Uloom Al Hadith Defining Basic Hadith Terminology

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and me are so a lot more sun than Vienna, Mohammed.

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So now concluding with our last session,

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we will take those terminologies that are famous for the sciences are famous in the sciences of heavy pain, you'll see that I want to make this categorization. And it would be a lot easier had there been a Blackboard or a chalkboard or something that you'd write on and explain to you, but we'll try to make the most of the time we have,

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along with the resources that we have. So firstly, in terms of the way of transmission, the way it reaches us, there are two ways to reach us, like you mentioned about when you were setting the size of the Quran, you have that which is the one and then which is 100. And

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then it is that

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that has so many, so many narrators in each level of the listener. And by levels of Islam, we mean the Sahaba. And then their successes, and then their their successes, their meaning that there are so many narrators in each level, that it is impossible for them to have come together and combined on a line or introduce a mistake or take away anything from the original text, meaning that having had one of these three things being done, there were so many people who heard in there, that they wouldn't be corrected. So this is what it is. And for categorizations of one one to one, you have sometimes what is called a water bill.

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And what they mean by that

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is that its meaning has become an example of this is that,

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if you look at if you look at it in terms of its actual transmission is

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that there's so many people narratives, but on the terms of the people, it has become so famous that if I said, you know anything else besides Romania, they would have picked it up and I would have been corrected and rectified. So this is.

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So this is one categorization.

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Now as for the opposite of the one that is

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the definition is given is any heading that doesn't reach the level of authority. So very simple definition. But in order to understand it, you have to understand what it is. Now, actually categorizations are high, then you have three categorizations

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you have a muscle. So when you hear

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we'll get as to what it means. Then you have Howdy, which is Aziz and then Edie which is very.

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And all these three go under as far as the way he defined it is that it is those

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that has three or more narrators in each category on each level. So three or more narrators in each level, yet it doesn't reach the level of mythology. So it has three or more narrators in each level. As for an athlete,

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it has two or more level two or more. That is go back to uninsured. Because if you will for us it won't make sense. Going back to uninsured, meaning that there are at least three in each level, grades three and more. And it is agreed which the level of the study is known as maturity. But if it goes down to two people, this is no longer known as Massoud once becomes as an Aziz. And the way you see this is that sometimes there will be three companions.

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And then you'll get, let's just say 1070 binaries from the Sahaba. But from the army, you only get two people. So the first you have three, so that would be much shorter. Then the second category from the gallery, you might have your chin, so this could still be muscle, or it could become matamata. Right. But on the third level, you only have two people narrating it. And when you give a Pokemon, you always look at the level that has the least amount of narrators. So there are only two people as the love and the third level.

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This is given the grading of Aziz that even though there are three Sahaba even though they were attended to

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Tammy and

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Tammy, if you only have two, it is given the problem of disease. So meaning that if it has three or more in each level, it is muscle. But if it reaches to any point of the chain of narration, it is given the category of disease. And then the number, which is,

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if at one point or any point in the chain of narration, you get one narrator.

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And this is quite possibly we'll find a lot of, especially in activity that you mentioned, narrated by to Sahaba. And then you have about, you know, three or four of the tambien. But when it comes to the advanced, there's only one person who derogate from all the three.

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So, he would see what I

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mean, and even though his narration is Hasson it was only mentioned by one of the advanced attending. So, these are the categorizations that go under.

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Now, in terms of

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in terms of a Heidi you have those handy, which are prophetic, and those which are meaningful,

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and you have a Haji portsea. So this is in terms of who the CEO of the signatures or the regional center of the country, as we mentioned in our discussion in science of the Quran,

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are those that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrates on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala and as with the Hadith, and then they are the statements of the prophets, Allah lafonda Heusen.

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So that is one difference, and that is between the original series. Now this is one categorization which will allow us to either and departments or not, why do you have another categorization, which is just between the creation, meaning between the three levels of the Sahaba and the Terminator, and the promise of a lot of money. So then you have another categorization. So finishing with the first one you have,

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from Allah subhanaw taala, from the prophets of Allah,

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then in terms of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala, or in terms of men, as beneficiaries, then you have another three levels, you have more for

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Morocco, and Morocco.

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As for the term model,

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then it is all those statements that are attributed or go back to the prophets of Allah.

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So anything that goes back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is called more.

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And remember, this is all related or correlated to the category, make a heading Namibia is a segment of the province of a lot.

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And more four is a segment of the province a lot. And Len was the one that had our status of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. what each of them has a separate categorization was what they were looking at, in the form of transmission, many transmitted many transmitters, few transmitters, in terms of portsea. And we're looking at the original statements. Now, in this third categorization, we're looking at who said duration segments. But between three groups, the promise of a lot of money was seven was the hammer and determining. So that's a clear distinction that needs to be made. And

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then they are from the purpose of aligning.

