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Mifrah speaks about her Hajj 2014 experiences and life lessons with Maheen.

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Episode 45. All right. I know that when you like to go places you like to like, explore and do unconventional things. And so are there any funny stories of funny encounters that happened? Tell us about the life in the days of Biafra while she was spending them in Mecca, Medina? Well, I can't say too much because Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima Lake, as we said, the crisis see so much Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hackers, my name is me from Arif and I'm here with Episode 45. From the Muslim life hackers podcast

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Alhamdulillah. This year 2014 I was blessed to complete the fifth pillar by far the slam that is a pilgrimage Hutch. And it was a life changing experience. And I learned so many things from it. Many have actually asked me about my experiences, and asked me about things that I have learned from this special journey. And so in this episode, I speak about my experiences with my co host maheen, who's also been to Hajj a few years back. And it's actually been a while since we both have been in this episode together. So I do hope you enjoy this episode. And without further ado, let's get started them. Right, so I can refer, like this loving. So this is like a bit weird. Like, this is the first

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time we've been together in a podcast for a while. It's been a long time. Double Trouble. Yeah. The Judo is back for a sec, everyone. Alright, so apparently, like I've heard that you went to hide recently? Yeah. Did you hear about it? It was all over my Facebook come up. But I was being sarcastic. Okay. Okay, so let's get into this. Okay, which is a huge, huge adventure. Like, um, it's a quick secondly, one of those, like, once in a lifetime, things that we hear about. So what kind of mindset? Did you start this genuine, like, it's a huge adventure in front of you. What was going through your mind? I mean, it's essentially the question you're asking. The, the thing was that,

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I guess you don't really know you're going Hutch on to like, you landed. Because like, I remember. Like, you see how like, even like, the visas and everything are in the last minute. You know how it always seems to be like that way. Yeah, yeah. So So then after that, like, I remember speaking with a friend before, and she was telling me stories about how, you know, in the last minute, things didn't work out for people and they didn't end up going. Oh, my God, is that gonna be me? And that's what I guess. I was hesitant to tell. Like, like people outside my close circle that I was going for. And then one of my friends who also been hard to sell to me looked me for this is part and

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parcel of the journey journey. Yeah, there is really Yeah, he's gonna be uncertain until you lead this. So I was like, Okay, I guess this is the part where it's really like the test of like, toggle and having trusted Allah subhanaw taala. So I was like, Okay, look, I made made my like it, but I can book the tickets. Everything is done. Yeah. And now I just placed my trust in my planner. See how it goes? Yes. And then after that, I mean, yeah, I guess the JT just started from there, like accepting the uncertainty. Yeah. Because life is uncertain. And future. Yeah. I mean, like, really, Hutch, really teaches you about life. And it starts just before you go on your, your, your journey.

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So you have this kind of accepting, like uncertainty. you've landed now and what was it Jeddah? Yeah, yeah, we landed in Jeddah.

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Like you they like, Oh, my God, I'm in Saudi Arabia. Um, what? What happened then, like, what was your mindset? Like? Is this actually happening to me? I mean, well, I have been Saudi Arabia before. And so like,

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like, it wasn't like, totally unexpected kind of thing. So I kind of knew that I'm gonna go into like, a really hot place. So there's the thing with our group was that we we left out, like, pretty, pretty much like, in the last days, like, it was, like, just just the day when the airport was like, close to other airlines. Right. So we went on the last second, and pretty much like when we landed, I like it was expected that, you know, it's going to take long to clear and like, there's a lot of waiting time and you're going to be tested. So yeah. 100 I like really, I mean, we like the mindset thing. when when when you when you're expecting that, you know, you're going to be tested, and

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you're aware that you know, things are gonna go wrong,

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then you're able to better cope with it. Yeah. Awesome. You know what, like, just going off that that point where you said, you know, you're going to be tested, I would have about two years ago as well. And one of the biggest things that people were telling me and like telling me to keep in mind was, you know, even my group leader and the old my group in

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Like, they were telling me about patience, but like the whole of Tage it's all about patience. Now what? What are your thoughts on this? m? Can you give us a story about where your patience was tested? And your dislike? Or and then, yeah, tell us? I mean, okay, where was my patient tested? I didn't actually really think about it too much. Because the thing was, like, when, like, the, the thing that I wanted, like, when I was going for Hajj, I want to like, kind of

