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S03E02 – Setting a Vision for Your Life – Sheikh Sajid Umar

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Episode Notes

“A wise man once said, a candle illuminates but light focused is a laser and a laser cuts through steel…. This is what the vision does, it focuses us. It tells us who we are, it tells us who we are not, it tells us why we do what we do, why we do not…  Having vision is very addiction. Once you get it, you will hate to live a day without it. This is what makes a visionary different to a person who doesn’t” – Sheikh Sajid.

Sheikh Sajid Umar joins us on the show to talk about person visions. He is an educator, speaker and graduate in Information Technology, Islamic Law and Judiciary with a vision of a world filled with communities that inspire and benefit humanity. We cover the basics of vision setting, why it’s necessary to have one and how it helps with achieving our greatest ambition of entering Jannah.

Questions Asked:

  • Can you please define for us what it means exactly to have a vision for your life and setting a personal vision?
  • Why is it necessary to have one? How does it benefit us?
  • What sets apart a person who has a vision and a person who doesn’t?
  • What if a person has a vision of simply making it to Jannah – the highest level and so paves out their life with that in mind. What are your thoughts on this approach and how would you be able to merge this with the vision setting we spoke about here?
  • Would you be able to tell us how you were inspired to creating your own vision? How long did it take before it was crystal clear? Was it ongoing process that you tweaked over years or something you wrote up in one go?

Episode Transcript

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You're listening to the Muslim life hack is podcast.

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Assalamu Aleikum, army from Earth and welcome to season three of Muslim life hackers podcast. So Muslim life hackers podcast brings together individuals from all walks of life to give their insights on an area to help you live better, achieve more and succeed in this life and the next. If you're new to the show, make sure to check out our episode archives over at Muslim life hackers.com, where you'll find all the episodes from season one and season two. Now, let's get started.

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Today we'll be speaking to shake sajith Omar, he's an educator, speaker and graduate in information technology, Islamic law and judiciary. A few months ago shake saji came here to Australia and did a workshop called the seeds of change that covered vision setting and other aspects of personal effectiveness. I actually attended this workshop and greatly benefited from it so I thought it'd be a great idea to have have shakes I just on the show to discuss these things. handler who was so kind to agree to come on. In this interview, we speak about setting personal visions, wipes necessary to have one and how it helps with achieving our greatest ambition of entering Jana. So enjoy this

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interview with shake sajit.

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Shake Sachi. Welcome to the wholesome life hackers podcast. Thanks for taking the time to join us today.

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And thank you for the opportunity to come along.

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So first of all, can we please start off with an introduction? Tell us a bit about yourself who you are what you do? That's, that's always a tough question. To answer. I'm iPhone, I'm not comfortable speaking about myself. But since you have asked,

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I would say that I'm about igniting communities that benefit humanity, and about three eyes that I call the three eyes of success, which is a class and being sincere.

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And being excellent. And it's the karma, which refers to being steadfast. So

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in a nutshell, I would I would describe myself with this paragraph, because

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every message that I push out, sort of stems from from this foundation, fantastic. So the topic that we've chosen for today is about setting personal visions. So can you be able to define for us what it exactly means to have a vision for your life? And why is it necessary to have one? That's a it's a beautiful theme, to discuss in a beautiful question. You know, with regard to vision, there are many definitions. But in a nutshell,

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I would say it refers to living a life with distinct direction, and having distinct purpose. You know, living your life in a way that allows you to build your legacy, and leave a legacy.

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You know, live your life in a way that tells everyone who you are and who you're not. And

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a vision is really a picture of the world that you seek to create, or a picture of the world that you want to see when you're on your deathbed. So, like, how does it How does it actually benefit an individual? Like, how, how did they come to that? Yeah, I mean, you know, drafting a vision, for yourself is a process. It's a process. And now it's become a very theoretical topic. There's a lot of courses on this, there's a lot of books on this.

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It's become a science, right? Because people can experience have sort of gathered a set of good practices on how one can actually drop the vision.

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But really, it's about you know, just going on a journey with yourself, you know, you have to go on a journey with yourself, you got to

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try and see yourself on paper, you know, you got to see yourself on paper, and you got to work through the volumes of information that will be in front of you, because a lot of the times we have so many ambitions, you know, when I was growing up, I wanted to be a pilot, I wanted to be a football player I wanted to be you know, you there's so many things you want to be but the reality is you only live one life, and that life has resources that are limited, you know, our time is limited our wealth limited. So,

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you know, you go about drafting this vision, by first of all, just getting all your ambitions out and then sort of seeing what stands out from all the ambitions listed. And then going on a journey with yourself settling upon making that ambition, the purpose of your life or achieving ambition, the purpose of your life. And that's what it's what it's about. It's easy to speak. I can tell you it's difficult to create but not impossible. And you know, I normally tell people that like you just asked you said how would one go about getting a vision I say look, start with the things that

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You know that you don't say a lot of the times we don't know what we want, but we know what we don't want. Right? So I don't want to say that look, if you're on your deathbed, what are the things you wouldn't want to see? Right? in the world around you? Right? And and obviously, when I say, Well, I don't mean the entire globe in your world, what do you have defined as your work? Yeah. So what is what are the things that you don't want to see?