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When sometimes you will see in the books of Heidi, it says more for Pokemon, that it takes the hukam or the ruling of a mod for it. And what is happening over here is you have a companion, speaking about a master that he only could have heard from Allah's Messenger Salalah.

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An example of this see if I could see as mentioned

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in the above mentions that the potency of Allah subhanaw taala is the place of the feet. Now this is not something I

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couldn't come up with on his own, and this will appear

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and you will not speak out of us, except with knowledge. So this segment,

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even though we don't have a Kindle narration, two departments have a long way to send them. We see how the Pokemon they take the ruling of a motherboard again.

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So this is a subcategory.

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Now, the next category after before is taught

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is usually a synonym for

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Is that is a statement of a companion. So when we say that, in the heat

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of the

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of adversity, this the statement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was that the normal

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and abnormal to this study in his own bodies, if you come to see the day, do not expect to see the night. And if you come to see the night, do not expect to see the day and take from your heart, from your health, for your sickness and from your life for your death. So, this statement, at the end of the heading, which has

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this added segment of women, is what you would call a doctor ID or something towards things, meaning that it only goes back to a hobby and not to the profits of a lot of money.

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And then, actually, I think I just

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local accent, the language was back to the Sahabi is Mako. So fix that up in some, as you know, Chinese story start to go quicker and things start to overlap themselves. So that statement that goes to the Sahabi is called moku. So please fix that inshallah. And that statement, which goes to the gallery is called locked door.

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So an example of this would be any statement that you find from the targeting device of hustler Bosley and

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all these people are from the company. So any statement that you have of them, they would call it not.

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So, that is one that is a third categorization. Now, in terms of

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categorization, in terms of acceptance, and rejection. So this is a brand new categorization by od one. So in terms of acceptance, we have to a Heidi or two types of a caddy.

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And those two

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types of Heidi have find similar characteristics. So firstly, we'll take the five similar characteristics, and they are

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the sort of seven or the Senate is connected all the way back to the promise of the Law Center without any missing links. Okay, then point number two is

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or the trustworthiness of the narrator's

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then the third points that they have in common is adopt. And this is where a lot of it varies, that depending on the type of love or precision, we have equal vary in terms of its authenticity. And then the fourth is

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that there shouldn't be any contradiction in the honey, either in its chain of narration, when you combine all the translations together, there shouldn't be any contradictions that one person shouldn't say, I narrated this honey from,

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let's just say my mother, and another one says I narrated from now there's two different chains of narrations and two different howdy are just two different things. And this is possible when it's the same chain of narration and one thing and one thing, then between the two chains of narration is a contradiction. So when you compile all these changes are variations, there shouldn't be any contradictions amongst them. And that's what it means. That's it, that is what we mean by an issue. And the last point that they have in common is

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that they shouldn't have a hidden defect in the body, which affects the authenticity of the honey and this is something very precise as well. And we will explain them one by one via the lights on. So in terms of authenticity and rejection, under authenticity, we have two types of body language and then which is Sufi and that which is Hasson

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So, as for the ad, it has these five points, okay. But there is an addition to it. The point where it says about the condition is

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that it has to be completely precise or perfectly precise. So, the body found inside the body, all the layers in the chain that are found, they have complete precision

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and then also in other they have to be as you mentioned, free

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and free from committing open sin or continuous sin. So this is the case of the

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Now, as for the concept of weather, and mentioned in soil body, what sometimes the body will do is, as we know that there are different chains of nourishing. So to bring a supporting chain of narration, sometimes he will mention a chain that has someone who has a deviation in it, that he will have some sort of deviation. So one of the moves that was established that in order to quote from a person of deviation, it has to meet tools, and we mentioned over here as well, that those tools are, then this division doesn't take you outside of Islam. So let's just say he deviates from the early cadonia. As mentioned, they denied the knowledge of us,

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then this would eliminate narrative from him, he takes the same warning as they're eating from a non believer, which is not allowed.

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And then the second condition that they stipulate is that this is mentioned, it shouldn't be in any form or way related to the bidder and that his falling into. So I thought that he was a bit of a mind report, meaning that he denied that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't control everything that we do, or that

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didn't create all of our actions, specifically, our actions. If he says this, then this is something that doesn't take him outside of Islam. So this is his race, he did it again.

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So under stipulation, one is still okay. But our stipulation to that it shouldn't be really two is better than 100. We can't accept it from them. These are words that were stipulated by the laws of honey. And this is why if you see the life of the mount accordingly, Madison, in using such people in their supporting chains of evidence, and not in the original chains of evidence, are not in the original chain of narration, then these are the rules that is stipulated in order to use them, that there have been actually take them outside to Islam. And secondly, that this habit is not being used as a support for the beta. So getting back to the point over here, that the same

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as two things there in terms of another, they have to be perfect as well, no fuss, no beta.

