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S02E07 – Building Online Businesses and Leaving Legacies – Aaqib Ahmed [Interview]

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Muslim Life Hackers

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Episode Notes

Maheen talks to Aaqib Ahmed about building online businesses using Facebook and what it means to be legacy focused in life.

Highlights from the show:

–           “Give us the low down, what do you do?” [2:15 – Maheen]

–           “To face over 200 rejects is taking it to a totally new level, and I really liked how you mentioned you wanted to break the status quo, you know not typical Pakistani style…go be an entrepreneur” [3:50 – Maheen]

–           “It is all about making your work your life mission, so that you know in society you are not worshiping the status quo” [4:16 – Aaqib]

–          “The one question that shaped everything that I am doing – If on The Day of Judgement when Allah asks me “Ya Aaqib what have you done with your time?” and I can’t say you know I have really given it my best shot, I haven’t been sitting on the fence, that regret would be too much to take” [4:35 – Aaqib]

–           “Tell us more about your vision of building a legacy focused Ummah” [5:33 – Maheen]

–           “You need to step up, you have to compete with the best out there. You want to contribute and the only way to do that is to challenge yourself, push yourself 100 percent” [9:34 – Aaqib]

–           “Raise your minimum standard to excellence” [10:04 – Aaqib]

–           “Why should people use Facebook for building their online businesses?” [17:08 – Maheen]

–          “I have an imbalance, where I am spending too much time at work and not enough with my family. But it is all about balance…but it is like the 80-20 rule, do that 20 percent that gives you 80 percent of the result” [21:58 – Aaqib]

Episode Transcript

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Season Two, Episode Seven.

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Welcome to the Muslim life factors podcast, the weekly podcast providing you the knowledge, tools and connections to help you get ahead in life. And now, your hosts, Murph and mahane Malik

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Assalamu alaikum Muslim kids and welcome back to the show. This is your host, Dr. MAHANEY, Malik bringing you another brand spanking new interview with people doing remarkable things. Today's guest on the show is aku Akhmad. octave is a prize winning online leader who has trained hundreds of Muslim leaders worldwide. with Facebook social media influence, he has worked alongside names like Muhammad Sharif Baba Ali, yasir Qadhi, and organizations such as a mother of baina Institute and productive Muslim plus a ton more Mashallah. He is also the founder of AI legacy and the newly legacy printer. But more on that in the show, I talked to occupat about how he got from facing down

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to 100 plus job rejections after graduating, to building his highly successful online business Mashallah, and how he helps others do the same. We also move on to his legacy focused framework and what it means to be legacy focus. As usual, you can find all the links and references from the show at our website over at Muslim lifehacker.com so do remember to check that out. You know, I really enjoyed talking to our club about finding your passion and having this legacy focused mentality and then turning it into a business you know, just taking it a step further, a whole lot of fun inshallah. And with that being said, let's get right into the conversation. I sound like I'm with

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some life hackers and welcome back to the show. We've got another special guest interview for you guys today with our club admin here with us sound like welcome slump, how you going on going good hum delays, evening time in the UK. And yeah, just been busy keeping well from the law. So thank you again for joining us on the show and being a guest on here. What I'd like to start off the interview by getting some background on you for our listeners, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. Give us the lowdown Yeah, hamdulillah I just chill.

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You know, 26 I graduated from Birmingham University. Back in 2010. I've always had a passion to benefit the Ummah to leave a legacy behind because that's what my parents taught me from a young age to seek knowledge. And coming from a Pakistani background. You want to kind of get out the engineer, doctor, lawyer circle, you want to be an entrepreneur. And it's been quite difficult because after university I got like over 250 rejections after uni looking for my dream job that is like free bombs. Yeah, so many rejections. Okay, London Birmingham, delay, you're not good enough. You're too nice. You know, you've, you don't dress properly. I fail phase A lot of like verbal abuse, but

