How We Lose Our Iman

Nouman Ali Khan

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This khutbah was given on January 22, 2016.

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I wish it suddenly were silly Emily melissani Coco de la masa Bitner, and an OTB La ilaha illallah wa la Miranda Mina Latina Manuel hamilo, Sally hurt, whatever. So we'll have our sub sub Amina Robin, I mean,

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the intention of today's code by is to actually share with you part of just one IRA that belongs to sootel Hadid. But in order to share some lessons from this IRA with you, I'd like to, you know, give you some context. This IRA belongs to the very middle of Soto Hadid and in the very middle of sort of Hadith, Allah paints a scene of judgment a judgment a is something that a lot of talks about in many places in the Quran, and usually when he talks about it, he talks about people that are heading towards gender, the believers and people that are heading towards the Hellfire, the disbelievers. But this passage in particular is unique because ally instead of comparing believers to

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disbelievers, he compares believers to hypocrites Allahumma Latisha and I'm in home, May Allah not make us from them. But ally instead of comparing those who have faith, as opposed to those who have no faith is actually comparing people who have faith as opposed to people who thought they have faith or pretended to have faith or their faith was there but it's of no value to a law on the Day of Judgment. This is the munafo May Allah not make us from them. But this this is why this passage is of particular importance, because it tells us many things about how not to end up on that in that scene on judgment day. To summarize what's going on in this passage, it says that on the Day of

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Judgment believers, when they stand the prophets lie, someone will be able to see them yo Matata meaning inshallah

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the messenger can see the entire oma Mina will be not believing men and women. Yes, I know whom Bina ID him will be a money him. Their light is going to be coming out from right in front of them. And from there, right. What that means is we have light coming from our hearts from our chests and we have lights coming out of our hands. Why is that important? Because your Iman and my Eman if it's sincere if my faith is sincere to Allah, and my belief was strong, it actually turns into light on judgment day. And what that faith made me act in a certain way. those actions that I took turn into light on judgment day, the actions of my hand. So you have two torches, on judgment day, the day of

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judgment is dark, it's this long walk agenda. And you're gonna need light to get there. Some people are going to have exhaustive light, they're light is so stretched that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam would describe that it could go from one city to another is that big of a light. Other people have such weak light, they still have it, but it's so weak they can barely see the next step that they're taking. So there are people with different capacities of light, and they are now making their way and Alas, congratulated them because they at least have light as opposed to people who have no light there that they don't have any chance of getting agenda. They can't see a path. And so

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Allah says Bushra Kumar, young Jonathan Steven tacky, Helen har, Holly de nada, congratulations to all of you have gardens at the bottoms of which rivers are flowing. It's right ahead of you keep walking, keep going, keep going. But then in the next day, Allah describes a group of people that also get up on Judgement Day. And they notice they have no light and they're in the middle of the dark. And they see far ahead and they see you know, if you can imagine the scene, there's complete pitch black darkness. And there's a group of people that seem to have some torches with them. You don't even see them. You just see some lights flickering. So you realize I need to I better catch up

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with them because those lights are getting dimmer. So these hypocrites wake up in this dark scene on judgment day and they try to run and catch up to the believers because they have no light of their own. They wake up and they're in shock that they have nothing that can aid them. So yo yo kulula una una Casa Latina Amano una naka spinnery calm. The day on which hypocritical men and women are going to say to those who believed wait for us hold on look back towards us. We could get some of your light now servicemen Noriko is the boss literally means you know in old days you have these torches with fires on top and you can take your word, and you can kind of light up your own torch. So they

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figured we can go borrow some of your light. It won't take anything away from yours. Hold on a second help us out here. And then our voices heard pillar in JIRA calm. Go back behind yourselves. Go turn back. Five dummies Uhura, find some light, we're not going to help.

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A Day of Judgment the Day of Judgment is the day on which our mother doesn't care about our child.

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The day on which you know father and son and brother and sister This is all these relationships gotta be humorless Bob, all relationships are cut. So who's gonna care about who I just need to get to my agenda, mind your own business, I'm not even turning back. Go back and find some light yourself. And the idea of going back actually is sarcasm also, go back to this world. Because on Judgement Day, you if you don't come on judgment day with light, you can't get any. The only way to gain that light was in this world helped me sooner.

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So now they still try to catch up because they don't want to hear it right. So they're still trying to catch up. And as they get closer and closer to the believers for Budi barbarina home be sued in the hooba

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Massive gigantic wall is dropped between them, which happens to have a door and the door and child level maybe some other time we'll talk about but alas has a massive giant wall is dropped between these two groups. So even if they were going to try to catch up now they can't.

