Let’s Rebuild Our Bond with Allah Ramadan 2022

Nouman Ali Khan


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hearts around the world want to feel what Allah says directly without translation.

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Hearts around the world want to heal through Allah's counsel. Hearts around the world want to pick themselves back up, they want to get a second chance. They want to find courage and guidance and hearts around the world want to conquer the loneliness they feel deep inside and they know the best first step to do that is to be friend Allah using his own words. Last Ramadan 1000s Of Hearts took a brief step to make that yearning a reality. And while I and my team opened our doors and welcome them whether they could afford to or not, you're the one who helped me sponsor them. This year, those 1000s continue their quest and incredibly 1000s more have joined them. If Allah has blessed

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you with the ability to give sponsor one of them, sponsor 10 of them sponsor 1000 to invest into them because they are your investment into the afterlife. But most important of all, it's time to nourish your own heart. Begin your journey with the fun, it's time that you invest effort, time and energy to put into this book. It's time you took a leap towards Allah's words. Let me help. Join me and the Vienna family of Quran seekers. Allah says I love Lila Dina Amano and Tasha Palooka only the creme de la jolla minute.

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Isn't it time yet for those who claim to believe that their heart should be overwhelmed with remembering Allah and with what came down from the truth. So Allah asks us, isn't it time and it's time we answered? Yes, it is time and that time is now