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Subhanallah looking back, it really shaped me. And since then, I've been able to reach like, over 30 million people on Facebook got to work with like Peter gold and Margaret bainer, Islam, China and hundreds of other Facebook pages, helping them grow their influence online. And yeah, humble. It's been. It's been a journey of you know, setbacks and achievements. But as long as you have your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as long as you have a vision and a passion, then things fall into place. Yeah, that sounds so cool. Like, and I really like how you mentioned that you got over 200 rejections, that is a huge amount of

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Yeah, like, it takes a certain amount of like strength, because like, people just don't even go out there and ask for things and then just that much rejection as well as like a totally different level. And electric, kind of stated that you wanted to kind of break the status quo. You know, typical study style doctor, engineer, you know, yes, just completely go past that. become an entrepreneur. Yeah, for sure. It's all about, you know, making your work your life mission so that you're not

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you're not like in society, you know, worshipping the status quo. Like when I was 19 years old. I was in my Auntie's house in Pakistan, and I looked back in my life, and I saw these flashes of like playing football, eating bardiani in the kitchen, but I was like, What am I actually done with my life? And then I had this one question that came to my mind and this one question really shaped everything I'm doing. And our one question was, should I tell you now or shall I leave? I'm on the edge I need to know.

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Okay, that one question was if on the Day of Judgment, Allah asks, we argue What have you done with your time and I can't you know, say Yala, giving it my best shot. I've you know, not lived on the fence.

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played for louder, that'd be great. We're gonna fill on the Dow judgment is gonna be too much to take. And ever since then I really live my life the past six years, you know, I've been working hard enjoying my life and lifestyle. It's all about living your dream lifestyle, you're having fun contributing to the onma. And also, you know, following Islamic principles as well, that sounds pretty cool. And you know what? I tend to find that people don't ask this kind of questions of themselves at a younger age as well. You know, what I've done with my life, what what is my life's work? And I know this will definitely benefit from this as well. I'm just moving on to what your

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vision is about No, no, your vision is to build a legacy focused. Omar. Could you tell us a bit more about this? Yes. So that's about racing for gender for DOS. It's about praying gamma Laila, I mean, hamdulillah had a project called gamma legacy and Marshall and managed to help hundreds of Muslims across over 25 countries pray tahajud every day they are waking up at like four o'clock in the morning, in a connecting with Allah subhanho wa Taala have always had this passion to help the Ummah in a benefit and be forward thinking so that when you look back at their life, they've got no regrets, and they're really maximizing their good deeds. So that you know, on the day of judgment,

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they can have no regrets and enter the high ranks in Jannah. Like, that's what that's what legacy focus comes from being forward thinking. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So jack and being a person of km is part of being forward thinking. Yeah, definitely. Because gambling teaches you discipline, it teaches you focus. And if you can connect with Allah subhanho wa Taala, then you know, that's the key, really, in the past 10 years being online, the number one secret ingredient for success is, you know, connecting with Allah subhanaw taala. And making dua to Allah like, whenever I make, I feel like my life change, like seriously I could be making when I'm driving, sometimes I'm driving, and I

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take my hands off the steering board, just to make sure

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that I had from Muhammad Sharif, when he was talking about Dwight, he was like, Dwight is the cradle of life. And you know, that's stuck with me. And I'm like, that's so true. What I need to be making more dua like seriously, yeah, comes from, and I pick your brain a bit more about this can project say, for example, like, we've got listeners out there who have never paid cash in their life? How do they go from, you know, sleeping through fudger, hitting the snooze button constantly to being a person of accountability. So what we have is you have a team so of course, like those 25 countries, we had like an immediate and in a mirror, they were they would help each other wake up for gamma

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ray. So Person A equals Person B equals person C, and it goes back in a cycle. And I believe the key to high performance is accountability. And also that community, that ecosystem that's motivating you, that's you know, addressing challenges, and having fun at the same time as well. Fantastic. sounds really cool. Um, now I just want to get a bit more into your latest project called legacy printer. Um, could you tell us a bit more about legacy legacy printer? Give us some background on it? Yeah. hamdulillah you know what it is McDonald's, spend millions marketing a burger How much do we spend on promoting Islam like people are making a living just from a mocking Islam nowadays, we