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in the world that you've defined that you will stop there? Right? Because if you know, I don't want this, this is a great starting point. And this is the easiest way to start really, because you know, it has it happens in everyday life, for example, we all going out for a meal. And the person says, right, guys, where to where should we go? Which restaurant? Should we go to? Yeah, everybody's not fast. They're not bothered. Everybody says, I don't mind. You know,

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you guys choose? Yep. Everybody's happy to go along, get busy on the mobile phones as everybody's holiday. Yeah. Right. And then the driver says, Okay, we're going for this particular scene of food, for example, Chinese or Mexican or something. And you find the voice on the back saying, No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Anything like that. Yeah, yeah. But then you say, particular you said, I'm happy, I'm good with anything. Yeah, then you normally see the person say, Well, I, I don't know what I want. But I know what I don't want, I know that, you know, that particular style of cooking, I don't want to make this shoe something else. So a lot of the times we don't know what we want, but we know

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what we don't want that, that perhaps you're you know, a starting point for you to get along, finding much about yourself. And as I said, it's a long process, and it doesn't come about in in a day or two, it need detachment from, you know, those things which, which distract us, and leads us to connect to that, you know, to the to the natural disposition that allies take them upon. And just finding out that this is, this is who I am. And this is what I'm not, it's a long process. But anyway, I'm just speaking in obviously, in a summarized form, but as I said, it is a theoretical science. Now, there are courses, there are books on it, you know, a lot of people who have become

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successful in terms of life coaching and vision drafting that put the experiences down, and the person who's serious about you know, getting their life more focused, then these books will definitely shed some light. And we can definitely then see the light at the end of the tunnel. So what what would it would actually, like, differentiate between like a vision and just having a dream, like, someone's just thinking, Okay, I want to do this, and then the next day, they wake up, and they still think about us? Well, yeah.

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You know, a vision, needs action. And obviously, in dreams, the visions beget, no doubt, no doubt, so that there is a correlation. But

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a vision without action is just daydreaming, as they say, and action without a vision is just wasting time. So

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vision is normally attached to action. So it's progressing, the dream is progress, which is taking it a step further, it's clipping it, it's tweaking it. And it's sort of sticking the dream in a frame, which fits based on your unique circumstance, because as I said, we have limited time we have limited resources, you know, sometimes resources, play a part in limiting something or allowing something to sort of go beyond its boundaries. Right. You know, the vision is, is more a dream is something that you

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take on seriously such as, you know, I would suggest a nostalgia purchase. You know, I wish it was like this, no, it's actually working towards creating that particular particular dream. Now, it's necessary to have one, you know, it is necessary to have one I think, you alluded to provide the necessary to have the vision. And,

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you know, living a life with a vision is is actually from following the way of Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, you know, we must have a vision, because, in this particular way, we actually following the certain we're actually building our paradigm, because we know, if we follow the messenger, we reward it. And if you reward us, and that's your paradise becoming more beautiful for you, yeah, right. So it's actually following as soon as you do so because the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam, there was no better visionary that we know that, you know, he his vision was was Islam reaching the four corners of the globe. And

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that vision was was one which was bigger than his lifetime. However, because he had clarity and focus, he was able to live the life that God Almighty gave him in such a conducive way that was conducive to the vision he would have loved

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or the vision that or his his actual vision and that was by leading

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Behind the tea, a mighty, right, yeah would manage to carry the burden, the burden of the vision of Islam crossing four corners of the globe. And I always say this, I say, look, the messenger peace and blessings be upon him. We see him actually praying to God Almighty, for the Islam of one of the people. And at the time when he was actually making this prayer, both those people were Islam greatest enemies, they were actually harming Muslims to try and force them out of Islam. And at this period is raising his hands and asking God Almighty for that Islam asking Allah, Allahu Allah, for this level of one of these two people, either American pub or American.

