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S02E14 – Season Finale, Highlights & Listener Questions [M&Ms]

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Muslim Life Hackers

Channel: Muslim Life Hackers


Episode Notes

Mifrah and Maheen, in an M&Ms episode, talk about the season 2 finale of the podcast as well answer listener questions about productivity, life, business and the upcoming season.

Highlights from the show:

-Upcoming Muslim Life Hackers projects

– Zara: “What top five things will make me a highly effective person?”

– Omar: “Can you start a online entrepreneur business with nil money?”

– Melanie: “What have been your personal development struggles and how did you overcome them?”

– Binetou: “Do you have productivity tips for creative minds?”

– Adil: “What misconceptions about Islam frustrate you the most?”

– Bilal: “When does season 3 start and why can’t it start sooner?”


Episode Transcript

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Season Two, Episode 14

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Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you the knowledge, tools and connections to help you get ahead in life. And now, your hosts Mithra, Murph and mahane Malik.

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Ladies and gents, and welcome back to another episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. I'm your host, Mohit Malik here and today's episode is actually an m&ms episode. That's where both my father and I are on and we're kind of just having a chat. It's more of a relaxed kind of episode. So before and I actually recording our last episode for the season in this show. So it's a pretty fun and laid back one that we thought you guys would enjoy and we thought it would be nice. And to season two, we've got some listener questions that we go through, as well as where Mr. Marquez is heading when season three is likely to start and also every share we're going to like some funny stories and

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memories from season two that we thought we'd share with you guys and let you enjoy that we are outside so you might have some planes and birds and things like so please do excuse that at hope you enjoy this chat. Sonico Muslim life back is and welcome back to the Muslim life hackers podcast. This is my friend My hain here bringing you an m&ms episode of the show. It's actually our last episode of season two. So it's a bit of an emotional one. Not really. But we thought it ended off on a high note. More of a conversational fun that kind of episode for you guys. Yeah. So what some listener questions that you guys have sent in, which we're really excited to answer as well. And

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we're going to be giving you some some updates on when season three is going to be starting and what Muslim life is going to be doing in the meantime, on our break that we're going to be having. Yeah, so we will be starting off Ramadan again season. So the exact dates for when season three is going to be studying it hasn't been confirmed yet. So if you do want to know the exact date for it, then you can find that on our VIP list yet we're still in the process of Yeah, you can obviously sign up for VIP status and lifehacker.com slash VIP. And you can find out when we're going to receive season three. However, in the meantime, during Ramadan, we're actually in the middle of doing it even after

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Ramadan TV to do a segment on Ramadan TV. Yeah, so we're actually going to be doing like Ramadan hacks, so we're just producing that segment. And you can watch it when inshallah Ramadan TV is during Ramadan. Yeah, we'll put the links in the show notes and

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check it out. Yeah. So what we'll do is we'll actually get straight into the questions. Early on the season. We asked you guys, if you guys have any questions for our final episode, yeah, we just sent out the we just sent out an email to everyone who was part of at least Yeah. And we went through the emails and we picked out like some of the best questions. We've got a lot of them and so far really funny. Yes. Funny. Yeah. I really enjoyed reading this question. Yes. Thank you so much. For everyone who defended questions. We really appreciate it. Yeah, it makes it it makes everything so much more fun. Yes. So the first question we have here is from Zara R. And her question is what five

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things would make me a highly effective person? I've read Stephen Covey's book, but I'd like to hear your thoughts. Stephen Covey's book is pretty, pretty good. Yeah, it's pretty good. Um, I'm just thinking about, like, what he talks about in his book, like, you know, working on your internal self first and things like that. What do you think that's a really hard question. Yeah. Well, I can't say I can have like five effective things like Stephen Covey, cuz like, like, he really did a great job to like the habit. Yeah. But just one thing that I can say to help you become a highly effective here. So for me, I mean, if I were to just answer this, as is one thing that has helped increase

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like productivity in my life, I would say that it's planning what you want to do the next day, the night before, so that way before the night, before the day starts, you know exactly what you want to do. Because you don't wake up like scattered. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Because not the times we waste time just because we're indecisive. Like, what should I do today show work on the show. We're conductor, we're convinced. But at the end of the day, we only have a limited amount of time. Yeah. And we can't do everything in a day. But at the same time, we can't underestimate the power of day has because it's each day each day builds up and it's like the rocks on the mountain, like things

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build up. No, I definitely agree with what you said. Because when you wake up when you wake up in the morning, and you have to decide what you want to do in the day, that's just takes a lot of effort as well. Yes, effort in making decisions. But if you've done it the night before, it's already done for you. Yeah, so easy to just get in and be more effective in that day. Yeah, exactly. Because like you're you're really going to be facing things like getting out and starting the day and you know, all that that comes with studying a day. So and then on top of that you decide what you want to do. I mean, you can make it possible to do that, but it's not very effective. But just

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just to add to that, what I would add to be an effective person and what I've noticed myself like when I'm having an effective day and like not like Superwoman, it's because I've woken up early. Yeah, time and I paid like 200 and fudger. And it's just it's just seamless. Yeah, just waking up.