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got to be able to compete with that we got to be able to compete with the media. So the vision of legacy Panetta is to build an entrepreneurial Omar, where every Muslim becomes their own boss. They're praying karma lane. And it's amazing. I've had so many success stories, I hear success stories every day. It's like, wow, this is like a dream come true. It's like 10 years of hard work is really sharing his food. And it's about helping Muslims discover their passion, grow a Facebook page, and then become becoming their own boss, or, you know, earning a halaal income on the side and people are making sales and have I've had I've had brothers and sisters grow their Facebook pages

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from like, nothing to over 100,000 followers in a couple of months, to like, 1000s of video views. And yes, being amazing, right? You know, what people can do if they really set their mind to something? So what do you what would you say to someone who's like, you know, shun social media, you know, like, my success in the online is between me and God kind of thing and kind of keep to myself is that the kind of mindset that we should be having, I say, Show off, be a show off, but only show off for the sake of Allah like, you want to stand up for the sake of Allah. As long as your intentions are pure, you have to step up, you know, if we're gonna sit down and be a heap, then

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we're not going to raise the standard in the oma. We got to be able to compete with the best out there and do it from an Islamic perspective. So you have to do

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what's the word, you want to contribute? You want to grow yourself as well. And that only happens when you challenge yourself and really push yourself 100% like, I always do things fill out 100% it's either all or nothing.

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Can never play on defense. And if we can, you know, step up and raise our game, have the saying it goes, raise your minimum standard of excellence. So it's like raise your minimum Islamic standard of excellence. And if your minimum standard is it has sound and you know what's gonna be above that's gonna be world class to you know, legendary if if Allah wills is just about raising our standard and displaying on a higher level salutely. So raising a standard and making it Excellent. So that's really cool. And I just want to get more bit more into legacy printer and how it helps people do sales. What's that all about? Like? How do you help people convert it into what they do what they

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love into sales. So there's two ways number one is you can have a product, which is like an E book, it could be a webinar, it could be a membership site, or you could have a service like consulting or coaching or therapy. So whatever your passion is, you align that with a particular product or service, it could be an online course, it could be a coaching service, like when I first started out a couple of years ago, I because a Facebook coach, I was helping people grow their Facebook pages, I first started off at productive Muslim, I was volunteering for them as a marketing manager, I'm helping them grow their page by like 20,000 followers. This was when Facebook didn't even exist in

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the on my like, you know, productive Muslim was an early adopter. And I volunteered my time dad and got to work with other people, they they saw how productive Muslim grew. And Jay just like it happens step by step. But you got to like discover your passion, which is, you know, something that really drives you you got to find out what your why is, and have a have a system for finding what your passion is. Number one is Who do you want to serve? Is it teaches? Is it mothers? Is it children? Who Who's your audience? Number two, is what problem do you want to solve? What pain you're really tackle? And then number three is what solution Do you want to give? And number four is

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wash your idea in like one sentence, how do you not waffle on and really bring down your ideas is very specific and focused. Awesome. So you would you say that legacy printer is there to help you take your passions and like put it into the online platform? Yes. So you can take your passion and build a community with it that's benefiting people thus making a difference. Like I did a 50 speaker online conference like a few years ago, we had this guy called Tony is a 49 year old single man he came on and he said hey Shahada on the actual conference, we were crying. He was really emotional. And he was like, All my life I've been abused and mocked by then I finally found peace after 49

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years. I was like, wow, you know, crying and then he made a special thank you video after the conference saying thank you rkV changed my life. I was like No, no, no, this is from Allah Subhana Allah Allah zone that guides and I'm really glad that this online conference, it facilitated, you know that, that platform the next stepping stone in your life, incredible. It's like stories like those that really, you know, shake you and like show you truly like the power of Allah subhanaw taala and like what he's like really capable of Yeah, like, sometimes we just like have this doubt. Yeah, minds of like, what, what's actually what we're actually capable of doing with his help. And

