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S01E36 – Make The Most Of The 10 Days Of Dhul Hijjah

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Muslim Life Hackers

Channel: Muslim Life Hackers


Episode Notes

Mifrah interviews Sh Musleh Khan on the topic of the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah to give us a practical guide on how to approach this special time of year. Sh Musleh further explains the importance of the 10 days and highlights why we should really utilise them to help us in this life and the next – including some personal tips he implements himself!

Sh. Musleh Khan, born in Medina Saudi Arabia is currently serving as one of North Americas youngest Imams at the renowned Sakinah Community Center, Toronto Canada. He is also the host of Ask Musleh, which is a never ending online video series devoted to answering Islam most frequently asked questions in a practical and simplified manner.

Episode Transcript

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Welcome to the Muslim law Packers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima lake.

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As we said, the crisis see

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psycho Muslim life Hi kids. Welcome to Episode 36 of the podcast. And today we've got a special guest interview lined up for you. Mitra is going to be interviewing shamelessly Han or the topic of the 10 days of dual hit job she was actually born in Saudi Arabia and is currently serving as one of North America's youngest imams at the renounce Akina Community Center in Toronto, Canada. He's also a host of Ask Muslim which is a never ending online video series on YouTube devoted to answering Islam's most frequently asked questions in a practical and simplified manner. After studying at Medina University Jeff was returned to Canada in join the speaker circuit, lecturing and teaching

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throughout the globe. In addition to appearing on various worldwide network he's most well known for his unique analysis of Quranic texts, along with his wisdom, in simplifying service lamps, most complicated matters, Chef was going to be talking to us about the 10 days of dual hair gel, what's it all about? He's gonna be giving us the downloader and along with what makes these 10 days special and what kind of acts we can implement going to these 10 days. So with that being said, I'm gonna hand it over to me for

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as long as they come shamelessly thank you for joining us today. Why likoma cinema? Hello, it's my pleasure. So how's your day going so far? so far? So good and hamdulillah hamdulillah what all of you have the life hasn't started yet. It's actually quite early in the morning here in Australia, humbler Masha Allah, we know that the fake there are some special days that are coming ahead of us in the days of nature. So would you be able to tell us a bit better than explain to us what makes them special? Okay. Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, a man buried. So the days of the ledger, as a matter of fact, these are actually some of my favorite

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days of the year. And there are a number of reasons why this is an opportunity for all the Muslims and all the believers around the world in sha Allah, that they have a chance to really, really increase their deeds maximize the time that they have, especially those who are not able to go for Hajj and really maximize the time that they have with themselves and with their family just to build a closer and stronger relationship with their Creator. So these days of the ledger are days that everybody should really look forward to in sha Allah when we we actually look at the days of nature like the 10 days, like how are these days in comparison to say like the last 10 days of Ramadan?

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Okay, so Allah subhanho wa Taala valued these days, so much so that he actually made an oath by them in the poor end. And as we all know, if Allah makes an oath by something, then there's definitely like a profound value that's attached to this particular thing. So, in the first two verses of solfeggio, Allah azza wa jal said, while federal wilayah International by the dawn and by the 10 knights, many of the scholars of Tafseer, including even kytherian, Ibis and others, they said that this verse here the 10 nights, Allah is referring to is a villager. So the deeds that are performed during these 10 nights are the most rewarded more than any other time of the year. And even one

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Hadees that comes to mind is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are no days during which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days. And even the companions they mentioned other righteous deeds such as like jihad, FISA, Beatty land and being good to parents and so on. And they said, yada sola not even these things can be for these 10 days. And he said to them, not even those so these 10 days hosts have a whole plethora of special things that we can do to gain the blessings from Allah azza wa jal. Wow, that's awesome. So what what exactly are some things that we can do during these days then? Okay, so really what we can do in sha Allah,

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to really, really understand the blessings of these days, there are two things that every Muslim should really keep in mind. So for those Muslims who are able to perform Hajj because that's also happening during these during these days as well. Those who are performing hajj they insha Allah with Allah will have the opportunity to literally flow right through all the opportunities of doing righteous deeds, but this is especially for those who are not able to do that. So in terms of some of the things that we can do in sha Allah

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is, the first thing is that we want to fast as much as we can now fasting on the day of autophagy itself will equal to the blessings of exceeding the sins of at least two years, the previous year and the coming year ahead. And this is based on an authentic hadith narrated in Sahih. Muslim. On the day of autophagy itself, this is the day that Allah also perfected his religion. So it's also profound day for us to make a lot of dough or recite a lot of poor and so on. It's also a day that most of the pilgrims, they allies, so Joe will descend and bestow His mercy on those pilgrims specifically. So those are the people who are actually there and they're enjoying their hedge. As