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As the wall is dropped unless has bumped into houfy on the side, they can no longer see the hidden side of it. That's got mercy and love and care in it. Well, VA hero hoomin Kiba de la va. And right behind it, approaching them right approaching them is punishment. So not only were they in the dark, now there's a massive world you got nowhere to go. And when you look back, there's punishment coming at you. They're about to be crushed. So these hypocrites, May Allah not make us from them become desperate. So they call out and they say alumna, kumarakom. Didn't we used to be with you? Weren't we with you. So they're asking for the people of the other side. Apparently, the door can be open

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from the other side. Open up guys, come on, we used to be with you. And so a desperate call is made. This is important before we go any further. This is actually the reason I chose these IOD for today's Club, this wording and I'm gonna call Morocco, where we with you. The idea is that these people on Judgement Day that are standing on the wrong side of the wall, that are in desperate situations that have no light of themselves, actually assumed that they belonged among the believing community, they were very confident about that. So much so that they're citing it even on Judgement Day, we used to be among you, we prayed with you, we did business with you. We were friends with

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you, your family with you, your cousin's with you, we went to the same college university, we're all the same guys. How are we separated today? Why is this separation happening today. And from the other side, this time now that they feel safe, you know, once the wall is dropped, not only do these people get overly terrified, the people on the other side feel far more secure. So they're not in a rush anymore, because now it's totally safe. So now they take their time and actually answer them and say, Well, here's why you're not with us today. Here's why you're not with us today. You know, the first thing that people haven't told them was you have to go get some your some of your own

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light helped me sooner and find some light on your own. Go back and get it. Apparently you don't have any light. And then they're in shocked we were you we used to be with you we should have had like just like you have like. So now the people of gender are going to describe how these people who used to have light. They used to have light they used to have faith. How did they lose it? How did they end up bankrupt on Judgement Day? And this is particularly profound, because then it will give us an insight into how does someone lose their Eman? How does someone end up taking the most priceless treasure that they can have in this life, our faith and and squandering it and losing it.

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There's a it doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't just you don't just lose your mind. It's a process. And that process has been described in these timeless words. By now. Of course you used to be with us. Well, I can I can pretend to emphasize.

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However you put yourselves I'll do a rough translation first. And I'll explain. Number one, you put yourselves in fitna you put yourselves in trial

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fatahna in Arabic actually means to put something to the test. putana is also used when you when you test the purity of gold, and you melt it. And impurities come out like in gold doesn't go through an easy testing goes through a painful burning test, the idea of button to manforce icon. There are many lessons associated with it. For the purposes of this clip, I'll highlight one of them. You kept putting yourselves in situations where your faith gets tested. Try to understand what that means. You kept putting yourself in environments where you knew it was bad for you. But you said no, I can handle it. I got this I got this. You kept surrounding yourselves with friends that will do bad

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things, say bad things, see bad things go to bad places. But you said I'm not like them. I'm just trying to help them. And you kept going back into those environments. You kept getting into gatherings and places and situations you put you kept putting yourselves in those places, assuming that it will not have any effect on you. it'll affect everyone else and it won't it won't affect you. You know the first step wasn't that these people just became disbelievers. It was actually a bad company. They put themselves in questionable circumstances and they assume that it's not going to have an effect. You know when you are you know, I'll give you a silly example but it'll get the

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point across. If people do a lot of cooking at home especially if you're a busy household you do a lot of cooking at home. The home smells like a lot of masala

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but if you live there, you don't smell it. When somebody else walks in, especially if an Arab walks into your house. They feel like they're in some contaminated zone and hits them really hard. But a couple of hours later

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They're like, it's just oxygen. Now, you understand. When you first put yourself in a bad environment, you might feel it. You might feel this isn't good, this is just gonna mess me up. I don't think I should be here, your heart will feel uncomfortable. But if you keep putting yourself in that situation over and over and over and over again, guess what, it doesn't bother you anymore. Somebody who smells, you know, stands next to a smoker for the first time is coughing, and their eyes are burning. But if they start smoking themselves a year later, that just becomes their oxygen. They can't even breathe normally without smoking. It changes them altogether. The first problem was

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you put yourselves you surrounded yourselves in a bad environment, but then to emphasize

