A Deeper Look – Surah Al Mulk

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The Pursuit of Rizq

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But before I go on, I should tell you a literary just, I don't know what else to call it. It's just a gem of Allah's speech in the Quran. So Allah talks about walking a lot.

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And he talks about strolling, walking, rushing, running, racing, running for your life, desperately just moving as fast as you can for survival. And all of these, if you notice, the words I just used in English are varying degrees of intensity. A stroll is casual, a walk is perhaps more purposeful. Rushing suggests that you have a sense of urgency, but you know, are lightly running lightly running is some sense of urgency. Rushing or racing is more intense than that. And then running for your life is like you've never unlike before. But notice how it's used. See, it'll fill out casually stroll in the land

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be relaxed on the earlier take. This is actually just just to take take it all in. Right take it all in. Fung Shui monarchy out here what colonial risky for the pursuit of risk, which is more, what is this by the way?

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sustenance. So go into its depths of the depths of the earth and eat from it, provision. Eat from what it provides you. In other words, now you're gonna go for purpose of what work, explore our business opportunity, explore work opportunity, go into different places and find what kind of disk you can find. Literally what kind of fruits you can eat and what kind of produce you can eat, but also what kind of job you can get glomerulus D that's mushy.

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Gemini time comes he says fissara Willa decorilla.

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When it comes to remembering Allah, you shouldn't shouldn't just walk, don't just stroll, rush, rush a little bit, make make some effort run. So I actually means to rush into something and to make effort to get somewhere from sorry. wasa has all the answers, so it's a little more intense. Then he says Sadhguru Illa Mozilla Team Rubicon

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rush as much as you can rush against each other to get forgiveness.

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And then he goes even further sometimes and intensifies. It has sabe coulomb Avila tempura Beckham beat each other to the finish line

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to get forgiveness from your master.

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So we started with strolling and now and the golfer strolling was just to enjoy the earth. The risk was walk. Juma, which is good for your deen and good for your dunya What is he say? Rush, then race, race for what? forgiveness? Forgiveness is one left, run for your life, fulfill rule Allah

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run desperately like nobody's business to Allah

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subhanaw taala like the varying degrees of intensity are determined by what is your goal.

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Your goal is casual. The stroll is casual, when you have the ultimate goal, you run like nobody's business, and everything in between Subhanallah Anyway, well Kanuma risky, and eat from its provision. This is actually interestingly,

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will fill IoT Eema on Elon, not not a bit Ijarah not with the gyro. What taka sub BGMEA LwV in the eye of inertial says is an indication that we should actually be pursuing all kinds of risk out of this earth we should be looking for provision out of this earth digging into it for its resources. Allah is encouraging the human being to go out there by the way, this is in Makkah, the is revealed. And there's not much of this on the earth in Makkah.

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So it's almost as though the OMA is it's foreshadowing for the Ummah, that one day, they're going to be on all corners of the earth, and they should be exploring, you know, and they should just go around and see that the humility and by the way, wherever they go, they're going to be humble.

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Because the Earth will always remind them of their humility and what makes you humble, more humble, than being provided for gloom or risky. You know, the other thing that I really like about this is Allah subdued what we could never have some dude. No matter what technology we have, what money we have, we can't stop an earthquake. Right? And had it not been. And no matter what we do, we cannot produce rain. We can't produce life on this earth. Allah gave that life. So our risk, our provision, our sustenance on this earth, and the stability that we enjoy on this earth is entirely done by Allah.

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And the conclusion of it is from Schumann. Archaea. Yeah, Wakulla Mineski go into its different crevices, corners go all over this earth and eat from its provision. The hard part has already been done by Allah.

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the really hard part was calming this earth down and providing all kinds of risks on this earth. That's, and by the way, it's his risk metallicity he meaning risk that he wanted

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To dedicate to you.

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Like he attributed it to himself. Every time you eat an apple, you say this is just Allah.

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This is something he dedicated for me. Like it's attributed directly to Allah. It's awesome. And you know, from a from a biological point of view, B, this came in who, as opposed to be this key. They basically mean who provision that comes from Him, as opposed to this key His provision, or His provision and provision that comes from Him are roughly the same. But grammatically, one's any Bafa. And then ADA is is inseparable. So your risk should be inseparable from your remembrance of Allah.

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Like this key

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and what you know, you know, sure, you know, so what I was gonna say is, the hard part's already done by Allah. And he's already taken the job of this for himself, is that his kids? He?

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What he's worried about, it'll come.

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Just be humble. And it'll come, he'll furnish look, he, he made the earth sprout after it became humble.

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So how much can you blossom after you become humble? You know.

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So now beyond that, he says, we're in a new shooter. And what an incredible conclusion to this passage. What a new shooter. It's commonly translated to him as the return. The problem is, it's not modular, and it's not older. And he started birth. There's lots of words in the Arabic language for return. Nasha happens to not be one of them.

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No, short is not one of them. But for convenience, we say Qadiani.

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It probably means going back to him a yard if he meant to say go back to him, he would have said go back to him.

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He's pretty good at speaking.

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He can speak for himself. We don't have to give him synonyms. For what he means. Oh, he said this, but what he means is that I know he knows what he means.

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by Dan

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likes, okay. On the way you might recall,

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this is what we mean by Colima to Allah He earlier, the word of Allah reign supreme, we shouldn't impose meanings on it. It imposes meanings on us.

