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S02E12 – Breaking Free From The 9 to 5 – Haroon Qureshi

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Muslim Life Hackers

Channel: Muslim Life Hackers


Episode Notes

Maheen talks to Haroon Qureshi the CEO of The Muslim Entrepreneur Group about how to break free from the 9 to 5 lifestyle.

Highlights from the show:
– How to go from failing to being on the top in any area of your life.
– How to learn from other peoples mistakes
– The benefits of being financially free and being able to focus your time on whatever you want.
– What does Haroon say to people who believe that success can only come from the traditional path of school, degree, work and retire?
– What Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson and Ralph Lauren have in common.
– How the Amazon business model works and tips on how to get started.

Episode Transcript

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season two episode 12

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Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you the knowledge, tools and connections to help you get ahead in life. And now your hosts Mithra maroof and mahane Malik

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Assalamu alaikum guys and girls Welcome. Welcome to another episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. This is your host, Malik here bringing you another smashing interview, where we talked to World Class performers from every field and learn the tips and tricks they use to get ahead Today's guest is a super cool Harun crushy but before we get into it a quick message.

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So I want to talk to you about something. It is our VIP list.

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So if you haven't already signed up for our VIP list, honestly, I don't know what you're doing, dude. It's always all happening exclusive content, discussions behind the scenes access, and hacks to help you get ahead and enrich your life. Plus, let's face it, that's where the love is at. So if you want in head to Muslim life, hackers.com forward slash VIP and join us there. That's what the left is.com slash VIP

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person crushes the seat of the Muslim entrepreneur group, where he's supposed to mentor other Muslims starting their own online businesses and breaking into the lifestyle they want. He draws on his own experience are setting his own six figure online business as well and teaches others how to do the same in this conversation with heroin, I get to pick his brain on breaking out of the nine to five works, and building the business of your dream. Specifically, Harun gets into the Amazon business model that he uses and helps his students maintain as well. Tons and tons of great tips and advice for those looking to start afresh and get that financial freedom and freeing that time

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something that Haroon really emphasized in this talk, we also take a deeper look at the typical systems and life courses for success that were brought up to believe, which is one of my favorite parts of the interview. Everyone really highlights how sometimes this understanding is quite fluid and gives his own thoughts on it as well. loads and loads of goodies in this talk. And with that being said, let's get right into it. Assalamu alaikum Muslim life. Today we're bringing you another awesome interview and we've got Haroon Qureshi on the show with us today. So Michael Harun and welcome to the show. When it comes to law, thank you so much for having me here. We really

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appreciate you tuning in all the way from the UK. First of all, I want to start off the interview with Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? Sure. Okay. So I saw what I call the Muslim entrepreneur group, and let me give you a bit of a background story on on what exactly it is and how I can touch you set it up. And so going back all the way down to when I was little when I was in school, you know, as a child, I really, really hated school. And one of the reasons why I hate school is because I always used to fail all my exams, I was in the lowest sets for all of my classes. And you know, I just really hated it completely, you know, even if, you know, what does the

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child want to do go out and play, even when there was a time that the teachers would call me back to do more reading and hope that our, you know, somehow improve in my education. But for me, I, you know, I never was really connected, you know, in school at all. So from there, it wasn't my thing at all. And, you know, a young age, you know, I never had a vision that I just wanted to go and, you know, just, you know, get into a job and and that's it. That was a, you know, for me, I didn't really connect with that. Because mentally as a child, I didn't think I was going to get very far in education anyway. And so from a young age, I had a bit of a entrepreneurial mindset. And I would

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just, I used to try to find ways of making money and giving it you know, mobile phones nowadays, they give you like three minutes and free text messages and things like that. There was a time that there was that, you know, that wasn't there at all. And, and you know what, there was a company called Oto. I don't know if you have it in Australia, but I think it was oh two, but they were the first people to come out with giving away free tech text messages, right. So don't go, you'd go online, and you can order, you can order a free SIM card, and you get free text messages once you top up, and nobody knew about it. And nobody had at that time. And I used to order free loads of

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them, and then go to school and start sending them for like five pounds. Right. And that was just an example of for now. I used to find. Exactly, there was different examples that there was this new like mouth freshener thing that came out with it's not like a chewing gum, it's like a piece of paper, you put it in your mouth and it fresh in your mouth and it just melts. And when that came out, like one of my friends was doing what they called paper rounds by just you know, giving the newspapers to the houses and they're giving away that for free. So I just took loads of them off and bought them for cheap and then and then, you know, just sold them in school. So basically my mindset

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as a young age was that I don't want to just be

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You know, follow a system of getting an education and a job. And, you know, for me, I didn't think I was going to go down that route from that from day one. For me, I actually wanted to be a car salesman. I don't know why I always like sports cars and things like that.