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for maybe a lot of most of us who aren't, don't have that opportunity, well we could do is the following things we want to basically set have a mindset of increasing our worship during that during the days and during the night. Yeah, we want to try to achieve reciting the entire poor as well. We also want to make sure that we constantly keep our tongue moister with the remembrance of Allah, we want to maintain a state of bajada, meaning you want to really try to be in will do as much as possible, even if you're not praying, you're not going to read for me, I'm going to do anything you want to be in the world. Oh, yeah. And I mean, I guess I'll mention two more things

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that are really, really important. And the reason why I say that is just because these are really, really easy to implement in sha Allah. And that is, you want to also wake up for all of your future prayer, and you want to pray all the rest of the prayers on time, you want to make sure that you're really disciplined in those areas. And the second and last thing that I want to mention, from many, many things that we can do is try to give charity, charity is crucial in these 10 days, it is absolutely crucial. And charity doesn't necessarily mean you actually have to give money or share some of the wealth. It's not restricted to just that. So I like being kind to each other, and so on.

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No. Okay, so what are the like with charity? It's not only limited to money, so what what are the other things that a person can do? Like they're smiling, but is there anything else that they can do? Absolutely, I mean, smiling, showing kindness to one another. One of the things that Allah mentions in the poor, and it is in verse number 177, in Surah, tillbaka. This is the verse that teaches every one of us how to be a good Muslim. And one of the things that Allah really emphasized is a huge chunk of the verses really devoted to just charity. So Allah says that you be kind to your neighbors, you be kind to your family, you be kind to the community, you help and you assist those

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who are struggling in whatever way they are struggling that you're able to assist in. So smiling, shaking hands, building a relationship, just some Aleykum How are you doing? Where are you from? Just trying to build a relationship is key. That doesn't cost anything except just a little bit of effort in sha Allah. So what about the person that they feel that like, during these days are coming and like, they feel that they've like, made like, a large amount of sins, and they feel a bit hopeless? What What would you say to a person like that? Really? And truly, I mean, this is a good question. What I would say to someone like that is these days that are coming are the days

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especially for them, don't lose sight of them, don't let them just, you know, breeze by just over their head really, really try to take advantage of them. And the key is to do as much good deeds as possible to the best of their ability in sha Allah, Allah so what does forgiveness is emphasizing these days, so I really want to take advantage of that. by praying your Sunnah prayers and making sure that you're disciplined in the five daily prayers, you try to make Dora be remembrance as much as you can, all those simple, simple little things that they've done. These are the things that are going to start to build hope in their heart hope in their life, that insha Allah, Allah will forgive

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them, and they can move move forward in a very, very positive way, a person like going forward forward with like during the days of dual hitcher, like should should they be focusing on really big deeds or just trying to like get get into a habit of deeds so that after who they can be able to continue those deeds? That's a good question. You know, interestingly enough with the last 10 nights sorry, the the 10 days of the hedger, it's actually both Oh, yeah, you are able to perform some extra, some extra deeds that require a little bit of effort from you, you should try to do it. Otherwise, the standard notion for all of us is we start off with the things that are simple that

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we're able to begin with and keep consistent in our lives and then we build from that. But with the last 10 with these 10 days, it's very, very unique. It's very, very special the process and preferred it over any other days of the year. So you're really

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Really want to put that extra effort in that extra push to try to perform those bigger deeds that might be difficult for you. Okay. So like, if you were to comment on one, like, if it was quality or quantity, what would it be doing these days, what I would encourage, at least for us, in this part of the world here, really and truly, we can try to start off with quality, be quiet, because it's with quality, that eventually a person is able to improve the quantity of their deeds, and really able to, to perfect them. And, you know, you know, as people say that, the more consistent you become in the quality of these deeds, the more the hunger and the thirst is built within that

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individual to want to do more and more and increase more and more. So I guess the standard method for all of us really, inshallah is that we can try to start off with the quality, perfect what you already have what you're already doing, make sure that those things are, are good in sha Allah, and then you can really, really seriously start to start thinking about doing extra deeds and something bigger, it's something you've never really imagined you can do, and ask Allah azza wa jal to make that easy for all of us. So it all starts off with just like studying a deed that we can put in our best effort and then going from there. Yeah, look, I'll share with you something really personal.