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Really had like an extra like 10 hours to the day. And I've just literally so much different blessings offered, isn't it? Yeah, that that would be one tip Gemini, others to be more effective. Yeah, pretty, pretty much that. And one of the things that I think helps me helps you become like a more effective person is reading, not just like anything like books. Like she she mentions I mentioned Stephen Covey's book, which is an amazing, which is an amazing book. And I think more books like that help you become an effective person not not articles, like, you know, top 10 tips to like get why does he feel like read like actual good, deep information that stimulates your brain? I

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think that that will make you more effective. So yeah, that's a really good point. Um, you don't want to be like, frank with you guys. Like blog blog posts that are out there that just talk about like, top 10 things. They just, they just like junk food. Yeah, we call we actually call them information, junkie information, junk food. I mean, if you really want to make it worthwhile when you do reading, then read actual books or like read things that you know, the author has put a lot of work into it, because that's not you know, to say that all blog posts are bad. There are really good ones out there that have been written very thoroughly. And like it's, it's well researched and

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everything, but most of the time, you'll find this in books. So I guess what we can take it from this is avoid inflammation, junk food. Do you want that five star course meal? Go for the book? What do you want? Mike is, you know, pick up like a top five blog posts. Yeah, yeah. Okay, cool. So we'll just get on to our next question. Yeah. So Omar, a has sent in, like, you're more of the business, you go, Yeah. Can you start an online entrepreneur business with Neil money? And plus, he adds, like two more questions to this doesn't go hand in hand with it. This goes hand in hand with the first question, Do I have any hope to start a business with no money invested as a teenager?

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If the above is possible? How do I pull this off? Interesting question. Yeah, interesting question. I get a lot. Um, I think it's great that you asked me this question, especially as a teenager, and you're not just like, you know, there's jump jumping into something. Yeah. And questions are good, good. Questions are always always good. Because that allows you to be able to get that opportunity and learn. So 111 thing that I can say is that when when it comes to starting your own online business, this, there's so much information out there about it and so overwhelming. Yes. So the thing to note is that when it comes to online business, there's so many different ways you can go

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about this strategy. There's no such thing as like just one on online business. And this is the way to go. Because everyone would say, Hey, this is the way to go, this is the way to go this the way to go. But at the end of the day, you need to figure out what kind of business model that you'd like to explore. Because there's so many out there. And then after that, find someone who can actually teach it to you. So whether it's doing a course about it, and make sure the course isn't like something that's just a random or make money online, because there's so many make money online scams out there, like find something that's credible that has students, if you can go speak to the students of

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those courses and ask them, How did it go? You know, what kind of things did you have to do for it work for you? Yeah, but then but in general, but every single business course or every single course, really? I mean, you need to put effort into it. There's no such thing as like, you go you become Entrepreneur of the Year, like overnight, or I became a millionaire overnight. No, you need to put work into it. Yeah, always. So that's something so I mean, if you want to, like shortcut your way into it, it's obviously requires hard work, but shortcut in your ways, like, find a business model, like find a course or something that can teach you a type of online business that you're

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interested in pursuing. Yeah. And take it invest that money in it. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you mentioned money. And what I really liked about Omar like he said, no money. Yeah, he gets straight to the point. He's like, I'm gonna become an entrepreneur and run my business. But like, Can

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you give me something bit? There's also some great information in books as well. Yeah, some really? Well, I haven't read this book. But But I know that has a lot of repeats. It's called the $100. Startup by Chris. Chris Gill, Gilbert, I can't even say his name. Yes. So he actually has a good good book about and it's just pretty, pretty much about how to start up a business from $100. And he he he goes through different ways in which people have been able to make micro businesses and stuff. So that's a book and that that would just take you back like $10 $15. So I know you said nobody investment but maybe you could skip lunch that day. keep buying lunch.

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Yeah, and just invest in that book. So there's always an option but I guess the point I'm coming with this says that investing, getting educated about something like learner and education doesn't mean that you know, go to college, get a degree in I mean, go to university and get like a four year degree about business. Yeah, well, there's some people might do that. But all I mean by education is learned that learn what's needed to be done so that it saves you from making the same mistakes. Yeah, you need to like, get people who have succeeded, and then just copy it really simple as that and you hopefully, he goes now Oh, that's good, too.

