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Episode 50, the last episode for 2014. Wow! We made it, alhamdulilah.

In this special episode, we take you behind the scenes of Muslim Life Hackers and let you in our 2014 year in review discussion.

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Episode 50 Hello testing 12345 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Miss

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Molly to see

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Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hackers Welcome to the final episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. My name is made from Arif and I'll be your host throughout this rather unique episode. Since it's our last episode, we decided to mix things up a bit. have a bit of fun, so expect the unexpected. I really hope you enjoy it.

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Hey, yeah, suddenly comes my back is right now we are heading off to our meat industry of MIDI

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for us, and we're driving and the suns in my eyes. I need my glasses.

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Okay, I'm just

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for what's to come and what we're gonna have to what we're gonna be

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So that was us going to the Muslim life hackers meeting, we decided to have it outdoors at the beach so that we can be inspired. After that we headed to a park to do the following recording for the podcast. By the way this park was in the city near the airport. So you hear cars, planes and all that stuff. So I'll leave you to it.

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Awesome life hack is this is hidayah he making my first ever debut on the Muslim life hackers podcast. You may or may not know me, but I am the secret third member of Muslim life hackers. And today I will be doing a interview on the people who always does the interviews. I welcome my friend mahane slalom guys

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to be here. What do you do?

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How are you guys today? Good Hamza. How are you? hamdulillah that's good. It's

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I'm not gonna lie. It's quite nice to be on the podcast.

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Doing it is somewhat liberating. I don't know why you haven't convinced me to do this earlier. Anyways, as we're nearing the end of 2014 and this is our last podcast for the inshallah

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what is let's see, let's give a challenge. Question. Describe Muslim life hackers podcast in five words. five words. five words. Yep. I'm going to be counting the five words. Aim high. Take x should be awesome.

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it was about like a baby lamb or something? Maybe lamb? Baby lamb takes its first steps. Baby lamb takes its first step six as well. Should I make an exception?

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Would you care to elaborate on those six? letter? description six word description sorry, of your E.

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And I just feel like

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stumbling into this new world. We're getting on our feet. 50 episodes. I mean, yay.

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toddler. Like, I can't believe that we've made it to the 50th episode. I still remember the day in which we had behaved we were kind of doing our own episodes. And at the top we did episodes together. Cuz it was too scary to do it alone. Yeah, and I remember how you know how we had like the recording devices. I said, every few seconds I'll stop it and like now we're doing it again.

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Stop it, just record it and I was like, Nah, did it I would say to get that down to say give him a psychic was crazy. We didn't know how to like record. Like what the process was like a huge like learning learning experience. I think for me even like first becoming like the audience member and being a fan and then joining the team itself I was able to see that progress and it's I find it really really exciting You know, it was a lot of behind the scenes that kind of thing. But even listening to the podcast afterwards from you're doing co hosting together in Episode Two doing it separately. I find that or rather I found that you really grew in the way that you each spoke that

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made sense like your voices were a lot more stronger

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in the I guess the perspectives of the views that you were trying to like speak out on and whatnot. Yes, I found that really like it was firing actually. Yeah, definitely have grown. I remember like, first recording like we brought like was like under she's researching all these Cree speaking like techniques or remedies. Like even Apple for you before you speak.

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Because I couldn't make your voice sound more crisp when I'm like what is it crazy chick talking about?

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So we've eaten apple. So you definitely tried out all the different remedies, everything, I remember how I behaved would like, grab one of my kids tools at home and you'd like this bite marks on her. Because she bites her before she records that she's smiling.

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Cuz it's like if you had to say, can actually hear a smile? Yeah, in the back when you're speaking and stuff. So that was like her pre smile myself and do like the biting the pencil. And I do like some star john. Yeah. And I just find that it helps me get like a bit more pumped. I know. Like, the way you sit, or the way you stand can make a whole lot of difference in your emotions, like he shifts your emotions quite fast, or drastically, should look into a moment, psychologically, but you know, yeah, generally.

