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S03-E09 – Final Episode for Season 3

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Muslim Life Hackers

Channel: Muslim Life Hackers


Episode Notes

Final Episode for Season 3 w/ hosts: Maheen & Mifrah

In this episode, we take a break from our usual interviews and talk about things we’ve learned, achievements and more.

January 25, 2016

Episode Transcript

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You're listening to the Muslim life hack his podcast.

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Okay, so this is our last episode for season three, mainly for here just having a chat about the season what we thought. Just a nice way to wrap it up. But yeah, I'm pretty excited. There's been some lot of exciting things happening and an update that we also want to share with you. What is that update? Well, we won the brass Christian award for the best podcast.

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We have been after this award for so long here. And you know, we just want to thank you guys, because you know, you're the one who voted for us. And we really appreciate it. Because, I mean, if it was just me and machine voting, then that would have just been like to load boats. But

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I can see I can see it. I know, right? Like, we'd be like trying to avoid a disadvantage and be like, now you've already voted. No. on the last, I mean, that was our first update that that has happened so far. And yes. So the second thing we want to speak about was

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what what what do we have on our agenda right here?

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it's quite a cool agenda. I mean,

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yeah, I mean, like, what what we really wanted to get out of this last episode was, you know, just touching base with you guys on what, what we did like this past season, what we enjoyed what were the highs or the lows? for it? Like, what was your favorite part of this season? Favorite part of the season was?

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I think I think this season what what we did was we we actually got different topics, and we tackled it. In that way. We got experts on board for that particular topic. So like I was able to learn like a variety of things like we've we've touched touched on like at the study, it was the the one about confidence. Yeah, and that and that was really, really nice. And then it continued on with like, the imposter syndrome. And then then there was a What about giving permission to pursue our purpose, and then public speaking and then you can continue on the rest of the season? Yeah, and that was, what was that procrastination? There was entrepreneurship, how to get married. I think like it was more

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yet what you were saying was more topic focus, rather than speaker focus. It was more about like, what the audience can take away from these topics, rather than, you know, a life story. I think that really changed the tone for the podcast. Yeah, so so for this is season three, like it really helped that, you know, we had your input in and when, when we were looking for topics, like we wanted to get topics that you guys actually asked us to cover. And so by that we were, in turn able to learn in like a lot of new things. Like one thing that I I liked, that I like, learning new was like, I really like the one about public speaking about how to be able to position our message and stuff

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because though that was a topic on public speaking, I did find that helpful in like, say how we do our podcasts and stuff. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like things that they think things like that, for example, and like, confidence about how, you know, confidence is an issue. So what what about you mean, I really enjoyed the procrastination podcast that was like, I don't know, it's, it was just a topic that stuck with me. Is it because you're a hardcore procrastinator? Oh, you know, I wouldn't go I wouldn't go that far.

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But no, I really loved what Ismail said about, you know, setting those, like long term goals and having visions and it tied in a lot with them. As shifts as it's interview as well. That's what I thought. Yeah, yeah. And it's like, I yeah, we also did want to make sense of God to mention that, but that was about vision. Yeah. Yeah. I found that quite helpful for myself personally, as well. Yeah. And he touched on something that we didn't we didn't think about a lot. Vision. You know, we

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and I say this a lot. We like aimlessly random, like, walk along through life and like, without vision, it's purposeless. You know, having that vision grounding yourself. It makes everything that you do. Different somehow. Yeah, yeah. And I did find after I did that podcast, I didn't have to go go back to the drawing board and then fix up my vision. And it's getting there. It's getting there. compelled me to, Hey, you know what I realized? Yeah, it's been two years since we've been podcasting. Can you believe it? Two years, we're two years old. I don't want to think about it. Like

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I, I honestly cannot believe it. Like, just thinking about, you know, two years ago, we didn't even know what we were doing. Do we even know what we're doing now? Well, I think even though we're not but the thing is, I think

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we're much more confident. Yeah, we do things not knowingly, confidently. Does that make sense?

