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S01E26 ā€“ Take Your Life to Another Level through Dua this Ramadan

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Episode Notes

We have all heard amazing stories about how dua has changed people’sā€™ lives in incredible ways.

But have you ever wondered what it is about dua that makes it so special? And how do you use it effectively?

In this podcast I explain how YOU can use dua to take your life to another level this Ramadan!

In This Episode, you will:
– Find out What Makes Dua Special
– Learn How to Start Making Dua this Ramadan!
– Be Inspired to get started

Episode Transcript

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Episode 26 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and maheen Malik.

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As we said, the crisis see

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Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hackers, this is me for America with the 26th episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. In this podcast, I'm going to be discussing with you my topic for today that is, change your life through the word this Ramadan, you can find the show notes, which include the links I'll be making references to at Muslim life hackers.com slash 26. And that's the number 26. So this topic is a really exciting topic because I'm very passionate about it. And I can keep talking on and on about a bit. I'll keep this very short and concise so that you get the main part of it. But like I said, and I think I'll be mentioning this throughout the podcast this actually say, so

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first of all, what is the what can be roughly translated as supplicating calling out to pray to Allah, getting like a, a more formal definition, I got this from the book. It's called the other weapon off of believer by Mr Yessica there. And in which he says, It's written, the meaning of the word is the servants asking his Lord for his help, and asking his continued support. its essence is that a person shows his neediness to Allah and frees himself from any power or ability to change any matter by himself. This characteristic is the mark of servitude, and in it is the feeling of human submissiveness. There's also a few more other definitions, but this was just the one that I thought

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I'll include in this podcast. So with this whole,

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with this whole topic of the war, I had a personal story about it, which, in which I made it and and it was answered, and I have a lot of stories about it was in which I've made and they've been answered, but this one was interesting that I thought I'd like to share, but I'd leave it to the end of this podcast so that, you know, if you're still around by this, then you can hear my story. Okay, so what makes us special? Well, like I said, this, some, there's a lot I can say about this. But, um, the thing that really,

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really makes it special to me is that it opens up a special relationship between you and your Creator. So it's like you have a direct link, that person has a direct link between himself and his Lord. And it's also said that, if you want to talk to Allah, then make dua to him. And if you want Allah subhanaw taala, to talk to you then read the Quran. And what better relationship can you get than this? Because when you start getting into the habit of making the one asking Allah subhanaw taala, your faith will no doubt get better, because you have this more trust.

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In that you're asking, you're asking the Lord of the world who can do anything. And so

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that's just the first thing. And the second one is that our Lord Allah subhanaw, taala loves it when we make the law. So you see,

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when it comes to people, right, like you ask them something, you're like, Oh, can I have this? Or can you do this for me? Or I want this or you know that you at the start? They might be like, okay, I'll do it. Sure. But then as you keep asking, they get annoyed. And they kind of like, try to avoid you and stuff. But you see, it's when it comes to Allah spawn at her like he wants us to ask, and he wants us to ask so that he can keep giving. But we get tricked also, like into thinking are, you know, I can't ask Allah smart Allah for anything because I'm too sinful. And you know, all these thoughts creep into us. But the answer to this is who doesn't sin, I mean, every single person sins

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and if that, if that was like, deterring someone from

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engaging in such a great act of worship, then they're just missing out on something. And the last point that I had under this is what makes it special is that it's the best act of worship. And it's also the easiest as well, because our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam said in a hadith that the best form of worship is to us so it's so easy, I mean, seriously, it's just raising your hands and asking Allah subhanaw taala what, uh, what can get easier than that? So now, you might be wondering, what's Ramadan got to do with all this? So Ramadan is the month in which it is. It's pretty much the month to make the wire but we it's not limited.

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To this month, but

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it is we do know that Ramadan is a month of mercy in which the doors of Paradise are opened and the doors of Hellfire are closed and that the shaytan are chained up. So this whole month has a lot of blessings in it. And during the month of Ramadan, we know that there's also a night in which it's better than 1000 months, and that's a little harder in the last 10 days. So you see, what, what I'm trying to get at is that this month is such a blessing month. And with such blessing, there's no doubt that when you make the word during this month, then with higher chance of getting answered. Also, personally, when I look back at all the times in which I've made the war, especially during

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Ramadan, a majority of them got answered. And it's just amazing because like, I actually keep a track of like what I ask. And what happens is that when I go back to my old Diwan lists, pretty much, I can just like tick it off and be like, oh, that that was answered. And this is answered. And it's just amazing how much we underestimate this act of worship and,

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and we don't do it as much as we we can be doing it. So also,

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on that note,

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I was we had like, like sometime back, I was having this Ramadan lecture with some younger audiences. And we were talking about the whole thing about making the watch during Ramadan. And the next year, we had like a similar talk as well. And next year like I asked him about it like I was I asked her master headed or your doulas during Ramadan. I've had to go and like a lot of them with their hands over there like yet ours got answered. So it's, it's just amazing. And it's an opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