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what was the second problem? The second problem was within a bus system. You kept procrastinating. Now, what does that mean? That means you realized it's bad. And you also realized in your own conscience, I should change what you told yourself. I'll change Pretty soon, inshallah. I'm gonna change I know I have to change. I know, this is bad. Just one more week, and I'm going to be a different person. Man, just this semester, I got these messed up friends right now. And I can't really make them upset. So I'm going to keep hanging out with them. But next semester, I'm totally doing a different schedule. I'm not gonna be around these guys anymore. But just let me just write

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out this semester. Just this one more month, I'm doing this, you know, just this one more weekend, just this one or two more party, there's one or two more drinks, that you keep telling yourself just a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more. And then people tell my favorite one. Ramadan is right around the corner. It's just 10 more months, 11 more months. You know, once I once I'm a Lancome, man, I'll be totally different. I plan to go to Hajj, once I go to Hajj, have you watch, I'm going to be a different person. But until then, you know, just kind of just big draw for me out of Boston. You didn't want to make a change today, right now. You figure you assumed not only

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are you putting yourselves in a bad environment, you're not ready to make a transformation right now it's too much for you to be asked. You'd rather just stick it out, you'd rather just enjoy a little bit more. This is what sort of busted. But you know what, and you assumed, by the way, this this also has an assumption. The first assumption was, it doesn't affect you. It doesn't have an impact on you, but it does something really bad becomes normal to you over time you get desensitized, what is the effect of toggles of holding off and holding off and holding off? Actually, you assume that you can put the brakes on at any time. And you can walk away from all of it whenever you want. I'm

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not addicted. I don't need this. I'm not hooked on it. I could just walk away whenever I feel like the truth of it is that's not the case. The longer you stay, the more addicted you become. And the more impossible you feel you can't get out, it's impossible for you to get out of it. You're completely immersed, you're completely drowned, and you don't even know what anymore what it is to be outside of this environment. And then you start telling yourself, it's too late for me. And when that happens, a guilt sets in the guilt sets in that I'm pretty messed up. Man I've been doing since I've been in this bad environment I should have made over a long time ago, but it's too late for me.

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And that bad. Nobody likes to feel bad. Nobody likes to feel guilty. And then shaytan comes and says Why do you feel guilty? You don't have to feel guilty.

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The only thing that's making you feel guilty is this Islam thing. Islam says this is haram and that's haram and that's a sin and that's a sin and you can't do this and you can't say that and you can't go there It keeps Islam keeps making you feel bad, man, I want you to feel good. What how true is Islam anyway. And now the thoughts start running in this person's mind a man or a woman?

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Why am I even following Islam? It seems like it just wants me not to be happy. I just want to live my life, man. I just want to be free. I just want to be able to do what I want. I just want to be able to hang out with my friends. I'm not so sure about the Quran anyway. How do we even know there is a God? How do we even know what what's this Hadeeth business? I mean, how is it? How do we know even though it's authentic? And so you have this young man or woman? This Zainab, this eyelid is Fatima this, Abdullah, this Kareem, these beautiful names. And now they're starting to ask questions about I'm not so sure about this Islam.

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I don't know. I have doubts. I have serious doubts. And these are not PhDs in philosophy, nor do they have exhaustive education in Islamic history where they studied it, and they started developing doubts. No, no, no, they were in a bad environment. They didn't change themselves. That is the process. I've talked to hundreds of these people that literally lived this ayah they live this ayah. And then they get to a point where they have doubts. But their doubts have nothing to do with logic or reason. As a matter of fact, when you answer one doubt they go to the next step. When you answer that one, they go to the next one. When you answer that one, you go to the next one, then you say

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Hold on a second. So how long ago did you start ending up in questionable kinds of company and then the truth starts coming out. Whatever the very next words are you fell into doubt. You started doubting, you know what doubt will do. It'll let you off the hook. You'll be

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Be able to say to yourself, well, it's not really absolutely the truth anyway, so I shouldn't feel bad that I don't follow it.

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I shouldn't feel bad. And now once those doubts settle in, and you hide behind those doubts, and continue to justify your life of procrastination and putting yourself in fitness, once you get to that point, then two things are taken away from you.

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The desire for gender is taken away, the desire for making a lot happy is taken away, the desire to have that light that will make you run and get to that destination. You don't even have that in this world. The person who desires to see that success with Allah, Allah will give them that in this world, but that desire is gone. Now. You have doubts about it and the fear of Hell is gone.