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It does. Because it's like, you know, in life you say you fake it and you make. Yeah, fake it till you make it. You say like, like, one thing that makes me laugh is like, you know, when we first started recording, like, I can imagine myself like, I was a scared chicken. I was like, chicken legs. I was like, so so frightened, like to have my voice on podcasting. And then it's just like, remember our first episode?

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Gosh, I don't want to. Do you want to share that? Do you want to share the story of our first episode? I just want to say, out of failure, that's all I'm gonna share. I think you can tell the story better. Well, but the funny thing is, guys, what happened with that first episode was that it was so bad that we decided to take it. We launched the episode. And we had like so many fees, we decided to take it down, erase it from the World Wide Web. I know, I just I just hope it's not roaming around anywhere. But the funny thing was, I think one thing that was like the last straw on like taking it off, because I remember a friend she listened to the podcast, and then she she heard

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the introduction. And then she liked me for I had been production a few times. And I still can't understand that.

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The worst thing you can hear is like someone's like I listened to your podcast, but I didn't get

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the introduction and then asking my head. Well, you know, he came down to because we had no idea what he was saying either. Yeah. And it's really a message spreads. And it's like when whenever word clarified on what we're saying, then the person listening to it can understand as well. So it's like, we don't know what we're saying. And then so and that indicated that when she said that, I was like, I called you up and I was like, hey, go check it out that yeah, that is no, no, definitely that we go down baby. annihilation time. Now, I think that what that really helped us do was like building that confidence is two years has been just a confidence building for me. And I know it has

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been for you as well. And being confident when I'm saying has in turn led me to be confident in like how I'm learning about things, how I'm approaching interviews, how we're like approaching producing, like podcasts, and it's changed the whole tone of the podcast, I think as well, to us, I think have been well spent. And how many how many episodes is that in two years? 60 episodes? Oh, I cannot believe it. Yeah. 60 episodes. Like I like if you told me two years back, like yeah, remember how I before it's up? Like I'd always tell you that Oh, there's this podcast. I did this and that I was like, are so scared to do it for one year for one year. I procrastinated.

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And that's it Muslim was born. Yeah. I think is one was to tackle me.

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She's like, even when the 60 episodes, it's just it's just mind boggling. Yeah, yeah. hamdulillah. And it's been a long journey. But, but I want you to, I want you to mention something that we're seeing here in person and the audience can't see. And what does that mean for something of our makeshift mic right now?

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Okay, well, this is a story. Um, this is embarrassing. I don't know how we're sharing this. But okay, so the last episode, it's, it's like, it's

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the final day of school. It's so.

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So good, crazy. But what happens is that for the past, like two years, a recording device has.

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It doesn't have a case or anything like so I just like carrying it. I just carry it around and like this rabbit shaped sock.

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And literally, we take it to interviews and everything. And it's like,

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it's so embarrassing. I don't even know why we haven't changed a sock. And what's happened is in the microphones that I'm talking into right now it's just I've put the sock over it cuz we don't have that, you know, the fluffy bowl thing. Yeah. Look, it's coming. It's coming. I I ordered it. And it's actually I'm get straight from like, Asia. So it takes like one month to get here to Australia. And it's coming, guys.

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But you know, what we can take away from this is like, yeah, just work with what you've got. Yeah. I mean, this fluffy sock, it has served us well.

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See, I remember the funny story with the sock, right? So sitting at the Hanes place, and then it's like a sister cousin. She's like, the head. This is my sock. And then later Veen was like, it's me take it for a good cause. And I was like, Oh my god, that was so funny. No, definitely. Definitely. Like that's, that's one for the one for the history books. Yeah, I know. I the sock that's been good for a good cause. And yeah, it's funny cuz

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like, I look at something and be like, does it smell

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Clean sock rifra are you judging my sock washing abilities? Of course you give it a That's funny. That's funny, but you know, it's it did its job has served us well. The good sock. So I've got a question like because like we would you would you call us like experience podcasters?