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And in terms of both, they have to have complete and perfect precision. Now as for the huson, howdy, word is a different ages mentioned the generally of both, when he has any form of precision, as long as he's not, you know, has he has totally forgotten everything. And as long as you maintain a certain level of practice, still, you can't commit to any major cities. And still you can openly

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commit sins, when you commit to the one thing or here and there that people might know about, you will still be accepted.

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Or sometimes a person who tends to forget and at times he tends to remember, he may be accepted and the person has he has one. So now this is the first characterization in terms of Heidi, which are accepted.

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Now, even in terms of which are accepted, they break down into further categorizations. And before we get to the

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we'll break this down quickly. You have

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these definitions that again, previously, already, when you mentioned Sophie, genuinely when the scholars mentioned them, they will what they are referring to is slightly that he doesn't mean that in their essence, were at the level of suffering, and in their lessons during the level of hustle. But as for Sophie, lady, lady, there's a small difference. As for Sophie, there are those which in its essence are huson, but due to supporting evidences, they become to the level of sight,

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because I understood that in its essence, it is huson was due to its supporting evidences, it becomes to the level of safe and as for the Hasidic it in its essence, it is binary, that there is weakness in the study, but it is more weakness and due to supporting evidence is in which is the level. So this is another categorization, as for the second major categorization, which is the ID, which are rejected, then I hear that we won't be able to get into it, because there are six categorizations and we have about four minutes. So even if I wanted to be like 35 seconds, or 30 seconds for each one, so I guess what's the point to the database and maybe in the future

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to a future lecture, we will take notes handy, which are two objectives. And having said that, I thank all the brothers and sisters who attended and participated with us over the past two days. And I ask Allah subhana wa tada that the knowledge we have shared with you today. And in the previous days, that almost benefits us with it. And through it, we benefit others as well. And it increases our email and our top one and our up in the deen of Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala himself. And that having been said, we'll open the floor for questions and answers, satanic alone will become a shadow into it.

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And we'll start with our brother over here, as I promised you previously.

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he was supposed

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to be originally he thought.

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He said, that's

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it. So what is it

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the authenticity authenticity with this Having

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said that, I've learned mostly two things, if you stick to them, you will never go astray, they are mine, they are the book of a lot, and my pseudonym. So this subject is authentic, it's mentioned in the in the Muslim the the management with a authentic chain of narration

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of the

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Okay, now, this is a very touchy subject that requires explanation. And this is something we have to understand that this is something advanced, so beginner students of knowledge should not delve into the subject, but the

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body is a Muslim, or of various forms. As we mentioned, there are hudy, which are both passive and non passive, when would we mean by this, that they have a chain of the ration directly to the profits a lot of money. And for those that have a direct chain, to departments have a long line you send them

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remember what he says about his head, he represented them to a socket,

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and through all these

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issues with four of them, that all these issues with four of them, and then I put them Why is more hiding more correct and authentic. So in terms of the ID which have been connected chain of narration through according to the center, then we accept them with our eyes closed, as for the body, which is a form of weak body, and what we mean by one upon is those statements of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or those statements of the companions ordered, there are many demands, recording just mentioned any chain of narration for there, all of a sudden, he says, The Bible says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, or as he said, or even above says, then these we actually

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have to go back and look into the chains of narration. One of the weak points that is actually in the journey of a Ducati what is not called

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in the Sahil Bocconi, referring to all those, which are not possible, and only refer to the journey among the body referred to everything mentioned in the recording, one of the things he mentioned that that

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is the statement of impairment, somebody where he says, the department's have a lot of items in them, these came so scared, and so overwhelmed the revolution, that he thought about suicide, he mentioned this, nobody mentioned this. But when you look at how this image is this as a statement of amendments, without any supporting chain of narration, so that it is considered weak. And now, you know, the scholars of Islam, they aren't dumb, they're actually very wise and very intelligent. So they knew that people would come and attack this aspect of his book. So

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he compiled a book called the liquidity or the closing of the jolly meaning the Howdy, so everybody can see that comes in the

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boiling it's chain of narration. So even from those there are very, very few which are we? So that is how we look at the book.

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Even if it's not just a yes or no, I apologize for that.

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But it isn't that.

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Like we said, when we mentioned that Buddha was becoming the

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Third most authentic it is in terms of the six famous books as

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it is a book of God. But generally it's only referred to by the students of knowledge and scholars, the average person wouldn't have even heard of it. So that's why we didn't include it. But in terms of authenticity between the psyche of Nakajima and the synonymic, the

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authentic Allah Allah, then generally you have to keep in mind that just because somebody is

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like sometimes, us as individuals, we could try our best to compile a book or just a Sufi narration, but due to our lack of knowledge in the sense that we may include it which are fabricated. So sometimes people make mistakes. So not one which is more authentic between these and that was even when I made the same mistake before as the third most authentic book, it was out of the six

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all the paper four I mentioned that we always have to answer the sisters Sharma, the question the sisters.

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So inshallah, we'll make vnnd