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Okay, I usually don't do this. But because we're at the discussion, I'll say to you that last year, what I did just for myself, is in the last 10, sorry, in these 10 days, I made a promise to myself that I was going to practice one sun act every single day that I've never ever practiced, I've never even heard it. So it required some study for me. So before these 10 days came, I went through these 10 particular sudden acts. And I really, really tried to discipline myself to stick to them one every single day. So it was start, it started off with some of the most simplest things that I take for granted, and a lot of people do as well. So for example, always, always sitting down whilst

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eating or drinking something. Oh, yeah, sometimes, you might just get carelessly carried away, you just open a pop or something, and you just drink it right away while standing. Yeah, I mean, it's such a discipline for myself. And I treated it as though it was like compulsory on myself. And before I knew it, after four or five days, it started to become a habit, I couldn't let go, Well, I couldn't stop it anymore. And I just thought to myself, so panela Look how easy it was for me to do this. And literally my whole life, I was just being careless. If I felt like, you know, I wanted to do what I just did it. But now it actually became a chore for me.

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That's such a unique thing to do. Because I never heard about like doing something like taking a Sunday, every single day. And it's especially with the blessings of those days. I mean, like you were saying how, after three days, you felt that it was recovered, like it became part of your habit? Yeah, I felt lonely. Without it. It was unbelievable. And this really taught me the whole psychology of the Sunnah and the tradition and the behavior of the prophets, I send them like, you can actually train your mind and your heart and your life literally, to follow these simple steps. And the thing that happened that was most profound for me is after the 10 days was over, yeah, and

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became so hungry for more, I just wanted to do more and more and more. So next, I couldn't stop, it became literally addictive for me. So it was absolutely a life changing sort of experience. For me, it was a whole different perspective for me, that I could have taken something so simple and build such a strong thirst for me that inshallah I'll try to carry for the rest of my life. So it sounds like what happened was like, eat those days helped you build a mindset of being very motivated to follow the sooner through that.

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Absolutely. And the crazy thing about it is, that wasn't even really my intention. I just wanted to practice one subnet every day. That was it. And I had no idea that it was going to literally change my whole perspective and my mindset about these simple little things. Wow, that was just unbelievable. Yeah, so so like, to our listeners who are wondering, um, what what are some Suna x therapists enjoy, you know, take up during those days? Well, that there are several things that inshallah you can do that are that are specific to these days. But I mean, generally speaking, the things that we can do to really, really increase on these days is, is really two things. It's the

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remembrance of Allah. So just a lot of F code, meaning all the sudden the doors that we've learned, the sun rise, you got to really make sure that you practice and you implement this door for getting dressed in the morning looking in the mirror, going to the washroom, stepping out of the house, coming back home, going for a drive all of these little things. There's they're there for us.

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Not to just really make us mentally exhausted, it's actually training the mind to think poor and each and every single day of your life. And this is one of the biggest challenges for us Muslims is that we don't really know how to take poor and and make it the thought process and the ultimate decision maker for everything we do. So one thing that helps is that you try to take a son or daughter and try to focus mastered, memorize it and make it become a habit. So that's one thing that you can do. And that's one thing that I've been doing and, you know, hamdulillah for the last few years, and it's changed my life. The second thing that you can really do for these 10 days is some

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try to increase pour. And I'm not saying try to recite core and but whatever it is that you are doing, you want to increase from that. So if it's just a one soda, try to do a soda and a half, then two sodas, then one juice, and so on and so forth. And like I said earlier, you want to make sure that you discipline, all the timings of the prayer. So make sure that they're on time, especially salted fetcher. And you also want to make sure like, as we talked about earlier, is to really do the charity acts as much as you can. And one thing that helps you do that is that you stick to the Sunnah prayers, so you want to make sure that you're also performing the sun and an ephah prayers as

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well. So like, we were reciting the Quran during the days of nature and just generally like, what if someone was saying that they don't didn't really recite it a lot, because they don't understand it? How How would they increase in their, you know, benefit from it like that? Wonderful. Now, look, I'll tell you something that my chef told me when I was in Medina. Yeah. You know, I used to ask other chefs to make dua for me that Allah helps me read recite for me, and one of my closest closest teachers, he said to me, you know, what, Muslim? Why are you asking me to make dua for you to just go pick up the horn? Sit on it, start reading it? Yeah, if I make why the Quran is not going to just