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Right? So he's actually asking a lot for the sum of one of these two. And somebody might say, but hold on, oh, Prophet of Allah, why are you actually doing this? Is this just like random activity? Or because these people are clear cut enemies? Yes, you know, these people are not just vocal in the enmity, they actually physically in the image, right, they actually do everything to set us back. And But no, the messenger, it wasn't, it was clarity, it was hopeless, because he was one of the greatest people, definitely the greatest person who walked the face of this earth that could read people because his leadership are so robust, he was taught by God Almighty. And he saw that, you

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know, if I have one of these two people in my team, that that's conducive to me achieving my vision, which is establishing the four corners of the world, it made sense to make dua for the Islam of one of these two. And as our dear listeners would know, Islam, you know, flourish and thrive during the reign of America. Number one, Allah chose him to be the one that would accept Islam as a present throughout the messengers.

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And he, you know, it's not nourished, it's thrived in his reign, and it spread throughout the peninsula. and beyond. That, which, you know, we would sort of define as Peninsula in the life of a leader. Yeah, so, messenger of another kind of worker, and he was indeed a visionary. So it's silly not to have a vision of one, we could actually say that because he was, and also

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the assistant. You know, when you have a vision, as sad, as I have said, it saves time and money. So this is definitely going to differentiate you, from the person who doesn't, you go to run your day more efficiently, you're going to run your organization more efficiently, you are going to make decisions more efficiently. You know, you're not going to be one of those people who keep on saying, you know, I'll see when I get there, or I'll deal with it, when I get there. I'm just gonna do this. I don't know why I'm doing it, but I'm just gonna do it. And it's gonna cost you time to do the cost of money. Yes, it'd be hard to come

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to realization and say, Look, you know what, this isn't what I wanted to do. But I didn't know until I did, you know, that's too late.

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So the vision allows you to make the required decision. Now, if you know that, you know, I'm heading to Australia, you know, you're going to Australia, then it's very clear in your mind, you got to purchase a painting, because you're thinking of taking your car to the petrol station to fill it up with gas. Because you have an end you haven't had, you know, where you want to end up. So basically, so that's like, getting to Australia, yet, the vision is to be in Australia, for example, a mini vision was said to be in Australia. So now everything I do not have, everything I do that has done it. And depending on budget, I might, I might eventually need to take my car to a port and then take

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a ship. I have a budget, which which only caters for me to travel by sea, for example, or I might have enough money to actually purchase a plane ticket, but there's so much clarity, I can make my decisions now without risk. I don't have to take two steps backwards, to move forward. Yeah, and I always say that, you know, if you if you don't have a vision, you basically spending dollars, and it's not very wise so so that's why it's necessary to have a vision also, also, the vision acts as a border and boundary to all our activities in life. And it streamlines the many options we have in life. But you know what, sometimes overwhelmed. Sometimes, like it just takes a student going to

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university or a student now in secondary school looking at what subjects they can study, or they would they want to study. On one hand, they have subjects that he loves to study or not. On the other hand, they have a career that they'd like to pursue, which needs them to do subjects that they don't necessarily know. Right, it becomes overwhelming. What should I do? Should I do that? Which I love? Or should I work with, you know, the subjects that I don't love but it helps me get that particular career? Yeah, it becomes overwhelming and the vision streamlines things the vision says okay, this is where I want to end up to end up this is what I got to do. And it allows you to to you

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know, stop hyperventilating Why? Because, you know, and I see this today in organizations in in people, you know, somebody else is doing something great. And it really it gets you sweaty, it gets, you know, shaken because thinking to yourself, you know, why am I need to be doing that? Why am I not doing that? You know, it's not fair that this is the I should have thought of that. Right? And you end up

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Now either dropping what you're doing to also do that, right? Or you do that along with what you're doing. So you split your focus, right? When you have a vision, it keeps you settled, it keeps you grounded. You know, I'm not doing that. And I know why am I doing that? It's fine. Let them do it. I'm doing this and I want to be good at, you know, and I mean, if we just look at even like basic organizations today, we have what we call relief organizations, and what we call nonlinear organizations or proactive organizations, organizations that are sort of disaster prevention, and organizations that respond to disasters. Yeah. Now, relief work, has its own skill sets, has its own

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expertise, needs its own character sets, that proactive sort of work doesn't need. Now, if you're going to enter practice you but then hyperventilate, because there's a thread somewhere, for example, and you also want to play your part, then what's gonna happen? You united Good to be here, and you guys are gonna be there. You know, when I was growing up, my dad used to always tell me, three, a one full cup is better than three half cups, you might say, well, three half cups adds up to one and a half cups of water. Yeah, so that was wonderful. But no, understanding, you know, as I traveled through my years, what my dad was actually saying one full cup is better than three have