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it's really incredible to hear stuff like that. Exactly. Yeah, humble, you know, really, I nearly died a couple of years ago and it was after my knee operation. This was a year after I had a knee operation like I love playing football, like football in the UK is called soccer. And I couldn't make as a professional footballer, I used to play in the vein I used to play in the mud. As a typical deci guy in the UK he used to love playing football had dreams and hopes and ambitions of either being a professional football player but this couldn't make it because I wasn't quick enough or wasn't strong enough. But you know everything happens for a reason. And then I injured my knee

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once I injured my left knee playing football and and I had an operation on it. And as they came out the operation theater or just lying there my throat was sore My head was spinning but it was acid time so I had to pray upset and there was a glass of water next to me I was on my bed It was a cold cold but sunny day there was people around the ward and just underneath just underneath my heat I did will do is lie in the aftermath operation and straightaway after they will do I was like wow, you know, I feel really refreshed and I prayed I said just lying down and and then like I was at home and has so many people 1000s of brothers and sisters around the world and making dua for me

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saying aku hope you get better. How's your operation? Here's some flowers from Bangladesh. His you know, loving carrots is it was amazing. But then one night I never forget, I was praying my mug

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and I was just sitting there on my bed. It was just past Maghreb after my Salah. I went to lie down on my bed and I felt

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Like I was gonna die, and I was like, Whoa, what my head started spinning and my tongue was saying these words, it was saying these lyrics and I was like I say these lyrics all the time. And you know how when we die we're gonna die upon was in our heart and our saying like, Subhanallah Robbie hummed he because it's like my favorite zip code. And yeah, I felt it's worn from my body. And I was like, wow, you know, I just felt like, I was gonna die. And I was like, Yalla take my soul. This feels amazing. You know, I was just like, in a state of like, sensation, it was like, wow. But then like, I fell asleep. And as I woke up, I was like, wow, this is this is life second chance to be legacy

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focused in gender driven. And I was like, from that moment on, I'm not gonna be lazy, I'm gonna work hard. And I care. I was lazy, and I didn't mess things up. But, you know, hamdulillah that's what kind of drives me that that that experience but also that every second we're on like a conveyor belt to death. Like, imagine being on a on a belt that's just moving. And at the bottom is death. We're on a conveyor belt to death. And it's like, you know, every second go to maximize it to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I guess it's like, mindset driven. Like, you know, I mess up, I make mistakes. I'm just sure average guy, but, you know, it's like, that mindset is like, you know, yeah,

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that's what keeps you back on it and just raising the bar. back, I guess. Yeah, that's my story. How was that? That was a great story. So you didn't become the next Ronaldo. Instead, you injured your knee and you had like this massive epiphany on the, on the path that you're on. Now, that's really cool. I love hearing stories like that. It's all about the mindset that you just thought you just mentioning. It's really just about, you know, like, you keep pulling down, you know, that's saying like, you fall down seven times get up eight. It's really just about that mindset. Just keep going, keep doing and just don't wait for the right moment at the moment.

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The conveyor belt to death, super scary, super scary. So I think I just want to get a bit more into Facebook. Now. I am an avid Facebook user myself. I'm trying to get more into it. So why why should people use Facebook for building their online businesses? Why don't use it for legacy printer, because I Scott, over 1 billion users it gets millions of likes and comments every day, it gets like millions of views every single day. And because like if you imagine Facebook, if you imagine your every Facebook post, being like a speaking platform, where with just one post, you can reach hundreds, if not 1000s of people, if from one click, you can benefit so many people, they surely is

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the most effective way to build a legacy. Not not, I would say the most effective way. Because like you can build a legacy offline as well. But it's one of the most effective ways to build a legacy because you're contributing, you're reaching more people. And you're able to make a difference. And it's all about fast tracking, how can you create the greatest impact in the short space of time? Like, if I said to you go reach 100 people offline, then you might knock on 100 doors, but how long is that going to take you it might take you like a couple of days or even a couple of weeks we have is on Facebook, the average Muslim user has like 350 friends, excluding their auntie and uncle and