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Those are those two things are gone. Your fears are gone. And your your your hopes and aspirations in the lie in the Arcana are gone. the afterlife is nothing to you. the afterlife means nothing if somebody even brings up heaven and hell to joke to you. Well, if you take away heaven, and hell, if you take away the motivation to end up in the reward of Allah, or get away from the punishment of a law and judgment a while the only motivation you're going to have left are things that are left in this world, isn't it? Yeah, nothing left in the next life. So the only thing to look forward to our stuff that's left in this life. And this life will be money. It'll be fame, it'll be leisure, it'll

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be pleasure. You know, it'll be material things. That's all you ever think about. That's all you ever care about. That's all you ever want to know about. That's the only thing that ever interests you. That's the only thing you make efforts towards. Because you think all of these things are going to bring you happiness, they'll bring you contentment. So the next words are Mahabharat kumal. Amani, you, false hopes, deceived you. You had false hopes that some kind of worldly thing will bring you happiness and you ran after it. You gave all of your life to it. And you would think that this will bring you what you're looking for, and you get to it. Like people wanting to see you know,

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people nowadays, obsessed with the next movie that comes out the next toy, the next device that comes out, right lines for the new Star Wars longer than passports for How do you know? Why? Because you need to go see it? And if you don't see it, how does your life have any purpose? How you know, your life means nothing if you didn't see it opening night, you know. And so you have to see, and by the way, hoping that this will bring you some kind of fulfillment that you haven't found anywhere else. And people walk out and say that was pretty awesome. And then they're bored again, like what do I do now? Maybe I could go see it again.

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And then go see it again. Or like well, logic says exciting the first time but still pretty cool. You keep looking for something more to fulfill you and fulfill you because the thing that will completely fulfill you the pleasure of Allah is no longer there. That desire is no longer there. Well, Amani, Allah until the decision of a law came. This was your life. This, according to the believers is a summary of a person's life that lost their faith. They started just with putting themselves in a questionable environment. And from there, it's a downward spiral automatically. The next thing is, you start getting hooked on it you put off and then later on, you start developing

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doubts. And from there the only thing you ever work towards his worldly, lustful, material gain material desires. Well, how do I convey la hora?

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And then Allah says the one the ultimate, the ultimate deceiver, or Buddha's mobile Allah, the incredible deceiver was successful in deceiving you. This is what the believer say to that is the mafia code on the other side of the wall. This is an incredible scene, folks, they're standing by this wall and shock, why aren't we on the other side, and now they're being reminded by their fellow believers. On the other side, well, remember that you did this, this, this and this. And this is a gift of a lot to you. And to me, it's a gift of Allah that this you know, hideous scene has been painted on Judgement Day. Because I would rather know now than then I'd rather not stand there and

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then find out shocked. Why am I on the wrong side of this wall? Why am I not on the other side? How come I don't have any light? How come I lost this thing that Allah has given me? Every one of you sitting here, every believer has light inside their heart. What Allah has granted to us. The problem is whether or not you and I want to hold on to it or not. So you and I have to identify where we are. Maybe we're the people that just started putting ourselves in a fitness situation. Maybe we just started getting ourselves caught up in the wrong thing. Or maybe we've been caught up for a while and we've been putting off letting it go. Maybe that's happened. Maybe we haven't even gone

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further down the road. And now we've started developing doubts. Maybe that's how far we've gone. Maybe we've gone way down the road a lot about khulumani law now we're all we live for is you know, toys and pleasures. That's all we live for now is entertainment. That's that's what

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We become. And so at the end of it all, nothing you earn nothing I earn is worth anything on judgment day except that light. This is why when this passage began a lot as I described it with light, and that light is the only thing that matters on judgment day 11 you know, 11 uttara bahuvida, Calvin Salim, the one who comes before Allah with a sound heart, the heart that can beam light in front of them. Anything else that you and I have, that we have now is worthless. It's completely worthless before a long Judgment Day. You can enjoy it for now. But if you get caught up in it, and it takes up the space in your heart, and you have no room left for light in your heart,

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you just don't have room left. Which is why the last I have this passage is for yo Melayu human configuration, while Amina Latina cafardo ma como narrow e Mo, la cama de San Jose. And today, there is not going to be any compensation and he ran some acceptable from you. Don't try to pawn it for anything else. There is no access into those doors. There's no getting through this door with any kind of penalty or payment you can get through, not from you, and not from those who disbelieved. The scary part of this ayah is now You mean configure while I'm in la de la cafaro, you are now in the same position as those who disbelieve you ended up being in the same position as those who

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disbelieved. I'm not going to take any ransom from you. And I'm not going to take any ransom from them.