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you focused on it, and it's complete. You excelled in it, you excellent. You can close the chapter, you know, you know what I'm saying? And you folded up without spilling three half cups, you might look around the cups and a lot of water on the side. You wasted water. You can't serve the cups. You need a towel now to clean up before you can serve it to your guests. You get what I'm saying? Yeah, because you are rushing there. Yeah. So so you know, a wise man once said that a candle illuminates. Okay. Yeah, and illuminate. But light focus is a laser, and a laser cut through steel. And this is the power of focus. Yeah, you know, that said light battlefield, if you focus it, right. So the

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specialist position does, it focuses us, it focuses us he tells us who we are. It tells us who we are. It tells us why we doing what we do. And he tells us why we not doing what we are doing. It's fine, you hyperventilate less, and you focus and you don't waste emotion, thinking of what if, or how it could have been you comfortable with your life and you've been on one line, you know, I wonder if you have a vision, it's very, very addictive. When you finally get it, you will hate living a day of your life. It really helps. So this is why it's necessary to have a vision and this is what makes the visionary different purposes was not the person who is not a visionary, you know,

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has really, you know, tasted the sweetness

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of life way of life. I will say that because the vision gives gives weakness to life. It's a vision that makes you want to sleep less, and makes you want to wake up as soon as possible. When you go to sleep. It stops you being one of the people that okay, I woke up in the morning, I know it's raining outside, it's cloudy, it's a good day to sleep, I'm going to go back to the top.

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And go back to CTO meaning you ready to face life is always a sunny day for you. Let me start with this one. You always live in a day in Africa, you have a vision. Or maybe I'm going to be biased to Africa, because, you know, I grew up there. But what I'm trying to say is you always going to have a sunny day with blue skies when you have

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a vision a vision. Yeah. So I suppose like what you're actually saying about having a vision actually gives you a laser focus in your life. And that

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seems to answer my next question that I had, which was about like, you know, a person can just have a, like, for example, something that says okay, my, my vision is to simply make it to gender, which is the, like, say, the highest level, and so they pave up their life with that in mind. And so looking at the question, and what you mentioned about laser focused.

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How Yeah, I mean,

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everyone should want to go to Paradise right, everyone should want to go to Jenga. I mean, if you're not excited about reading the agenda and you know your your output wish is to get there then there's something wrong with you because the only other options outside Yeah, so, ya know, we all want to get to gym, right? and gentlemen comes to us as based on the mercy of Allah Almighty, right because as the messenger towards Hassan Ali will send him all of us went agenda because of the mercy of God Almighty, not because of poverty, but the deeds is a means to earn God Almighty mercy. That will be a means for us to get to. The question about the vision is how do you want to go about any

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quarterback? Right? So Mercy is the result. Right? So what are you gonna try in order to exactly the many ways

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many ways to gain God Almighty mercy, right. What are you? What legacy? Are you going to leave behind that? That's going to be you know, the means of you gaining that message to get you back? Yeah. So there's no contradiction.

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I mean, everyone, irrespective of how global or how local divisions are, the ultimate end should be no doubt. Yeah. Because, you know, this is the world that I seek to create. Why? To get excited? No doubt. Right. So this is the world I want to see when I'm on my deathbed why to get to bed? So I'm basically asking you that because there's so many roads to, to inflict, which road are you going to take? Right? So it's important, we don't get caught up

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in the semantics, because, you know, sometimes when I when I, when I, some businesses, obviously they asked me to come in, to speak to their, to the corporates to their staff. And when I do pitch the question, you know,

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and even at universities, right out of many universities, and I pitched this question to the students, I pitched it to, to corporate to this to this. Why do you do what you do? Why do you have this business? Why do you study what you study, and they say, well, to make money. Now, that is not a purpose, as a result of what you do? I mean, you had a business and you weren't making money, you running a charity, business, call it a business.

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Yeah. So if you are actually

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running a business, and the purpose is not to make money, that's a result of what you write, everything we do is a means to an end, your business is a means to what your degree is a means to an end, the country you live in is a means to an end, the person you marry is a means to an end. That's basically what the vision is, the vision is that end. And everything we do is a means to, you know, and then at the end of the day, we can convert the vision into a means to an end as well, as we say it's a means to get to.

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Yes, right. So everything we do in life is a means to something else I eat as a means for other things, right? Yeah. Some people yes, I agree. They they live to eat. But we,

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we normally we we eat to live, you get what I'm saying?

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system. In fact,

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it's a means to an end, I study from inside and I go to school, it's a nice training. So we did nobody does something just for the, you know, for the sake of it, that that that person is wasting time if they didn't think for the sake of so everything resume is a means to an end. And even if you went to school, we spend a lot of years in school. Why would you want to spend so much yes to do a hobby, right? No, I hope he doesn't need you to drop so many years, you have something for the sake of it, because I enjoy going to school, but you should enjoy going to school, but going school, you got a hobby, you've invested so many years of your life, which will never ever get back. Right.

