when they finally did it most Hippo home when when they did their part,

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then he says all Allahu Ala Moana, Nicola Joaquin. He says Allah is overseeing and Allah is the disposer over everything that we're saying, meaning the guarantor, the one who we will rely on over this agreement that we've made isn't me, I can't enforce it. The one who will enforce it is a law and the one who will deal with the consequences of you breaking it is a lot of lies watching this, by the way, an interesting parallel again with the story of use of a cylinder I didn't notice before they just came to me now. It sort of causes when use of Halloween

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Islam was getting married, and he met with the girl's father. And the father said you could work for me eight years or if you want to do 10 it's up to you. And they made an agreement hazama Bini will have a new obey next that will not be so so he says AML quarterly AML agenda don't follow one Alia. Either one. If I do eight years or 10 years you can hate on me. If after eight years, I want to go I'm free to go if after 10 years, I want to go I'm free to go. Right? And he says well, Allahu Allah mokulua kill same words and Allah is going to dispose over this agreement that we made the real the true witness and the guarantor over our statement is a large origin. The word Joaquin is similar to

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the word we use, same origin, as the word the word God. So he said, Well, Allah He felt our colon, we known that upon believers, upon Allah believers exclusively placed their trust or we rely on Allah. So the word Joaquin is the one to rely on. That's the word. That's what the word means. So Allah is the one to rely on over what we're saying, the guarantor over what we're saying. So he says this, again, reminding them, you don't respect my authority, my desperate hope is you will, you will have some recognition of the authority of Allah azza wa jal, so that that's really his last plea. And you should not underestimate the power of that, whether or not that will come true or not. You

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will see that actually, one of the brothers did that did it hit him? Later on, he's gonna say I took took an oath with our dad, and he remembers the sacred nature of that oath, which compels him to do everything he can to, you know, to retrieve when you mean but that's later on in the story. Now we get to the part that's been the commentary around it is basically, it's singular like it there's one kind of commentary for the most part about this, but I have an alternative view on this well, LaHood Allah Allah And again, I will do more research on the subject, but I'll share with you as I best understand it. He says what Carla and Jaco further when so they've agreed, they've taken the oath.

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He's a little bit more comforted. But he's not just worried about the security of him. He's worried about the security of all of them. And by the way, if they get hurt, he automatically gets hurt anyway. Right, because they're traveling as a pack. And if he's traveling alone, obviously is going to get get attacked. He's far more susceptible to being attacked. So yahoo. burlison, being concerned about the safety of all of his children says bacala Yamuna. Yeah, Lord, Holloman bobbin, widen. He said, my book, my young children, my beloved sons were near the center sleeve. And it can be used for not just my little sons or my young sons, but my beloved son. So it's a term of

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endearment, so he's not lovingly speaking to his sons. And he says that at Holloman bobbin, widen, don't enter from a single gate. You know, ancient cities, those of you guys that are gamers like Assassin's Creed style, ancient cities with giant walls, and then big gates, and the horses and carriages go through those gates, you can't just enter the city. just waltz in those because the city was a giant Ford back in the day. That was their security system, right? So there's, unless you're living on an island or something like that the naval protection is there. But if you're landlocked, then they would build these giant walls around cities. So you wouldn't be able to

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they're tall enough that you can't scale them. And if enemies are attacking archers are placed around, or the throwdown tower and things like that. And those giant gates that can be closed, that can't be broken. Right so that's, that's the trade and that's basically your border checkpoints. Those gates, right, that's how you officially entered the sea. And the soldiers can stop you and check you in frisky or whatever they can do at that time and check your check your luggage and what you're bringing in What's your purpose, etcetera, etcetera. Right. So those are the Ancient Gates of a city. Now, he says, Don't enter from a single gate. So his 11 sons, he tells them don't come in

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from one gate. And then what does he say what Holloman a bobbin with a fabric cotton, and enter from varying gates that are far better apart from each other. So don't look like you're coming in as one group grow, go in small number and come in from different, you know, different gates. Now the question is, why did he say that? And before I go any further Why, why in the world did he say that? So the most common interpretation of that is that, you know, his sons were very good looking. And they were, you know, foreigners. And it seemed like they were in the, you know, in, in the good on the good side of the king or the Kings assistant, meaning you know, use of honey Salaam. So there

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was a lot of people that were jealous of them, or could have looked at them with jealousy that they would have been the subject of the evil eye. So they were good candidates for the evil eye catching them, somebody being jealous of them, or looking looking at them in this way. And Yahuwah Islam wanted to protect them from the evil eye. So he told them to go from different gates, right. And that's, again, that's a classical opinion. It's found them on the web, and we'll discuss that when I have that conversation. You know, with a scholar too. We'll get to that. But I'll share with you my view on the subject that is just not if not more plausible.

