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S01E25 – Get Prepared For Ramadan

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Episode Notes

Ramadan is on it’s way! It is a time for spirituality, eman and rekindling a connection with our Lord. But do you ever get into the month and wish you had done some things in advance?

In this episode I talk about why it is important to prepare in advance in order to make the most of the blessed time that we have, and come out of Ramadan knowing we did our best.

The Holy Month is fast approaching and now is the time to get prepared for it!

Episode Transcript

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Episode 20 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima lake.

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As we said, the crisis see

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Assalamualaikum Muslim maphack is its main Malik here and this is episode 25 of the Muslim life hackers podcast. As usual, you can find all the links and resources mentioned in this episode, along with this short episode guide at Muslim lifehacker.com forward slash 25. That's the number 25. Now before we get into our podcast on preparing for Ramadan, just a quick announcement in the spirit of the upcoming Ramadan, Muslim left has launched the Race to the Top the Muslim life Hacker's guide to maximizing your Ramadan that this guide is all about showing you how to implement new acts of worship within your life and keeping them long after Ramadan is gone. It's an excellent guide for

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those who want to maximize their time and make sure they can get the best out of this Ramadan coming out of it inshallah a new person who's more spiritually connected to us once Allah you can get your free copy of the race of the top at Muslim Africa's dot com forward slash Ramadan and don't forget to share that link with your family and friends. All right so let's get started into this podcast Now have you ever reflected back on on previous Ramadan and just wandered in amazement? Wow it's such a spiritual month you're like on this big spiritual high you're you're praying extra no waffles you're going to the mosque what's what are we maybe you're going to the mosque at all just an

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amazing thing. everyone around you is talking about like fasting charity, good deeds, people are reading more and and you just you just you just have this amazing energy that you just wouldn't find in other months of the year. It's really an incredible experience that is quite specific to Muslims. It's quite beautiful, humble up. Now, there is a challenge that many Muslims face when it comes to Ramadan. And you might find yourself in this situation as well. Have you ever entered the month of Ramadan and you have a great start, you're praying more, you're really mocker and you go to the mosque, you do all this extra good deeds. And then as the month goes by, you just burn out, you just

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can't do anymore and you wish that you had maybe started your deeds earlier on to kind of get you in the rhythm. You You lose momentum and you lose the energy that you might have had at the beginning of the month. Because you've just done all of these good deeds, and you're not able to sustain it. And the month goes by and you're kind of not doing as much as you want to be doing or you could have been doing and then as either approaches you find yourself like scrambling about trying to get eat gifts and cooking and going to parties last minute parties when when maybe you think that these things could have been planned in advance and you end Ramadan off thinking that I didn't do as much

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as I could have. And I know I had this feeling a lot when Ramadan ends, I know that I always have the thought in my mind that if only I had gotten a few things out of the way I could have focused more on my acts of worship and rekindling a really strong connection with Allah subhanaw taala instead of going shopping for like last minute eat gifts or cooking, like way into the night or something that in spite of this, there is something that we can do to help us maintain energy and focus during the month of Ramadan and that is preparing in advance. Okay, so I'm going to give you six tips to help you prepare yourself for Ramadan before we get into the month. Okay, so tip number

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one, learn about Ramadan, learn about the coming month, gain knowledge about it, do a little digging and find out the benefits and rewards bounties of this holy month and find out read a hadith about it. Read about the virtues of the month, get to know be intimate with the month and have knowledge about it. And you'll find that this makes you more excited and it makes you appreciate the coming months to come even more and it will also help you to be more motivated to prepare for the month as well. So that's tip number one, learn about the coming month and educate yourself. Tip number two, start doing voluntary acts of worship before we get into the month of Ramadan. Now these voluntary

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acts of worship could be your Sunnah prayers that maybe you are a person who doesn't pray this to not know us all prayers, the time before Ramadan is perfect for you to start getting into the habit of like praying this extra prayers. Maybe you're not in the habit of praying the two sooner before fudger start doing that now so that once you get into the month, you have that established habit and it's not so hard for you to get into that routine of the extra prayers. Maybe you don't read. We haven't picked up the Quran in a while. Use these few days before Ramadan to start putting the Quran within your routine and