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Yeah, so that was what you know, wanted to kind of go from there. And then yeah, the education is carried on secondary school didn't degrade, but still managed to get it into college. And then, you know, went to college and has the same results, right? wasn't doing very well used to get D's and F's and went through skimmed through into university. And where things got interesting, because when I was at university, you know, I managed to get through to the final year with the help of my friends, right? Yeah. And they were there supporting me. But during the last year, all of my friends left me, they left me because they will want to do a one year work placement. And that for some

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reason, I didn't want to do that. So I was left all by myself in the most important educational year of my life there by myself during the financial year. And then hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. I know most of the good thing was, it was very daunting. But I actually left University with a first class degree, which is the best possible result I could get. And in fact, are the eight modules, I was two months away from getting six A's and two B's right. Now, what I want to share with the listeners is, how did I go from getting D's and F's my whole life into being a position where I was the best in, in almost all of my classes, and I kind of call it a bit of a success formula, it's actually quite

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simple. So the way I did that was, if there's, and you can kind of apply this in any area of your life. For me, if there's an area that you want to develop in a unit achieve good results, all you need to do is get Firstly, number one is get clear on what you want. Okay, get very clear what you want. The second thing is find somebody who has already achieved those results, and they got those results already. Okay. So that's the second point number three is pay them or give them something called value for them to now take the time out to teach you how they got there. And then number four, is you just take action and you follow them. Okay. Give us an example. So what did you do in

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your studying example? So you went from ease and F's to A's and B's? Who did you find your vision kind of thing? Sure. So from from day one, what I said is, you know what, I'm going to go and get a first class degree, I'm going to get A's in all my exams and assignments. So I actually went to all my teachers, and I said that to them from the beginning, I said, Hello, my name is Erin, and I'm going to get a first in this in this module. Don't be like, a

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bit confused, but you know, they just kind of went with it. And, and it kind of just plugged in some making. They might, right, yeah. But what I did is I, I actually went to the previous students, and I asked them, and I even paid some of them to help me and mentor me and treat me in those in those modules. And also I went to in the library that had like, the previous years as well, of the, the assignments that didn't work. And I just literally copied them put it in my own way and edited it in my own way. Right. And also the teachers I used to bug them like crazy. For example, what happens is you wait for the deadline, and then you go in and giving your assignment. I didn't do that? Well I

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did is I went to my teacher saying I finished it, check it, what do I need to know improve? Now, move forward to literally you could apply this into an image, just give another example, to make this a bit more sticky. So you know, somebody wants to lose weight, right? Very simple. But you know, get clear what you want to use these way. Number two, find somebody who's already achieved those results. That number three, pay them It might be a course might be whatever it is, pay them, give them something of value to teach you and for follow the exact blueprint. And you'll get the same results as them. Now, you know, I'll give you another interesting point is that if you just

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imagine there's a guy called Ted, and he's a baker, right? He bakes cakes, and it's taking it's taking him 20 years to bake the best cake you can ever imagine. Right? So you've got this amazing cake has taken him 20 years to bake this cake after trial and error. If you went to him and he said, you know, can you teach me how to bake this cake? How long do you think it will take for you to learn how to type? No, it wouldn't take you 20 years it took him 20 years for you to learn off him you'll probably take one day, do you see? Because he's just gonna sit he's done right? He knows all the mistakes. Exactly, exactly. He's gone through the process to become simple for him. So for you

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to learn. So basically, in any area of your life, when you go to somebody else that's already an expert. They've made the mistake. They wasted a lot of time finding what works and what doesn't until the area where it comes down to they know what the right formula is for success in that field. And all you do is follow them a kid could that be also like books and like educational things or his people the best, the best resource to go to Sure. Um, personally I like going