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on them.

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So my view on this is

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they have come and gone to Egypt in quick succession.

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And because of the situation of high crime, or you know, even Yusuf Ali Salaam is making sure everybody's bags are loaded in front of his eyes, what does that tell you? That it's a high crime kind of environment. And he needs to make sure that you know, things are going as they're supposed to go. Right. So because people can steal from within the government administration outside any any kind of crimes can happen, right. And that's why he's perhaps even that's why he's offering hospitality to foreigners that are coming, because he knows the risks they're under. If they come in, they're not under protection. Like in ancient Arabia, for example, tribes, people were safe, but

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foreigners which get treated poorly. And early Islam, the only Sahaba that got tortured in early Islam were either ones that didn't have a leaf, right didn't know that either. They were slaves, or they were foreigners to the tribe. And they could be or you know, that that's how they could be treated. So he understands that, but now look at it from someone who may have a criminal mentality point of view, why why would we have to keep a criminal mentality in mind how jacoba Islam is already expressed that you might get surrounded. So he's aware of a criminal element on the roads are on the way there. And if they see him, them going, and coming back and going again, that's the

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same group we saw the other day, right? Oh, man, they must be loaded. And even if they see you go into Egypt, they're waiting for you to come back out of Egypt with big bags. Right? That's if you go all together, they'll recognize that you are a good score for us, you're and when you go through that narrow passage, or you go through that vulnerable spot, or that quiet area, that's when we'll hit them. So you might not get attacked when you walk in. But you'll have people scouting you walking, walking behind you trailing you, and finding the right opportunity to get to you. So you need to not look like the group that you just went in. And also you had a case in front of the king.

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And the king took special interest in you and had this conversation. We are the kings assistant use of valet, Sam. So maybe they've even become famous. Now they're known, I don't want unnecessary attention on you guys. Just go from separate gates. So he's taking this kind of precautionary measure that Jacobian can think of how else can I keep them from being safe? And I would think that this interpretation is in line with his earlier condition, you will bring him back unless you get surrounded. Right? So if you if there's that many of you. So what you got going on, he could they could run into any kind of trouble because they are sticking out too much. Then the question arises,

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why didn't he give them this kind of a precaution, the first time they went right in saying this the second time, but he didn't say this. The first time in my understanding a long, long time. This is entirely theoretical, possibly, because the first time nobody knew that they come and leave with a load with a full load. Nobody knows that these are, you know, they're gonna go back successful. But the second time they're coming in, everybody in Egypt knows the case, or a lot of people know the case, even corrupt cops might want to try to follow them. It's the same 11 it's the same or the same 10 or whoever else. But if they're going separately, it doesn't raise an eyebrow. So it's actually

00:23:20--> 00:23:58

the second time around there are more risks than the first time because of the case that transpired. So anyway, use of jacoba Sam says this to them and says Don't you know my beloved sons don't enter from a single gate, enter from different gates, Omar only uncommon Allah human Shay. And I cannot benefit you against a law or with from from a lie in any way, shape, or form. In other words, I cannot make you independent of a loss plan. Even this thing that I'm telling you to take extra precaution doesn't mean that if a lie intense harm will come your way that because of this harm will not come your way. So now we've got to in a philosophical sense, we've got ourselves a pretty big

00:23:58--> 00:24:02

statement here. He wants to take whatever measures he can,

00:24:03--> 00:24:49

while recognizing that his measures are not the reason they will be safe, that can only come from Allah. If you guys do well, it's not because I told you to go in from multiple doors and that's why you guys were saved. I know that you will never be independent of the need of Allah. Allah that your safety will come from Allah, you will always be in need of a law providing you safety. But if Allah is the one providing safety, then why do you have to go from multiple doors anyway, and that's the balance of Islam. That's the wisdom of prophets. The Wisdom is you do whatever you can. In the world of cause and effect, you stay within the speed limit. You drive on the right side of the road. You

00:24:49--> 00:25:00

make sure you wear a mask, you make sure you take whatever precautions you make sure before the tooth gets further infected, you go see a dentist, you do your part, but you're not going to get

00:25:00--> 00:25:35

healed because you went to the dentist, the healing will come from a large origin. There's two things I don't become the basic principle in our religion is I don't become successful because I worked hard. I become successful, because Allah allowed me to. But that's not the whole picture. Because if I stop at that point, then somebody could say, well, then why do I even have to work hard, Allah will allow me to or not allow me to, that's entirely up to Allah. But Allah has a principle was the last principle, show me your effort, I'll grant you the results.