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get in trouble get educated. Yeah, there's a will there's a way. Okay, awesome. Next question. So Melanie from London, she says, what have been your main personal development struggles when creating with a masochist? And how did you overcome them? Okay, well, I'd say I'd say straight up the main personal development struggles is the ones that we create for ourselves. That sounds so wishy washy. I don't know does okay. Okay? Let me mean personal development struggles, because just being consistent, just doing something every single day towards Muslim life hackers was very, very difficult. And just developing that discipline. I think that was one of my main personal development

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struggles with muscle mass. So if I was asking them for what was the main personal development struggle that you had with

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it, but I mean, being able to kind of like Satan nutshell,

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just pick one. And it sounds very wishy washy. I'm sorry, guys.

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Sometimes a God asks, ask you something. And it's like, you just become like, like your jelly. Yeah. Like, like, I mean, if I were to say, my personal struggle, see, I see I wouldn't you know, if it's vain. I could say it's a struggle, or we'll come back to you. Can I call a friend?

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5050? Yeah, we'll call a friend later on. I get through one, like, maybe you might come up with something later on. We have another question from bientot. de. And I hope I said your name properly. She asks, do you have? Do you have productivity tips for creative minds? Hmm, that's a good one. And I guess what I would say for a productivity tip for creative minds is generally, generally it might not seem like, you know, you might be expecting something like, Oh, good paint, what your paint your thoughts on a canvas? Something but actually, journaling comes before that. I think that being able to get your thoughts, your creative thoughts on a piece of paper, whether it's just like, you know,

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like a poem that's in your mind? Or maybe it's just like, Yeah, because I might like, come on, I can be poetic.

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But like, just getting your thoughts on paper, I think is the best productivity tip for creative minds. Because then that's where your projects your ideas, and like a toss. And like all of these, like crazy thoughts and emotions come out. You actualize them on a piece of paper. Yeah. I think it just goes in Birmingham. Can you see how we have all this information coming at us? We need time to process that information. Yeah, in order to, you know, to allow our minds to make connections and it's just simpler, like and a lot more creative. Yeah. So, I mean, with with journaling, I mean, even if you can't journal, although, you know, if you put you put your mind to it, you can if if you

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were to just do one thing right now, like wherever you are, then one thing you can do is just the Yeah. Like without sounding too wishy washy and getting like pretty much what I'm trying to say. It's just like, sit down and just think about it a bit. Because like, you know, we're in this, we're always consuming media, you know, we're always like, you know, reading this, we're listening to that. And it's like, just sit down and think about, you know, ideas and stuff and let it let it kind of like stirring in your mind. And if we need to, and if we also get opportunity journal, which helps you kind of like put onto paper. Yeah, but yeah, it's just like just starts from putting that

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effort, that mind effort in it. It's all about the connections, whether it's thinking about it, whether it's writing about it that helps shape creative, creative minds. That helps.

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So our next question, this is so like, this is one of my favorite questions. Yeah, it's from idol idol. M and he says, pattern matching goodness. Yeah.

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I would like to ask which of the misconceptions about Islam is the one that irritates and frustrates you the most, which is the one that makes you want to grit your teeth and scream at the top of your lungs? such a such a fun question.

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What's that?

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You see at school? That's something like, you know, when we're younger and stuff and like, like, you're wearing a hijab to school and stuff, and like, some of the kids think, Oh, do you like always weigh that kind of speed? Oh my god, I love this one. I love it. Like to take a shower.

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Like so weird. It's like, my one that like really the one that really irritates me. And makes me want to grit my teeth and scream and so my lungs? Yeah. Like, the fact that people expect you to apologize for the act of extremists. Yeah, I think that's the thing that really gets me Oh, you're like a terrorist or something like that?

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Like, what? What? How does that even connect in your mind? Like, how do you make that connection? Yeah, I heard something that really gets to me sometimes. And I'm just like,

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yeah, that's one of my things. Oh, and the Hello thing. Like everyone's like, oh, what's like this? Hello? That's not like something that annoys me. It's something I find funny. What is hommy? Like, you know, it's something bad. It's like,

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Are you are you like, people who purchase tickets? Like I refuse to eat? Yeah, like, give us a free like, hang on, hold on me. Like keep some like different tasting meat or something you like it's pink. Okay, I get I get that yet. Yeah, just sir. I think I answered your question. I'll do okay. So our last question that we have here is from below him and he says, winter season three start and why can't it start sooner? So villalta answer your question. We don't have an exact date for when season three. We'll start