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Yeah, yeah, for sure. And you can make a difference then you have to be on Facebook, turn your Facebook into legacy book. And imagine your Facebook chat is like an online dollar to where it's like, you know, you have st our offline Imagine if you have st our online, we're on Facebook chat you're talking to Bill, are you talking to Bob, you're talking to Sarah about Islam? Like, let me give you another story. A couple of years ago, this guy called Andy. He was 15 years old. He'd been following a couple of my Facebook pages and he says he said something to me, which really hit me and it became like the turning point for me to give Dawa online and this one thing like, I'll never

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forget. Should I tell you what it is? Yes, let's go for. Okay. Yeah, he said to me, I'd been reading about Islam after 911 and I thought Islam was about terrorism and our four is about violence. But as I read the Quran, I found this song to be about peace. And then he said this one thing I was like, Okay, can I say my Shahada? I was like he Yes.

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Yes, please. Yeah, here's my number.

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Oh, yeah, yes. Do you Shahada I'm here man, this villa. And I was like, wow, you know, imagine if I wasn't on Facebook. Would he have approached me with you have joined my Facebook pages. So like, that's the impact of Facebook and you don't have to be on there. 24 seven like I live online like over the past.

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Nine years, I spent over like 1212 hours every day online. And I know that's crazy. But when you're passionate about something, you want to do it to a masters and a PhD level to really like stand out and learn from your mistakes. Like if I could give one piece of advice, and this is the only piece of advice people take from this interview, is that after the training session, be the person who stays behind? And does extra training be the person who, when people have gone home after university lectures, you're in the library till 10 o'clock, working really hard. Like, I've tried to be that person for the past like 10 years in this like Facebook space in the Muslim circle and made

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mistakes, you know, learnt many lessons but you know, excited for inshallah was was gonna follow? Absolutely. Just being that person that goes that extra mile can make all the difference in the world. And I just want to Yeah, but yeah, you just mentioned that you spend 12 hours a day on sometimes up to 12 hours a day on Facebook, how do you how do you use it in a way that doesn't consume you like that you don't forget about like, say, your family or like taking care of your health and things like that? How do you like get it all together and like, still work it seamlessly. So you have a system and the word system stands for save yourself, stress, time, energy, money. So

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like, if you have a system for your life, then like, I made sure that my life revolves around my Salah. So I have like a square and a square, like, I try and do this routine every day. Like in the top quadrant, I have like my physical health. So I'm always getting to the gym. And you know, keeping in good shape, and my spiritual growth is really important. That's another box. And then your family is important as well, as well as you know, keeping in touch with friends. So you have the social aspect. But also, you know, you have your leadership growth, as well as the business side as well. And yeah, I'll be honest, like, I know, this interview is gonna make me sound perfect, and

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like an angel, but I'm like, I make a lot of mistakes. And I have faced this imbalance where I'm spending too much time in my work and not enough time with my family. And I do feel guilty sometimes that, you know, my parents are getting old, and I want to, you know, get that balance. And I guess it's kind of like a challenge. And it's difficult as a guide to, you know, juggle 70 different things. But if you kind of learn and you kind of like the 8020 rule, you focus on the the 20% that gets 80% of the results, I guess. Absolutely. So would you say it's still kind of like a work in progress to kind of like, need to monitor yourself constantly. Yeah, constant checks. And it's

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something that I haven't mastered, I'm still you know, working on and even after being online for like, nearly a decade, I still I still feel like I'm a beginner because things are constantly changing. And it's like you're constantly trying to learn and grow. And no matter how much you grow and improve, you're always going to be a student in no matter what you do. Yeah, absolutely. I find it really, really interesting. Because like, sometimes people think, you know, you kind of learn something, and then that's it. You've closed the book, but it's not the case. In order for like success, you need to continually like input input input and like, monitor yourself, check your

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sincerity and kind of go from there. I'll be honest, like, as I started getting more well known on Facebook, it did get to my head. Sometimes when you get to mine too many compliments too much praise. It's as a young guy, like it can get to your head and it can be a fit enough for you as well. And you know, I'll be honest, sometimes it did did get to my head and sometimes like it did, you know, affect my Deen as well. But as long as you remember what you're doing, you afford to build a legacy to please Allah subhanho wa Taala that kind of like brings you back on track? Absolutely. And and just on that tangent, would you say that this is one of the challenges that people face when

