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by Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samerai

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spent on a human level subtle ceremony and obviously Allahu Allah alayhi wa sallam which means that I'm only gonna look out to everybody. I'd like to start by congratulating all of our Arabic students that are not part of exclusively this broadcast but before this I teach them Arabic grammar and review for any language they've completed 100 days beyond the intensive today. So together they've studied over 140 days and over 220 hours of Arabic with me 100 done that's quite a bit of an accomplishment and Mashallah, they've tolerated a lot of torture, and have come through persevered. Mashallah, so hopefully by next Ramadan will be in a very different level of Arabic, but we've come

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a long way, we've actually come quite a profoundly long way. Mashallah. So,

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today, I want to talk to you about this really, really beautiful idea. And it's got this same theme that I've been talking to you about nouns and verbs. I'll explain the basics again. But it's it the lesson is so beautiful. And it's, it actually has to do with forgiveness, Allah's forgiveness, right. And this is the 33 of spiritual and find the eighth surah of the Quran. To tell you something about the eighth suit of the Koran.

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It is about it's pretty much the whole thing is dedicated to commenting on one thing, and that is what happened after brother. So but it was the first major battle in the Prophet's life. So saddam and the Muslims, and they were victorious. And then there were some events that occurred right after that. And Allah wanted to give us guidance on how to deal with those events. So pretty much all of the other was how to allies perspective unless comments on the battle. And well how the Muslim should carry themselves moving forward. Right so that's what's so it's on fire. The eighth surah is about

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so let's go to the screen and I'll show you some things in sha Allah. My womankind, Allah who can you share the screen please? Americana la julio de bajo NTV him on makanda la Hammadi Bahama home you're still on let me just give you a rough translation for so you can build this step by step

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and one way you can translate this this is not the official translation but at least give us an idea. And Allah

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wouldn't sorry. The where's the L? Why it's on fasting that's why that's my excuse.

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Okay, Allah wouldn't be one

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wouldn't be torturing them

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while you're in their

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and Allah wouldn't

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again do is Missy wouldn't be one to torture

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while they are seeking forgiveness

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Okay, let's replace the word torturing with punishing

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Okay, so Allah wouldn't be punishing them while you're in their midst. And Allah wouldn't be one to one to punish

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them while they are seeking forgiveness. So there's two times Allah says he wouldn't punish right? And so Allah wouldn't be punishing them here. And Allah wouldn't be punishing them again. here right? Now I'll put the Arabic next to the English well Makana Allahu Allah you are the bomb. This part the first part and Allah

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one can Allah Who knew either the VA Home here we go

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that's and Allah wouldn't be punishing that. Okay, well maka and Allah who more zeba home

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cut that out.

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And that would be Allah wouldn't be one to punish them. We certainly fixed the orientation Here

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we go.

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Now, let's put the other thing pieces in place to well enta Fie him while you are in their midst.

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So this part right here

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just means while you're in their midst, and then go home yourself here on the last part of the eye. That's while they are seeking

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forgiveness. Okay, so these are the components of the eye. Now the two things that are very

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Similar is mark on Allah Julio Ziva home, and womankind. Allahu wa xivo. Okay. Now, this is a theory.

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So when Allah talked about punishing here, he used a verb.

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Okay? And then well mark and Allah who more of the Bahamas.

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As even for who are more of the born, this is a noun.

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So he talked about punishments twice. But once he talked about it as a fin, and then he had other time he talks about it as n, as it isn't, right?

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Then what's coming right after that is a sentence that is basically it has

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the profit slice,

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right? And then the next one has a sentence that has us while we are suffering, right? Now, let's understand this. The first part of it, let me tell you the lesson here, then we'll go to the language. Allah is telling the mccanns that they are acting like the people of Newark, or they're acting like the people of Sally and Shai, or the the rebellious nation of the pharaohs. And Allah is telling them over and over, he's already told them in Makkah, because this isn't this, I told you is the suhler came after but so they're already in Medina, which means they've already tried to kill the Prophet. They've already denied two thirds of the Quran. They've already tried every insult

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against the Prophet, including violence, and now they've actually gone to war with him. So they have gotten to the point where usually, what does Allah do with any nation that goes that far?

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He destroys them. So the question arises, why aren't Americans being destroyed? If Allah does this, with every prophet that comes, when these nations get out of hand? They get annihilated? So then why is it that maka is getting a pass? They should get destroyed, because they're doing the same thing that the previous nations did, and then some, right, Allah gave the reason. He gave a unique reason. Allah would never be one to torture them while you're still in their midst, meaning so long as you profit socialism are alive, I will not punish them.

