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S01E27 – How to Connect with the Quran this Ramadan!

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Episode Notes

Once upon a time there lived a group of people who weren’t the most civilised, they were superstitious, engaged in strange practices and generally were not regarded by the world at the time but then things changed after a man amongst them was given a divine guidance.

This man was no other than our Prophet (saw) and what he was given was the Quran.

It was this Quran that transformed lives for the better, it turned a group of people into the most successful and super powers of that time and as a result, made the world a better place.

In this podcast, I explain to you what makes the Quran special and practical ways you can connect with it so that you – with the help of Allah swt – can also start the road of transformation for the better.

Episode Transcript

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Episode 27 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and maheen Malik

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as we said, across the sea

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Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hackers, this is America with the 27th episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. In this podcast, I'll be speaking to you about how to connect with the Quran this Ramadan, you can find the show notes for this episode, which include the links and resources that I'll be making references to throughout this episode at Muslim life hackers.com slash 27. And that's the number 27. So without further ado, let's begin. First of all, why is it important to connect with the Quran? So you see this question you may think, Okay, I know why to connect with the Quran. It's something that I know I should do, but I'm not doing but it's it's good to hear a reminder once

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in a while in order to put things into perspective and help us be able to really understand why is it so important to connect with the Quran? First of all, the Quran is divine guidance from Allah subhanaw taala. It's it's divine guidance from our Lord. So pretty much. You see how when we say we purchase a product, right, so we'd like purchase, like a gadget or a technology or something we don't know how to use. So the first thing we'll do is turn to its instructions, and we'll find out. Okay, what is that? Exactly this item is used for? What can it do? And from there, what happens is, we can better use that product. Because we have more knowledge on it. We have more knowledge about

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what's it used for? What's the like, what's the How to, like, how does it work and everything. And it's really empowering when you know exactly

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what's it all about. And you have that instruction manual with you. And, you know, in the same way, you see how in our lives we feel like especially when we're younger, like we feel very lost. And like we're like, oh, I don't know, I just feel so purposeless. And I feel like I don't know what to do with my life and stuff. Like we have the sports like the strike. And the first thing like this is like a continual process in order to find ourselves. And the first thing in order to make that journey of being able to find ourselves is first of all by finding our Lord by finding Allah Spano tala in our lives, because once we do, we will in turn find ourselves. And that's the first step you

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should take in order to do that is by connecting with divine guidance, connecting with the Quran, which is the words of Allah subhanaw taala, connecting with the words of your Lord, and connecting with that instruction manual that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us so that we can work out, you know, what's expected from us, what's our purpose of our life, and just puts everything into perspective. And as a result, it empowers us to live better, it will make us understand appreciate, and it puts the world into perspective for us, it shows us you know, what out what really are our priorities, and then we can be able to better live our lives and have a more purposeful life. And so

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that's the first reason it's a divine guidance from Allah subhanaw taala. And it's something that will help us find ourselves. The second one is that it creates a special relationship with your Lord. So, you see in in my last podcast in which I spoke about the law, which is making supplication to Allah subhanaw taala like praying to Him and outside of prayer like is how you suffocate so and in that podcast I actually mentioned this the saying it wasn't a prophetic saying but it went like this. It was like if you want Allah Spano, tala to talk to you, then read the Quran and if you want to talk to Allah subhanaw taala they make to us So, you see how there's this two way conversation

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going, right? And, honestly,

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it's because there's a lack of this kind of communication in our lives, that we find this imbalance we find this emptiness in our lives. And so, when you connect to the Quran, when you connect to the words of Allah subhanaw taala and see exactly what your Lord is telling you, then as a result, you will find that you have a more spiritually and intellectually fulfilling life. Because the Quran caters for both needs. It's not just, it's not just the spiritual aspect, but it's also the intellectual aspect as well and you will only know when you start making that connection with it. And taking that effort to make the Quran part of your life not just something you recite during

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Done and then close it. And then you know that it gained dust on the shelf. It's only it's you realize this once you make it a part of your life.

