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S01E38 – How To Wake Up for the Fajr Prayer!

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Do you struggle to wake up for the Fajr prayer? In this podcast, Mifrah gives practical tips on how you can wake up for Fajr & become a Fajr champion!

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Episode 38 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima lake.

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As we said, across the sea

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Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hackers, this is me for America with the 38th episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. In this podcast, I'm going to be speaking to you about how to wake up for fudger. Now, I know that this topic is one that many of us struggle with or have struggled with in the past. And so hopefully in this podcast, I hope to give you some practical tips on how you can start waking up for the fudger prayer. Now, before I begin this podcast, I will ask you a question. Are you on YouTube? Because if so, make sure you check out the Muslim life hackers YouTube channel in which we have released our series called The reflection series. It's a series of short videos in

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which we take quotes statements, and we just, you know, take out pearls of wisdom, actions and

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points of benefits from it, that you can apply in your life. So do check it out, you can find it by going to youtube.com slash Muslim life hackers. Okay, so going back to our podcast, how do we wake up from fudger. I mean, we know it's important, but he just doesn't seem to happen. We keep going, you know, sleeping in or not waking up, or the alarm doesn't go off or something just happens every day. And then we find ourselves not praying the budget, pray the first prayer in the day.

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Okay, so the first tip that I have for you here is to stop eating food three hours before bedtime. So what I mean by that is avoid having heavy meals, three hours before your bedtime, for example, she sleep at say 10 o'clock, then have your last meal at around seven o'clock. After that, if you do feel like you want to eat some food, then you can go eat some snacks, like say dates, or, you know, you can you can drink water, you can eat some fruits, that's fine, but nothing heavy, less than three hours before your bedtime. So what happens that you become tired, and as a result, it's harder for you to wake up the next morning for fudger.

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Okay, so tip to tip today is actually a very obvious tip in which is sleep early. So many of us, many of us might may find ourselves, you know, sleeping late, because

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because we just have stuff to do, they eat into the night. And it doesn't help either that, you know, we have lights in which we can extend our day as long as we like. Because you see back in back in the days what would happen is that people's lives would revolve around the sunlight. So what would happen is sunrises, everyone wakes up sunsets, people, you know, eventually just wind down and then go to sleep. But now what happens is that because we have lights, as soon as the sun goes down, we turn on our lights. And what happens is that causes us to stay awake into the night and sleep really late. So what I suggest you to do is make an effort to sleep earlier. I understand that

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sleeping early, waking up early is easy said that it is done. I mean, it is a process in which you need to struggle in order for it to happen. But I do want to point out that it is something that doesn't happen overnight. Because I know that sometimes we hear tips and we're like, oh, you know, oh no sleep at nine o'clock and wake up at four and pray tahajjud prayer and pray fudger prayer and then what happens? Nothing happens we end up sleeping at two, we wake up at eight. And we didn't achieve anything. So I mean, we are all for aiming high here with some less hackers but part of aiming high is you take small steps and through that you will get to that high aid that you've

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placed for yourself. So take a small step and gradually make an effort to sleep earlier. So if you find yourself like say watching YouTube videos, say you're chatting to your friends or your what's happening people late into the night, you're on social media, then cut back on that. And one tip that I can give you particularly to this is maybe after you pray your Isha prayer, turn off your Wi Fi off off your phone and your mobile data. I mean don't worry if if there are any emergencies people can still text you or call you. It doesn't necessarily have to be through the internet so try that tip because I know that personally has helped me when I was trying to make the transition into

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sleeping earlier and if that being said if people you're just very popular and people keep calling you and texting you after mockery prayers and what you can also do is sorry not McCrea Isha prayer then what you can also do is more

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What you can do is, tell your friends and explain to them that you're going to be unavailable after the last prayer of the day. And if any emergency you can call them up, but if not, then

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you tell them nicely, I mean, and if, and if they don't listen, then what you can do, and only, you know, the best procedure that you can put in your place. But another idea you can do with Wi Fi and internet, shutting them off isn't good enough, then what you can do is put your phone on flight mode, that's also something as well, so that cuts off everything, and you still have your phone, which you can use as your alarm. So

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do try that as well. So hopefully that helps you sleep early. And, and, and of course, there are many, many more tips on how you can sleep earlier. And if I were to get into that as well, this podcast will be super long. So I'll stop there. But all I can say is, I know and I've been there, done that. And I've had those days in which I was sleeping really, really, really, really late.