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That's not going to happen. So the reason they're not being annihilated is not because they're better, or they're not as bad or they don't deserve it. No, they deserve it. The only reason they're not getting it is because when I met Alina alameen, wa sallahu wa sallam, the mercy and the loving care from Allah that was sent to all mankind, the prophets, I saw them is still alive and in their midst in the region. That's why they're not being destroyed. Right? Okay, so that's the first part, you get the general idea. Right. So they think the profit slice alone is such a nuisance, is such a problem is created such a rift in Makkah, or in the region. And we have to end this problem of

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Islam. Right. And Allah is telling us, actually, the only reason they haven't been annihilated, analyze and punish them is the only reason they're still alive is because you're alive. That's why they're so alive. They don't even know. They think their problem is you actually the only reason they're breathing is you.

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You see that was response here. Now. And this was telling the believers also you know, that Allah has given the prophecies and I'm a special Raja, towards his people. That was not Allah did not grant that to previous nations. Because the mccanns have already done enough to, you know, to veto to warrant being executed, like the previous nations where anyway, then Allah adds another dimension. So this was the first one, he wouldn't be punishing them because you're with them, you're in their midst. The second and Allah would never be one to punish them while they are what? seeking forgiveness. This is Allah telling us that there are some people in Macau that are actually still

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seeking forgiveness. So even though there were people on the battlefield, fighting the Muslims, there were also a bunch of people in Mecca who were held there against their will or who were secretly Muslim, or who will become Muslim and seek forgiveness and Allah knows about them. And Allah knows that they are still there. And so long as they are still even some people are still seeking forgiveness, Allah will not punish the entire nation. And this is a lead telling us another formula. Allah does not wipe out a nation

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unless until no one is left that seeks forgiveness. So one reason Allah will destroy wouldn't destroy them as the Prophet is still alive. The other reason is actually that there are still people asking for forgiveness in that nation.

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Right. Now go back. This one is a feared a fear a verb. And a verb I told you before is temporary.

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Right? Just like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is actually among them temporarily, the prophet is not going to be in Makkah Salallahu alaihe salam or the Arabian Peninsula, the region ages forever. So this security, that Allah would not punish them so long as you're with them is temporary. And the temporary safety is being described with the temporary wording,

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which is your eyes around the verb is temporary, get it? But then Allah gave us a rule that is forever. It's not just for them. Allah has always had this rule. He's not just talking about the special circumstance of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the people of Mecca. But now Allah is going to tell us something about himself that has always been there. And when you describe something about yourself, that's always there a constant, then you use a noun. So Allah wouldn't be actually a literal translation here would be let me read translate this. Allah wouldn't be

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there Punisher.

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There are Punisher. Now when you describe someone as a Punisher,

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then this is a constant quality.

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And inside this word, there's an there's an illusionary reference, there's a it's a it's a hint at Allah has always had this rule with all the previous nations, whether they had a prophet or not. Allah would never destroy a nation and so long as what was going on. So long as some people there was still seeking forgiveness, even if you could say home is used Arabic for more than two. Right? But as a general rule is if, if even a person is left that's seeking Allah's forgiveness, two people or five people are left, that alone will not destroy that people alone will not destroy them. Right? And that's a mercy of Allah and we you know, why? Why did Allah destroy previous nations? Allah

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destroyed previous nations after after examining every single heart that was left alive? This is why the prophets were told to escape with the believers. Right. Before nations were destroyed, Moosa was told to escape with the Israelites it said

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no, Holly Salaam was told to escape right? loot Ali Salam escaped with his family. So there's a theme in the Quran of people escaping before the nation is destroyed, because Allah didn't just say, Oh, these are non Muslims by the outside label. Allah checks everybody's heart and knows these people don't want forgiveness, they don't care about forgiveness, and they will never want forgiveness. And that's the only kind of people that have, they're determined to be stubborn, and, and not humbled. Those are the people that are left in the nation, then Allah destroys them. Right? So this is always been the case. But then the thing is, because this is a permanent thing. You would

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think that here, yes, that a few rune could also have been stuff that I started with a foreign for who works in most.

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Home what I've been up to that and Mustafa Luna, the essence the noun, would have been the Hobbit. But Allah chose to make this hub out of fear. And this is also a verb. Let me put the seeking forgiveness over here. They are seeking forgiveness is also a verb. And the verb is what it's temporary. But there's other qualities, other qualities, I'm going to highlight. Now, a verb is incomplete.

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a verb is ongoing.

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And a verb is literally imperfect.

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Because when I say I am eating,

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it's ongoing. It's temporary, but more importantly, it's imperfect. Because perfect means it was already done. It's completed. But it's a work in progress. Right? So what Allah did by saying, Yes, double Fie rune as opposed to what most of you don't, if Allah said Mr. foon, Allah would have been saying Allah would not destroy them unless there were some people that were constantly making forgiveness.