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really think about more of the positive sides of things. So like, you know, the more that you remember the positive side of things, what happens is that you forget the negative. So like, when I recall about my hedge experiences, I kind of like forgotten a lot of the negative things. I mean, no doubt. I mean, there were things that, you know, with, with everything, everything in life, I mean, like our thing, which teaches you about life, and in life, there are things that doesn't doesn't go your way. But it really depends where the focus is, if your focus is going to be on the positive things, and you have a better experience. And if it's always on the negative things, then you won't

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have such a good experience. And, you know, even in in life, in general, you'll generally be unhappier if all, like your focus is just on what goes wrong, and everything like that. Yeah, that's really interesting, because when I, when I did garage, one of my biggest, like, tests was for me, it was my group. And at the time, I was 19. Yeah, and majority of my group was over 50. So there was a huge cash in like, you know, our personalities, and I wanted to go out every single day, like, go explore and stuff like that. And they were just like contentedly in the hotel room. And I'm just I got really frustrated with that. Yeah. But it was also, like, I just kind of had to shift shift my

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focus, like you talked about, like, focusing on the positives. I'm like, I'm a Hutch. And so I decided to, like, because I didn't want to, like, I want to, like, you know, explore the city and stuff like that. So I'm like, you know, I'm gonna explore these people, like, what stories do they have? And that and that kind of dulled this anger that I had inside me, you know, wanting to go out all the time and stuff like that. And I learned a lot about the people in my group and dead life journeys and things like that. Yeah, did something similar happened to you? Maybe with the people that you in touch with? Yeah, I mean, I do. I do agree with the, like, the big age gap. I mean, it's

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true. Like, I had a lot of elderly people in my group as well. And I mean, one of the, one of one of my friends that I've made friends with, like, she was my roommate, like, she's an amazing lady. She's amazing, Mashallah. And she was just 5052 years old. Cool. And like, the things that I learned from her, like, the lessons learned from her, and the fun adventures we had, I guess, like, you'd probably be thinking what it's like, 5050 ad like, I'm like, 20s 23. And yes, it was like a really big age difference. But honestly, we had such a great time, like, the adventures and stuff. And yeah, I mean, what Sorry, what was your question? I don't know.

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I don't know. My question was,

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well, I guess like, what I'm trying to say is that one of the biggest one of the biggest tests is the people that were with, and like, you know, humans the same way you don't know a person until like, you either live with them. Yeah, you do business with them, or you travel with them. Yeah. And like, when you travel with people, they true kind of like,

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disposition, the true like, kind of nature comes out. And it really tests you sometimes because there's a lot of clashes, you're there at the same hotel room and things like that. But it's awesome that you made an awesome friend. Yeah. I mean, like, one of the things is that with regards to the test it also like each person would be tested according to their like, what what would be a test for them? For example, some some, some people like they might be able to do everything, like, they cool with everything. But whenever it comes to like their sleep, they're like, you know, that's a really hard test for them. Whereas other people can be like, it can be people and other people can really

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hate disorganization. Yeah. Yes. So the basic thing that hutches like, everyone has their own test, everyone learns their own, like they actually realize their own weaknesses and,

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like, the moral

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problems and weaknesses and yeah, just kind of go with it. Yeah. Because it goes with that and, you know, learn that they're more stronger than they think really, is wonderful. I was putting so much strength in us, then. It's just we don't realize, yeah, you didn't realize like, especially during HUD, you didn't realize what you can do, like under that sun under that heat. You I wouldn't have thought that I would have been able to like, you know, soldier on through all of this heat and the amount of people there and land, the walking and the walking and like you just it's just like so many things that you have to deal with. And then you come out of it and you're like, Where did I get

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that strength?

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From and it's really a blessing. I remember, like one of the sisters in my tent, she was saying how, like, you know, we we realized that we've been walking like for more than 20 kilometers kind of thing. And she's like, if I tell this to my kids, they won't believe me.

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Yeah, true.

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So just let's, let's do some topics a bit afraid. We know that Hodges, about the traditions of our Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam, did you ever have one of those moments where you just kind of reflected upon his traditions? And like, where it is that these, like the rights of the hug come from? Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Like, I mean, throughout the trip, like each, like each ritual you do, like, there is a significance behind that. And I think one of the, like, there, there are so many, but I guess one of the things so so so is it important for us to know about where this like, where these traditions and rituals come from?