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Yeah, especially his Muslim life hack his podcast and most of life hackers in general, one of the key things that you do is you passing on information, you're inspiring people, essentially, you're teaching people maybe new skill sets, or whatever it is, there's a level of teaching that you're doing, is there anything that being part of this experience has taught you? I guess the number one thing is to read more

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every single like composition, mainly for habits, like, we need to read more, we need to read more. It's just sometimes like things like just intuition, you know, things like you've heard it, like just common knowledge, but then actually being in the position where you have to teach it. It's so much more than just common knowledge, you have to delve in and do your research and like, look into these topics. Because like giving knowledge is like a big responsibility. And you need to know what you're talking about. Yeah, precisely. And you can't do that without like, you know, reading deeply and researching and things like that. And when we don't do enough research, it shows an upward path.

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Yeah, our podcast quality, you can actually tell like, we know the ones in which our research was shallow and which ones were like, We took more time to research and Definitely, yeah, we can actually tell by, like, how popular they became my stats at the back end stuff. Definitely. And I think also, personally, I've benefited so much just being being able to teach it means that like the highest form of learning is to be able to teach. So I've learned so much by getting out there doing the research, because obviously, when we do our podcasts, there's only so much information we can put in like 20 to 30 minutes. Yeah, but we learned so much more as a part of making the podcast. So

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humbler like I know, like, we've benefited so much. Definitely each podcast on a lot. It's amazing. Just like being an observer. Michelle, like I said, really, really great panel. So another thing that awesome life hack is is quite emphatic on is about milestones and achieving goals, or rather making goals, you know, and there are various steps and avenues for you to reach these goals kind of thing. What is a milestone or a goal that has been achieved? You see with most of life hackers podcast? Well, I guess, when we first launched the podcast, our first milestone was to get on the new and noteworthy on the app. on Apple iTunes. Yeah. And we did it. And that was like our first

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kind of big milestone to be recognized by your child. Yeah.

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Under like, three, three categories. We've been there for some time. It was awesome. Yeah. It's really cool. Yes. It was kind of like a wake up call for us. But like, how crappy what cost is on that was?

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Like, there on the top? Yeah, I think one thing that kind of, like, we knew we had more goals, we want to work towards better. This was happening so fast. Like we were very overwhelmed with the response. And like, the positive response from everyone that it's like, we're like, oh, my God, it's like to keep taking a step back in order to keep pushing ourselves. Because it's like, it's it kind of big, like, like, you see how you have that stage fright? Yeah. Like before you ever say to Friday, like you can go out there and give a good speech and stuff. But before that, there's always that Oh, my God. But yes, so hamdulillah. Yeah, I guess another, like big milestone was us doing it

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independently and bringing on interview like, guys. Yeah, definitely. I think interview guests was a big monster. Yeah, yeah. It's just like, we it's not about like, you know, our podcast has become perfect. Like, how can we make it minimally and make it better. And that's why we always have like a bigger monster than the bigger monster in and in order for us to deliver better for our listeners. Definitely. And it's a part of making sure that, you know, we have excellence in what we do always like, the minute that we become stagnant. And that means we're not growing anymore. We're dying. So always trying to like change things and make it even better and better and better, because there's

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always a way to make it better. Just when we look at like business and like good companies. They're the ones that keep being innovative and keep growing. So that's like the same thing that we want to do by you creating these milestones, and, of course, most importantly, making graphs for them. Yeah, making sure that you know, this month Allah helps us with this month.

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That's really cool. I think something that I can take from that actually, is the fact that if we were to reach everything that we wanted, or the goals that we, you know, had planned for, we've been generally true, but we're not. So, you know, until we're there. There's a lot of goals to achieve and milestones to reach. And like you're saying it's all about consistency and continually, having hard aiming,

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taking action and being awesome. That's right. You can never be awesome enough, you know, you'll never be the epitome of awesome. Perfect, there's always ways we can improve and grow. Absolutely. That's true. And I like the fact that if you're not if you're if you're stagnant, I think that's more worrying than you. constantly changing. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I remember how we were having conversation, we're saying how, if we're not having like, butterflies without Toby, for not challenging ourselves, does that mean something's wrong? Yeah. It means that we're too comfortable. Yeah. It means that we're not growing and not pushing ourselves. Yeah. So that's what we've kind of

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used as, like, kind of like a compass. You know, are we getting butterflies?