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They were they were constantly seeking forgiveness. But well, homea stuff Iran. They are seeking forgiveness at least once in a while, sometimes not constantly, necessarily. Here's the other linguistic thing. That's incredible. If I say they, like the nation

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are or the people it's the people.

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The people are,

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let's say,

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Okay, no, people are workers. Okay.

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If I say the people are working

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right let's take a look understand this example okay? When you say that people are workers,

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then you are commenting on each and every one of them being a worker, when you say that people are working, you can actually get away with not talking about all the people.

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Right? So if I, for example, say that let me get make it bring it closer to home, I another example came to mind.

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The students in class, the students are

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Our workers

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and the students are working. Okay? Now, when I say the students are workers, I have 30 students, I'm commenting about all of them. They're each each and every one of them is a hard worker. Okay. When I say the students are working, maybe I left them with a project in the classroom. And they left the classroom, the principal said, What are you doing? I said, the students are what? Working but I know for a fact that when I said the students are working, am I saying in my mind that every one of them is necessarily working? or working at the same level? No, I'm saying so long as enough of them are working, I can still speak for the whole and say the students are working. But when I

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say the students are workers, I'm commenting on each individual. This is a comment on each into a comment

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on each individual, yeah.

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But this is a comment.

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This is an overall comment.

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So some of them may be slacking off, but I can still say for the whole class, they're working. Right? So for example, right now the dream program is going on right? And I said we're making progress. The students are making progress when I say the students are making progress. Am I talking about every single student or overall overall because I don't know if what our particular students not making progress? I don't know that right? But I say my students are sincere. Now I use an adjective. Okay? Are my students are hard workers. Now I'm constantly making a comment about what the whole group which I'm not making, some of y'all are lazy. Okay, so

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so now we're home yesterday rune.

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By Allah using the theory, he didn't make a comment on everyone. He's saying overall, so long as it can be said so this the act of Stefan is happening.

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And it could be happening by a few people. And it could be happening sporadically not constantly, even then Allah would never punish them.

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And where did the never come from the fact that the more of the the home, the meme is being used, Allah would not become their furnish, Allah would never ever punished them, even if they are temporarily or in perfectly seeking a less forgiveness. Allah didn't say the only way you cannot be forgiven if you're constantly making stuff up. Right.

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So now bring this to Makkah, this whole scenario. Allah is telling the prophets I said this is one of the most important lessons in Quran and understanding the seal of the Prophet size on a lot of people don't understand this lesson.

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The people of Makkah have gone to war with the Prophet sighs I'm you don't need to see the Arabic anymore. So the people of Makkah have gone to war with the Prophet on multiple times.

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And at this point, you get to say that Mecca is the enemy. Right? Because they came at us, they tried to kill the Prophet, they came out of it better than the cause. They nearly killed them at Ohio, and they laid siege some of the niners. So they've done several treacherous attempts, right. And they've worked with the violating tribes, the Jewish tribes in Medina to try to kill the Prophet from within. So saddam, they tried to kill him or her they be like, I mean, they're thirsty for the profits word, right? So you get to say mica is the enemy. So you know, when two countries are at war, and you see somebody wearing the enemy's uniform, and you don't say maybe he's a good person,

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you still shoot? Right? Because when you're at war, then every one every one of them is a is an enemy, right?

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The Muslims were about to attack Mecca and how they BIA and Allah said, well, Lola, the gentleman walked me know now when he saw Minato, Nanda Allah Muhammad

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had it not been for believing men and women that you don't even know about, that you don't even know about. On top of whom you would have trampled all over them, considering them the enemy and to see bajo Minho. Suba come in tomorrow to be radio element, and then an ugliness would have cast itself on you. And you wouldn't have even known because you killed innocence. In other words, a lot did not let

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the worst people how are they the worst people they tried to kill our messenger some omartian they heard the Quran from the prophets voice

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And they rejected it for more than anybody else they heard work with them and he nodded. They heard two thirds of the Quran, right? They saw miracles. They met him on the battlefields. They got forgiven, their soldiers got forgiven by him after going to war with him. The amount of things that they've experienced that should give them in more than enough justification, not only to become Muslim, but no justification left to remain Goffin. And yet, Allah says, You can't make a blanket statement about them. Some of them inside might still be believers and you don't know about them. I know about them. Right? And I won't punish them until at least some of them are still seeking

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forgiveness and you might never know them. This is important for us because we like to think of an entire nation as an enemy sometimes because of politics. Right. So we say the buck signs will say India is the enemy India also barsana is the enemy, or the Bengalis are the enemy. The Americans will say the Iraqis are the enemy, the Iraqis will say, the Americans have you you're somebody somebody's enemy. Right? And politics is its own world, right? And there may be animosities between militaries and governments and espionage and all of it. That's a reality of life. But as an individual we don't we don't wish for Allah's destruction to fall on an entire nation.