00:25:36--> 00:25:52

The results don't come from us, the only thing that can come from us is the effort. And the results can only come from Allah. Now there are two extremes understand this. Let's use those words, efforts and results. Some people say the results are with a law, why even bother with the effort?

00:25:53--> 00:26:25

Allah is going to protect me. So I'm just going to go and do whatever because, you know, it's, you know, I'm going to go to the beach, or I'm going to go wherever, where there's a large crowd because I have to do that law or something. And I'm not going to put a mask on the angels or my mask, and they're going to protect me and I really I leave the results in Allah and some people even silly enough to say, No, no, we shouldn't we shouldn't we should still hold your mind. If you get sick, then this is a blessing from Allah Subhan Allah a sacrifice for the sake of Allah. No, our religion doesn't tell us to pull us up put ourselves in harm's way. It doesn't do that. That's not our

00:26:25--> 00:26:52

religion, that just doesn't make any sense. You know? And, you know, there were times were America when in case of like a, you know, a pandemic, like a widespread disease, lethal disease, he ordered a quarantine and people to flee those who weren't infected to flee to stay away. And he was told, how are you? Are we running from the color of Allah? And he said, Don't you know we run from the toddler of Allah we run from Allah has decreed to Allah's decree.

00:26:53--> 00:27:30

What a wise thing to say. And that's really an essence how we understand how things work in our religion, I am responsible for doing everything I can within my limited capacity whenever I can, and then whether or not that will work will come from Allah, the results are from Allah. So he says, I want you to go from different doors, because that's at least one precaution I can think of, but whether or not that precaution will be enough to save you or not save you that's up to Allah, this is not a substitute for the result of your safety coming from a lot. effort from us result from a lot now, one group says results are from a lot, why bother with the effort.

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The other group says, my results are only a product of my effort. I worked hard, therefore my business is successful. I came from different we came from different doors. That's why nobody robbed us. We took these these these precautions, and that's why we were successful. You understand? People will say, What's the secret behind your success? Well, I followed the following four principles and therefore I became successful, etc. You follow those four principles, but there's a million other people who follow those four principles a lot better than you, but Allah decided not to give them results.

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Right? So Allah expects from us effort, and then Allah provides results. Now. The thing is, though, Allah will not give you results. If you refuse to make effort, he put a need inside the human being, to make effort. It's in our nature, Allah as a result, think about it this way, Allah, Allah, Zack, the provider, so every piece of food I eat, every little bit of oxygen that goes in my lungs is being provided by Allah. I didn't provide it. Allah provides it. The fruit that I eat, the bread that I eat, the meat that I eat, the water that I drink, all of it is coming directly from Allah azza wa jal, but do human beings go out in the morning and go to work and make a living and then go

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to the groceries and buy the groceries or they expect a lot of deliver.

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humanity can survive if they don't make effort, right? Allah is the provider for every bird, so does it not have to leave its nest and the worm will come to the nest? Or does it have to go out there and find the nature the way a law provides, is that he created all of nature, all living things have to go make an effort, and then Allah provides, then they make an effort. And then Allah provides, right, that's the same idea of effort and result. And so Yahuwah Islam is saying, even though I want you to do this, I need you to understand that this does not mean that the result won't come from Allah. I can't make you independent of the need of a lion in any way, shape, or form. Any hook move

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inland Illa the final verdict, the decision in the end, and the command in the end, rests exclusively with a law with no one else. Are they heat or cold. on him alone? Do I place my trust? I trust him alone. In other words, me telling you this doesn't mean I trust my instincts, or I trust this this strategy. But I trust Allah alone. Where are they he failure to walk kilometer walk alone and anywhere

00:30:00--> 00:30:21

actually truly going to play stress should only place their trust in him. That's the statement he made to them about trusting and relying and, you know, relying on Allah. Now, it's important because if you look at it from the other point of view, which we'll discuss in a later session about, you know, the evil eye, I don't want you to catch the evil eye. Well, but this precaution

00:30:24--> 00:31:03

if you do, too, this precaution does not make you safe from the evil I would the only safety you get is from Allah. At the end of the day, don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Don't become the object of somebody else's jealousy don't become so you know, out in the open and so exposing of the blessings that you may have, don't do that to put yourself out there so people can have thoughts about you jealousy about you, evil intentions towards you, etc, etc. We don't know where that may lead. But even if you did take all those precautions, understand that it's not because you don't put yourself out there that you're safe. Your safety still comes only from Allah while they evaluate our

