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S02E04 – Should You Pay For Personal Development?

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Muslim Life Hackers

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Episode Notes

In this new segment of the Muslim Life Hackers Podcast, Mifrah and Maheen ask the question:  Should you pay for personal development?

Highlights from the show:

·         Is there a difference between cheap and expensive personal development content?

·         What part does perceived value play?

·         Why should developers price personal development

·         Can you buy back time?


Episode Transcript

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Season Two, Episode Four.

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Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you the knowledge, tools and connections to help you get ahead in life. And now, your hosts Mithra maroof and mahane Malik

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Assalamu alaikum welcome and welcome to another episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. My name is Rahim Malik and this is episode four. So today's episode is a little different to the norm, which is our usual longer episodes and interviews with remarkable people. Today marks the release of a new segment that me for my co host, and I decided to try out entitled m&ms. A minute episodes are bite sized short and sweet discussions that address a topic that is on people's minds today. Basically, we start off an episode by asking question, and then go on to debate and come up with a possible conclusion to it and give you a little rant really on our perspectives. Today's question for this

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episode is should you pay for personal development, that could be materials, resources, tools, etc. We're going to get really into this topic and just get into the nitty gritty and kind of rip it apart and see what we come up with. So before I recorded this episode while we were hanging out at the beach, and it just so happened to be quite windy on the day. In some parts of the audio, you might find the will that the wind is quite loud. And I do apologize for that. We tried to minimize it as much as we could and keep the conversation intact. Bear with us until you come up with some real gems on the upside. Alright, let's get into it. Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hack is America

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with another episode from the sim life hackers podcast. Now you may be wondering, where on earth am I it's so windy at the background? Well, I am here with my co host maheen.

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Hey, guys, so why don't we all have that? Okay, so what we decided to do between our longer episodes and our interview episodes is that we want to, we want to test out this new type of episodes. We call them m&ms, which obviously stands for

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in these m&ms. They're like bite sized, quick, short episodes in which we take a question and we just

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find it out really.

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Okay, so that is what we're gonna do. So

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we're actually at the beach, we're walking down.

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It's very windy.

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On the beach week's interview, actually, so I'm not sure when this episode's gonna be launching, but we thought this is a good time to record and what better place to record than the beach.

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We were about to sit down and put a recording of getting into our eyes. And

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you know what? Yeah, what?

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Would you apologize if the quality's a bit off? But what can you do? Okay, so what's, what's a question today? Okay, so the question is, should we pay for custom development? slash Islamic education?

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Well, my short answer for this is

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I can tell you that my answer for it is yes. as well.

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That we both agree on something because if we don't agree

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with that discussion, we get

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to be like fighting

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Okay, so So let's get started. Why? Why don't you say yes, even

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cheap versus expensive. When we buy something that's expensive. It's usually better quality, right? We usually value it more. We usually like look after it more and we usually take it seriously.

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Like cheap

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user wants to be thrown away.

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something that's like a knockoff we shouldn't get a value more. The designer right?

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Not any bad you value the designer one more because it cost you

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well, that to

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and free material. Okay, but what about the whole issue about perceived value, like, we're gonna go back to the whole handbags example. We know that a lot of these fake designer goods and like the normal goods they made at the same factory and it's just about putting up

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Random them. So he said just that, we think that there's a value.

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That's true.

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Yeah, that could be made in the same factory. And, you know, it's practically the same thing. But once you put a brand and you're paying more for it, and get you, you're gonna be valuing it more because you've spent more on it. You know, you've dedicated more to that.

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More seriously. And

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I hate you know what, I think I'm gonna fly away. I kid you not so much.

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You know, when when she walking, we saw this bird, it was just floating in the air because we're so weak.

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And I feel like that bird.

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Okay, so one of the reasons that I also stick by the thing that yes, you should pay, because at the end of the day, it doesn't really come. It's, it's not about the quality of the information, right? Yes, we can say that, hey, look, I'm free and paid paid, we'll probably have better quality. But say, even if we were to say that free and paid, course, right, just a course, because we're talking about personal development, just say that we're both good, good quality, like really good quality stuff. Ultimately, when we actually go and purchase these courses, or when we consume these materials, we want to implement it, because by implementing it, that's when we can see change in our

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lives. Now, the issue is that when people get things for free, they don't value it.

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Yet they don't implemented. So what happens is that that person just ends up wasting their time. And this I'm not basing it on like, I'm just saying this out of random. I was also the opinion that, like, although I would personally pay for courses, yeah, I have no problems paying for courses.