00:22:30--> 00:22:37

Yeah. And there has to be a purpose. So the vision is connected to purpose is the purpose. Okay, so

00:22:38--> 00:22:51

just you know, tapping on what you said. The question was first and once the vision code agenda, our clarifies that there's really no contradiction here. Yeah, definitely the ultimate end we talking about your rights in this world? How are you going to?

00:22:53--> 00:23:08

Exactly. So I'm, I'm interested in it, then. You know, how, how did you arrive at creating your own vision? Like, how long did it take before it became crystal clear? Or was it an ongoing process that you tweaked over years or something you just got in one go?

00:23:09--> 00:23:16

Yeah, you're getting ready personally. It's okay. Because you can just tell what you do want to say?

00:23:19--> 00:23:29

Obviously, you one of those students of mine that I'm proud of, and very proud of what you do. Mashallah. Except from uniquely for you. For me, I would say

00:23:30--> 00:24:12

that, I was fortunate, I think I would, I would say I was zoned into the vision around 20 years of age. Yeah. Okay. I had a funny picture growing up, no doubt. And and this is why, you know, I, I always am. I'm thankful to God Almighty. I'm grateful to Allah Almighty. Because what I'm doing now is sort of, it's something I was excited about growing up. And I wouldn't say I was excited about it, because I grew up in a family that says this, because no, my dad was a businessman, my mom was a mother, Mashallah, you know, no doubt credit to my parents for the wonderful talks that had with me growing up and still have not preserved them and showing mercy upon them.

00:24:13--> 00:24:50

But you know, normally, you know, if you, you come from a family that your father's doing something, you end up having to do the same thing. Yeah. But what I'm trying to say is, I grew up in a family with these particular dynamics. So what I'm doing now is something different to that. But I would say that growing up, I didn't have that aspiration to actually do what I'm doing now. But when you know, you're talking about clarity, absolute clarity, I would say I was zoned in about 23. And, you know, the more I think about it, I'm more grateful to Allah. And I was added to this protection, because a lot of times is you know, what happens when you finally understand the world you seek to

00:24:50--> 00:24:59

create, you know, sometimes you're too old, and you carry the burden of the wrong decisions before studying the wrong degree. Maybe the wrong person, maybe setting the wrong country.

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

Have you taken up the wrong job? You get what I'm saying? Yeah, so I was quite fortunate because because of that clarity that no one, you know, at least an Arabic And I wanted to memorize the Quran, I opted against went to medical school and chose to pursue

00:25:16--> 00:25:58

a career in IT, or to study that which was found me in information technology. And I recall this discussion with my parents and my dad was actually going to take you in a closer 10 years, when you finally you know, settled after all the extracurricular activities that one has to do after the six years or seven years of, of the degree. And then where would you go to Arabic, and so on and so forth. So based on that, we made the decision to go for it, obviously, my parents took me for an aptitude test growing up, so it was a fit, right? It was just, there's nothing better to do let's do this. No, there was no definitely have to allow credit to my parents, because it definitely, you

00:25:58--> 00:26:11

know, did stuff with me growing up, I had some papers to read about me that that sort of, you know, made me do things without hyperventilating when I when I didn't go to medicine, my cousin's went into it, my some of my friends when to do it, I never hyperventilate,

00:26:12--> 00:26:26

because I was at peace. And so because of that, I was able then to go learn Arabic, and in the free Arabic program in Saudi Arabia, in the third year, I was 23. That's when I would say I zoned into it, I realized that you know what,

00:26:28--> 00:26:57

this is the vision, this is what I want to wake up you're facing this motivates me to see the world and seek to create. And as I said earlier, at the beginning of the Socratic community that benefits humanity. That's my vision statement. Normally, when you have a vision, it's quite long, but then you try and work it into a statement. And when you read that statement, it's sort of it sort of reminds you Yeah, of who you are and who you're not. Right. So when we talk about communities, then I'm talking about for me, I've defined communities as

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Muslims, non Muslims, new Muslims, the academic community, as well as the, the finance community. Yeah, and, you know, so so these are different self advocates, the vision statement is longer, is longer. But nonetheless, you break it down into a vision statement that allows you so basically, I've defined these communities, children is one of my communities, so children, born Muslims, new Muslims, and non Muslims, the academic community, and the finance community. And when I say children that have defined them, as in my, in my vision, sort of paragraph, have defined them as our today and tomorrow, or the community of our today and tomorrow. And I've sort of isolated them on before

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years and above kind of cattle.