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into courses, right. And, you know, books are good as I'm not like the biggest reader. But you know, when you kind of immerse yourself in a course, you immerse yourself in an environment with other students and things like that it doesn't even need to be face to face, it can be an online course. But when you kind of immersed in a bit of a course, then you know, you can interact with the teacher, you can, you know, you go through the same journey as the other students and you learn from each other. And so that, that that, for me is a bit better. from for example, like, you know, trying to learn Quran or test or do something like that you need a teacher to really move forward in the

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right direction. So basically, from exactly so, for me, when it came down to my life, there was a time when I felt you know, what, there's one area of my life I want to master and that's money, okay? And I wanted to, I wanted to become financially free suddenly to, you know, focus on, you know, getting an earning somewhere else, or having to work in a nine to five job, I wanted to be financially free, but most importantly, is for my time to be free. So I can focus on anything I want, when I want, right. And so that was a bit of a vision for me at that time. So what I did it from there is focusing on what you want, when you want, exactly, yes, so that that was my kind of

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vision at that time that, you know, I didn't want to work on red manager or having to, you know, work in a nine to five job, you know, I shouldn't be completely free my time up, and you know, be financially free as well at the same time. So that, you know, I made that decision about people who say you have to work like under people for a while to like, move on to you know, working for yourself. Yeah, no, that's a good question. Because, you know, for me, personally, I realized when we were born as children, we were given like, we're almost brainwashed, right? And we're kind of born into a system of life that says, You for you to be successful in life. What do you need to do,

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you need to go to school, you need to do homework, you need to get good grades, you need to get degree, then you need to get a job. And then in that job, you need to literally just, you know, work like crazy to get a promotion. And Karen working very hard to get more money in a promotion and tell, you know, you're retired and then you can sit back and relax, right? Yeah. But for me, that system of life, I was thinking deeply by and is completely flawed. And, and I'm going to just give you three things. I'll give you three reasons, you know, three things that they teach you which I feel are lies, right. So one of them is that they say they say that, you know school equals success,

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right? And it's true. Some people you know, can get success in a corporate world if they go down that route. But if you look at someone like Steve Jobs, right, he set up Apple, the organization Apple, he was a college dropout. Richard Branson, he set up Virgin Media, another billion dollar company, I don't know. humberstone is guessing but huge companies around the left steel escuelas Yeah, exactly. He left school at 16, Ralph Lauren, who set up the designer, Ralph Lauren Polo left college, right. He young age, Michael Dell, from the new set of Dell computers. He was a college, a university dropout, a Mark Zuckerberg, who was a guy, he went to university, he quit university to

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set up some small web site on the internet. You probably heard of it. It's called Facebook. Right? He's not even, you know, done any formal education? I think I might have heard of it. Yeah, yeah, you might have heard of Facebook. Yes. And you've got another, you know, Bill Gates, another college dropout. So basically, what you what you can see is that when you kind of analyze the most successful people in the world, it's not a necessity that you go through college and university and in a, in a corporate and then build yourself up. In fact, what I what my personal belief says that when you're when you when you leave that environment and that system, and that structure that gives

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you more freedom to think and do things differently from everyone else. And you know, that's, you know, as mentioned, when I was growing up, I wasn't a part of the system, I was already outside of it. And that's why I was thinking differently. And that's my second thing is that, you know, when it comes down to the system is they teach you look, and this is coming back to your question is you need to have a nine to five job right. Now, there are two types of people in this world. One is the entrepreneur. And then the second one is the worker. Now one entrepreneur does is that an intrapreneur, sets up an organization makes it successful, and then outsources all the activities by

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employing people. And in that way, they free their time and then they sit on the beach, relax and get paid a six figure salary, okay? Now the worker, they work super hard all week, so that it compares the intrapreneur and they can help the intrapreneur carry on sitting on a beach and doing nothing and getting a six figure salary. So what does that result in? At the end of it, the entrepreneur uses that money to invest it and increases his money and becomes more rich without doing any work. And the worker aims to get a promotion, but at the end of it, even they when they get promoted, they have to pay more tax, so much money. So

