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In Episode 33, Mifrah gives tips on how to increase in khusho (concentration/tranquility) during prayer.

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Episode 33 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and maheen Malik.

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As we said, the crisis see

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Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hackers, this is me for America with the 33rd episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. In this podcast, I'm going to be speaking to you about tips on how to increase your who show your tranquility in prayer. The Show Notes for this episode can be found at Muslim life hackers comm slash 33. That's the number 33. First of all, before I start, I want to share with you a reflection. Not too long ago, I finished reading the book 12 years of slave by Solomon Northup. And pretty much it's a story in which he was a memoir by a man named Solomon Northup. And he was a

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a person that was born free in the state of New York. This was back in like 18 1800s. So what happened was like, in his time, there were different states in America that slavery wasn't abolished. So what happened to him was that when he traveled to another state, he was abducted, and then he was sold into slavery. And then after that, for 12 years, he kind of he was stuck in that situation, he couldn't get out because they bought him. And they took him far, far away from his family, which he couldn't get in touch and stuff. Better, of course, he eventually, is, like, somehow he managed to escape that. And thus, he was able to write this memoir, which also has been

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turned into a film, which I haven't watched. But anyway, you know, from this book, I realized that even if, say slavery in the sense that a person is enslaved by their body, like they have to work for somebody else has been abolished, which humbler in today's time, it's been abolished. I think there's slavery still does exist today that in which people can be enslaved by their minds, in which like a, a person can be slowing slaved by something that whatever it tells them to do, they go run and do it. An example of that can be like money, a person can be so soon slave to money, that, whatever it, whatever they choose, it's all about increasing in money. And another example is like,

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a person being a slave to their own desires, like whatever they want, they get it, even if it's something bad for them, or even if it's not good for them, they still run and get it because that's what their desires us, like, I want this, so I'm gonna go run and get it. And like, another one, like about enslavement is like how,

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you know, one person can be enslaved to their, to their devices, in which every time it rings, every time it blinks, everything stops, and they got a run and check that notification. And it's very subtle, which is, which is the scary thing. So a person can be enslaved to so many different things. And you know what, like, the true liberation would really come by enslaving ourselves to the one who created us, because you see, the one who created us, Allah subhanaw, taala always looks out for our best interest. He loves us more than our own parents love us. And no doubt, whatever he has, he wants us to do will always be good for us. So So that was my reflection that I wanted to share with

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Okay, so back to our podcast topic for today, how to increase in our who show how to increase in our tranquility during prayer. You see, sometimes when we start praying, we feel that I you know, we know prayer is something very special and important to us in our lives yet. When we pray, it's like, we feel so empty, and it's like, our minds are not in prayer to somewhere else. And how can I change this, you may wonder, and it is something that needs effort. You see, it's like tranquility in prayer, trying to find concentration in prayer isn't something that you can just achieve by, you know, doing something overnight, like a quick fix, like I know, in our society today, we really like

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our quick fixes, like, you know, fast food, this that everything has to be fast, but to be able to, to be able to find who shoe in prayer, it's a it's a constant journey, because you see who shoe is it there are different levels of it. And the more and more and more you the more and more you get better at having concentration in your prayer. Then the more beautiful and

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sweet prayer becomes that you you would come to a level in which you just like whenever you want to escape from.

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You know, when you want to find relief and comfort in your life, then you turn to prayer. And that's how we saw like we find when we seen the

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the biography of the best person who walked on this earth the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, whenever he wanted to find comfort he'll go to you'll find it in prayer and

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May Allah make us amongst those that can find huzhou tranquility in prayer. So, now you might think so how can I be able to increase in prayer?

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The first tip is to know who you're praying to. So, I know this seems very obvious but so like, you know, I can if I would ask someone who are you praying to them? Easily we would like yeah, I'm praying to Allah smart Allah. I know, I'm praying to God, but I asked you, what do you know about Allah? subhanaw? taala? Um, how much of you know what knowledge do you have about him? Like, do you know his names? Do you know? Do you know how much he loves you? Do? You know? He's about his mercy. Do you know about, you know, all these different aspects? What do you know about him? Because you see, the more you increase

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in No, increase your knowledge about Allah subhanaw taala, the one who you're praying to, then no doubt, you will have an effect on your prayer. Because you see, every time you stand before

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Allah subhanaw taala in prayer, then you know who you're standing before and it can actually give you a it can help you get a better connection when you start praying. And there are like books out there on how you know you can learn about something such as like the 99 Names of Allah Spano, tala, what do they mean, but you know, if if books like sometimes when we read books that we might end up falling asleep, especially when they're like, really, really factual kind of type books. So if you find that happening to you, then that's fine, I totally understand what you can do is, you can find out like, lectures and stuff there, there are some really good lectures in the English language

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about this. And one that comes particularly to mind is a series that was created by magic Muhammad.

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He was on YouTube, and I'll link it because he he did this whole series about the 99 Names of Allah subhanaw taala. And like, how we can relate to it. And I really benefited from that series, and I link it to the show notes. So you can have a look at it as well.