00:27:48--> 00:27:52

And basically, every decision I make even speaking to you right now

00:27:54--> 00:28:35

is based on decision, I'm always have line of sight to the end. So I'm asking myself, if 90 communities that benefit humanity, if I speak to me for free, that's gonna help me if I take out an hour in my day to, you know, be free for this particular interview is going to help me achieve what I want to achieve. I went on to study a factor, second factor, second factor to optimize it. After that, I went into the master's program, I graduated as a judge, meaning I graduated with the judges. And yes, I will be graduated as a judge started practicing just graduated as one. Yeah, and now I'm the PhD. I know why I know why I'm making decisions. Because obviously,

00:28:36--> 00:29:17

based on my explanation, I spoke about having a footprint with the academic community. And for me to have the footprint, this level of study is required. So it's not just a pastime, when I have nothing better to do, you know, and none of our ICT, like, there has to be that line of sight to the end. But how is this gonna help create that world that you want to see? Yeah, that's true. So I mean, like, it's like say, when are your other students and stuff like when they were creating the vision? Is it like, it's just about like, unplugging from your day to day routine and being able to drop that your vision back according to the site? Yeah. You know, yeah. Yeah. Well, normally the you got

00:29:17--> 00:29:56

to, you got to have an acute sense of awareness about yourself. You got to go on a journey with yourself, you have to have a one to one with yourself. And to do that you got to switch off from the family secure from technologies which are from the job security as a responsibility because this is your greatest responsibility right now. You know, going to the mountains where there's no mobile network for a few days, you know, and get a big boat and every ambition of yours ambitions for you know, with regards to you without your spouse with regards to your children because your parents because your family because your career, whatever is in you take it out and see the mess that you

00:29:56--> 00:29:56


00:29:59--> 00:29:59

in front of

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

That Max, you know, you hit a big realization hits you, when you feel that I can achieve all this, I'm wanting to live for 60 to 70 years plus or minus where love is everything is obedience me, but it's clear, it's gonna dawn upon you that I can't do all this, right. But also, you know, when you look at the the ambitions that you have for yourself into other elements in your life, you'll see patterns that you know, okay, I can do this, I can do that I can put this under this roof. And then, you know, you have this group that gathers most of your ambition. So like for myself, it was clear that my ambition to move development. Yeah, you know, the sort of development, you know, as I

00:30:38--> 00:31:15

pointed over, okay, I wonder, I would love to do this. But why I would love to do that. Why? And that's what you got to do? Well, you see all these ambitions in front of you now study them one by one, why do I want to do this, I'll just because it's fun. Okay? This because I mean, so much, this would be so amazing. If I did it ABCDE this also would be so amazing. Because this will help us ambition that I have 50 now you start creating a package. Yeah. And then you just got to now be true to yourself and say, Okay, I can see a lot of pieces in this particular bracket, yes, and delete everything else off and just work with it. And it's about just putting it in order. And looking at

00:31:15--> 00:31:53

it from you know, the life that you've reached as far left as far as looking at your resources, looking at what the condition limitations, or mission limitations, which is time and money, maybe also as your vision must take into consideration those around has to be realistic, right. So then you start drafting your pattern, which is known as a pattern of execution, that pattern of execution is your mission, everything you do to get to the vision that's called the mission. Yeah. So it shouldn't be Mission Impossible. No Mission Possible. Yeah. And, you know, that's what you go about. So it might be that, Okay, guys, I need to study disability, I need to drop the subject, for

00:31:53--> 00:31:54

example, you know,

00:31:55--> 00:32:36

I need to move countries, sometimes that's what needed, I need to move out because the country I'm in won't help me achieve what I want to achieve yet. But now you now you have a basis to stop making decisions. And always don't forget drives the hard drive is there from the beginning. Because you guys mentioned this guy. So I'm thinking about this obviously, in in context with PCC school, my dear listeners often do not forget to drive to us. That's the foundation of all success. That's where it starts. Yes. And the best person to make do out for you, is you because you are the most desperate for one to once yourself to succeed. Yes, there's no one was desperate for your success in

00:32:36--> 00:33:14

you. Right? And a lot is only up to you that that that Allah is the one who answers the subjugation of the desperate one, when, when when he or she's African. So the more desperate you are, the better and you the most desperate for your success. So maybe you are for yourself after the crisis. Don't forget this the horror element, you're just not not the means. And we put our trust in Allah creating that vision is completely beneath. Yeah. So I mean, fine. Final question. Question. On the vision topic. You mentioned a very interesting point about the world, the world around you meaning like what you define as your world? And would you have to clarify that a bit more? Like, what what

00:33:14--> 00:33:17

does it mean by the world around you? And like?

00:33:19--> 00:33:32

Yeah, just it will differ because everyone's ambitions are different. Yep. You know, and, and you will define that world when you look at your ambition and pick up the practice that, you know, that we spoke about earlier.