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that way if somebody you know exactly so in that way, you know, some

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He's like, I need to work. And I need to, you know, going to corporate world, that's fine. But I, you know, my, the thing that I really tried to motivate people to do, you know, go out and try to become an entrepreneur and start taking action, setting things up and freeing yourself from that. So, and just the last and final one is, is, you know, the system teaches us that you have to work hard, right? That you have to really work, sit in a nine to five job and work hard. And the harder you work, the more successful you're going to be. Now, you know, I feel that, from my experience and knowledge that I don't actually agree with that, right, I think that it's better to work smart. And

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I'll give you an example. I was reading a book and and the guy was basically saying he used to working in a sales organization. And what he did is, is working in this sales organization, nine to five, and he was making a certain amount of sales. And what he tried to do one day is, instead of working nine to five, he worked in the evening around like eight to nine for just one hour. And what he actually was, what that actually resulted in is, he made more sales in that one hour in the evening, during during the most hours. So then then the whole nine to five job that he had. And the reason why is because obviously people are difficult to get hold of, but what I'm trying to save

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that he got the same results back in one hour than he did before working, you know, from nine to five job, right? So there's that way in the same way, a system Exactly. So for me, what I wanted to find is a system where I only need to work a few hours a week, but I'm getting a full time income and more than that, inshallah. So that was really my vision in life that I wanted to create a life where you know, I'm not a slave of having to get a wage or working under a boss or focus having to, you know, on a nine to five, I wanted to create a life where, you know, I can focus my time on my health or my family. But most importantly, you know, we're in this dunya, to work to get to genma.

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So I wanted to see my turn, so we can focus and, you know, I can focus on on working to get to the highest place in general. Absolutely. Well, I know, our listeners will really appreciate hearing that, that, you know, there is a system in place. And you know, there is other ways to work around it as well, like the sales example that you gave one hour in the evening, compared to the whole day nine to five work. It's just incredible. And I just want to clarify one thing when,

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when you said that, you know, education, like working in school and going to school and things like that, and, and just you can there is another way to become successful. But as an entrepreneur, don't you also have to learn on the side as well. It's not just you know, I'm an entrepreneur, I'm not going to ever open up another book again, what are your thoughts on that? Oh, no, for sure, for sure. When when you become an entrepreneur that, you know, is a complete different learning experience. Definitely, like every day, I'm sure trust me is one of the things one of my hobbies is just buying courses. Yeah, and if somebody let's just buy a different courses, because, you know, it

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goes back down to you know, there's other people that become experts at saying something I want to go and learn from them. And so that's what you do when you become an entrepreneur. But even though the funniest thing is system is that when I went to university, I got a degree in internet business, okay. And even though I spent three years and I spent about $10,000 10,000 pounds, on this degree, I never actually learn how to set up an internet business. Okay, that's it, that seems kind of odd, because, you know, when I was actually doing the degree, they're teaching random things like Java and, you know, basic stuff that you can learn outside of the university, and, you know, things that

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wouldn't really benefit me in the real world. And, you know, this is the thing that you know, what you learn in university, mostly for most people, unless you're like a doctor or something, you won't actually go into the outside world and actually apply those things. Sex is more of an experience, and just to show that you can achieve things exactly. But when I did this, you know, as mentioning, going back to my story is that I, you know, I wanted to find something out there that was going to deal with my finances. And that's, I discovered a course called the amazing selling machine, right? And as always, you know, whenever somebody has a buy, they're like, Oh, what's this hype, and

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they're lying, and it's fake, and all this sort of thing. But what I realized is that there's quite a lot of Muslims out there that were actually doing this course. And we're getting really good results. Yeah. So um, that I took the course on initially, within three months, I set up a business that was generating over $75,000 in sales a month from there. Wow. And that only took me three months to set up. Right? And you know, and then I was like, this is amazing, Mashallah. And, you know, this is one of the motivations I thought, there's so many other people out there Muslims that like me that, you know, if you were to free their time and increase the income, they could go and

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achieve amazing things for their Deen for the Ummah and for their families. So, you know, that's one of the key things that I wanted to really, you know, help people with and motivate them to do. Yeah, absolutely. Oh, I have to do a bit deeper on the courses. What's the craziest course that you've that you've bought? Is it all just internet business and business courses? Or is it like, I don't know how to be an awesome chef.