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Yeah, because Because you see, I mean, in, in the story of Abraham, lay slam, like, there's so much significance and life lessons we can take out of it. He really, like we really realized, but what do we stand up for? I mean, what what is our life about kind of thing, and you know, by realizing why we are doing a certain action, then we know, like,

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we remember the sacrifice of ebrima Islam and how they carried out the commandments of others, one fella, like, they weren't easy things really like for example, he had to go. He had to go sacrifice his own son, which he had after, like, 80 years of not having any children. So these are like really big commandments. And, you know, we're not we're not tested to that extent. Yeah. But you know, when we're when we actually remember these stories, and we can be able to have some, you know, he does, yeah, it does inspire us to kind of do the same. So, I mean, to answer your question, one thing that had me thinking was, you see even the story of Zamzam how the sums of water came and yeah, we

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actually do the SETI right yeah, how we have to go from the to mountain stuff and Mandala Yeah, we have to run between those mountains. Yes, I remember the running and the green light. Yeah, when we didn't have to run. Yeah, of course. But it's, it's nice to watch. Yeah. So fun. Yeah. So then pretty much like one thing like when you're walking,

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doing that extra set up that ritual. I mean, like right now, we're actually running. We're actually doing this from between, like two napkins kind of thing, right? And it's marbled air conditioned with everyone goes on what it's like on the side. Yeah, it was ready. refreshments ready? It's like everything's adding a platter pretty much. But you know, when you really like go back history, the reality was, there was one woman which was a mother hydral Islam and with one baby. Yeah. And it was a smaller Islam. And it was a an empty place desolate. Yeah. And and, and the thing was, like, say, like, now when we actually do studies, like we can do it on like, the top level, which is like,

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there's, there's no climbing nothing. Yeah, there's like, one flat level and we go up or down. Right. But, you know, when when she had to go between the mountains, she had to climb the mountain. That's, that's what we like.

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Like it really like you realize that she wasn't she didn't have a car. She was under the hot sun. Yeah. Um, and she had a crying baby, she didn't have dissolves of water, like taps already via like cleaners. And like, the cups being refilled and everything. Yeah. Yeah. And, and like, she's still, you know, our place to trust in Allah subhanaw taala. And, you know, did her partner she was like, going up and down the mountains and stuff. And, you know, when you remember that sacrifice she made and, and when you remember, like, how much trust she put in other smart fella that he can really appreciate that, you know, we wish we should do the same in our life as well. That whenever that we

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feel that, you know, some things are opening up in our life or there's something you know, in that trust. Yeah, like having that trust, because it's not like she just, you know, went like, up and down the mountain once and it dissolves of water came was seven times. Yeah. I mean, so there was a lot of effort and sacrifice. And that was a continued continuing theme that I saw throughout college. And just like outside of high school, we did like our exploring and stuff with the group. How Islam is like, really built on sacrifices. Yeah. Yeah. And then that big emphasis on trust. Yeah. big emphasis on trust. Awesome. So once again, I just want to shift topics again. I guess,

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putting you all over the place me for

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the quote. HUD is like death. What are your thoughts on this? Have you liked it? Yeah. Okay.

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I've never heard of that quick. Well, it's out there we get with the times. Okay, fine. I won't look that the one that.

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I say Hutch. It teaches you about life. So it's like a stimulation of the Deaf judgment. Right. So I mean,

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sanella like really when you go to Hajj and you really like ponder upon that, like you You see it like for example, like, on on like the first day pretty much like we go to the place which is Mina. It's a city Covina, it's outside of Mecca, right? And then we go there. And then the next day is like, you know, the day of arafah, which we have to go to the plaintiff all of that stuff, right? And I remember like, on the night, in the day, sorry, we actually spent on like, the first day, Amina, they miss like, you know, we get to sleep and everything. And the next morning we wake up, right? And just that night, like,

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yeah, yeah.