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Now, how do you go about with making the law so it's, to put it simply, if you're not actually making the why then just get started. I mean, that's a simple thing. And he would help if you let you learn about the adequate software and how exactly to make the water and everything. But just stop. That's the one thing I'll tell you because I because I I'm all for like simplicity. And sometimes when we try complicating a lot of things like we never get around to study. And so we do our start and learn as you go. And however On that note,

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if you do want to take your class to the next level, then I really recommend that you sign up for this course it's called visionair. And it's delivered by Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif a part of discovery life. And this is a course that I did twice. And because I really enjoyed it because a person can do a cost one cent, actually enjoy it. But to do it twice, and it must be really good. And I personally have completed this course twice. And I really benefited from it. And if you're interested in signing up, I'm sure you You must have heard about this online through Facebook or Instagram or wherever you are. And if you're contemplating about signing up, then I tell you, by all

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means go sign up for it because it's it was really that good. And you can do so by going to Muslim life hackers.com slash visionair You can find the link there. And this or you or you can find the link at our show notes, which is Muslim life hackers.com slash 26. So, if you are signing up, then be sure to use our link which is Muslim life hackers.com slash visionair. Yes, it is an affiliate link, meaning that we do get a commission if you sign up. And the money raised from this would go towards supporting the show. So do support the show sign up through that link and let your family and friends know if they want to sign up for that course as well. It was Muslim life hackers.com

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slash visionair. And again, it's it's an amazing course. And I've done the course and also mahina has completed the course as well, Mohit Malik, my co host, and she enjoyed it as well. So this is something that we really wholeheartedly recommend. But if you're not able to join, then that's fine. I still give you some tips to get started. Don't worry about that. So now, what's the simple way of getting started with us?

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Like I mentioned earlier, just getting started with it. And some things that can help you with getting started is that get a piece of paper and write down everything that you want in this life and the hereafter. So this is the first step. And pretty much just keep writing, writing, writing. If you were told that you can get anything in this life and in the next life, then what would it be? So

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with regards to things in this life, then pick something you actually see happening like it's not totally unrealistic. Like for example, wanting to be a millionaire

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And you're in high school? Um, yes, it may be possible, but do you believe it's possible, because if you don't believe that, then you might not be really motivated to make that to us. So that's one thing to ask yourself, but

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write them down. And for me personally, what what I do like when it comes to the bylaws of the Hereafter, I normally get those from the Quran and Sunnah, just because they're like, beautifully worded and everything. But

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if you don't find them, then just go ahead and write these words down.

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The second thing to do is pick the top 10. And ask it every day. So special times like breaking your fast bra when you're praying your night prayers, and especially in the last 10 nights. And the reason I say ask it every day is because and the reason I also mentioned 10, as well left to give a disclaimer, it's not because there's any significance to that number, or a but it's just pretty much I say 10, just so that you can remember him and ask him consistently, every single day. And the reason about the consistency is that because there's a higher chance of it being answered. I mean, maybe one day you asked these laws, and you were very sincere then, and it was answered that day. So

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the more the better. And if you want to, you know, take on your whole list during the last 10 nights, then one of these nights is bound to fall into Laila for color which is, which is a night that is better than 1000 months. So do that. And that's that's pretty much the simple way to go about with it. And this is what I was doing, like before I did the Visionaire course. And it's it's really helped in final word is that, like I was mentioning earlier, there's a lot to say on this whole topic of the light. And it's hard to just, you know, summarize it all into one podcast. But there are eight acquits on how to make those like, and if you're, if you're wanting to read more

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about it, then I recommend that you check out that book, it was called the law weapon off of belief by

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Maria sukhadia. And if you're new to all this, then just like a final few points is that Remember, the first point is remember sincerity and make sure that it comes from your heart. And it's not just words you're saying. And your mind is somewhere else. And the second one is that, yes, it can be in your language, you can make the one you're in language. And the third one, he said have positive thoughts. And believe that Allah subhanaw taala will answer if not grant you something better. Because sometimes we ask and ask and then it doesn't get answered and we get disheartened a bit. But keep going for it. And you know that every response is a good response. Because like I was saying,

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like sometimes you can get better than what you're asking for so and in the long term, you realize that that was the better thing. Finally, as promised, I want to share with you that story of a doula that I asked and it was added. So pretty much of this thought that I asked you Well, it happens as a background story to it. So I have to tell you that background story before I can tell you what made me to ask this the why that how it got answered. So I was in one of phi. I was attending like a weekend Islamic course. And like the teacher there, he was saying he was just talking about his experiences in like, Medina. And then he also was saying how he liked the topic about female

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scholars came up as well. And he said that you can find the female scholars of Medina in in like, the woman's area and stuff like that. And I was thinking, oh, wow, I never knew about female scholars. And it was it was pretty naive of me. I didn't, I was I was younger back then. But now I have I have learned that like, you know, Islamic history. It's rich with like, examples of women's scholarship and stuff like that. So, but to me, then it was pretty new to the cells thinking, oh, wow, there's actually a female scholars as well, if I really want to meet one and pretty much sit and learn from the sounds like that's cool. I really want to do that. But I thought to myself, you