00:31:03--> 00:31:44

Kalamata chiune. Well, Amanda, Holloman hifu, Amara home abou home, and when they finally entered from where their dad told them to, in other words, they listened to father's instructions, right. And they came in from different gates. Now, I this also to me seems to further the idea that not only do they have some reliance in a law and some trust in their father, but their the advice their father gave made practical sense to them to not just spiritual sense that will catch the evil I'd made practical sense to them. Otherwise, they were pretty dismissive of that all along so far. So they've had they've had plenty of occasions where they've been dismissive, right. Everything okay.

00:31:47--> 00:31:50

has changed. Is the mic so?

00:31:51--> 00:31:54

Yeah, you want to double check before I continue.

00:31:57--> 00:32:26

Should we Okay, shall I continue? Now what am I the Holloman? hifu Amara home abou home when they came in from where their dad had told them to. Meaning they came from different gates, right? Allah says Makana euganean homina la himanshi this was not going to make them independent of a lion in any way shape or form. Even though they came in from different gates, this wasn't going to change their fate as far as allies concerned

00:32:27--> 00:33:15

Illa harder than fee enough see you enough sia Oba baja except this was a need inside the use of ownself that he had to fulfill he fulfilled the need he did did away with a need that he had inside him a need to what take precaution. Okay, now, this might seem like at face value, a lie saying even though they came from different gates that wasn't going to change anything. My plan is my plan. Right? And this wasn't gonna make them independent of a line by the way. Makana unian homina la human, she is something Jakub already said Jacobi in the previous I already said on a Sonoma oneone camino la him and she so this is a lies, echoing the words of jacobellis. He's agreeing with

00:33:15--> 00:33:54

jacobellis. And so first of all, and you need to get out of your head that is correcting jacobellis around. Because jacoba, Sam is saying exactly what a liasing and if a liar is repeating the words of Yakuza, a Salaam, he's in sync with the alcoholism. But then why? Then he's explaining why did you want him to go I want them to go through different doors, he says, because this was a need yaku felt inside of himself. Now what kind of need is that? It's an emotional need to make sure we take every precaution we can. I will feel uneasy if I don't give you some instructions about being careful. It's as simple as if you're, if your son is going to take you know, travel somewhere for college or

00:33:54--> 00:34:36

university. And clearly once they get on that plane or they get on the train or whatever, then you have no control over what they do, right. But you as you're leaving you said be careful. Don't talk don't stay up late. Make sure you make the kinds of friends etc. You're seeing all of those things if the mother feels the need to say that right? It's a need Now where did that need come from? Allah put the need for food alone put the need for drink a lot, but the need for shelter a lot of put the need a lot put emotional needs inside of us. These are needs a lot created. They're not needs that we invented, where we can't even help it. You know, in English, there's an axiom you can't grow

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

outside your skin. There are some things that we are created with and we can never say oh, I don't need that anymore. We have it in us We are human being has a need to feel loved. A human being has a need to feel connection. A human being has a need to feel safe, a human need to feel understood, or a need to feel respect. We have these needs. We can't help it. Like it's inside of it just like there's a need to drink and to eat or whatever.

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

He has a need to protect his children,

00:35:03--> 00:35:43

that there's a need inside him. And he fulfill that need with whatever means he could. That doesn't mean it's the mandala that is the renting of an old man. Like you know how they said in a banal a feeble alley movie in our dad is just lost. This isn't a rant. This is an actual need that he fulfilled and Allah saying that is a lie not trivializing what jacobellis did. In fact, Allah is acknowledging that this is a need that Allah created. And it's so powerful that even a prophet will feel it. Just because you're in a higher spiritual place doesn't mean you don't feel this need. Oh, somebody has so much demand. They just trust in a line. They don't say anything. No, I need you to

00:35:43--> 00:35:44

go through different gates.

