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Episode Notes

Mifrah speaks with positive psychologist, coach & entrepreneur: Saiyyidah Zaidi on happiness, high performance & wealth.

  • “You had an aim to become a chief executive but priorities changed and you were true to that which is a very brave step to take especially since sometimes when we are set on a goal, its as though we get to married to it or something – there’s no flexibility if things change in life” [3:40 – Mifrah]
  • “… Honestly if you were to ask me, I would say that I live the life of a millionaire right now but does it mean I am millionaire? I choose when to get up, how to spend my time. If we want to take off 3 months and go travelling then we can do it because of some of the things we set up and it doesn’t need to extravagant.” [10:48 – Saiyyidah]
  • “If you surround yourself with amazing people, your going to life yourself and become even more amazing. When I look at the situation of UK, many people are generationally unemployed or generationally uneducated because that’s who they surrounded themselves with.” [17:39 – Saiyyidah]
  •  “You talk about the importance of being confident in yourself so that you bring more to things you do. Now an issue that was brought up by one of our listeners on this, was finding that balance between being confident and not being proud and arrogant? Is this just a misunderstanding of confidence or is there some truth to this, can you really get carried away in the pursuit of being more confident?” [18:10 – Mifrah]
  • “In order to be high performers we need to take care of yourselves. Its not rocket science. It just requires a little bit of tweaking to the life we are living” [27:13 – Saiyyidah]


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