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And then I remember just so that that, like, I looked around my tent, and like, everyone's sleeping, right. And the thing is, like, we just pretty much took like dead bodies. But I don't know that it tells me like, Oh, my God, what am I saying, blah, blah, blah. But really, when you look at that site, because the thing is, like, in minute, we're not staying in hotels, and we're all staying in like tents. And like, the amount of space you have is like the amount of space of your grave. Yeah, really. And so when you saw that site, everyone is sleeping here. Everyone is sleeping and stuff. And it's like, it's like everyone's dead. Right? Yeah. And then the next day, we go to the day of

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arafah, which is to the plains of Africa, right? And it's like that day, it's like the day of study. And that really reminds you of the Day of Judgment, because the night before we were dead, right? Then we rose again. Yeah. And like, like, you see how in on the deaf Day of Judgment, we know that the sun is like very close above your heads, right. I mean, hearing these things are comprehending it is another thing, right? And then, obviously, like in the desert is that the sun wasn't above my head. Yeah. Oh, my God, it was hot. Yeah, yeah, it was, yeah. Like, it was a very hot day. And like, you realize that, you know, the day of judgment is going to be it's not going to be an easy

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standing. And, and you're like, I mean, that was the significance of def verify. It's like the def judgment. So you do like, and you see everybody and everybody like, pouring their heart out. And they like, asking Allah subhanaw taala and they making all the wars and stuff and you know, when you're standing, sometimes you can hear people make their own nuances. And each person has their difficulty. Each person has their own story. And yet, Allah subhanaw taala, you know, listens to each person. And he answers when we ask the teacher, the sister, I remember, like, just reflecting on my own experience, on the day of arafah like, I saw people that you know, that the strongest of

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men, you know, there's really manly men and like, they were just crying, you know, like, they're just like, you know, point like you said, pouring their hearts out to Allah Spano. tala, I think one of the really scary things about the day of edify is that it comes to an end, like you can't, you can't stay there forever, you have to move on. And that kind of really reminded me of death as well. Like, we've got such a limited amount of time to ask from Allah subhanaw taala. And it's going to end you know, the sun, the sun's going to set. And that was something that like, had like this urgency, and like, I could see that other people. So knowing that, you know, time was running out

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for, you know, that time when do I was accepted on a day, and you see those who make the most of it. And you see those who don't make the most of it, and that just isn't a reflection of life and death. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that's really true. And also, like, I've heard about, just just even like something as visual as you know, from, you know, it's actually the clothes that women to bury been. Yeah. Which is just meaning like, the clothing that you wear. Yeah, the clothing that you wear. It's just mindware here, just incredible. Any other reflections that you had about? You know, the last day stuff like that? I mean, yeah, like after, like the RFI and stuff. And I mean, what can I say?

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Oh, and obviously I'm on that night I forgot we have to get it was just like a, like an open place. And it's just pretty much we spend spend the night there to sleep there. So like, because like the people who go for Hajj, they're nice. They say this like a part of a night and stuff. Like there isn't much like infrastructure invested in that place. I pretty much just open land. And you find whichever place you can and you sleep and have the last place yeah, I won't say that. I had one of my best sleeps.

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That's really interesting. Like I couldn't I Yeah, I remember the stones like I could feel them under my sleeping bag. And I'm just like, but in the morning it was just like what has happened yet? It's really it's really intense experience being there with like, 3 million people you know, yeah. If you're on the same plane, yeah. And everything is like you just realized like, how little we needed this slide. Like really like we had to be like stripped to the bare essentials, which is like having like, you know, a sleeping bag or having a mattress or something. And just

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sleeping under the stars. And you know, I was told though that you know, when you go to the study fair, you see all stars 1000s of stars, you know how they say about you when you go from five star to three star and like all stars, right? Yeah. I was like, it was totally fine. I was like, I was looking at the sky. I was like, Where are the stars? I didn't see this. Joe would say that.

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Okay, well, let's just talk about bit about the people because three, like two to three. I don't know what he you know, these crazy people, like 10 million people gonna have to say, but usually around two to 3 million of different people from different walks of life, you know, different backgrounds, different legs, circumstances, to all come into this one place to do like to do the same thing, essentially, like, how did you? What are you posting this, like all of these people in the same place? Any stories share about that? I mean, when you when you see this, or you can like, well, it just reminds me if it's like you just, it just makes you really amazed and like really,

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like in or of Allah subhanaw taala more because he created all these individuals. And each person has a different language, you know, different places they're coming from, and how diversities Yeah, and each person, you know, worships Allah subhanaw taala calls that team makes the word to him. And Allah subhanaw taala provides for them. It's just like, it shows how insignificant you are you just like another