00:35:45--> 00:36:09

Just take whatever precaution you can. Why would you even say that because you know, the famous axiom that all of you are familiar with, tire camel, and then trust in Allah. Right? That's what this is. But that need the tying of the camel is a need. If you left your car unlocked outside and you went into a restaurant, and you remember, you're not going to say on a law or the law, he forget or kalamoon

00:36:10--> 00:36:27

you know, it'll be outside. You know how I can guarantee the car will still be there. I'm just gonna end the keys are still in the car. I'll just make dua to Allah Allah. I really need this car. What I also really need to finish the sandwich before it gets cold. So I'm gonna eat the sandwich and make sure the car is still there. Yeah, I mean,

00:36:29--> 00:37:12

that's not how that works. There's a need, you have to go and get the keys and think a lot of nobody robbed anything from your car, you left your laptop in the car, you left your stuff in the car, you know. So here, Allah acknowledges the human need to want to protect. Allah acknowledges the human need to take whatever precaution acknowledges the human need of a parent, to even try to protect his adult children who are actually better at protecting the parent than the parent isn't protecting them physically. They're the ones that are strong, right? But a human need doesn't go away. And he acknowledged Allah azza wa jal on the one hand, beautifully describes this, this lovingly describes

00:37:12--> 00:37:53

this need, they weren't going to benefit from going from different gates against the last plan in any way. But this was a need that Yahoo had and he fulfilled it. And then a lot and if you would think that allies are just talking down about Jaco, like he had this silly need, right. Look at what Allah says about Jacobo, some immediately after we're in a hula hula ailment alumna who, and he certainly is a possessor of remarkable knowledge. Lima Allah now, in regards to what we taught him, he's remarkably knowledgeable in Revelation. He's remarkably knowledgeable in trusting Allah, in reliance in the law. He's a possessor of profound knowledge. And so what is this profound knowledge

00:37:53--> 00:38:33

if he's just fulfilling the need? Now Ally's telling us two dimensions, you can have knowledge of faith, you can have profound knowledge from Allah azza wa jal, but that doesn't erase your human needs. Your human emotional needs, they both coexist, and allow allows for both of them to coexist. And he is talking about, you know, a man that he gives such an accolade to, Allah has praised jacobellis and has such a profound, beautiful way, what does that tell you and me about yahoomail Islam, that he's an example for how to live a life of faith. So even this thing that he did is not a lack of faith. It's not a lack of faith. That's why Allah echoed his words, and said, this was a

00:38:33--> 00:39:13

need and this, if it's a need of Yaqoob, it'll be your need in mind need, or we're gonna want to be protective. We're gonna want to say things that and the sons might even dismiss it at first, but thankfully, they listen to him. And even though they listen to him, Allah says, yes, they listened to him, but the real reason for their protection was me. That was the real reason right and all of it at the end. This whole conversation starts with what jacoba Islam not wanting Binyamin to be lost in Egypt. I want you to come back with him right. So they listen to his precaution. They did they do as he says they protect their brother and he's still gonna use loses Binyamin.

00:39:14--> 00:39:27

He's still gonna lose him. So you do everything you can, but Allah sometimes has his own plan. And from a loss point of view, that's exactly what Yahoo needs. But from Yahoo, Allison's point of view, that's not what he needed at all. It's extremely upsetting.

00:39:28--> 00:39:59

So vineya means staying back is the best thing that happened for this family. But Binyamin staying back feels like the worst thing that happened to Jaco doesn't it and he's gonna trust an ally again when that happens. So let's understand the different perspectives that are happening here, different perspectives that are taking place, so illa hydroton, enough to use of Aqaba. knifes is also interesting because knifes can be a term in the Quran and in classical Arabic for the emotional dimension of a human being. Right so the nurse has been used in this whole

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

Quite a bit like in an Uppsala model Don't be su mama Obi Wan FC. Right? I don't consider my knifes innocent, the knifes commands you to do evil. Remember that whole conversation? There's a part of ourselves. So there's a part of ourselves that has emotional needs, and he fulfill that need by telling his children to protect themselves. Well, I cannot fit on a C layer level. However, most people have no knowledge. This is all lines the same However, most people don't have knowledge. what's what's the relevance of this statement? You see, most people, either if they follow us, you know, they want they don't want to get an evil eye. Or they want to follow some kind of superstition

00:40:36--> 00:41:17

or they want to take some protective measures, then the trust their protective measures. Or they say, Man, I even read ayatul kursi before I left the house, and I even put like a little mini cron thing hanging from the rearview mirror. And I still got in a car accident. Why did you do this Yala. I had insurance, spiritual insurance on the car, you know, I did the door and I recited my, my cars and everything else at night. And at nighttime, I still got an upset stomach, how come you're up. In other words, most people don't understand that these things are not a guarantee that you are you are dictating to allow things are going to go you're requesting a loss protection, but allow me have his

00:41:17--> 00:41:22

own plans, you still do your part, you will still do your part.

00:41:23--> 00:41:38

And then on the other hand, people think they're their precautions or their measures are the only ones that protect them. And on the other hand, on the other extreme are people who believe that their faith in Allah alone will protect them. They don't have to take any precautions. Most people don't know how to balance both of those things.

