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S02E06 – Working In Community Projects – Adel Mohammed [Interview]

Maheen talks to Br Adel Mohammed from Tanzeel and online Quran memorisation platform and discusses what it is like to work in community projects.

Highlights from the show:

  • “Tell us about yourself Adel and what you do” [2:05 – Maheen]
  • “For a period of about 2 years we were still thinking, and we hadn’t given up on the idea but something just wasn’t gelling for us” [3:42 – Adel]
  • “What is unique about Tanzeel?” [4:45 – Maheen]
  • “How did you connect with these teachers that were from all these remote villages around Cairo… how did you bring them together ?” [6:30 – Maheen]
  • “My biggest dua that I am making now is that Allah brings us the right people” [8:02 – Adel ]