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No e ad. At the moment, it's mainly focused around the online business side of it, you know, business is a very broad thing. So, you know, just learning from different people and what they do, you know. So you know, at the moment when I was, you know, with the amazing selling machine course, what I was doing with basically, we just give you a bit of an overview, because I would say that's probably the craziest one. And the thing I like about it is that it focus on results, right. And let me just give you a bit of an overview and an understanding of what the model is. So I'm going to break it down into four bits as to make it a bit simple and easy to understand. And so the first

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thing is that what they get you to do is they get you to get research a product on a website called amazon.com. And this website is basically the world's leading ecommerce website in the world, like, it's like a shopping center, but on the internet, and it's the biggest one in the world, right? So you know that that doesn't get you to focus on that. And what they get you to do is to get you to focus on a product that is selling really, really well, that also can be private, labeled. And what Private Label Label basically means is you can put your own brand and logo on it, that's very easy, simple product, you can put your own logo and brand on it. So for example, you can't be you can't

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rebrand an iPhone, right? Because you get sued like the main thing we can, exactly. But what you can do is you can you can rebrand an iPhone case, you see. So what they teach you to do is get something simple like that, that is selling well. And then what you do you launch that product on their website, you push it up in the rankings. But the interesting thing is, is that you go you, you send all of these, all of your products, which you would source from China, and they teach you that you get all of those products that you've just developed, and you send it to Amazon's warehouse, and Amazon deal with all the packaging, or the deliveries, even returns. So literally, you'll be

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sleeping at night, people will be coming onto your page buying things from you, and Amazon will be sewing it all out fulfilling it sending it and you won't need to do anything. So just imagine, you know, you got an iPhone six case, you got it for $10 from your supplier. And you know, you sold it for $20. And you sold 100 units a day, that's $1,000 in profit in your pocket in for that day without having been any work, you see. And 100, you know, at the moment that the students that have been helping and supporting with this, they're doing amazing, collectively, they've generated over $100,000 in sales, just within the first few months, also shorter. So that's why I'm very passionate

00:22:30--> 00:22:45

about this model, because it works. It frees your time it gives you a good income. And yeah, no, Mashallah, it's really good. From that perspective. This is the model that you teach yourself in your own businesses, and you go through the advantages and cornelsen want to ask,

00:22:46--> 00:23:25

going back to the Amazon model, and, you know, finding, you know, what kind of is selling really well, like, how do you know what selling really well? And secondly, I guess this is just adding on? Do you need capital? Like, do you need money already to start the business? Like, how do you buy from suppliers? How much do you need? I'm sure some numbers for sure. You know, definitely. Just to clarify, firstly, I don't teach this, what I do is that anybody that wants to do the course and go on the course themselves, I will just put them in within I'll give them admission free admission into the Muslim entrepreneur group, where I give them extra support and guidance and a community

00:23:25--> 00:23:32

around it as well. In regards to just want to clarify that point in regards to was the second question.

00:23:34--> 00:24:11

The first question, the first question, and then the second question was sorry, I remember it was about how to find the products, right. And so the way the way it works is that Amazon on their website, they've got different categories. And basically, when you click one of the categories, they have a best seller list. So for example, let's say you went to health, and health and development, and you'd collect, you select an option called bestsellers. And in there you have, like 100 plus top sellers. And then what you do is you look, you look through that you look at the products that you can eat that, you know that you know, you can easily go and find a supplier for and they already

00:24:11--> 00:24:35

make it and you just need to, you know, get a label designed. So you know, I'll give you an example. There's a product called Garcinia, cambogia. Right, you're probably thinking What the hell is that is it's a very well known weight loss supplement, right? And it sells really, really well. And you know, you'd see different people doing that. And if you see people that you know, that are doing it, they're making a lot of sales. And you can see that because they have each page has a ranking.