00:41:39--> 00:41:59

Most people don't know what I can knock solidness Eli on the moon. But he's a remarkable example of taking care of his emotional needs and not being confused, that being close to Allah doesn't deprive him of that. That it's somehow it's not an act of talk, calling Allah. I can somebody could say, why do you want us to go from different doors? Don't you trust Allah?

00:42:00--> 00:42:36

Allah won't protect and what is it? What does he himself See, go from different doors, I can't benefit you against the last plan. The decision in the end rests only with Allah, on him alone, I rely, and anyone who rely should only rely on him. Those are all words of Jacobo sound right after he said And now some people interpreted this to mean, first he said go from different doors. Then he realized how wrong that was. And then he retracted by saying these things about Allah, I don't read it that way. I would read it as I'm telling you to take this precaution, knowing that this precaution is only part of the process of my relationship with Allah, He expects for me to fulfill

00:42:36--> 00:43:15

my needs. And I'm doing that he gave me those needs for a reason. And to do whatever I can. This is the same reason musanze mother told her daughter to follow Moosa. There's no logical explanation, except I'll do whatever I can, I'll do something, I can't just sit here do nothing, I'll do something. And that's something turned into Atlas plant. Her walking along the bank of the river was the plan for Egypt, the Egyptian Empire, the the pharaohs Empire to fall, if she didn't follow along, then the Empire would never crash. Not none of that would have happened. And musasa wouldn't be alive because the only reason he's alive is because he drank the milk. And the only reason he

00:43:15--> 00:43:27

drank the milk, because he was he was refusing the milk of any other woman is because that girl was outside pointing them back to his mom. Right? So none of that would have happened if the mom didn't say go follow him.

00:43:28--> 00:43:47

She did whatever she could. Sometimes what we do and what we're by contrast with, this is an interesting contrast with the story of Musa alayhis, salaam, sometimes a person does whatever they can, and alone, Allah makes that part of a loss plan in ways we can't even imagine. And sometimes we do whatever we can, and Allah says, but that wasn't going to change anything.

00:43:48--> 00:44:25

You see that the contrast. So they're the woman, that mother or the lohana, did whatever she could. And that became part of the divine plan. And here, they did whatever they could, following their dad's instruction and says, but that wasn't part of my plan that wasn't gonna change anything. Like, so you've got two different views. And that balance is our picture. Allah will decide what he will incorporate into his plan, and what he will not, but a need that human beings have is the same need, this father had the same need, that that mother had to send their kids out to be safe, to look out for safe that's this, the need is the same actually, the psychology behind it is exactly the same.

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

So this is actually a recognition in the Quran for that dimension. And this is an important thing to say because and I'll conclude today's conversation with this and shall we'll deal with the evil as soon as we can, if I can, if I can do this tomorrow, I will. If not, then I'll let you guys know on Facebook when I can, inshallah, but what I want to talk to you about is, you know, us human beings, we're wired with multiple kinds of needs, right? So let me just put this out to you guys. So you can understand this in a maybe bird's eye view. So Allah created us with physical needs, food, shelter,

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

procreation, etc. Those are physical needs like animals have, we have them animals have them, then Allah created us with spiritual needs, I need to connect with a higher purpose, he put a ruler inside us that is seeking the higher purpose. Those are spiritual needs, it's a need to find truth, that the need to be grateful, the need to find inner peace inside of ourselves, the need to remember a lot, there's actually a divine quest inside of a human being a love put that inside of us as a spiritual need. It's a light inside of us. There's a third dimension. So I've said physical needs, I've said spiritual needs, right. And then there's a third dimension, which is emotional needs,

00:45:40--> 00:46:23

emotional needs, right. And emotional needs are things like the need to feel safe, they need to feel loved, they need to feel accepted, they need to belong, they need to, you know, feel understood or to feel heard. Those who needs to, you know, the so the physical, and the spiritual and the emotional, there are other needs to like intellectual needs, for example, right, or the need for even material not just spiritual purpose, higher purpose, like somebody has a need to accomplish something, somebody has a need to break a record, right. So there could be some need for accomplishment, whether it's intellectual accomplishment, I need to read, I need to finish these 100

00:46:23--> 00:46:38

books, I need to learn these five new languages, or I need to become the fastest runner or whatever, right? Those are needs of accomplishment. Other Animals don't share those needs, right? But anyway, so we've got these layers of needs different different departments of needs, right?