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The second thing, the second tip on how to increase in your horseshoe in prayer is learn about what others are saying to you. So what is he saying to you meaning through his core m because we know the Quran is what? It's a message. It's a message that Allah Spano tala has has given to us. And so learn about it, discover it, read it, and see what is Allah subhanaw taala telling me, because you see, the Quran has came down so we can find guidance in it so that we can become more closer to Allah subhanaw taala.

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The third tip is to find out what you're actually reciting in your prayer. So I understand that a lot of you out there may not understand what you're reciting in prayer, because you may be that Arabic isn't your first language, or even if it is, it's not the kind of Arabic That is actually recited in classical every text. So you see, take some time to learn what exactly you're reciting in your prayer, because then that way, you can be able to focus better, or else it becomes like very, it becomes like a routine. I mean, it's just like, it's just movements. And so you don't realize that this prayer is actually a meeting between Allah subhanaw taala and yourself, it's a one on one

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meeting, and when you know what you're saying in it, then he can help you better in it. And one resource that comes to mind on this is this tab here, which means an explanation on Surah Fatiha, you see how when we start praying, we start reciting the first surah there's actually like a whole Tafseer on it by brother nouman Ali Khan, and it's on YouTube as well, it was called the divine speech. So I can link that on the show notes as well. And that was Muslim lifehacker.com slash 33. The fourth tip is to actually make to offer ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant you who should to grant your concentration, you know, in prayer, because you see, having tranquility in your prayer is

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actually a blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us. And in the same way being able to pray to Him is also a blessing, which benefits us at the end of the day. So,

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there are different ways that you can make and one that I have here, it goes like this, you may have heard it allow me in the beginning, I mean a young woman or being a young woman never seen that woman or what in law used to jab Buddha, you may have heard it like being recited before like lecture style or something. So it just pretty much like

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that the word supplication you're seeking refuge

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with Allah subhanaw taala from things such as like non beneficial knowledge and from a heart that does not possess a horseshoe along with others as well. So I can put that the way in my show notes which you can check it out. And that would also help. The fifth tip is that before you start to go and pray, you've already made the decision whether you want to have tranquility horseshoe in this prayer or not. So what do

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I mean by this, you see, if you want to have crucial in prayer, then beforehand, you'd prepare for it, for example, you won't go into the prayer rushed, you won't just like, you know, just start straightaway. And just quickly, like run and praying the last minute and stuff. But if you actually want to have tranquility in your prayer, you will make the steps to make it possible. For example, you would actually take your time with, you know, making wobble beforehand, you would make sure that you pray as soon as the time comes in, and you'd be conscious that, okay, I'm wounded, I'm going to make this pro account, I'm going to really try my best in this prayer. So you see, in both cases,

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you've actually made a decision, whether you know it or not, on whether this prayer is going to be a prayer filled with tranquility, or whether this prayer is not going to be so being conscious of this. And once, once you're aware of this happening, then you can be able to change it beforehand. And even if you find yourself that you've started prayer, and you just kind of like rushed into prayer, then you can like, you know, hold on a minute, and like not not stop your prayer. I'm just like, you know, slow down. And then you know, get all your thoughts back and then continue to pray and be conscious like, inside, Okay, I'm gonna make this prayer count. Because once you make that

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intention, then the actions will follow. So there you have it, five tips on how to increase in who's showing prayer. Of course, the to be able to increase your concentration, your prayer isn't constricted to these five points. So I'm interested to know, what are your ways what are ways you use in order to make your prayer better? Do comment, you can comment on the show notes over at Wilson life hackers.com slash 33. Before we end up today's show, I just want to give a shout out to our listeners this week from Texas, United States. Thank you so much for listening to our podcast, we really appreciate it that you're choosing to spend the time listening to us. When I think about

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Texas, what what comes to mind is the CBD school at school and she moved from Texas, to Australia. And I think also like just a basically with an accent. I mean, I don't really remember the conversations we had like what she said, but her accent was pretty cool. So yeah. For those who don't know where Texas is, where in the world it is, well, Texas is one of the states in United States, obviously. And it's a second most largest state compared to the 50 states. And you know, for this, we're interested in stats, right? a fan of stats. Well, I am so let me just share this with you. I like the Muslim life hackers podcast on top, listen to like our most of our audience actually

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don't come from Australia. They come from United States from the northern hemisphere. Texas is actually the third top city out of it. So there's like, a first one was California, Virginia. And then there's Texas. So we really appreciate it. Once again, please do help us spread the word of the Muslim life hackers podcast by sentence by creating a tweet about it, you can do so by going to Muslim life hackers.com slash love. And what would happen is when you go to that link, you get an automatic like a, a tweet would already be written up and all you have to do is hit the tweet button so that you can help us spread reach more people and continue to benefit. So thank you again to

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everyone. If you have any feedback for future podcast, then please do let us know by going over to Muslim life hackers.com slash feedback. In fact, this this topic that we had today was actually a topic that was requested by one by one of our listeners. So please do submit your favorite topics and any any feedback any suggestions you have and let us know. And until next time Have fun life hackers. Aim high take action and be awesome.