00:33:34--> 00:34:13

That's going to define the vision for you. And sometimes life is good to reading a lot to kind of work on a merciful upon you and your scope of influence, or what they call the locus of influence, unlike fantasy for you, you know, you wanted to defend a kidney, for example, but you know, you have a footprint in Melbourne. Yeah. But obviously, again, defining that world boils down to resources. It's important that everyone reads about the intricacies of the vision. So as I said, it's documented. Yeah. And through experience, people have come up through these anomalies in as well. Okay, sometimes, you know, your, your resources for, you know, your world sort of shakes, which is

00:34:13--> 00:34:19

fine, it's fine. It doesn't matter, because a lot has created us uniquely. And Allah has distributed

00:34:21--> 00:34:33

wisdom, the proportions amongst us, and then everyone has to have the weight on their shoulders. No, no, and in fact, you could be more potent in your local vision, then another person in

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

infrared vision, because if everyone was in foreign nations, who's looking after the community, yeah. Yeah. So we are interdependent human beings and and and, you know, in this contemporary age, we call it the law of reach, right? So the law of weeds effect we are interdependent beings, we are communicating we leverage of each other. So Allah in His wisdom has given some people more reach and some people less reach, but it doesn't mean having

00:35:00--> 00:35:18

More each is more important than having less, sometimes less is even more important than having more each. And I would say, less reach would be equal to having more each mortgage. Right? Because charity begins at home. So really what I'm trying to make clear is no one should sort of feel

00:35:19--> 00:35:57

you know, and important, because, for example, division is particular to the school, for example, okay, no, very important is needed. Because if you weren't there was a vision, then that's a school loss. And in the bigger picture of things, that's a massive, that's a massive, massive setback, right. So it's sort of a complex, it's not about, you know, you don't want to be, you know, competing with the wrong paradigm, we must have the right paradigm, local is important, foreign is important. They're both important. They're both important. And a lot of his wisdom has limited our resources to find a lesson channeled into doing that which needs to be done. You know, in the bigger

00:35:57--> 00:36:27

picture of things, you know, that even the people that clear up the recycle bin, every few days on our streets, right? They're very important. The farmers are important as well, the doctors are important as well. So in the in the grand scheme of things, everybody's equally important, let's be honest, because let's be honest, if if they were if they weren't, if there was no one to pick up the recycling, then what would you do with the waste. So what I'm trying to say is, don't be sort of

00:36:29--> 00:37:05

lower, and disgruntled and overwhelmed, because it was like, you know, put your trust in Allah, do everything to the best of your ability, and work with sincerity, with excellence with steadfastness, and as I said, you know, if your services are needed in a bigger locus, or fear of influence, or greed or fear that Allah will provide you with the resources to to get humbled enough, so so you can pretty pretty much say, each person's world is pretty much this circle of influence, what they have that's unique to them, pretty much.

00:37:06--> 00:37:10

Everyone's Well, in the context of vision. I'm not trying to be so generous with this, because

00:37:13--> 00:37:48

you've already defined depending on circumstance, but in terms of the vision, we say, you know, your world is your area of influence. And that area of influence is defined by several factors, from the most important factors is to time and money. That makes sense. Yeah, fantastic. Okay. So now, while the interview is actually coming close to it. So I'd put the five final questions that we ask all I guess. So with regards to this topic that we talked about, and even generally, what are your top three books that we could be able to get to really get into this?

00:37:50--> 00:38:20

Yeah, I mean, there's so many books out there on leadership and strategic management, and developers and so on. And so even more, you can read those. But I will take the four answers. And reading as I was pondering, right, and in particular, pondering over matters of strategy, matters of leadership matters of development and asking all the time. Why isn't Why not? You know, why is this here? And why has he not said that? Because there's always a lesson in developing our ability. Yeah.

00:38:21--> 00:38:46

And after that, you know, the should knock the messenger sallallahu, Alayhi. wasallam. In particular, he theorized Yeah, because there's no better lead. In fact, as you said, he was he was taught by almost no again, and again, you really asking why and why not? Right. And after that, reading the biographies of his most prominent students, which was the full callus the four years after he passed away from a local animal center Abubakar obioma.

00:38:48--> 00:38:49

Have an

00:38:50--> 00:39:29

amazing, they all work, right? Yeah. And even you know, to look at the Quran and the Quran reaching us today, there was a pivotal decision made in the era of the three of these colors, right? At least. So, you know, it just shows you you know, what sort of visionaries they were and why not they were taught by the ultimate visionary Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So okay, reading their biographies, with a focus on strategy, leadership, development, vision, on purpose, because, you know, where wherever your focal point of concentration is, you pick up the things from the basic of the things from the context. So what is reading, you know, reading to understand reading?