00:24:36--> 00:24:59

So the lower the ranking, the more it sells. So if it's between like under 100, it's sending probably two 300 units a day. So you could focus on the ones that rank under 100. And then yeah, you just select one of those products and then you move forward. And you know, there's ways to find out about competition, you know, it also depends on how many reviews they've got. So if they've only got like 100 or 200 reviews, that's quite good thing that's very low competition.

00:25:00--> 00:25:35

as well. So that's how you would kind of go through the process, you go through each category. And you'd find a product that you could do, whether it be an iPhone case, a witness product, kitchen gadget, there's, there's so many out there that you can do. The second thing that you mentioning is, do you need capital to start? And yeah, you definitely need capital to start. And you know, it's, you know, you can start any way where, for example, you know, you can go for a product, where you can only you can even start with a couple of $100, right, or a couple 100 pounds, you know, 500, just get maybe 100 units of a certain product, and just play around with it, test it and start

00:25:35--> 00:25:57

building up from there. But with anything, the more money you do have the quicker results that you know, you can get. Awesome. That's super interesting. So, what's some products that you yourself have, like found that are really popular? I'm just curious to know. Sure. Um, so at the moment, me personally, I'm focusing on kitchen gadgets, right? So

00:25:58--> 00:26:34

I don't do any cook. Basically, when I was just doing my research, I came across a product that was just selling really well, it didn't have too much competition, and it was a kitchen gadget. So, you know, I tested it out, and you know, it's To this day, it's just, it's selling like crazy. Even in this interview, I probably sold like 10 units or something, right? And so it's really good, Mashallah, and but, you know, there's there's other products out there that you know, that sell really well, again, weight loss supplements, and, you know, technology, technology stuff normally sells quite well, too. Like you need all these new USB, like charges and things like that. You know,

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there's there's so many things out there that you know, so really well, I'm just moving on to the next question here on that you mentioned a Muslim entrepreneurs group quite a bit.

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What is this all about? Give us the lowdown? And what's the purpose behind it? Cool. Okay, so with the with the Muslim entrepreneur group, as mentioned, it started off because I saw potential in the Amazon model and the course the amazing selling machine course. So what I did is,

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you know, once I was getting very, you know, I've got a lot of success with it. And I saw other Muslims, you know, having huge success with this course. So I want to really push this out inshallah, right. And so, you know, I develop the brand Muslim entrepreneur group, and I create some videos, and even tv adverts and things like that, just to, you know, get people interested in becoming entrepreneurs, and that had the same vision of wanting to feed their time and earn an income, you know, an automated income. Yeah. So I think the first thing I needed to do was, was just motivate people, because me personally, when I, when I was growing up, one of the things I actually

00:27:35--> 00:28:10

said to myself is, I don't want to be rich, I don't want to have money, because I felt like, you know, stuff would allow this is, you know, this is materialism, and things like that, right? But I realized that, you know, that's completely false and is very an Islamic, because when you look at for example, the Syrah is you know, the people that were closest to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, there were entrepreneurs, including his wife, Khadija rhodiola, who and her she was a very, very rich and wealthy entrepreneur, she was humbler and, you know, the model that she was doing, where she's buying products from one area and sending it another is very similar to

00:28:12--> 00:28:50

exactly the only difference is we have the internet now. Yeah. And so she was very well for you, you've got abubaker, the Allahu anhu is very wealthy with Monroe, the Allahu anhu. And one of the reasons why even with minor the Allahu anhu was granted agenda is because of his wealth, because of the amount he gave. Yeah, so it's not, you know, being rich isn't an issue is what you do with that money, then that counts. And so the first thing is, I wanted to motivate people to change their mindset, and to really create an ambition to you know, become financially free, and, and move forward with that. So that was the first thing. And the second thing was to clarify the journey that

00:28:50--> 00:29:05

they needed to take to get there. So why did is, you know, told them about the course and motivate them to actually go on the course. And then the third step was actually guide their mother during the course. And I would give them my support my guidance, so I would be teaching them things outside of the course,

00:29:07--> 00:29:12

that I want to get even better results to see. So that was one of the things that I did.