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All of you your places fire will be some we'll see what a terrible place to be that is. And so at the end of it all after painting this scene, a lot of concludes and I'll conclude with this as well. How is it that we can continue to preserve our light and continue to remind ourselves not to put ourselves in that downward spiral and whatever little light we have? How can we make it stronger and stronger and stronger? Allah azza wa jal himself says, and I'm yet nealon Latina Amano and Tasha aku home directory LA is in it yet time that P believers hearts should become their hearts should become filled with all with the remembrance of Allah. Truly remembering Allah will be bringing all into the

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hearts and the more your hearts remember Allah because Allah Himself is notice similarity when Allah is the light of the skies in the earth, the more allies in your heart, the more light is inside your heart, you understand? So he says, remember Allah and then he says, How do you remember Allah? This is called the atom ban in Arabic, well known as elemental hug, and they should be filled with all because of what came down from the truth. Because of the revelation because of the Quran. ponder over the Quran. remember Allah through the Quran, weep when you recite the Quran, think about what they mean to you the gift that Allah has given you, because not only is a lie, the light of the

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skies in the earth. The Quran itself is also described as light in the Quran. For Armenian Villa, He will surely he will know a lady and Zelda believe in Allah and His messenger and the light that we sent down Quran itself is called light. Quran itself is called light. And so we the the amount of time you spend with the book of Allah, personal for your own personal benefit, for your own personal benefit, when you sit and recite it and ponder over it and you think about what a lie your master is saying to you, that is going to fill your heart with light and there's no more you know, greater a treasure in your life than that light. And you won't realize the price of it. I won't realize the

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price of it until we stand on that day when everything around us is dark. And the only light is the light coming out of my chest and the only light coming out of my hands. That's when we'll realize when I aku nucala Deena Wu Tang, kitanomine COVID Fatah, Allah, Allah He will Ahmed focus at kulu work as human when possible. They shouldn't become like people who came a long time before them, who were given the book a long time before them. And a long period passed. And their hearts became hard. They would they had the book but they didn't value it. It's possible Allah says that a nation will have a book they will have the book of Allah. There were nations before us who had a book too. They

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had Torah they had engine. They had Sakakibara Haman, Moosa they had, but they didn't benefit from them. Let me interferon minha they didn't benefit from those books. They didn't use those books to fill their hearts with light. Maybe they use those books for the wrong reasons. Maybe they reduce those books to just ceremonial occasions. They just enjoyed reciting it some time every once in a while, you know, that's all it became to them, or maybe at some wedding gathering, they can play some Quran and that's all Quran became. But Quran was not there to soften their hearts anymore. And this is the tragedy of history. People did not benefit from the word of Allah that came to soften

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hearts, preparing humanity for standing before a law and judgment day. That's our responsibility now, that's on you and that's on me. This is why when I aku Kela vena cava Minh coven for Paula Allah Hema

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kosaku home, so their hearts became hard. Their hearts became hard when the heart becomes hard. There's no light inside left. It's not going to give you anything on Judgment.

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Most of them are corrupt. Many of them are corrupt. Allah azzawajal is now in the in these few IOD painting, one of the most important realities depicting one of the most important realities in the life of a believer. The image you and I have is not something we can hold on to. This light that we have been given is not something that's guaranteed. It's not just because you have it now and you you feel secure. If somebody shalom to you means you're Muslim. You say what aleikum wa salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato they're both Muslims. They're believers to each other. We assume that we all have the light of faith inside our hearts. But according to these ions, some people will stand up on

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judgment and be shocked. I thought I was with you, and you're not. So we better realize that it's not automatic. It's not guaranteed. It's something you personally will have to make efforts for. I personally will have to make efforts for and your Iman will not help me and my Eman will not help you on Judgement Day. We're all going to be caring about ourselves. Our own light is zero or our own volta mizunara go back find your own light. That's in right now we can cooperate with each other. Right now we can strengthen each other as the man but on that day, there's not going to be any help May Allah azza wa jal make us of those who preserve the light in our hearts. May Allah azza wa jal

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make us of those who are not on the wrong side of that wall protect us and our families and our loved ones from magnifique. May Allah keep our hearts from becoming hard. And may Allah azza wa jal make use of those who continually internalize the word of Allah, allowing our hearts to soften and to be filled with life. barakallahu li walakum filco Anil Hakeem when finally we accompany it, once again