00:23:53--> 00:24:34

like trying to monetize your business online? Like what are some some of the other challenges as well, I think when you're first starting out, you need a mentor. So before I kind of like, before I got to where I am now I had like really good mentors, like, I really admire Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif and what he's done with Al Maghrib and discover you. So I was like, how can I work with him and how can I get mentored by him? So I ended I attended nishiura which was a leadership program that he's done, Mashallah, a couple of times, I attended the one in London, which was the last one and I managed to Hamidullah when it is allowed or 50 of entrepreneurs and from there I dropped him

00:24:34--> 00:24:59

an email saying Can I can I be part of your event from there employed by discovery you and my god to take lead on the marketing side for some of those different launches like visionary to red pill and like a Garmin and I was like working one to one with Sheikh Mohammed and what I learned in this couple of months, it was the biggest growth I've ever had, like marshalese resource focus, he's got amazing character.

00:25:00--> 00:25:36

So if you're just starting out, you need a mentor, you need someone who's been there who's you know, made the mistakes, and you know, someone who can help you fast track. So I really believe that with the right mentor, like what took me like 910 years to build online, I believe people now can do it in like, six to 10 months, or even like three months with the right commitment, like you can really fast track, it's all about having the right mentors, and, you know, really committing as well, and having a focus. Absolutely. So trying to find the right mentor and take like, everything that's good for them, because I can really fast track what you learn. And, and that's so true, like, the fastest

00:25:36--> 00:26:12

way to learn is through like, you know, teaching and learning from someone else, just like kind of listening and observing, you know, it's all good to kind of like, yeah, Google Search how to become an entrepreneur online, it's not really gonna happen, unless you really dedicate that time and look to what other people are doing and learn from it. And that's another thing I had a lot of mentors in the mainstream. Like, there's one time I managed to recruit a blogger from Google to manage to work with some top entrepreneurs in the world, like these guys are earning millions of dollars in the mainstream, but they never had the Islamic touch where I used to go to these events, and they will

00:26:12--> 00:26:49

be no free mixing and music. And I felt really sad. I was like, there's no Muslims here. And I felt deep down that I want to create something in the Muslim space, that can be Islamic focused, that can have the spiritual touch, where you focus on your saliva, Quran, but also, you're building a business or a project online. So there's a big need for that in the Muslim space. And it's not just important to get a mentor, but get someone who's aligned with the values that you have, which are Islamic, which are, you know, legacy focused in gender driven? Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, fantastic. Thank you for sharing that. And, and also, just just to I know, like, some of our

00:26:49--> 00:27:26

listeners will be asking this question, what if they don't know how to go about like leaving a legacy? What if they don't know where to start? What do they have kind of have an idea of what they want to do? But they're not sure if it's a good idea? What what would what would be your advice to them, get in touch with me and I'll give, maybe if they're confused, and I'm happy to you know, speak to people, I believe conversation is the new content. I think that the way people speak now in terms of presentations and giving lectures, and speaking, in even the humble, I've been able to speak across the UK. And even though like I have a passion for speaking, I'll never call myself a

00:27:26--> 00:28:05

speaker. I'll just be like, I'm a guy who chats like, I don't want to be in the speaking category, I believe it's about speaking to people, one to one understanding them. So if anyone's lost and confused, and they're happy to get in touch with me, and I always reply back to my messages as best as I can. And especially if it's about legacy building, I give them priority. And I can give that person you know, more specific advice. So if anyone's got any ideas, just kind of communicate, or start asking people get in touch with our cube. And we can go from there. So earlier on, you mentioned mentors and teachers and things like that. I want to get into your top books and resources

00:28:05--> 00:28:48

that you recommend for people who are also trying to like follow the path that you're following. What would you say to them? A good question. I think the best legacy manual is the Quran. So like, you know, one time like, you know, I've been blessed to work with some really, really respectable Islamic names. And I think you know, baina standout for that reason, like when I worked with them, I was trying to think so What makes the mon alikhan unique? What makes Dana so unique? Like how are they growing so fast? And I realized there's one secret sauce to everything they do. And I really analyzed like every post, every email, like as many videos as possible, but there's one thing that