00:46:39--> 00:46:43

What we have to understand is sometimes we have one of these needs.

00:46:44--> 00:46:47

And it starts affecting all the others.

00:46:49--> 00:46:52

So give you an example, you're hungry, which is a physical need,

00:46:53--> 00:47:13

which starts affecting your mood, right? starts affecting your mood. So it starts affecting you emotionally. So you're agitated, and you're easily annoyed, and you're quick to get angry, whatever, because you're hangry. Right. So now the physical started affecting the what? The emotional, now you can concentrate on your work,

00:47:14--> 00:47:21

or the book you were reading. So it also affected your intellectual needs. Now, when you're praying, you can concentrate in your prayer.

00:47:22--> 00:47:40

It also affected you how spiritually, they're all connected, sometimes, one affects the other. It's a domino effect. Now, they're still separate. They're still separate needs. But you have to identify what the problem where did the problem come from which department has a problem.

00:47:41--> 00:47:59

If you don't like to identify where the problem came from, you can solve it. So if somebody is hungry, and they can't concentrate in their prayer, because they're thinking about a cheeseburger, and you say you need to do some spiritual exercises, so you can concentrate better. No, you need to eat a burger, man. Just make sure it's Hello,

00:48:00--> 00:48:06

eat and then pray. So you're not thinking about food, well address your spiritual concern, you understand that

00:48:07--> 00:48:25

you're going to be able to do work better, because now you don't have a hunger headache, then you can concentrate on your reading, you can get ready for the test. If you don't identify where the problem came from, there's going to be a real problem. And you know what happens for some for Muslims. For us, sometimes we think every problem is spiritual.

00:48:27--> 00:48:29

Every problem is spiritual.

00:48:30--> 00:48:41

So if for example, and this is the most common, somebody who's depressed, or somebody has anxiety, or somebody has a panic attack, which is an emotional crisis,

00:48:42--> 00:49:23

but we go to our religious leadership, or we go to somebody who you feel knows religion better than we do, and they say, this is a problem of you not having enough suburb, or you're not having enough liquor, or you're not having enough Salah, or you're not, that may be a part of it. And that spiritual may have been affected because of their emotional state. Because remember this domino effect. But the problem is, you're trying to give them a spiritual solution. While the problem itself was what emotional. If you don't address the emotional problem, you can, you may not ever be able to fix the spiritual problem, because that wasn't the source. The spiritual was just falling

00:49:23--> 00:49:31

because the emotional was falling. You fix the emotional, you try to heal the emotional and the spiritual starts standing back up again to

00:49:32--> 00:49:38

the physical might start getting back up because we know somebody who's depressed or somebody who's going through emotional trauma, they stop eating right?

00:49:39--> 00:49:59

their blood pressure goes up, they start getting sick, all kinds of things. The body is connected like that the human being the body and the soul are connected in this way. Why am I telling you all of this because the Quran clearly makes a distinction between someone's emotional needs and their spiritual state. Emotionally he needed to take precautions, spiritually. He

00:50:00--> 00:50:39

Only relies on a lot. And those two separate departments can coexist a lot put that need in him. So he fulfill that need a lot put that emotional need in him. And that need does not deny his spirituality. And that need does not deny his knowledge. And know that we are element alumno, those emotional needs does not mean you're not knowledgeable, or you're just superstitious, it doesn't mean that those are separate departments, and you have to keep them in balance. And if you understand this picture, then you have to under you and I have to understand, sometimes we're good at one of these. Like, we're good at taking care of our physical needs, for example, you eat well,

00:50:39--> 00:51:15

you do exercise, you're you have a good sleeping schedule, whatever, like you're taking care of yourself physically. And that includes you're making good money, you're living in comfortable housing, you're safe your clothing, you know, all of that, that's your physical needs. But just because you're physically well, doesn't mean your emotional needs, yours and others around you are taken care of, which is kind of what I talked to you about with his sons. They may be providing for the household physically, but they're emotionally traumatic to their father. Right, and emotionally traumatic, Tim. So you, you and I have to become balanced individuals. Our religion is not telling

00:51:15--> 00:51:51

us to be spiritual at the expense of our physical needs, at the expense of our emotional needs, at the expense of our intellectual needs, or even by an extension of emotional needs, even our social needs, our needs of human interaction, it's not stopping us from that. It's putting guidelines on it and what our religion does so beautifully, is not only does it give us a spiritual guideline on how to remember a law and how to connect at a higher spiritual level. It gives us guidelines on how to balance our physical life, how to balance our emotional life, how to balance our social life, how to balance our life, a purpose of life will work. That's why a lot will tell us what kinds of business