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We're currently still in the process of like recording and editing it. Yeah, that's why I cut that sooner because it's like we don't have a season three yet. Yeah, we'd have it all finalized. Yeah, but inshallah like we will be releasing dates are closer and closer to Ramadan and things like that after Ramadan season three will start but the exact date will be released to our VIP list and on our blog and everything like that until soon. Yes, they were all Christian. Yeah, there are questions that we had for this episode, I will let them know for like a funny note. Okay, so what is your favorite memories from season two favorite memories of season two? Okay. Well, one of my one of my

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favorite memories was when actually what's what was your favorite memory? Oh, I just love like the comments that we get like on social media and stuff like that. Like, for example, like people see what some laughs like is the name and it's just like so interesting. What do they think about Mr. maphack? is what's the first thing that comes to mind? And obviously, because hackers is in our name, we get a lot of like, read requests and people to hack their CAC accounts and stuff like that. Like the other day, we got this one on Twitter, and it said it was this lady. It was a lady, I think was Facebook. Yeah, it was. And she was like, Oh, I lost the password to my Instagram account. Can

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you please hack my account? So I can like get back into it? It was just like, yeah, that was totally random was like that. Just hilarious. So funny.

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So I think one of the funny ones that comes comes to mind was how maheen sent out an email to our email list. And what happened was like, we had one one of the replies and you went like salams brother. And then I just saw that I was like, I just started laughing. I was like, so vain is leaving out brotherly vibes. And my goodness, I never gets this like, I don't know, like how it happens. I just started laughing.

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You know, it happens to me a lot. I really Yeah. He's making really a guy's name. I actually met this person mentioned that they cousin who was a guy, his name was Wayne.

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feminine. Do you think? Any debate for another day debate for another? Yeah, but I thought that that was pretty funny. But what are some things that you learnt during season three? But you just remember right now? Well, one of the things was during season two, I know one of my daughters was to meet awesome people. And that really got answered during season two, where we got to interview some really cool people for them from Africa. Sure. Yeah. And pick their brains and talk to them about questions that you guys want to know. Yeah. And I think that was something that I learned to really put some more trust into. And like, it was just awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Like going on interviews and

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things that I learned from there. I mean, we we had one of one of the interviewers, interviews, one person that we did interview because we have a lot of our audience from the States. Yes. See, we live here in Australia. We have like, we don't know much about the state. But to like, Island frame, we're often our own island. Yeah, I know. We don't we don't really know much about it. So then I think one of like, one of one of the people that we interviewed was went for two hours a day. Yeah. And he was giving us a good like a rundown about what the state is all about hungers, Republicans all about. Republicans. And what was the other one? democrats? democrats? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we

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didn't know anything about it. And it's like, Oh, that's interesting. So that's what they all have that. Yeah. We're sitting there making parallels between Australian government and us. Yeah, it's like, okay, okay, that makes sense. Because the only thing that will not really do anything, I do do some things that I did don't know a lot of things. Yeah. So it was good to know, like, especially like, where the Muslim communities are in the data and how they're like scattered everywhere kind of thing. Yeah. I have to be like, some, it has to be like some fun times. Especially that one time when we actually messed up our timing. Oh, yeah. What savings came in and yeah, daylight savings

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came in and we like we we went to an interview like one hour later.

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So basic, but it was so funny. Like the interview the guest that will intervene just laughed it off. It was just so funny. Yeah, we're like, Look, we're so sorry. We're so sorry. Maybe wait for one hour, but we weren't a lot about daylight savings. Yeah, we get that daylight savings yet we have to recheck that from now on.

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Yeah, I really enjoyed and we're really looking forward to some good time since season three as well. So in the meantime, guys who want to connect with us, please do join our VIP list. You can join it over at missing life hackers.com forward slash VIP, or just visit our home on the web for updates and what's going on with your life. hackers.com Chawla We look forward to season three and talking with you guys and hearing more from you guys and bringing you awesome guests doing amazing things. Okay, then until next time, we'll speak to you soon. And like I said, that was the final episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. It really enjoyed the m&ms and the chat that my friend I

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have. So like we mentioned in the in the episode season three will be likely stunning after Ramadan, Angela we really think dates to our VIP list and on our blog, and we'll let you guys

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Now as soon as the dates have been confirmed inshallah as usual you can find all the show notes and links and references mentioned in today's episode of our home on the web and Muslim life hackers.com we can also find previous episodes and shows like this one on there so do head over there and check it out. Alright guys, it's been a pleasure to be hosting alongside me for for season two.

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inshallah you join us for season three and until next time, aim high, take action and be awesome.

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Seize the day.