00:28:48--> 00:29:30

really stood out for me and they were promoting the Quran, they were promoting the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if you promoting the Word of God, then Allah blesses you. So like, if you can really focus on reading the Quran, Rita Tafseer of the Quran, really understand how Allah subhanaw taala tells stories and how Allah subhanaw taala is, you know, communicating in, you know, short verses, I think that'd be really powerful. Like, I can give a list of books, but I want people to really focus. So like I'll say really, laser focus on the Quran is the best personal development manual of all time. Read the stories, read the cliffhangers, read the the great reminders and see

00:29:30--> 00:29:40

how you can link that in with your passion. Or, and also like I like to read productive Muslim I think that's a good resource. You know, check out Muslim life hackers, you know, big shout out there.

00:29:42--> 00:29:42

And also like,

00:29:44--> 00:29:53

it was like, Muslim matters. I really like what they're doing with personal development with spiritual growth and then also cough cough legacy.

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

amazing resources, each other people can benefit as well. Fantastic. Thanks.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

Thanks for sharing that. And I totally agree like people should. I think people kind of underestimate the crowd. And they, they just kind of think that it's like more of a spiritual guide. But it's, it's everything really like you just need to get into it and like dive in and just see what's out there, because it's just really amazing what you can find. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So that's all we've got time for, unfortunately, is there any final words that you want to give to our audience? Any advice? You have got one piece of advice. I'm just trying to trying to think of that one, like, killer piece of advice, like I whenever I've done online events is like the last five

00:30:39--> 00:31:21

minutes tends to be the most powerful. So I'm just thinking like, how do we how do we end this with a bang glut? When I got to work with Pete to go there, I think he's one of the best Islamic designers that I've come across. Emotionally, he grew his Facebook page from a couple 1000 to over over 100,000 followers now. And when I looked at like Peter Gold's work, and he has very strong attention to detail, like everything is in his place, like at the right time, like nothing's out of place. And like, I don't know how to put it, it's like, when you're putting yourself out there on Facebook, make sure that your presentation is really nice, and, you know, nothing's blurry. Like,

00:31:21--> 00:31:58

what I'm trying to say is first impression really does count. And if you really focus on that, then you can help push your work forward. So really, like just paying attention to detail and just put your heart into your work and don't give like, like a half effort, because what you're putting out there is gonna leave an impression. Yeah, exactly, you know, have high attention to detail. Even if there's no full stop there, make sure you have one, then no spelling mistakes, get everything checked. And I think just get it out there. It's not going to be perfect when you you know, first do it, but you know, get it out there, make mistakes, but move really fast as well. So you can take

00:31:58--> 00:32:00

action and, you know, learn along the way as

00:32:02--> 00:32:41

well. That's awesome advice. And, you know, I really enjoyed this conversation and what you had to say and share about legacy printer and legacy building. I know, it's got me motivated for you know, kind of like bantering and kind of going against that elevator down to death. But um, I know all this is a benefit from what you had to say as well. So thank you again for joining us and sharing your stories and you know, we look forward to talking to you again, inshallah, inshallah does Akela care. And that wraps up the conversation with aku. Being legacy focused and making your life's work, not only count in this world, but the Hereafter is really what it's all about. It's just so, so

00:32:41--> 00:33:23

important. And I can't emphasize that enough until you enjoy the talk with octave and has got a new like, turning ideas on how to like live, legacy focused life and everything like that. Don't forget to check out our Coburn legacy printer, you can find all the links and references from today's episode lost previous podcast episodes and interviews like this one over at our website at Muslim life. hackers.com. And finally, if you've enjoyed today's show, share that love with us by leaving us a review on iTunes. You can do this by going to Muslim life hackers.com forward slash iTunes, you know, it just really helps us so much with visibility and keeping the podcasts on the top for more

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