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Investing in mentors. Yeah. And I've also, I've always found that to be very valuable in my life. But you know, you hear those people that say, hey, look, that's expensive, blah, blah, blah. So it's like, okay, fine, let's, let's give him a chance and see where they're coming up. Maybe, maybe they can't pay for it, right. But then the more and more I looked into it, I remember I was listening to a podcast, I believe, and the person who was doing the podcast was, he was interviewing a psychologist. And she was talking about a study in which how, the more someone pays for something, the more likely they value it. And the more likely they're able to take action. And I was like, Hey,

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hold on, I can relate to that. The things that I paid war for, if I didn't implement it, it haunts me. It's like, nagging on, you know, it's the same thing, like

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free ebooks that you get, like from blogs and stuff like that. I have like hundreds of them. But do I open them up and actually use them. But the cost that I pay like a couple of $100 for you bet them when they're sitting there and analyzing it and like going through it. And even if I leave it for a while

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and make sure I get whatever value I can out of it. See, I don't think it's because, you know, we're being shallow in that, Oh, look, we all need belly, the free materials. It's just human nature. We've been wired like this, that when we pay for something or not even paid like when we work towards something, then we value it more. I mean, that's that's also say, for example, let's take like life lessons. Why is it that we value those life lessons when we get hit in the face? Like not literally but there's something in our life? Say for example, someone's been advising you, hey, look, do this, do this, do this do that he was free advice, right? And then you got him hit in the

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face, you fell on your face pretty much. And then you're like, hey, look, I should have done that. And that isn't is an example of like something that took effort. And obviously in stuff like that, yeah.

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I want to change the topic a little bit. What do you think this comes from? Like? It's kind of stingy mentality? What everything for free?

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That's a really good question. Um,

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you see, there is there is genuinely there are Look, I'm I don't, I don't want to be someone that's like, Oh, look, everyone.

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Like not giving regard to the people who genuinely can't afford it. I understand. people genuinely can't afford something here. But for the most part, I think it's just a bunch of excuses. Because the thing is, I have been like even even, like, say,

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behind like Islamic courses and stuff, there, they've always been like, say, for those who couldn't really afford it has always been things like fellowships, scholarships, payment plans

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to get it Yeah, if you want it badly enough, there's always a way through it. But the thing is, people find it it's very easy to just complain about a rant on it about social media say hey, look, you know, I don't want to pay for this so expensive and they're making money out of foster they should be doing it for the sake of Allah. I get it but but but the thing is, what they do is one thing but how, like, at the end of the day, we consume these things because we want to benefit ourselves.

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We want to become better people. Yeah. And just touching on like, you know, for the sake of Allah. Like, if whoever's providing that content is doing it for the sake of Allah, and they price it. In doing so they're adding value to their content. And they're gonna make sure by adding that price tag that guaranteeing that the people who purchase it, otherwise take it seriously, I'd like you to uphold this lack of knowledge. They're not gonna just like, throw away whatever, like Foucault was, or course or whatever, like they could have really taken seriously. And this

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is doing it, you know, for the sake of Allah. They just do. Yeah, and and the thing is, we're not see, we're not just talking about like, Islamic content or something, say like, Sikh or like whatever those Islamic content, we're speaking more about, like personal development, because I see it time and time again, we're like, generally, like, whenever someone from like, a Muslim community or whatever, they decide to go and price something and it's got to do with like making someone a better person or personal development, then they hear these things, hey, look, shouldn't they be doing it for the sake of online, whatever, as like, as like a digital community, and I get that, I

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get it. But the thing is, the people who forget

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what you said before, like, the people behind it, who do price like these missiles, and stuff, it's not just the people that they're going to be giving it to themselves as well. Like, when you price the product, it means that you know, like, seriously, I have to make sure what I'm getting out there. And pricing is like, good quality, excellent quality, I'm gonna be charging for it, I need to make sure it's the best of the best. And that's what pricing like, you know, content and material like precedent, especially personal development stuff does for the developers, it makes sure that this curious about what they're doing. They're gonna be like spending more time and effort and

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energy, sweat, blood,

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sweat and blood, but maybe sweat.

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Yeah, I remember one of my favorite bloggers like he wasn't from a Muslim background. But he was also saying how when he decided to release paid products, right, he was saying how he found himself because he's someone that like his faith that he was part of like, he was evaluate charity and giving back to the community. But he's like, the moment when I started pricing things he was he said, I was taking it more seriously, I was putting more value into it. And also another thing when people are able to price it, they from the content providers side, right? I'm not talking about the people now. And now we're taking another angle on the content providers.

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These people who are able to price it, what happened was that they can take it seriously. And also they can use that money to buy back more time. Yeah. So what does it mean by five, buy back more time? Okay, well basically means like, you know, hey, they're getting the funds from whatever, and they're productive blood sugar, things like that, they can use the funding for that, you know, make their lives, like shortcut their lives. And this will be able to spend more time on like, the things that they're producing. Like, for example, for example, like your mom, this is like, the easiest example that I can think of, for example, your mom and like you make, like, like a like a book, or

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you make like a course on like, how to like, hack, like your household, and make sure it runs like awesome, and like, lets people buy the course and whatever. And then that mom can use those funds to, you know, maybe, like, make her life a little bit easier. Like, I don't know, maybe she might like paid pay someone to, you know, do the gardening or something. And she doesn't have to do that she can use the time that she saves, by paying someone to do it to put more effort into creating even better content. So really benefiting the purchaser and the buyer even more by buying the products.