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And finally, the last reason on why is it important to connect with the Quran? And no doubt there are a lot of reasons, but this is one of my favorite ones. And it's the one that my teacher would tell me and she was saying how, you know, the Quran actually transformed a nation You see, before the Quran came to

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the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, and these people are his people were the Arabs of that time, were not very civilized, and they weren't given much regard from the world. So

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that's the state they were in. And you see, after the Quran came after divine guidance came from Allah subhanaw taala. They became world pals in a very short time, like a very short amount of time, they were very successful in this world. And they were doing very, they were doing great things, they're doing extraordinary things. And you see,

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like I was mentioning earlier, like, they managed to, once they found a last one I thought in their lives, they were able to find themselves, they were able to live more purposeful lives. And as a result, it's, it's empowering. And it just makes you a better individual.

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So now, the next thing to think about is okay, so I know, why is it important to connect with the core? And how do I get started? Like, how do I go about with it?

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Now you see, um, when it comes to the Quran, it has two parts to it. So like, there is the reading aspect of it, which is the original text, the text in Arabic, and there's also the message part of it. So there's the message of meaning, like there's the translation, there's the explanation of it. And you see, both are important. And what needs to happen is that you need to, you need to have a relationship with the original words, and you need to have a relationship with the message behind those words as well. And hopefully, in this podcast, I can give you some tips on how to get started with both of them.

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Okay, so the first one is the reading part of it, which is like reading the actual Quran in Arabic. Now, I know that, you know, myself, also being from a non Arabic speaking background, it's easy to just look at the Quran and think, Oh, you know, what's the use of me reading it and I don't understand it and stuff, but the reading part of it has blessings in it. And you know, every and we know that the the saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam in which every letter you should read, you recite from the Quran, you get 10 rewards. So there is blessings in actually reading the actual Quran, regardless of whether you you would understand it or not. And obviously, understanding

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is it's also important, which I'll, I'll get to later on. So what are the type? Okay, so with the reading part of it, some of us may not have learned how to recite the Quran when we were younger. So, you know, now Nelson for all day might feel quite overwhelming for us that you know, it's it's Arabic, it's a foreign language. And it's, it's not very similar to English. Look, I totally understand it's not very similar to English because you see the Arabic language there's like, especially if you're not a native Arabic speaker as well. There are different letters that have different sounds and these sounds are not even present in the English language. So when when you

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start you, you would come across these challenges and difficulties No, no doubt. But you know, the good news too, this.

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Allah Spano, tala, has promised us that he will make it easy for us. And we fight this out in the verse in the Quran, in Surah elcometer in verse 17, Allah subhanaw taala says, while aka the yes or no or enter the decree for health care, which means And We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there anyone who will remember

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and you see this, this verse is quite quite quite amazing because it's a it's a promise that Allah subhanaw taala has said that he has made the Quran easy. And I have personally witnessed this in my own life and even more so during the Blissett month of the Quran. Like when when I would try to take a step forward with my relationship with the Quran, especially during the month of Ramadan. I've seen this blessing even so like it was easy. And it was it was easy to be able to get it.

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It was easy to get to the goal I was trying to get out and at the same time, like it was very like I had very lasting change like that change stayed with me even after Ramadan as well. So, in short, if there's anything you can take from this is that it's complete.

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pletely completely, completely doable. If you don't know how to recite the Quran today, if you struggle with the Quran,

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then there is light at the end of the tunnel, you can get to a stage in which you can recite fluently. And it's a promise that our last one of Allah has made in a What promise can be more true than from God Himself. And,

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you know, like I was mentioning earlier how I saw this in my own life. When, when I was younger, like I couldn't even like recite a page, like how it was like, was I would be trying to recite and recite, like, the words in Arabic, and it was so difficult. And I was thinking, Oh, my God, this is so hard. And, and then, you know, later on bit by bit by bit, I managed to come to that level in which I was able to recite fluently. And this was really like, the promise of Allah subhanaw taala. Because my background like I was saying, like, I'm, I'm from a non Arabic, Arabic speaking, family. So pronounciation isn't the easiest as well, especially, the language that we speak is like, we

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don't have these Arabic sounding letters. But now, as I recite,

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my teacher was asking me, like how I learned to recite the Quran. And because she was saying that my re citation was as good as like an a native Arabic speaker that she couldn't send in my citation that I was from a non Arabic speaking background. And, you know, I'm not just saying this to say that, you know, I've recite so well, or whatever, I know, there's a lot of room for improvement as well with my re citation. But I'm telling you this in order to inspire you, and to tell you that there is like, it is totally possible for you to recite the Quran, if you put your mind to what Allah subhanaw taala will make it easy for you, many times, it's just about taking the effort,

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because once you take that effort, Allah subhanaw taala will help you. And with the writing, writing tensions you get there, and you will find that you get to that destination and you'll also one day, be telling others that, you know, good recite the Quran, it's not, it's not as hard as you make it out to be.