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another creation of Allah subhanaw taala. And it shows like, we are ever dependent on sloth Allah, and he doesn't need us. I mean, like, you know, when we were out of Hajj, like, you know, I'm sorry. Like, you know, when we're in hajj, like a person next to you can be like, a million a fall, you know, but, you know, in hardships, like doesn't really matter. Yeah, sure. Yeah. That's so true. Like, it doesn't matter who you are like, when you're on hunch. Even the same get the same person. Yeah. Which is another correlation of the Day of Judgment. We're like, we just stripped down everyone stands. Yeah. That day. Yeah. Regardless of the position that they had in this gonna get a

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seat or anything like that. Yeah, pretty scary. Definitely. Well, um, there's some pretty good points. And just to kind of like, move on with the HUD journey. I know that you weren't just in like Mecca the whole time you're in Mecca and Medina. So any other stories to share from share about those cities that you went to? Yeah, hamdulillah like, after we finished Hydra, you get the opportunity to kind of go on tours and everything. So we got to go different places and really see the significance of each I went to like three date farms or something I really, like what was the session of the day farms but yeah, that's just my two cents. in Medina, right. Yeah. Yeah. takedowns

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are pretty cool. They're once we have palm trees to the to

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the traffic islands. So yeah, what

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I guess after that, like after Hajj, I mean, he was a lot of reflections on like, the Sera, prophets, lessons life. And I mean, this is seeing, seeing the things and like remembering what we learned about it. I mean, it's a different experience when you see it, because when you're able to see something, you're able to relate to it on a human level, right? And I remember how, what do you mean, like, on a human level, on a human level, meaning like, for example, like, we hear something, okay. I'll give you an example. Like, like Professor lies to them. Like when he was actually giving Dawa, who was calling people to Islam during his time, like he was persecuted a lot during the mecca

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time. Right. And they were like, like, you know, awful things that happened to him. And, you know, sometimes we just read it. I just read it in passing, but you kind of skim Yeah, like, it's hard to comprehend. Because the thing is, you know, we're living in like, like, many of us are very well off. We're living in like, you know, luxury luxury compared to like, what other other people you have to deal with. So then when this like these really, hardships and stuff are described in like this era, it's hard to comprehend, because we haven't seen it, and May Allah protect us. But yes, so just being able to relate to on a human level. It's, it's a bit difficult. And I mean, speaking

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about like, yeah, like, for example, like the persecutions and stuff. I remember when we went to we went to visit Dumbledore, right? Yeah, and that was like a really big climb that humbler

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made it to the top but I didn't try going to the Keyphrase going hiking. It was like the steps now I must say that if you do visit Dumbledore for those listening, it's not that bad like once you pass the road which is really steep and you get to the steps because they have stairs in the mountain it's fine after that. You could do it especially when you look at like people who age you can do it you can do it. Yeah. So when I was coming back from that what happened was there was like this this pile of trash right like yeah, rubbish was just ticked somewhere. Yeah, on the side of the path. Yeah, like we will. We'll come back and then what? Miko obviously with rubbish. She says it's not a

00:24:59--> 00:24:59

nice sight.

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

And what happened was that his really like bad smell it I looked at was like a bag. And it was I think it was like it was kind of broken and it had intestines in it like

00:25:12--> 00:25:26

it was flies around there and I was like disgusted. I was like, Oh my God, that's disgusting. Yeah. And then later on I realized there was a story about how profitless love how when he was doing prostrations to drill in front of the Kaaba, like they were,

00:25:27--> 00:25:43

you know, the people who are against him, actually, one of the one of the leaders of the Qureshi actually got crushed, meaning like the trapeze from they got intestines from an animal. I believe it was a camel, and then they put it all over his back.

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No, I heard that before. But you know, I didn't know like how disgusting intestines were until I saw it. And I was able to, like, I had to smell it because I was going past it. I was like Sinaloa, like these, these are the sacrifices that were made in order for a slab to flourish as it is today. And yeah, I mean, it really, really made me ponder about my own life and, you know, taking, you know, being okay with sacrificing,

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because really, I mean, you can't even say the sacrifice simply investments because I lost my father, like he never lets any good deed good away. So every, every time we, you know, do something, even if it's very difficult, we're always going to be like,

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paid. And, you know, like many, many deeds, I'm even having, it's not to say like when I mean sacrifice, not that, you know, we're going to have like intestines or something on our smell or protect us. But I just mean, like, personal sacrifices, like, for example, pushing ourselves to get up to pray. fudger prayer, praying, you know, tahajjud prayer for really praying fudger prayer and you know, these little things in our life that requires discomfort? Yeah, because one reoccurring thing that I kept seeing in harj, and outside of hijab was you like, if you want to be if you want to succeed, then it requires discomfort. Yeah, it's not going to come easy. It's going to be really,