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know, if I need a scholar, though, they're probably going to speak Arabic. And then I didn't really know Arabic that well and couldn't speak it or anything. So I was like, I'd have that's gonna work. But anyway,

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I don't let that get in the way. What if the Lazarus asking during Ramadan, like this too, I wasn't back on my top 10 list or anything was just like on a on another list. And I was like, Okay, look, I just asked that as well, if it was something if the wall was asking that I get an opportunity to meet a female scholar and be able to have a conversation with them and everything because you see when someone's out when there's like a big class happening or like there's someone that's like a scholar or something like that he fits in a public area, then most of the time what happens is that there are a lot of people surrounding them. I mean, you

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It's very hard to get a chance to go sit next to them.

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So I've made that two hours to show how it would turn out. But I was making that worth it. What happened, how it came to how it actually came.

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So, I went to Mecca later that year. So after Ramadan finished by family, we'll decided that we're going to do ombre, so it wasn't hatch time, it was just omro time, which is like, the lesser pilgrimage. It's not hot. It's actually aamra, which is a non mandatory, this a pilgrimage made by Muslims. So what what happened then was, we were there in Medina. And it was like after fudger prayer, and that time we went he was like it was a low season. So low season meaning there weren't a lot of people like there, there weren't a lot of people to get me wrong. There was a lot. There wasn't like a lot like, and this is in comparison to another trip I went before in which was a lot

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like so.

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It was a it was an okay amount of people there. And we were there. My mother and I we prayed fudger prayer. And then my mom said she had to go Leave, leave to the hotel and stuff. So she left. So I was sitting there alone after fudger prayer. And as I was sitting there, what happened was like, I actually heard the sound like someone was speaking really loudly and I was thinking, Oh, you know, maybe someone that doesn't realize how loud they are. So it was like I just lifted off later, like, they just kept speaking and I was thinking, Okay, what's happening? And so I got up to find out where that search is coming from. And what I saw lo and behold, I saw a gathering in which there was

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a woman at the front that was teaching. And all these people were like, all these other ladies were surrounding her and they were listening. I was like, Oh, wow. So I thought okay, let's see what she has to say. I mean, she wasn't actually speaking English or anything like I was, I was picking up like a few things here and there, what you're saying when I was like, Okay, let me go closer. And then I noticed that she was she was speaking English after that, because she was switching languages, which was quite amazing. And when she did speak English, she was speaking it in like a she she wasn't as loud because the English speaking sisters were actually next to her. So she was

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speaking in a lower tone. And from the back, I couldn't hear and what happened was, I was like, I have to go to the front. So I found a way, you know, through here and there and without stepping on people, and eventually sit down really, really close by and I was listening. And then like with every teaching circle, people started to get up in return back to the hotels. I mean, he was after fudger prayer. And so

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she moved areas as well. I mean, she got up and she went to another place in the mosque. And there were a few other sisters that also followed her as well in the cluded. Cuz, you know, it's just, I was really curious, right? And so we sat down again, and she was teaching a few more things. And it was like, I was, like learning at the feet of a scholar pretty much because at that point, it was only like, four or five of us like, and her. So it was it was pretty amazing experience. And

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I didn't get to find out what they couldn't like, Google her up. What do you think, but I really saw that it this whole experience I had was, I believe my, the the answer to my thread that I made it, it wasn't like it was that I made like, all the time that I really want to be one or bla bla bla was just something I said and

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you know, I asked Allah subhanaw taala and hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala answered it. It was definitely a great experience. And I was very blessed to have been given that experience. And if anything after that was that when I returned back to my hotel,

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to see my family and everything, I forgot what number The room was. So I went to the wrong floor and I was knocking, knocking, knocking, knocking, knocking, knocking. I think he is anyone out there and stuff. And then somebody else opens the door. I was like, Ah, sorry. And then I quickly read back in the lifted. I didn't know where am I? What number was that I had to actually go to the reception and ask them and tell my family name and everything. And I've they told me that it was just it was really funny. But hamdulillah that was my story. And I really hope that that inspires you to get started with making the why in your life if you aren't already. And at that we're going to conclude

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today's show. And again, for the link that I mentioned earlier, the course it was called Visionaire and you can sign up by using our link by going to Muslim life hackers.com slash Vishal

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They're so visionary spelt is v i s i o in a ir E. So listen lifehacker.com slash visionary. Or you can find that link in our show notes by going to Muslim life hackers.com slash 26. I hope you enjoyed today's podcast. And finally, a shout out this week to our listeners in New Jersey, United States. So what did I find in Wikipedia, but New Jersey, it says that New Jersey is a state that is in the northeastern and Bill, Middle Atlantic regions of the United States and it's the fourth smallest state that most populated and the most densely populated of the United States. So that's cool. I never knew that. And I searched my brothers and sisters in New Jersey, United States. Thank

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you for listening to the show. Okay, until next time, awesome life hackers and high take action.