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Yeah, it is, it is really at the end of the day, it's a win win win situation. Because if someone

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Yeah, if someone really wanted that content, and I assure you, especially someone coming from, from myself, who has purchased paid materials and whatever I could show you information is out there, you can get anything you want for free. It's out there, so if someone can't generally afford it, it's generally out there if you just search for it. But at the end of this at the end of the day, our time is limited. And so by the people who actually make these courses and whatever, they're able to make better use of their time by making it paid because like like you were saying they're able to buy back more time and that they can put more effort into it and at the same time the receiving end

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they can also take action on it because they paid for it. So it's a win win situation.

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Don't disregard like a material Oh my god, how can they price that you know like

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oh my god, you know, they're just trying to make a profit and I don't know like as soon as they get the million dollars they're gonna get their jet and fly we're never gonna hear from

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crazy stuff out there. Yeah, it's like

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seriously, it's gonna benefit you a lot more cuz you know you. You spent more you know you've invested more in

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It's a good

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material. Yeah. And, and also, at the end of the day, you have a choice if you want to buy it or not, it's not that you have to buy all because it's paid me for me. He said, You have to buy it. No, you don't have to buy it. If you don't want to buy it, you don't have to buy it. But you don't have to also say things like, Oh, look, they should be doing it for free. And bla bla bla. I think for me, though, that what what it tells me about that person is that they just being very clingy. They're just complaining that the excuses, they're making excuses and to know that you are not doing what's right for yourself. You're making excuses. Yeah, and people will make excuses. They'll keep

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making excuses five years down the track, they'll still make excuses the same place that they are now.

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Yeah, and like it's just no one has a problem, say going in buying like all these clothes, food and, you know, Dining Out with their family and friends and blah, blah, blah. And then when it comes to like, investing in themselves, like all this, you do it for free. But anyway, look,

00:15:58--> 00:16:02

I guess you get get my point about like you on the dining out part, like

00:16:03--> 00:16:18

you can go and like you know, spend like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on food that you can ingest. And eventually it's gonna be waste product that leaves your buddy. Oh, you can invest in, like the material and knowledge that you're going to keep forever. It's not going to go anywhere.

00:16:20--> 00:17:00

It's just a big difference. And I think people need to have like a mindset shift. Really? It's not a mindset shift yet. Yeah, I'm value education. I think it goes a long way the dude does his brain food. Because if that brain food actually turns into action, even if even if something that you got and you invested in yourself, just make one change in your life, then you know what, even if it cost so much money, it was worth it? Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, the point we're trying to make use, knowledge has value. It has value, and it is something that's worth paying for. And it goes a long way. I don't I don't believe that. It's not worth it. Because it's just knowledge. It's just

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information. As far as I'm concerned. If something can help me solve my problem in my life, it can make me a better person, then you know what, that is? A very good investment of my money. Even if it cost me I'm in the link. Yeah, I agree. I hate educational material paid to personal development, like knowledge, whatever. Yes or no? Yes. Yes, definitely go for it. So we're interested to know now that you heard our rant. I hope the sound quality was good. We had to yell for this episode, because it's like, it's really windy. Like, I'm gonna be blown away in a second.

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But yeah, we're interested to know what you think, guys, are we completely wrong and out of our minds, and you want to yell at us and shake your fist? You can't get to sleep at night because someone on the internet is wrong.

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Yeah, look, we know we're a bit crazy. But anyway, please do let us know what you think.

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Tweet to us. And let's let's start a discussion. Do you agree with this? Or do you disagree with this?

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Yeah, we'd like to know. I mean, it's always good to get the discussion going. And that's about it.

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All right. So that's the end of the first episode of the m&ms discussions. And again, I do apologize loud when in the audio, our quota just seem to want to pick up every single gust of wind there was in shall the conversation got your thought bugs going and twerking, but it is quite a controversial topic. You know? What, what did you think about it? Should you pay for personal development? Drop your comments, questions and accusations. In our inbox, we would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts? And finally, I can't get enough for most of my backers. And hey, I don't play me join our VIP list. Now what is the VIP list? I hear you ask? Well, it's an awesome mailing list where we

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get our readers and listeners are participating in interesting discussions with them access to some fantastic exclusive content that's not published on our site or blog and you get to have a say in future topics for the show and even suggest guests for us to interview intrigued owie join us at Muslim Africa's dot com forward slash VIP. And for more on this episode, and our previous interviews and episodes, just head of a travel website. So until next time, this is aim high take action and be awesome.

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Seize the day.