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And no doubt, you will come across like struggles here. And it's not like I'm saying it's like a smooth road, you will come across struggles, but these struggles are just part and parcel of the journey, Part, Part and parcel of the journey, sorry. And you will eventually overcome these struggles one by one by one, and you'll get to where you want to be. Okay, so, um, so that's now with the actual,

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like a background info on like the reading aspect of it. But now, how can you, you know, better your re citation or, like, take a good upper level? So first of all, what you need to do is find out where you stand with your citation.

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So you know, see, like, do I do I recite well, or do I struggle to read or do I read really well. And then from there, make your aim during this month of Ramadan, to go up a level. So for example, if you can't recite the Quran, then make this the month in which you read which you recite the Quran. So your action step would be like find someone to teach you, whether it's offline or online. And we have so many options of learning Quran online, just like a quick Google search, you can find ways on how to learn to read the Quran, online, and there's teachers all over the world, so you can find them, it's very affordable as well.

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And also in your local community, there'll be classes or, you know, it's just reciting Quran. There's also stuff on YouTube, you can find as well, like, it's not that there's a lack of resources out there, there is things, but you just have to start and make make that effort. So now this.

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So say, if you were on another level, like yours, you can read but you're struggling to read. So make this the month in which you read fluently. So you would spend some time to read a few pages a day, you might want to read with the reciter or read, you know, it's something in which you'll be constantly reading because the only way you can read fluently is by practicing. I mean, I don't like there isn't an easy life hack around that you just have to keep practicing and you will get there. And practice makes perfect like they say. So. Now the last like another level can be that you are reading Cranwell, but you haven't memorized much of it. So you see what what I'm coming at is that

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wherever you are with the Quran, you can always improve you can always improve.

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So, you're you're reading well, but you haven't memorized much. So make this month, the month in which you increase in the amount of sewers you've memorized. So start memorizing your actual point will be like start memorizing a few lines each day and increase from there and you will find that you know, the, like the crap that you're memorizing during this month to you will feel its blessings in a sense that they don't

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They'll come out to be much stronger than how, as compared to the series that you've memorized outside of this month. I mean, I found that myself, like, there's some little sort of theory there are movements during the month of Ramadan and, and they just, you know, compared to the other sources is much stronger and stuff. So I really think that I really believe it's a blessing of this month. So

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which on the side note, I must say, when it comes to memorizing the Quran that isn't very far fetched either. I mean, it's possible for anybody who makes a firm intention, even if it takes like a decade to complete. The awesome thing about making that intention is that if you're sincere and really serious about it, and when I mean really serious about it, like you put the action into do it, then even if you don't live long enough to finish the Quran, like to complete your goal, then inshallah, like God willing, alone will reward you for that intention. So that's the, that's the awesome thing about having such good intentions. Such ambitious intentions, but you can start small,

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like intentions can be big, but you can start small and consistent and then one day, eventually you will reach that

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that goal that you're trying to get to. And Quran is the thing with Quran is it's a journey like even if you have memorized the entire Quran, it still you have to keep coming back to it because it's a journey. And the Quran at the end of the day is

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divine guidance. It is this guidance from Allah subhanaw taala and it's not something that you can just read once and then close. Even if you have memorized the Quran, even people have memorized the Quran have to continually go through it, go through it, go through it. And that's just

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what enriches our experience. Like it just that's what makes our life more richer, I must say like the Quran just it just takes your life to it just makes it more spiritually and intellectually enriching like I mentioned earlier, okay, so

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on the side note, I can get so trance so sidetracked

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other sites now if you do want to get some inspiration on memorizing the Quran, then check out the Traveler with the Quran series. And it's like this YouTube, like it's a documentary and it's on YouTube, in which they traveled throughout the world and visit people who have memorized the Quran and they go visit like grand schools and stuff like that. And I link it in my show notes. You can check it out. I haven't completed the series. I think they're on like season two, or? I don't know, I think it's been a lot of seasons to be honest. No, I'm not. I'm not even going to say what, what season they're on in case I I embarrass myself and say it wrong. Okay, so.