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That's not a thing. You know, we some people in the month of Ramadan are making Diogenes Yala, destroy this country, you know down their planes I often tell the story it's it's a crazy story about the Torah we pray right. Allahumma helical Emery con us that Pilati him, right I was in this country and the guy was making taraweeh prayer and like he's raised his hand and da and everything. You know, most people don't even know Arabic. They're like, I mean, I mean, I mean, I know Arabic And he's like, yo, Allah destroy the Americans down their planes. I was like, I got a flight tomorrow. No, I mean her Oh, no. Hey,

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what does he say? Yeah, he did. We like the idea of being there's war and there's atrocities and because of that now we want the entire nation to be destroyed. Right? fit I want to let him destroy right away. Right? The the the mccanns. Allah did not destroy and they deserve destruction far more than anyone else because they didn't just commit crimes against humanity. They committed crimes against Allah's Messenger. But even then you don't get to make a sweeping comment about an entire nation, you can make a comment about the tyrants of that nation, you can make a comment about the the oppressors of that nation, but you cannot make a comment about the entire nation. You know,

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that's not justified by Allah's book, you know, and so Allah gave us this profound reality, Allah wouldn't be one to torture them, while some of them are still seeking forgiveness. Again, this is not an excuse from justified, you know, conflict and if a nation transgresses against another tramples on its borders, does whatever no nation Does, does something defend itself, that's a different reality. That's a worldly reality. But us as a people don't wish the end of another people or they should become extinct. Because all of them are like this, or all of them are like that. This is not, this is not an permissible thing in our religion. Plus, Allah says, you know,

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insulting, itself even hints at the fact that there are some people that haven't yet accepted the faith, but they will.

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there so there's not just or Muslim or non Muslim, Allah also knows the future Muslim, the future believer, and you don't get to condemn the innocent future believer who's not a believer yet because Allah knows that they will become a believer. Right? So there's this this, you know, subtlety that the Sahaba were taught after they've been through so much they've been through wars, they've seen those people try to kill them in their family. And even then Allah is telling them to calm down. Even then a lifetime that no, you don't get to bring a law's wrath on them, until the final time came. And then sort of go back came, I didn't sort of doba Allah said, there may still be innocence

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here in Macau, because Micah was Morocco was conquered, right, the prophet conquered Makkah solista them. So the Muslims now have have taken over Makkah. And now there may be people that are evil in Macau, and they must also be good people in Macau, there's still a mix. So what do we do? Allah says, Now you have four months to make an announcement to the public, you have four months to consider Islam, to hear what's being said, you can pronounce your Islam if you don't like it, you can leave the region because Allah is punishment. There's a deadline for it four months after four months, anybody who's still here will be dealt with like the nation of new was dealt with, or the

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nation of sada who's dealt with they will be executed. Like unless punishment time has come, but after four months, right, so that was Allah's way of separating the believer from the disbeliever you know, clearly in the city of Mecca. So Allah issued that policy, actually, in the time of the Prophet slicin was a pretty profound lesson, but I wanted to highlight this

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Because Allah forgiveness is so vast that he would never, ever punish so long as even some people are making a step. And if Allah forgiveness is so vast and a person shouldn't feel that they're seeking forgiveness isn't worth it. Like maybe there's 1,000,010 million people in a city and six people are making this the thought, and they're the reason why an entire city hasn't had a flood.

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It may be like that, right? So it's the fire is so powerful, that it might be rescuing millions of lives. So why do you underestimate the power of your own stephi? Right, if you if you and I are seeking a loan forgiveness, we should not think it's worthless. Or that you know, a level not a level and listen to mine. I mean, I'm, I'm a horrible person. Obviously, the reason you're making a Stefan is because you made a mistake. So your mistake doesn't disqualify you for SFR your mistake qualifies you for it.

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So the chef comes to you and your own twisted thinking comes to you and says, Well, I've messed up therefore I can't do is to fall. That's exactly what you should be doing so far. Dude. Yeah, and then then underestimate yourself. But if you study is to follow the Quran, then you appreciate how much Allah values this thing? how much and how much of the world looks the way it does. On the outside the map of the world looks the way it does, because there are people making stuff. So how Allah allows them to make us people obviously love and accept our Stefan And may Allah azzawajal not make us of those that he punishes individually or as a nation. barakallahu li walakum Somali Come

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on, guys forever, do your best and I'll do the rest.

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Even more. All right.