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Yeah. Are we like unable to eat? So

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there's always time for foods. These are coffee.

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Coffee conversations. So these listeners that we have a be

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real family members are they afraid?

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Outback deli to get $10,000 a year, you know, so

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are they Where are they? Well, from how we lost our assets. Right now. We were nearly reaching 20,000 downloads. And do you have the list of the countries you had at their wiki? I did. But I stuck my head. It's number one in the US, which is like surprising. Yeah, but not surprising. Yeah. And then it's Australia. The UK? Yeah. Yeah. Just pretty awesome. Canada, and then it goes into like, India, Malaysia.

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Indonesia. Okay. Yeah, it was like, the Dean's list that we made during Ramadan. And the countries we had from the followers in were like so random. And Lex. Pamela, how did they even get? Jesus by the way, for those who don't know, it's a project that we did during Ramadan, which was like, messages that we send via WhatsApp, daily imagining awesome notifications, deep love.

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All About that fun life. You know,

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we pull out here just to get you back. Good.

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Right. So

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we have like people from like, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, like just everywhere, right? Yeah. It's amazing the power of the internet, how we're able to, like connect with people all over the world. And you know, here we are in this park recording. And, you know, we don't know how many people can be hearing this in, you know, wherever they are. Probably in a POC as well. never ceases to amaze me this. Yeah. Yeah. They're our listeners. And they offer specials.

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Every single day, the most special people because, you know, they're the one taking the time out. And you know, you're listening to this. So I should even refer to you as de I should say, you guys, so you guys are really important. You guys are awesome. You guys also because, you know, we thought you guys listening to us and you know, tweeting about our show and sharing it and this and that then wouldn't have been, it would have been cool. So we really appreciate that. Just like got it. Thank you guys.

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So 2015 right around the corner guys. What can we look forward to with Muslim like hackers podcasts? What are the exciting topics taken and give us what other exciting?

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projects are coming around? Maybe projects? Yeah, look, we always like us surprises. Yeah, yeah. topics on the download, as well. The podcasts are better listening. Maybe some more awesome guests from the show. Yeah, definitely. Definitely look forward to that. Speaking of projects, and podcasting, what has been your favorite episode two record so far?

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Well, to be honest, every time I hear my own podcast here, I can't stand my voice.

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So I have troubles listening to my own podcast here. I tuned in to his podcasts. I can tell you which one I like from his but not really mine. Oh, that's a good one. What about you say which one of each other is that you'd like the best? Okay.

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Well, I really enjoyed the one about optimism that he did. Yeah, I really liked that. He was nice.

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One of my favorites was the victim mentality. That was my favorite series. I love the victim mentality one and I also loved your overcommitment one that

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changed my life. I listened to the like three times I was like okay,

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Yeah, I need to

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I need to cut a lot of commitments out and yes, solidified like quality over quantity. Yeah. And even the abundance mentality. That was pretty good. Yeah.

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Like, I can't like listen to mine. Like, I can listen to her, like the other ones, too. So I think it's like

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that like hearing your own voice. Like how they say, we are our worst critics. Yeah. Like, we can criticize yourself so much. And you know, it's, sometimes it gets in the way, because that stops us from doing something that we should do. Like, there are things we need to do in order to get out achieve our goals and stuff.

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Sorry, we just need the airport.

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I also really like my friends

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how to wake up for fudger

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podcast. She mentioned in that podcast she mentioned like this alarm. It's like a math alarm. Yeah. And I will never forget that she like she recommended this app and what it's like a second alarm and turn off the alarm to do some math problems. solving math problems. I'm like, Where did you get this idea from? JAMIE.