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it's going to be hard, but inshallah the fruits of it would be worthwhile. Just comfort is definitely, you know, the only way to progress. Yes. Just gonna be stagnant and stay in one place. Yeah, definitely. So that was I mean, one of the things that I took from amongst so many things outside of my hunch, yeah, it's kind of like a wake up call. Yeah, well, this is real. This is reality. Yeah, I also got to see the, you know, the plains of butter, with like, the bed pedal of butter to place. Awesome. Can you tell us more about like, what you're feeling like? How did it happen? I really like back when our tour guide showed us like he showed us okay, this is where the

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Muslims are. And this is where like, you know, the wish record were other people who are fighting against cement that is a place where like, the angels descended down like there was like this mountain. Yeah, area. And he the thing that like really scared me the most was like, he's like that, you see if there were there was like this mount. Right? He's like, that's where, like, the leaders of the courage were buried like Abuja home, and all these evil men. Yeah, they were buried there. Wow. And, like, I took a photo of it, I put on my Instagram for those who want to see it looks like Yeah.

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Added, like, you know, when you see that he think, you know, life life is so short. And this was the end of it. Like, at the end, the you know, the struggles, you know, the, the people they, you know, tried their best, this, they, they experience discomfort that at the end, this is the result, like, you know, the those who are against Islam and everything, there were there. And the ones who were like,

00:28:47--> 00:28:51

you know, standing with the promise of a sudden, they were successful.

00:28:52--> 00:29:11

And just that, like that symbolism, you know, get buried, you know, like, together with the dirt again, like it just just makes you like, it's just like, a recurring cycle that you just reflect on, you know, death and you're like, it's like, I mean, you're, it's this really, really reoccurring, that you see that, um, life is just a matter of days.

00:29:13--> 00:29:18

Like, you cross off each one and we're just like, each day goes, part of us goes

00:29:19--> 00:29:49

it's delusional to think that you know, it's any other way. Yeah, definitely. So all right, let me for I know that when you like to go places you'd like to like explore and do unconventional things. And so are there any funny stories of funny encounters that happened? Tell us about the life in the days of your fro as you're spending them in Mecca Medina, well, I can't say too much because it's classified information that anyway, I think one of the things that was like really funny was

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

you know, how we we know that place in Medina, like the router in which is like the Prophet slice, said that it's one of the goddess of the gods agenda, right?

00:30:00--> 00:30:31

And, you know, like, each time I had to go in like, obviously like when women go in, there's like different times to go in and you get sorted into nationalities. Right? And then it's like, it's just so funny because it's like each time I go into Jana as a different nationalities. So it's like, I think I think I don't want to go into Jenna as, as an Indonesian. And then the next day I went to Jenna as a Pakistani. Yeah. And other day I went to gender as a Bengali. And then another day, it was problems with your personality before.

00:30:33--> 00:30:59

But the funniest thing was, like when I when I was like, like, I Oh, and also as an Indian as well, then, yes. So then what happened was, I was actually with one of the groups I think it was with the Bengali group. And I was just back honestly, when I was there with them, like going into the random Yeah, I was trying to hold my laughs Yeah. Because I know that if I, someone speaks to me in Bengali, I got no clue what to say. It's like, just smile anyway.

00:31:00--> 00:31:12

Like in Madagascar? It's a good movie. Yeah. So humble. I mean, I just have to see like, which group is smaller? And then just sit with that nationality? Although, you know, I'm not either one. Yeah, yeah.