00:51:51--> 00:52:28

transactions or how long you can stay away from the head on now you have a balanced career life, that part of your life is in balance. Here's some things that you cannot do in your relationships. Here's how you take care of family matters. And a lot of your social and family and emotional matters are taken care of because you're providing basic rights and responsibilities. That's the basics are covered. So what our religion does is it provides this balanced picture and what I feel strongly growing up in the oma and being exposed to hotbars and talks and books and literature throughout our lives. I feel like we present the religion as purely spiritual and every solution to

00:52:28--> 00:52:49

every problem is purely spiritual by the Quran itself doesn't do that. The Quran presents a more comprehensive picture of the human being and present presents more comprehensive solutions for the human being, even when it comes to profits as a Muslim. And this is an important thing. Right? Just to give you an another small glimpse of that and I'll conclude for today.

00:52:50--> 00:53:10

We know as believers spiritually that our honor comes from Allah. Wa laqad. Khurana banyana we honored the children of other monies, alum and someone who believes in Allah knows there it is, comes from Allah their dignity comes from Allah, their life belongs to Allah. It's all entirely up to Allah. Yes.

00:53:11--> 00:53:52

Maria is an example of a woman who trusted Allah so much, that when she would get fruits out of season, she would teach her uncle a finger to about relying on a lot when he would say Where did you get this, you'd say this is from Allah. Allah provides whoever he wants out of season will be lady Hassan without any reckoning. And then Allah says, oh, since you believe in fruit out of season, let me give you a fruit out of season. And he gives her Jesus He gives her these are these Salaam and she knows that Allah has honored her over all women. Because the angels came and told her what's the * yeah, I learned a lot. I mean, he has chosen you over the women of all the nations of all

00:53:52--> 00:53:56

peoples. You are on top. This is this is the most honored woman

00:53:57--> 00:54:16

in the among the highest of the angels. They're coming to let her know that Allah has honored her above all else, above all other females. Can there be a higher honor for a female? No, there cannot be. What kind of honor is this though? I need you to understand spiritual honor. She's spiritually honored by Allah.

00:54:17--> 00:54:19

But when she has that baby,

00:54:20--> 00:54:27

and she's going to go back, she's going to get emotionally wrecked by her own people, yes or no.

00:54:28--> 00:54:33

They're going to say the most vile things to her yes or no. They're going to humiliate her publicly yes or no.

00:54:35--> 00:55:00

And the trauma that hasn't even happened yet. But the emotional trauma of what is to come is so heavy for her. She says the woman who has been honored more than anyone else and already knows that says you're late and enough to cover our containers human sia, if only I could die before this happens. If only I could be forgotten completely.

00:55:00--> 00:55:20

Li nacion when sia forgotten on top of forgotten suggests, nobody would even I not only am I forgotten, there's no record of me no trace of me I could just completely vanish, please, if I could just vanish. Why? Because she's terrified of the emotional need for holding on to your dignity before people

00:55:21--> 00:55:23

that's going to be ripped away from me.

00:55:24--> 00:55:32

Right and I don't want to exist. If that's not there, even though spiritually, her highest needs have been met

00:55:33--> 00:56:19

more than any other female ever, actually. Isn't that the case? So what am I trying to get at? You could have the most beautiful spiritual relationship with a law. But that is not a compensation for your physical, your emotional needs, your physical needs, your social needs, those needs remain because we're still human. We're still human. And this is something Ally's teaching us in the remarkable example of jacobellis Alam Illa, harjit, Enfin, of cu sofa, nuptse, jacoba, Cava, this except, he told them to go from different doors because he felt the need inside himself that he had to fulfill he fulfilled it, although he did, he did. He did justice to the need that he had. And

00:56:19--> 00:56:26

Allah did not criticize him for doing so in fact, said and he had profound knowledge. He understood what what belongs in what department

00:56:27--> 00:57:01

and he understood sometimes our emotions can make us forget our spiritual relationship with Allah. So even though emotionally have a need, spiritually, I know that only Allah can protect. See, he kept that balance and most people don't keep that balance. They become either people of only spirituality, or people will need emotion or do whatever feels right. I don't care what the law says. People sway right. That's why Allah says at the end, perhaps, and However, most people don't know, most people don't know this balance, realize we didn't because people have this remarkable balance again, inshallah, we're going to have some further conversations about the evil eye and its

00:57:01--> 00:57:11

effects and the reality behind it and the narration surrounding it, and inshallah to have a fruitful conversation that benefits everybody from it. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.