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literally be inspired and float into your hands and you're gonna start reading it? Yeah, he says, just go and do it. And what interestingly enough, he actually he actually showed me that this is how Allah azza wa jal inspired the prophets, I send them, he told him read, he didn't say, okay, you know, make sure you get your mind set, make sure you're focused, make sure you have a clear day, nothing's bothering you. All the distractions that are out, he didn't do none of those things. He just said, just go and do it. Just go and read it. Yeah. So for all those who are listening to this, what I want to say to you is really one of the best advice I've ever gotten, that helped me build a

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relationship in reciting core. And that is literally, you know how important it is, we don't have to say that you know, the blessing behind it, we don't have to teach you this is just a matter of you literally, putting aside a portion of your day and say, This is my core and time for myself. And you go you pick up the car and you sit there, the kids might be running around all over the place. But just you're starting to train your mind in our heart that this poor end is only going to come to you if you literally discipline yourself to come to it and Sharla that's the best advice that I can give to anybody, whether they're struggling with it, or whether they've mastered it and they want to

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increase from that. Just go and do it in sha Allah, it's one of the blessings of how Allah makes it easy to come to Quran, like the tips that you actually mentioned, like this so simple yet, like, you know, we we tend to like complicate things in life, like just the simplest things. For instance, I went to Medina and it became a student of knowledge, I realized, so panela this stuff is actually a lot easier than I ever imagined they could be. It just was a matter of me having the willpower to just go there and just do it just initiate something. And a lot took care of the rest humbler and I think many of us can relate to that. So, you know, we don't have too much time left until the

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interview. And so I just want to actually change the question a bit and ask you a bit more about the day of arafah. And like, what exactly is the significance behind that day? And why is it that if you fast on that day, it's like you know, there's a specified reward for it. Is there anything else that makes that day special? Sure, absolutely.

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As we mentioned earlier, there's the authentic hadith. In the Sufi Muslim the prophet SAW Selim says that fasting the day on that particular day, we'll remove and expiate the sins of two years, the one year that's already past the previous and the coming year ahead as well. That in and of itself is a huge incentive. So too fast on this particular day, imagine one day is equivalent to literally two years of fast, two years of sin, it will remove all of that in sha Allah. Now scholars have differed whether that includes major or minor but the point is the Hadith is general so we accept it as such. Another

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A blessing of the day is that this is the day that Allah completed the revelation of the religion of Islam. he perfected his bounty that he bestowed upon each and every one of us, which is of course, the blessing of Islam itself from and this was mentioned in sorbitol matita, which is the fifth sorta in the third verse. Another blessing is that it is on this day that Allah azza wa jal, he descends in a manner that suits him. We don't know how this happens. But he comes down to the closest heaven. And he shows his pride to the angels about the presence of the pilgrims on the horse standing in the plains of out of yet another blessing is that a lie so without promises to these

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pilgrims, that he will bestow His mercy on them and he will forgive them. And he will also promise that they will return home free from all of their sins just like the day they were born, some handle law. And for us, especially those of us who aren't able to make the hatchet we also can take part in the blessing that Allah subhanho wa Taala. On this particular day, many people would be emancipated from the hellfire. So there were people who might have been destined to reach this Nazi bar, this final ending, yeah, because they acknowledge that they they took advantage of it, they did the fasting and all the good deeds. Allah subhanho wa Taala changed that cutter. And in sha Allah, these

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people now become the people of Jenna and remember, we all know this, the prophets I sent him told us that daura one of its blessings is that it can change the color of Allah by of course by his will. So it's an absolutely profound thing. It is such a unique opportunity and we should look forward to it the same way that we look forward to Ramadan in any other time of the year inshallah definitely a unique opportunity. This wraps up an interview and before we end off, I just want to ask you, for our listeners who haven't heard about you, where can they find you online, the first place is they can check out my fanpage on Facebook. I have a fan page here that's updated daily and

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if they have any questions and any comments or anything like that, that's the best place in shall love that they can reach me and I check it daily. And as for my videos, usually I also run a YouTube channel where all of my videos are there and are updated daily in sha Allah so they can definitely continue to listen to those. Those are the two best places that they can reach me inshallah Wilson laughs I guess you're listening to this you can be able to find these links at our show notes which you can find on our website. So thank you again Schiff. Mostly for joining us We really appreciate it. Shall we have to speak to you against it then I certainly no problem. Take care while he can

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So that concludes that interview with Chef Mr. Han on the 10 days of dual HR we hope inshallah you benefited from it. As mentioned in the interview, you can find all the links to chef masters pages, and resources in our show notes all linked them if you find them at some laugh slash 36 and lesson number 36. So till next time with some magic is aim high. Take action and be

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