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Okay, now, where are we now. So we just completed the part about reciting the Quran the words and now it's the message behind the Quran. Okay, so now learning the message around the credit is important because it changes your worldview makes you a better person. And the thing you have to make sure is a it's a balance between them both. So you're reading and you're reading the Word and you're also understanding the message as well behind the Quran, so that you can implement it, and so that he can have that effect on your life and make you a better person.

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So for this part, I mean,

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I've, I've checked out like, like the Tafseer books out there and stuff, and they're very good. But the thing that I really recommended you check out is the series at bainer. Bina TV, it's by it's by brother nouman, ali Han. And you'll find that, in this you find the explanation of the Quran, and it's very easy to understand. It's in the English language, and you can find it in the video and audio format, which is great. I mean, because I know that with the social media distracted age we're living in, people hardly read books, and we fall asleep when we read books. Our attention spans are very short. So media, like as in things like video and audio really helps.

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really helps with this. So check it out, and I'll link it in my show notes. bainer. TV is a paid subscription. Like what it is, is like it has like hours and hours of content, like you can find the whole Quran Tafseer there, like the explanation of the Quran in English.

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And you can find things like how to learn Arabic. And it's just, it's amazing. I mean, I really recommend that to every single household to have a subscription to Vayner. TV, but

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there's also free stuff as well available. And I'll link it in my show notes. And some of these lectures have been turned into animations. Yeah, that's right, like cartoon series, so you can find them on YouTube, and I'll link that in the show notes as well. So I mean, how's that? It's amazing. What's out.

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So no excuses, you can get started with it and find that balance in which you can recite the Quran and also understand the message behind the Quran. Okay, now, the final thing to keep in mind is that your connection to the Quran needs to be something that's daily. So no matter how, how little you decided to be, it can be five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, just get started. Because, you know, a lot of the times, it's just about getting started, every journey starts with one step, when are you going to make that step. So make that step, even if it's a tiny, tiny, tiny step, five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. And, and don't be at this fight, make it at a time in which you know, you

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will keep no matter what like, even if it's not ideal, like even if it's not so ideal, for example, like the ideal thing, when it comes to recite the Quran is that you do it early in the morning, after you pray your fudger prayer because what happens is like you enjoy these blessings throughout the day, like when you recite your Quranic after fudger prayer, and you go through, it's meaning that that message sticks with you throughout the day. And it just adds that extra blessing in your work studies or whatever, like before you get out to the world, it's just a nice way to kind of start, you started a good note, right? But if the reality is that during further time, you're dead

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sleepy, you won't be able to recite anymore and you might even fall asleep, like reciting the Quran, then you know what, be real with yourself and just do it in the evening, come back home, from work studies, wherever, sit down, recite some Quran, and then go through some of its meaning, you know, you go watch an animation or something as simple as that and have a certain amount of time. So you'd be like, every day, I'm just going to dedicate half an hour to this and keep it consistent. I mean,

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I listen to Donna loves that deeds are like he loves those deeds, that they're, they're consistent. I mean, even if they're small, to keep it consistent, and you find from there, you can get better and better at it and you can increase and great things you will find will start to happen in your life. And it's since it's a month of Ramadan, you find it extremely easy to get started. And inshallah I hope that you know, he continues from there and you will find yourself like from this Ramadan and next Ramadan. God will if you're still around, then you will find that your life will be different. I mean, it will be different because I mean, how can it not be because the thing is,

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you're, you're going through the words of Allah subhanaw taala you're, you're going through the words of your Lord, and if a transformed a nation then he will transform you and change starts with you. So if you want to change the world then first change yourself and then from there you will find amazing things happen and I wish you all the best we could. So that wraps up today's show of the Muslim life hackers podcast. Again you can find the show notes for this podcast at listen life hackers.com slash 27 also if you haven't got your copy of the Muslim life hackers race the top Ramadan guide then make sure you do so by going to sim life hackers.com slash Ramadan finally

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Ramadan Mubarak May Allah help us make the most out of it and accept it from us. Please do remember us in your to us this Ramadan and until next time, life hackers aim high take action and

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