00:31:14--> 00:31:47

It's really cool. Like, you know, sometimes, like I hear I heard stories about the road and like, how it's so difficult to get in, you have to wait hours and stuff like that. People wouldn't be like, the blessings that, that I experienced was that I just walked in, and it was empty. And it was so incredible. Like, I'm just like, it was so unexpected. I was ready for like, you know, this trial, this hardship, like going to wait hours to go, you know, yeah, even Jenna. And then like, it was just so easy. It's so easy. Like, how Allah spent with LS facilitated that for me. Yeah. Did you have any of those experiences? Where you just like, How did this happen? This is so easy. This

00:31:47--> 00:32:23

wasn't what I was expecting. Yeah, of course, I mean, really, it's, it's all in the, it's on the mindset. I mean, like, if, like, some people get very restless, when they're like, waiting for a long amount of time. But then like, you know, if I'm like, it really like if you feel if you're sitting there and using that time to like, say, just like a side tip. Like if, if you have internet on your phone, then you could like quickly Google up the like, you know, what, like, the significance behind the router, and like, read about each pillar there and see, like, where the prophets original message was, and just like, use that time as a time to like decode the area. And

00:32:23--> 00:32:59

that and that actually makes your experience so much better. But you know, and also, like, for example, like the gods, right, like people get very intimidated by the gods. You know, the female gods, right? Yeah. But they are very nice people. I remember my friend, the one that I was speaking about earlier, she actually made friends with one of the gods that she was asking, How can I be a god to, like, go to the go to the door at so and so. And she's like, Oh, look, I'm just gonna be here for three days. She's like, Oh, yeah, that's fine. ethics, like referrals. Yeah, this she's funny, cuz she was like looky at the end of the day. I mean, if you'd be nice to people, I mean,

00:32:59--> 00:33:18

they'll be nice to you. I mean, it's just sometimes the issues with us, like we think that they intimidating. And I spoke to one of the gods and I had a God that actually, like, you know, you see how, at the end, they shoo you away to let the next year she stood with me. And she was showing me all the pillows and what the names were. Yeah, just so nice. Yeah, humbler?

00:33:19--> 00:33:44

Really, like all in the mind. It's all in the mind. I mean, listen, I really friendly. Yeah. Awesome. Like, just before we end off, what some parting advice, so parting kind of like messages that you want to leave us with about, about HUD in general, or just life in general? I mean, look, I would, I would say that the the junior Hodge, at the end of the day, it's not.

00:33:45--> 00:34:26

It's something that we can all like, go towards. I mean, regardless of what age we are, in what circumstances we are in our life. I mean, many of the times we put barriers around our own selves, like oh, you know, I'm too young or that one a lot. Yeah. God, so that was all these or I don't have some someone to come with me like say, say that, like, a female. And then they needed like, a matter of like a father or brother or husband to comment and like, I don't have anyone with me. And now all these different, different and also lack of money as well. The thing is, right, this is the concept that I has really helped me like, the thing is that I think I say Hutch is an invite from Allah

00:34:26--> 00:34:35

subhanaw taala. It's a personal invite to you. So if you are invited, then regardless of what happens, regardless of what happens, you will go

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

No matter what, you know, various coming, you know, when I was speaking to like, different people in my age group, so I was speaking to different people in my age group, they all had that. They all have their own struggles to get to HUD. Like it wasn't an easy journey, like even even say the sister with the husband and, you know, whatever, and had like the finances and everything they still had, you know, it was a journey.

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

For them to get to Hutch but the main thing is like if you're invited to go to Hajj, then you will go regardless. And one of the things we need to set that out we need to realize that it's it's not it's not a far fetched idea to be able to go to Hajj regardless of what age you're in. And especially like the reason I'm mentioning ages because I know that many of our listeners are young.

00:35:22--> 00:35:56

I mean, if you really want to go Hutch then the first thing to do is make that intention that I want to go to Hutch I make that intention and actually consistently make the word out as well I keep keep asking him like you know when you pray know when you go break your fast when you go you know during Ramadan a tough ask as well though like you invite me to your house that may be able to go for Hajj and Thai tip when you do make your dua make to offer easy hij be definitely yeah and easy Hodge make dua for you know, easy Hajj and say, yay insightful, the best group for you because different groups are,

00:35:57--> 00:36:01

you know, good for different people and you know, inspiring companions,

00:36:02--> 00:36:44

good companion stuff, because obviously companions make a difference. And if they're, if they're people that get up and go pray and go to the mosque and you know, encourage you to do acts of worship, then you will follow. So that is just as important as not, so when you ask for how to do don't just ask All right, so maybe you're like us for easy hydrocephalus. Honestly, like I had so many doors of ease opening up during March. Yeah. And yeah. And the second thing I would say is that, yes, so you make the effort, and you place your trust in Allah. I remember making my intention to go to Hajj like two years ago, so I didn't Yeah, it was it was two years ago. So it's not like,