00:29:14--> 00:29:54

Exactly, yeah. And Marshall, as mentioned, the results are going really, really well. And but, you know, my vision for for this group is is really to develop as many wealthy Muslims as possible because I've come from a dour background. So I was working in an organization called AI era, which is the Islamic education research Academy. And you know, one of the one of the biggest pains that I had, you know, working in the Dow is when we look at like the media and so many people are attacking Islam and, you know, people's perceptions, the Dow became very, very hard after all these things were happening. And so what I really wanted to do is, you know, develop wealthy Muslims, but for for

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

us to become the engine that is going to fund the oma so we want to I really have a vision

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

Do stop funding things like, you know, people that are involved in the Dow are people involved with dealing with the media, people are involved with dealing with the politics, and all the areas that are really going to have a big impact and take the oma out of the kind of slump we're in, and bring us back to where we should be. So, you know, that was the kind of vision I wanted to kind of create. But so basically, what you know, what I wanted to do is, is something similar from an Islamic perspective and a Muslim perspective, where when we're using the money within the Ummah, and then directing it to good causes and developing the oma and also changing people's perceptions and

00:30:33--> 00:31:14

allowing the DAO to flourish. And so yeah, I really liked how you mentioned that you want to, like your vision is to build, you know, the engine that funds that online, I think that's a really like, noble cause, and we should all aspire to, you know, become financially, like, independent and free. And so we can do these things. It's not just for us, it's for, for for everyone for the Omi Exactly, and I want to just want to get back to your business model. And, you know, the Muslim entrepreneurs group, how, and I know, a lot of listeners might be asking this question as well, how can you do business without being spammy or fake? And like, you know, just really creepy, ya know, understand

00:31:14--> 00:31:41

what you're saying, you know, because, you know, some people will just connect you as a salesman, you know, if you're trying to sell something, they're like, what's the salesman and, you know, there's a lack of trust there and stuff like that. And so I think the key thing is, is, you know, to become an entrepreneur, you need to sell something, right. And the way what you want to do is just sell something that people want. Some, it's really simple as that, see what people are wanting. And, you know, the thing is, with, with the model that I'm teaching,

00:31:42--> 00:32:14

you know, you're not really the face of anything, all it is you've got a product online, and people are coming to you, rather than you going to them, if that makes sense, because they're the one that are searching on Amazon, and they say, I want an iPhone case. Yeah. And so you know, that kind of eradicate that problem. But you know, in other business models, and you know, when you're going to try to do something, you know, you're going to the thing is, when you do when you, you step up to actually start doing something, there's gonna be 10% of people that are going to love you. And they're gonna be like, you know, this is amazing, they're gonna have 10% of people that are gonna

00:32:14--> 00:32:43

hate you, and they're gonna attack you for what you're doing. And is that the 80% in the middle might sway one way or the other. And so really, you know, whatever you're doing, if it's even like in an Islamic project, or whatever it is, you're gonna have people that are going to say, What are you doing? Are they going to attack you and hate you? But you know, as long as you're, you know, as long as you're doing things you do, everything you're doing is halaal 10? You know, you're getting guided? Exactly, and you're getting guidance from the people and knowledge of the scholars, then I'm the you know, who cares what people think is just their opinion, at the end of the day? Absolutely.

00:32:43--> 00:33:02

Break the system. Go after what you want in life be integral. So we're actually coming towards the end of the interview, and I just want to get you our top recommended books if you give us three. Sure. Okay, so there's three books, or courses, because you mentioned that you like courses. Yeah. Okay, that's cool. Right? Um, so yeah. So

00:33:03--> 00:33:39

in regards to books, I'll just fire away with some books. So one is a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Robert Kiyosaki. And he really talks about, you know, the system of life where people are born, and they have to go into a job and success and things like that. And his story is really interesting. From that perspective, if you want to go in and really good from a mindset perspective, another book by Tim Ferriss could four hour workweek, and that really motivated me to wanting to create a job, or a job or a business that is, you know, that requires me to work a few hours a week from home.