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You know, it's the mentality has to be fixed about our attitude towards the Quran. When you when you start interpreting the Quran for the purpose of convenience, while he said this elsewhere, so probably will just watch it all. If he wanted to watch it all he could have much better than you and me.

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He's perfectly capable of that. So let's dig into this word a little bit. dallona Allah fat has the word the root letters noon Sheena anre della luna Allah 30 che in with a SHA will be he when something is opened up. And when something is spread out, when something branches out national national tool Kitab kala Fatah way to when you when you roll up when you roll up the scroll of a book that's actually called NASA

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and Bowie is actually to open it up to unroll to unfold. nationality, I'll do a sub Sahara be now the second meaning the earth experiences no sure when it springs

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when it blossoms

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when I blog, it's actually got a positive meaning to shoot as a pilot as opposed to you know, Jamar Illa Hill jammer. Illa Hill Harsha neusiedl is actually spreading out and blossoming. Now keep these two meanings meanings in mind. By the way, they are an Arabic figure of speech speech of bombana Shara who a person who's taking care of all of his business, everything that's spread out about him, he's put it all together. He's got all the moving parts working, working together, he's put them all together. The expression for that is a Bama national Laker you call Lululemon Jamara amerihome.

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A national ri, a national array, Hatha Yoga, a wind that spreads is actually hotter UVA is one of the one of the words for a national and by the way, national also comes in the meaning of a higher life.

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So it doesn't refer to him as the second life also. But now I've combined these meanings and figured out what's being said here, one to open things up and to spread them out.

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To for them to blossom, for things to blossom, right Arabia.

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Is this passage I was suggesting humbly, Allah knows best, these ayat, are they talking to the all humanity or the believer?

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The believer, go out, spread out in the land, get your risk. And by the way, all of your spreading out will return back to him anyway. No matter how far you spread, you're going to come back to him anyway. And no matter how much you blossom, the ultimate blossoming in life is going to be when you come back to him. We're in a new show. And in a Hindu, she will also suggest all the spreading out that you do and all the blossoming that you do the credit will keep going back to him.

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And he young subordination.

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All of it will be attributed back to him. He'll get the credit every time

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It's a beautiful statement. It's not just about resurrection. Resurrection is one of the most obvious meanings here. But beyond that Allah azza wa jal is saying, you're going to come back to me and it's going to be much better.

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This is these are just seeds. They'll blossom in Accra. They're blossoming Alka water passage. Now this was a long passage I want to leave you with what I find the most epic part of this passage how it's organized.

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listen carefully. Okay, fresh in your minds. Listen carefully. I need you to keep up with this.

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First I will not cause a Jana sama duniya de Masabi wotja Allah How do you Mala Shelton? Okay, we opened up this we beautified the what

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beautify the sky, we beautified the sky. Last I have this passage who Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah the Loulan

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the Earth

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The sky has been beautified the Earth has been humbled right? You understand that this is open and close between the skies in the I told you this entire solar will be a play between sky and earth Sky News, Sky News. Okay, check it out. The sky is much bigger than the Earth. Yes.

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And by the way, I told you also there's an interplay between style and substance.

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The sky was described with style the yen, the earth with substance Fung Shui monarchy, we have a colonial recipe in its sustenance.

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Now the other the next part of it, the sky is way bigger than the Earth who tries to roam around in the sky freely.

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Shouting, are they allowed to roam around freely or do they have restricted movement?

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Despite the sky being massive that Allah How do you manage the shouting, they can't just go wherever they want their restriction their movement is restricted.

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On the contrast, you believe her are on the earth. And it's been humbled for you do you have restricted movement? Quite the contrary from juvie monarchy? We have a colonial Husky

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do that.

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And then okay, okay, though this of this world, give me some examples fruits, water, drinks, milk, honey.

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Are these things a preview for what is to come in wear? Keep that thought in your mind. These things are a preview of what is to come in 10 Okay, let's go back up to the sky first style.

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The sky has been made rudimentary Shayateen things that are cast like stones cast a devils. They are made of fire. Those stones that are cast at them are made of fire. When someone's being hit with fire. What is that a preview of?

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So that idea says that they are getting a preview of Jahannam and they're gonna end up there anyway.

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Jana how to Jumilla shell team well, I typed in Allahumma Azova a sorry. So the preview followed by the full scale. And by the way, the skies will give you a preview of hell and the disbelievers will end up there also. Which is why the next passage is hellfire. So the skies some part of it serves as a preview of hellfire describe followed by an elaborate description of hellfire. On the flip side of it is the believer who is going to get what from Allah agilone kabhi Jana Muhammad vallotton What a drone can be. But if you want a preview of Jana, where's the preview of Jana? Cook Fung Shui monarchy beha coluna recipe and the full blossoming will happen back with him but you let him know.

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So the beginning and end of this passage is the skies in the earth, both serving as a preview the sky serving in this passage as a preview of hell and the earth serving as a preview of Heaven and the preview of the sky followed immediately by what it previews hellfire and the preview of the earth Jana proceeded right immediately before the description of Jana SubhanAllah. And that's how this passage just performs is perfect symmetry is perfect, perfect symmetry Subhanallah so with that inshallah with Allah I'll give you your next break. BarakAllahu li Walakum wa Salam Alikum