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

And again, I say, why is it Why not? Okay, why don't why didn't they do that engaging discussion with your peers and your colleagues, right? And great abilities with regards to setting your vision will come about by analyzing and it's very important, because, you know, sadly, we become a people today who hardly read and when we read, we hardly understand and when we understand we have to analyze Yeah, so I'm talking about working with the poor and and the boundaries of the messages from them as well as the power

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

With the office posting the students and the rest of us have grown their mind generally.

00:40:06--> 00:40:31

With by reading for understanding and by analyze, yeah, right. So it's easy to say piece of books, I think let's discuss how, and I think I said this to you, when you attend to one of my classes early in the year. Yeah. I said that, you know, we need to start revising for why, the why, and the how, a lot of times we discuss what, you know, what are the three main books?

00:40:32--> 00:40:52

You know, what's this? What's that? What's the best way to do this? And so on so forth, we need to dive into how and why it's very powerful. Yes, it's not everyone's cup of tea committee discussion, dealing with how and why Why? Because sometimes it gets mentally heavy. Yeah, right. But nonetheless, nonetheless, the fruits of it.

00:40:53--> 00:41:22

And dynamic and powerful. And that's where the transformational, that's where transformation happens. That's where, and that's how our life has to be. Our life has to be transformational. Not transactional, it can be transactional, but it should be in the most part, transformational. I can read the book, I can attend the class, a lot of the times we do so what's the transactional mode sort of thing that I'm going to school so I pay fees, so I've done my bit, who's going to give me their budget? And it's

00:41:23--> 00:42:02

always the focus should be transformation that I've learned something How have I grown from it? How can I grow from this level? It was it was an amazing teacher because not only did he instigate mine, he converted and transformed. And and this is why when you ask him to the three main books are attracted to you as I have, because the Quran and the Sunnah, that the two sources of finance, the transformation, the transformation, if we gave it the diligence that deserves to be transformed into raising waves, so it's about transformation. That's what the focus should be. And transformation happens when focuses on how and why. Yeah, fantastic. Okay, so my next question for general

00:42:02--> 00:42:11

questions is what's your favorite life hack or final advice for those who want to take their lives to the next level? All right, so yeah, we are we talking to

00:42:12--> 00:42:15

your audience, but you call them the life hack is?

00:42:16--> 00:42:52

Alright, so if you see my life hackers, my brothers and sisters will not even though I don't know you, but I would love to express my love for you all, for the sake of Allah, my advice to you all would be to get focused, and start focusing on the focusing process by trusting your vision and locking it in. Why, because life is short, don't make it shorter, by wasting time. And if this is then Mithra, then I would really, really, really want to reiterate, again, after great priests almost kind of was added. Thanks to definitely my parents, and my teachers.

00:42:53--> 00:43:32

And those that were instrumental in shaping the decisions that I made in life, whether they knew it or not. And also I'd like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the same life hackers who affording me the opportunity and giving me this great gift to speak on this topic. I'm not the best of those that speak on it. But nonetheless, I am humbled and grateful to echo here. So we we can have our audience actually find you online and connect with you. Yeah, I will type w w w dot Sajid from a.com, yes, a jvumar.com. Over there, you will see

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a form that you can fill in to liaise with me and communicate with me and I just want to do my best to respond. And also, there's links to my social media pages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

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YouTube channels, and so on and so forth. So you can connect with events. One thing I will say is, when you do visit the website, I would really like to see my activity to access the blog and search for an article called I have a dream. Okay, I will actually link that in in our show notes so that they can be able to find it. And, and also, along with the website that you mentioned that the social media leaks as well. So yeah, Shall I get fantastic. So I just want to say once again, thank you so much for joining us on the show. Joseph Allah. Hi. Welcome. Oh,

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well, it was lovely.

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So there you have it, the interview with shake sided Omer. One thing that stood out for me was really the clarification about what our world means what your world means. And your world doesn't necessarily mean every single person on the face of the earth. Rather, it means the people that you can reach. And so I find this very empowering because this means that we can actually think about what world we want to reach, and then be able to think about what Mark of change we want to have on it, as opposed to kind of looking at

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

In a sense of every single person on the face of the earth, and then thinking about, okay, what can I do about it? How can I reach everyone, because that way actually gets quite overwhelming and paralyzing, and it doesn't help us make practical steps out of it. So I really like that point about our world, meaning the people that we can reach, and each person has a very unique reach. And that means that we can all have a unique mark that we can make on the world. And that's awesome. I must say, it's awesome. So I really like to know what you also thought about this interview. Things that stood out for you do get in touch with us. You can get in touch with us by email by going to Muslim

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