00:33:40--> 00:34:18

So you know, awesome, yeah, for sure. So he's really good. And again, from you know, from a mindset perspective, as well, in regards to courses, you know, if you want to if you want to go down the route that I mentioned, which is set up an online business and automated business through the Amazon model, then the best thing to do is do the amazing selling machine course if the doors are going to be open in April May towards the end of April. So it's a good time for you to invest in that and really fast track your success with that. Now as mentioned, you know, I provide a lot of support with that as well so if you're interested in you know, joining the Muslim entrepreneur group and and

00:34:18--> 00:34:38

going on the course as well then all you need to do is go to work for jenna.com so if they just go to work for Jenna calm and on there, I'm going to have more information on the course and what we do and more testimonials and you know what the students are doing so far. So you know, if people are interested in what I'm saying and that model do go for what to work for Gen Con, that's it.

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

So um, you mentioned Rich Dad, Rich Dad, Poor Dad four hour workweek and the amazing selling machine. And also guys do make sure to check out over at work for journal comm will have all the links in our show notes as well. Or one last question, what is one life hack that you can give to our listeners? What is one thing that you can offer?

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

tells us that we'll get them kind of get them ahead in life. Cool, okay, so so what I would suggest is, if you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, then start today, right. And the way you can start is when I was when I made the decision myself that I wanted to become an entrepreneur, one of the first things I did is I went around my house, and I started picking up all the things that I don't use anymore, whether it be clothes, and gadgets, and things like that. And then I went online on a website called eBay inside selling them, right. And so what I would suggest you do is have that create a challenge for yourself, that you're going to make $100 within the next month just by doing

00:35:37--> 00:36:12

that, right. And that really gives you a motivation a Kickstart to you learning the process of buying and selling. And then what you can do is use that 100 pounds to then go and maybe invest in something like what I did is, I started looking at things on eBay that have, you know, had wrong spellings and bad pictures, and they sold for very cheap. And then I went on Amazon and sold them for even more, because people are willing to spend more on Amazon because of, you know, it's a bit more prestigious. So, you know, there's, there's loads of models and ways you can do that. But I would say, you know, find a way to make 100 pounds in the next month. Right? Another quick tip is,

00:36:12--> 00:36:47

there's so many other ways you can do this. So if you go to a website called fiverr.com, fi Ve rr.com. And if you've got any talents and tools, like anything that you can give people are like a skill you can help people with, what you can do is you can offer that to people and they can they'll come to you and they'll buy your whatever it is for me and you make money that way to give you an example. Yes, freelancing. So you know, give an example, I used to have these course notes from a course that I did a popular course and I just put it up there, if anyone wants my notes, and people would come and start buying them from me, and I'll just send them the notes. So if anybody you know,

00:36:47--> 00:37:24

there's so many things you can do on fiverr.com. You know, you can go and explore that as well. But it's an interesting place to start with. The point is there's so many avenues and ways you can do this. And you know, don't stick to just what I'm saying. The key thing is that the kind of life hack is if you want to become an entrepreneur, start today and create yourself a challenge of finding a way to go and make $100 within the next month. Fantastic. So guys, do go out there start today challenge yourselves. I really do appreciate you sharing that with us heroine and we have run out of time. But where else can our listeners get in touch with you? Other than work for jenna.com? Sure.

00:37:24--> 00:38:06

So you can go on my Facebook page. It's Haroon h ar WN Qureshi qu r ey sh I 89. So if you just go to facebook.com, forward slash marine crushy 89. And then you can you know, send me a private message if you want any questions or anything like that as well. Fantastic. So do check out our guys. And we're fortunate accom Harun, thank you so much for joining us on the show and sharing your hacks with us and how you sowed free text messages in school and things like that. We really appreciate you coming on and enjoy talking to you. No problem. Thank you for having me. All right, so that was the end of conversation with her and Qureshi until you're pumped to get started with your own

00:38:06--> 00:38:45

businesses as well. I know I am excitement. Um, it was a fantastic conversation. And honestly after talking to her in it, it really gave me a greater and wider perspective on how to live life and the countless countless ways that you can expand and live rich and meaningfully by taking control of your finances. So as usual, you can find all the links and references mentioned in the show where to connect with Haroon on the web plus his book recommendations which are really cool over at our home on the web, Muslim life hackers.com you can just look up the interview there plus you can find previous episodes and interviews as well. Alright, that's all for today guys. It's been a pleasure.

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Until next time, aim high take action and be awesome.

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