00:16:16--> 00:16:21

I recently sold Apple to Apple. Someone just like made a meme out of it can I think and they said

00:16:23--> 00:16:30

to turn off your alarm. You have to like pay $1 or something? Oh, that'd be so good. You know, so much. You didn't?

00:16:31--> 00:16:35

I don't know if that's true or not. But yeah, that seems like a good investment.

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They just left it hanging.

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So 2014 there's been like, we've done a lot. We've had a lot of crazy adventures. We've met a lot of awesome people. We drank a lot of good coffee.

00:17:03--> 00:17:09

A lot of good times. Mashallah, you know, definitely potatoes. I'd like to say it was a pretty good year.

00:17:11--> 00:17:30

Even productively lovely. Yeah, it was a really good year. What would you say is one of your most favorite fondest memories of some life hack is one of my favorite memories is like Mithra like sneaking through a crowd. And like ambushing Norman alikhan.

00:17:32--> 00:17:46

Like, event for educators. And I don't know how she got like to use the powder. She like she bypassed everyone. Yeah. And then was standing right in front of him and was like,

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like, Okay, he's cutting pocket. Yeah. And like, me too, because he was like, Oh, yeah.

00:17:58--> 00:18:02

That was so funny. That that has to be one of my favorite memories.

00:18:03--> 00:18:06

That's so embarrassing, guys. You got to like, tell the whole podcast.

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one of my favorite memories. Like so many good memories, and it's just

00:18:16--> 00:18:36

just how far we came. And thankfully, one of my favorite memories would be how I kind of wedged my way, or rather sneak my way into most of my packages. I'm not mistaken. I think I've shown you like a video of like a YouTuber, I was really inspired by as like, you know, this could be us, but like, fit out, you know?

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I mean, because, you know, our audience would be a lot more different.

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It's just a story of Oh, my god fan girl. Yeah. Like, and then you you go like, Oh, that's so cool. Okay, you know, let's have another meeting after you know, the black likes on a lot of you know how I made it in. That's one of my, we're glad you did. Thanks, guys. I probably thank you for allowing me in

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the initiation versus

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waiting for the party. I think what if like, sec, which I think that was like the fourth of every that I really remember how it was like, we're trying to plan out what was my packages, all of that. And I was at my friend's place for the whole day, for the whole day.

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And like, we're like, oh, my God, cola was like heck is what do we do? Then? It's like at the end, like, we came up with a pie take action.

00:19:36--> 00:19:42

I didn't even know what I came from the name with some luck it's ever been we took it to someone we're like, what do you think of this name? They're like, I don't like it. We're like, I can't

00:19:46--> 00:19:59

like what was the point of view and we just like to dream big. And there's nothing wrong with dreaming big. There's nothing wrong with aiming high. Yeah, of course, as long as our actions are strategic, and it's actually practical actions because sometimes when we dream

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Big it's like, we get paralyzed by that big dream that we don't know, what's the next step? So, saving AI taking action, and listening. Awesome. That's true. So any last words before we close off this podcast?

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Well, look, I just want to, you know, again, thank our listeners for their support and for tuning into us. And you know, we really appreciate it. And we hope that you enjoyed our podcast, really. And if there's like feedback and things that you want to see, then please do let us know. Because, you know, our main purpose of our podcast is to benefit you. And, you know, if you're able to tell us like, you know, things that you want to see on the show people that you'd like to see on the show, then please let us know. It just really helps us and please keep us in your devices. Oh, yeah.

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Okay, so that ends off our episode, the last episode of 2014. Wow, what can I say? We made it have the law. And if you've made it all the way here then you must be a very special person life hackers listener. So thank you once again. On behalf of the Muslim life hackers team, I wish you and your family all the best for 2015. We would love to hear what you thought about this episode. Please do tweet to us. I'll handle these in my packets. So until next time, awesome life hackers, aim high take actions and be awesome