Allah wants you to be better – Surah Al Mulk

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So he may put you to the test. Now what is that test a Yukon X and what am Allah? So which of you is better? If some translations say bust, I don't like that translation this is if you say, I don't know Allah like Bill sadena Allah that's actually superlative. If you don't put the llama 30, then it's not superlative, its comparative is who's better? Who is better in terms of deed, there's a difference between better and best, isn't it?

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You know, when you're best, not only one person can be the best.

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You can have two people that are the best. Best means number one.

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But when you say better,

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when you say better, you've got a lot of people that are better.

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And by the way, you may never be the best, but you can certainly become better. There will never be a day in my life where I'll say finally, I'm the best that I can be.

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But I couldn't be able to say hamdulillah I'm doing what I'm doing better.

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Right. It's actually a Mercy of Allah, that Allah did not expect perfection. Allah expected improvement. Action, not a lesson.

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It's Assam just just show me improvement. Show me and by the way, some people improve slowly, some people improve quickly. Some people make long strides. Some people are willing to give everything they own for the sake of Allah and some people can give a percent of what they own and that's, that's improvement from zero. That's fine. You know, what Kulanu Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah has promised the most beautiful things to all of them. You know, everybody will make progress in their own way. It's actually a beautiful thing that Allah created this institution to see which of you is going to make strides to improve. So it's not a fatalistic view. That's the beauty of this is not a

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fatalistic view, it's not death is coming, I'm not the best I give up.

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You know, I, this is very pointed to me, because of the culture I come from. This hits me in a different way, because of me being Pakistani. And for those of you that are Indian, or bring the Southeast Asians, you know, you know why? Because we're instilled, it's, we know, it's instilled in us in our education system. If you don't score the highest in your class, I got punched in the eye. The mother of hedgehog a

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panda, if you didn't rank first in your class,

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why aren't you dead rat yet?

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Don't even show me your face. Why do we even send you for an education? What's the point number two?

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You know,

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and you know what, how many that means the vast majority of children that are going through this education system, expect the only way you're worth anything is if you are the best. And if and by the way, those who are the best suffer from the most extreme form of arrogance.

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Right, they suffer from the most, I came number one in my class, and then that's that guy's on that drug he has a whole life.

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You know, he can't get out of it. And the rest of them suffer from clinical depression. And that depression doesn't just remain relegated to the sphere of education. It actually transfers over into the kind of parents they become down the road, the kind of spouses they become, and the kind of view they have of their spiritual life. They all say to themselves, since I am not the best believer, what's the point anyway?

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And they will give up on all their practices, prayer altogether, practice altogether. I'm not perfect, and the rationale they will argue is amazing. Look, I'm not perfect, okay, I can't do all that stuff.

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They'll actually offer that rationale. And that entire disease mindset is crushed in just one word. So no,

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he didn't ask you to be perfect stupid.

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He didn't ask you to be perfect. Subhanallah Are you gonna accent

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Yeah, we're gonna be your top five okay, so

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well listen to this. They said filthy human. Yeah, and then we'll hire a manager. The one who understands properly isn't just someone who understands right from wrong, good from bad. But he'll forgive when you hire wind and hail. Where Sherman Usha

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actually truly understanding this who is better in terms of deed is actually understanding if you can distinguish between good and better

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and worse and worst.

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In other words, you're constantly going to have to make choices in life you have limited time death is looming. I have limited time. We can do so many good things in our life. Let's look at the start at the positive we can do so many good things in our life.

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You and I have to prioritize what good thing can I do that is of maximum benefit to me and the people around me that I can present before Allah because I have limited time. I'll give you the analogy because analogies help us get understand stuff. You've got 20 minutes left, and you have 30 questions to solve. Some questions are worth three points, some are worth 15 points, some are worth 25 points, etc.

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Which should you spend your time solving first?

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Questions that are worth the most points, you should probably tackle first before your time runs out. So even if your time ran out before you get to the extra credit, or the one or two pointers that you made the most of your time, Liam Lu accom, a euchromatin llamada actually embedded in it, who is better in terms of deed, actually suggest you actually constantly have to make prioritizations? In your deeds? What are the things I have to tackle right now?

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What are the best what's the best thing I can do? That's on the positive side, but this actually has a view on the negative side too. So no, I'm Allah also means to remove ugliness from our deeds, there are problems that I have, there are things I should better about myself. Right? None of us are perfect. We all have flaws. But there are some flaws that are mission critical, we need to get to get rid of those. And some things are, you know, they can take some time. It's nice if you got rid of them, but they're not mission critical. If, for example, someone's not praying.

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They're not praying. And on top of that they're not reciting Quran every day.

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They're missing out on two things.

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Which of them should they take care of? First, you've got a bigger problem. This is this is deducting major points from your IRA. So why don't you get rid of this problem, first, prioritize this, and then take care of the other because you have limited time. So understanding the value of good and bad, and understanding what big bad things I have to get rid of what major flaws I have to work on, and what major good deeds should I be engrossed in right now, as opposed to things that can wait? At the end of the day, even in worldly life, you and I have a list of things we wanted to accomplish in the next 24 hours. And we never get through them.

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Right, I want to get that at the end, we don't get through them. And you know what happens most of the time, you have two kinds of people, you have people that have don't, they don't have a good sense of time management. So they'll just do whatever came to their mind. And then they at the end of the day got had to do this, this and this, and I forgot it. You know, I was supposed to put that in the mail. I was supposed to open the account, I suppose with the and completely forgotten now I'm past the deadline. And then there are those who look at that list and say, Alright, what do I need to do today? And if I didn't do today, there'll be a problem. And the check mark does and they take

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care of those things first. And then if there's time leftover, and this smart time management, right? It's actually in the words clinical motor, we'll hear the oblique Lea blue or coma Yoko maxilla Milan is the entire philosophy of time management in the Quran, and the small phrase, okay.

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well as a result of all that, and he is the ultimate authority. And he's the ultimate grantor of dignity alive he is those two things the one who possesses