00:36:44--> 00:37:03

you know, I was like, I'm gonna go Hydra. The next year, everything worked out. He was three years ago, I remember sitting with a friend. And she was telling me about her Hutch journey. Yeah. And then after that, something she said that she just really inspired me to want to go to hygiene as well. And she and then from there, like I started making that

00:37:04--> 00:37:42

making dua and making the intention that I really want to go ahead. And it didn't happen until like a few years later. And that's the that's the thing when we make dua, it's not that it's not answered, it's just like, maybe the time is different. And maybe, maybe it's not going to be answered at the time you want and, and ultimately, the time we get is always the best time. And I say this was the best time to be saved compared to if I lost last year or something. Yeah, so um, yeah. So I'm in like, with that invite and everything. The thing to realize is that you're like, if you're invited you happen. And I remember just like, I didn't, I didn't get my Hodge ticket, like my

00:37:42--> 00:38:21

hive confirmation until like, few months before, and that's pretty late. Because what happens is that people actually book their hedge like months in advance, right? Yeah. And I remember like, it was like, the year before, a year before and, and I remember like, like, the groups it didn't work out for me. Like, there was there was one that didn't like, I didn't get a spot and stuff. And then what happened was like, it was Ramadan. And Hajj was like, not too far away. And I still didn't get like a confirmation to go Hajj. Nothing, no, no ticket, no place nothing. Yeah. And it was like the end of Ramadan. And then I remember sitting in the mustering Ramadan and was like, like, the, like,

00:38:21--> 00:38:39

the shift was saying how, you know, if you're invited, then even the Saudi government can't stop you. Yeah. And there's that really kind of, like, pushed me to make even more do and I was like, Look, I really, really, really need to go hard. And then I remember like, on the 27th night, right, um, there was like,

00:38:40--> 00:39:15

like, I I had a discussion with one of my friends and she was saying about what we're talking about hygiene, and I was like, inshallah, I mean, nothing. Like I didn't have a hygiene kit, but I really wanted to go then. I was like, inshallah, I mean, I'll go and, you know, just like your voice chills. Yeah. And the next day I woke up, and I was the 27th night, exhale, wake up, which is the 2020s in the morning, pretty much and you know how this year Ramadan 27th was like on a Friday, right? Yeah, I woke up on a Friday and the second call I had, like, my mom gave me the phone and she then the lady was like, Oh, we have two tickets for Hodge. Do you want to go?

00:39:18--> 00:39:21

Over there, like, jumped out of it? Yeah. And then

00:39:23--> 00:39:24

smarthalo like,

00:39:25--> 00:39:58

yeah, then I've booked and everything just just went smoothly. And it was just amazing. Like it just recommendations that you really need to keep being consistent in making your dua be persistent because Allah Allah will open up void for you. Even if it means like in the last second because like even like I remember like the night before I didn't have large ticket or whatever else you need to myself, you know what, I will be crazy. And I'm going to pack regardless, I'm going to come back because I'm going to go for high challenge if you know the next day like got a ticket it has happened.

00:39:59--> 00:40:00

I think

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:01--> 00:40:39

that's the thing with life. I mean, like, I think I catch it really much of life and with life, you just have to be interested in your doors and you know, know that whatever happens is best for you unless you trust him. And trust, like I said was like a reoccurring theme during which was trusting and stuff. Yes. So that was pretty much the ending advice for those who want to get hij make that intention and be sincere Allah smart Allah will open up a way. I mean, I've heard stories like people have, you know, paid other people to go for Hajj out of nowhere, like someone's like, Oh, I want to sponsor you to God. Like just like, things like that. And I hit that thing two times. I

00:40:39--> 00:40:51

heard a story like that twice. Yeah. So it's not like that's far fetched either. So anything you have, like all this will open up away? Yeah. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and reflections for

00:40:52--> 00:41:34

like the first said, guys, just keep making up, be insistent. It's never too early. It's never too late. Yeah, definitely. When you get the invite, nothing can stop you. It's really it's really like between you and Allah subhanaw taala have that transy have that faith, and it will happen. Yeah. Okay, so that wraps up today's episode. I hope you enjoyed it. And for more episodes, remember that you can find them at our website at Muslim life hackers.com slash podcast. Or you can get our mobile app which can be found on the App Store, the Google Play Store, and also the Windows Phone store. So do get a hold of it. Because that way you can actually listen to episodes from the Muslim life

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