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Get some extent. Yeah. And I was thinking like, you know, like how kind of like I've heard on other like end of season episodes. You know what? What advice would you give yourself like from like two years ago like when we were first starting Well, what do you reckon? What would? What would you tell me fraud two years ago? Really? Yeah, scared and trembling. You skated trembling before that he didn't want to release an episode. What would you tell me bro? Okay, um, that me fra?

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I'll tell her. Look, no one cares.

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Okay, well, look, I'll tell her look me for the thing is.

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The thing is, there's really like, it doesn't really matter. Like, you know, oh, you know, it actually reminds me of this thing that one of my friend told me and like, I was like, doubting my writing abilities. Like, I was like writing an article or something. And then one of my friends was like, he wouldn't be for people, right? All sorts of dumb things out there. Like the fact that you're putting effort into it, is at least, you know, better than what a lot of things are out there to start off with. So it's not that it's perfect. It was perfect. Because no, it wasn't perfect. Like when we were podcasting, and even now, there's always room for improvement. But the thing is

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the fact that you're putting effort into it, I mean, that's so if I were to answer your question maheen to advise my scared frightened rifra before like podcasting itself, I tell her look, this, there's nothing to be afraid of. Because the thing is, you only know when you when you push yourself, because then once you push yourself and get out of that comfort zone that you carry, then you know, that's that you've created, then that comfort zone will only get bigger. And so you'll be able to do more things. And the thing is, sometimes in life, you just have to suck it up and just do what you need to do. Like there's no no way out. Really, you have to put in the hard work. And I and

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I think that because like the I like for example, like the whole Muslim life hackers, it's like, Okay, how to make your life better in like, say like tips and tricks or whatever. But at the end tips and tricks help but it really boils down into hard hard work. No, I agree. Definitely. And what what I would tell, what would you tell me when it's something very similar along same lines, like, I would tell her, you know, and anyone listen to this who's like facing? He wants to do something, whatever it is, like, even if it's podcasting, or even if it's something else, then yeah, yeah. Even if you want to, like start a podcast, like what my friend said, it's just taking that leap. And

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that's what I would tell, like, past me, is, don't be scared to take that leap. Because you know, you don't know what awesome things lie ahead. You don't know what openings can come out of this giant leap that you're taking, even though you're scared and trembling, and your voice sucks.

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Just do it. Yeah, and the interesting thing, guys, is that

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well, if I would also advise my, that my friend then well, I would tell her that the thing is, if you're scared, no one no one really sees that fear. You're the only one who sees it. And so you know, everyone like we are our biggest critics. Yeah, like when we launched our podcasts, like when we told like, you know, friends about it and everything then we always got like, you know, good response like no one ever said, No, you're scared and you're a crappy podcaster Yeah, you're not you're not you're never gonna hear that. Yeah. I mean, like, and the thing is, like, you know, trolls are too busy on YouTube anyway.

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I'm glad that we'd like to talk about this and like, put it out there for our listeners, listening to this. I'm just rambling along

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the route. Hey, guys, you know, if you've listened to our podcast and to start, please do leave a comment on our show notes like the season finale and you know, is that just me and mahina? Or is it just me and vehement all you guys?

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What is the truth?

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Well, thank you for like listening to this episode, and all the other previous ones and we do want to hear from you guys, more and more, and it brings us a lot of happiness. And I hope that inshallah we have brought you something in the way of like, knowledge or entertainment or something. That would be so good. Are we entertaining? I don't know. Oh, no, it's like, it's like one of those people that laugh at the joke. I definitely laugh at my jokes, just putting it out there. Let's wrap it up. Like thank you so much for listening to us this whole season and the past three seasons that we've done, and we really appreciate it. Thanks for coming along.

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on this journey with us yeah thank you so much guys and we we hope to speak to you guys again soon and we are out. Yeah, well for now alright fight them sound like we're on.

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