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So with that being said about late nights, there is a one additional point that I want to make on this is that I want you to figure out what is the absolute latest time you can sleep and still wake up for fudger. Because we all we can all figure it out ourselves. Because I know that like backfill A few years ago, when I used to be sleeping really, really late. My late night is really bad. There's like, I'd be sleeping at two and three. And one thing that I had to do is I mentally I had a time in which I knew that if I sleep past this, like if I stay awake past this time, then I can't wake up a fighter. So that for me it was about I had to sleep before 2am. And that way I can be able

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to catch the fudger prayer, which was around five. So three hours was enough for me to still be able to wake up. But the quality the on the side note, I mean, one thing that I don't miss about late nights is that even, you know, when you sleep really late, and you only have a little bit of sleep, and the quality of your prayer, it's like you're waking up like a zombie and you're praying like a zombie. You know, like I found that I wasn't even realizing what I was doing. And that really affected the horseshoe, the tranquility of the prayer. And so that is a major benefit of sleeping early and making sure you get a good night's rest, because as a result, you can not only wake up a

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fighter, but you can have a really amazing fudger prayer that would really set the tone for the day. So that concludes us tip tip. Tip number three. So tip number three is when you set your alarm clock, set your alarm clock, according to a sleep cycle. So what I mean by this is that when you go to sleep, what happens is your body goes through a sleep cycle, it goes through a series of sleep cycles. And each cycle is about 90 minutes, which consists of two basic states. They're called the REM sleep and they're in REM sleep, you can actually read more about it by googling up sleep cycle. And pretty much what happens is, if you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle, then what happens is

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you don't feel well rested, you feel like very sluggish. But if you wake up at the end of the sleep cycle, then you feel in a better state. And so you can be able to respond to your alarm clock and wake up and start your day from there or just or pray your fudger prayer and go back to sleep as you want to. So how you can figure out your sleep cycle, there's actually some apps that can help you with it. You can find them on the Android, on Android devices or on iPhones. But you can also find out online there is a website called sleepy time, which is spelt as SLEPY ti.me. I'll put a link to that in the show notes. But on these apps and websites, or how this calculator works is that you can

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write down what time you need to sleep in order to wake up at a certain time. So for example, if you say I need to wake up at 530, then that would actually calculate what time you need to sleep in order to wake up at 530. And that waking up would be like the end of a sleep cycle. Or alternatively, you can also write that you want to sleep at say 10 o'clock. And that calculator will also give you like a list of different times that you can wake up which which is the end of a sleep cycle. And so that you can be in a better state when you wake up. So that's tip number three, wake up at the end of a sleep cycle. Now Tip number four is that figure out your alarm habit. What I mean

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by alarm habit is that how do we react when the alarm goes on? Do we just like you know, hit the snooze button and get back to sleep? Because if that's how it is then that's actually a long habit. And so what we need to figure out is that if if our alarm habit is not is not helpful

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And then we need to do something in order to change that. So what you can do is you can move your alarm clock away from you say to the other side of the room. And you can also change the ringtone as well. So it's something different. And

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by being something different, he will stop you from, you know, reacting in the same way, which is, you know, hitting the snooze button getting going back to sleep. But if you find yourself that even then you get up out of your bed, you turn off the alarm, and you go back to sleep, which happens to many people, including myself of confession, I actually can, you know, get up out of bed, turn off the alarm clock, go back to sleep. And then like 10 minutes later, I do the same 10 minutes, and I do the same. And it's just like, it's amazing that within each 10 minutes, I can get such a good sleep in between. So

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for those out there that are like me, then keep listening to the next tips that I have.

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So tip number five, well, this is not really a tip on its own, it's actually a continued tip from the next one is to put the oven as your ringtone, because it's just nice when there is the other end as your return because it really sets the mood for you and makes you realize that okay, I'm getting up for fudger prayer, it's a good reminder, especially if that other than that you choose these really beautiful one. And it also is the special one for fudger as well which, because in the fudger oven, what happens is that there's an extra line that says a solid two hydro mininum, which means prayer is better than sleep and just hearing that, basically that Oh, look, I should get up. And I

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shouldn't go back to sleep. So it's a it's a really good reminder in the morning. And it's really encouraging and motivating to get you out of bed. So tip number six, solve maths problems. Okay, so you must be thinking, How do I solve math problems? Well, I did mention earlier that if your alarm clock habit is so bad, like mine, then you need to put in place some extreme measures in order to wake up. So this is Tip number six, solve math problems. So there, there's actually this alarm clock called it's an app. I'm not sure if it's on the iPhone as well, but I'm sure there'll be something similar. It's called the alarm clock extreme. And I got this app on my Android phone. And what

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happens is that in order to deactivate it, you have to solve math problems. Or you need to

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like writing a capture code, or you have to there's also like other options as well. And so what happened is like, I'd wake up early in the morning, and the alarm will go off, you can you can actually adjust the ringtone for that and make it the other end as well. So this is how the scene look like like I had my alarm clock at the other side of the room. And the alarm would ring and the other end would start. And then after that, in order to deactivate it, I can't just click a button and go back to sleep. Rather, I had to solve maths problems. And the good thing about this app was that you can even write how many maths problems you want to solve how hard you want it how easy you

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want it, I write, I just keep it too easy, because I don't want to like, you know, be sitting there in the morning and be like, Oh my god, like trying to use a calculator and hoping that my neighbors won't wake up because of the alarm. But

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one thing funny that as a result of this maths problems was that I remember going to the restaurant with my friends and we had to like calculate the bill. And I was able to just do it on the spot. Because I was trained to solve math problems every morning. And so you know what the side benefit is not only do you get to wake up for fudger, you can impress your friends to with your skills, your new math skills, so you can try that. And hopefully that also helps you as well. So now going to tip seven, what if all that still didn't help you get up for fudger Okay, well, what you can also do is you can put a glass of cold water next to that alarm. Now No, you're not going to go to the cold

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water a tip it on yourself, although if you want to you can but what what I'm suggesting here is that you put the cold water next year alarm, and once you wake up, you drink it so that it really wakes you up. And once you wake up and you know why you're awake, that you're going to pay budget then it will be easy for you to get up and go to pray inshallah. So, these are my practical tips on how to wake up, wake up for fudger. But I want to conclude this with the most important

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tip or like you can call the chip. But mindset I would say mindset on waking up for fudger and that is by realizing why exactly we wake up and fudger because

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See, the biggest motivator and anything in life is by realizing the why behind it. And so I want to leave you with this Hadith, in which the Prophet, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the first matter which will be brought to account for on the Day of Judgment is the prayer. If it is sound, then the rest of our deeds will be sound. And if it is bad, the rest of our deeds will be bad. So you see, protect your prayers, protect your fudger prayer, because soon you would become second nature to you that you can wake up without an alarm. And you'll even find times in which you do slip up once in a while and you turn off your alarm and you go back to sleep. But even then,

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Allah subhanaw taala, you know, allows you to still wake up, despite not having alarm, despite not having an alarm. And, you know, being able to pray fudger prayer. And this only happens when you make a constant effort to wake up for fudger. Which brings me to the final closing point for this podcast is that tonight, when you go to sleep, I want you to set an intention, a sincere intention that you will wake up. So pray your Isha prayer, ask Allah to forgive you for the mistakes that you've made throughout the day. And we all make mistakes. And we all need to be constantly repenting to Allah subhanaw taala and thanking him for what he gave us. So ask for forgiveness, and also ask

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him for help to wake you up for failure. I mean, be honest, you need help, we all need help really, even the ones who

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have been waiting for for 5g for years, we all need help in order to wake up fudger.

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And so I promise you that you know, if you really sincerely want to wake up or budget and murder last month alone will help you. So before you go to sleep, make sure you recite your sleeping two hours, you can find them online, you can just right off slipping through us there unlike a lot of apps, recite like I took mercy, and the last verse of Surah Baqarah. And also take what will before you go to sleep,

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because there's a hadith in which the prophets Allahu Allah sort of said, purify these bodies and Allah will purify you, for there is no slave who goes to sleep in a state of purity. But an angel spent the night with him. And every time he turns over, the angel says, Oh ALLAH forgive your slave for he went to bed in a state of purity. So take these steps, and also put those practical tips that are also gave. And I just want to summarize before we end off today's podcast, the first one is avoid eating heavy meals three hours before bedtime. Tip number two, sleep early. Tip number three, set an alarm clock according to a sleep cycle. Tip number four, your alarm habit. Tip number five,

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put the oven as you return. Tip number six solve maths problems. And tip number seven, put a cold glass of water next to the alarm. And of course, the main tip, set a sincere intention that you will wake up also. So once you start, you know waiting for pleasure and making a deadly part of your life, I suggest that you take the next step and also pray at the mosque as well like pray fudger at the mosque, and you will find so many blessings in your day, you find that waking up for fudger just like especially going to the mosque, it takes a lot of discipline. And and it is a it is a big it's not the easiest thing. But what happens at the end of it is that after you go there you pray, you

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have such a sense of accomplishment. And it really sets the tone for the day. Such a big win for the day, and hopefully many more wins throughout the day as well. And I must say like with my personal experience as well, praying fudger at the mosque, it also helps it also helps with the quality of your prayer as well. So so if you're a male and even if you're a female, if if there is a if there is a local mosque that caters for like us has good facilities for sisters Then see you know, maybe you can take your friends and further pray fudger when you get a chance to and and that way, your fudger prayer will be a part of your life, and I've no doubt he would open up the road for many more

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successes in your life Central. I hope that this podcast helps you wake up for fudger prayer. And if you do, then do let us know in our show notes by going to Muslim life hackers.com slash 38 that is the number 38 Finally, if you enjoyed this podcast then please tweet the love by going to Muslim life hackers.com slash love and that way you can be able to get a pre written tweet and you can hit the tweet button and you can let all your family and friends know about this podcast. So until next time with some life hackers Empire take action and be awesome

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