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familiarizing yourself with it so it's not so hard for you in the beginning of Ramadan when everyone else is you know doing all these good deeds and you find yourself burning out because you're not used to those acts of worship. So get an early start doing this extra soon as soon as possible acts early so that you have a head start once we start Ramadan. Tip number three, fix your sleeping now I am an early bird. But once in a while, especially when I have exams coming up I do tend to stay up quite late, and I get up late as well. This kind of messes my whole routine I get up groggy for fudger and I might even pray fudger with only a little bit of time left and everything's quite

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rushed and it ruins the flow of my day. But when I do sleep on time and I wake up profession early, and have plenty time to pray fudger it establishes a rhythm for my day, I'm able to go about my day with much more flow and focus and also if you have if you tend to be a late night person staying up quite late. It could be that if you don't get your saving habit fixed up before Ramadan calm before Ramadan comes, you may even end up missing yourself. No one wants to start the first few days of Ramadan without eating something in the morning. So start fixing your sleeping habits now maybe sleep a little bit early. And once a month comes you find it easy to get off the hook. You know eat

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that meal before fudger and start your day off with more energy. So that's tip number three is just sleeping. Tip number four prepare for events in advance you know your life better than anyone else. If you know that there are significant events coming up in the month of Ramadan. For example, it might be a family member's wedding or you might be moving houses you might even have exams in the month of Ramadan, it is best to get your preparation for these events out of the way before Ramadan comes in. For example, you've got a wedding coming up in Ramadan, do not spend time going shopping for this wedding when you could have done it much more in advance outside of the month of Ramadan,

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so that you can dedicate more time to other and establishing a better connection with your Lord. Another example it gifts. It's best to get these gifts well in advance so that you can focus within the last 10 days and you're not scrambling about going shopping. Within the last 10 days of Ramadan. When you could have got all of these gifts out of the way well in advance to get those eat gifts done. Maybe you have an exam coming up in the month of Ramadan, get your study done before Ramadan starts so that you're better able to focus as well. And it also takes a lot of stress off you if when you have exams in the month of Ramadan. So if you know that there's a significant event coming

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up and Ramadan, prepare for it. Think about what needs to be done for this event and get it done as soon as possible. Tip number five, think about leaving bad habits. Now you may have a few bad habits that you'd like to get rid of. And Ramadan is the ideal time to nurture better habits in place of these, for example, you might be a Facebook junkie and he'd like to be on Facebook a lot less. Maybe you think that you watch too much TV or you listen to too much music and you'd like to limit these a bit. Maybe you want to curb your smoking habit, Ramadan is an ideal time for you to set in place a great new habit instead of these ones. So before Ramadan comes around, think about the habits that

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you'd maybe like to stop and leave off and think about some habits that you'd like to replace them with. So start thinking about this and make a plan and make note of what you'd like to leave off and come out of Ramadan a better person inshallah, tip number six, start a countdown and remind others when I have a countdown like for example, I may be going on a trip or something I usually don't count down on my calendar, I'm counting down the days and what this does is it just makes it even more excited for the event to come like 10 days or nine days to go and it just like makes me way more excited about the event than I would have been previously. So Ramadan countdown and this will

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really get you pumped and really get you in the mood. It says a little constant reminder to get you thinking about the month to come maybe it will even help you prepare a lot more mentally for the months to come as well. And also remind others Hey Mom, dad nine days to get to Ramadan or something it really brings the family together and really gets you more excited about what's to come. Alright, so those are the six tips. And just to recap, they were tip number one, learn about the months to come. Tip number two, get your voluntary acts of worship in order. Tip number three, fix your sleeping habits. Tip number four, prepare for events in advance. Tip number five, think about

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leaving bad habits. And tip number six start a countdown and remind others so they were the six tips to help you prepare for Ramadan. As usual, you can find the six tips mentioned and any links and resources from this from today's episode in our show notes at Muslim effectors.com forward slash 25. That's number 25. And just before we end up a quick shout out to our listeners in Karnataka, India. Hey guys, thanks for listening and tuning into the podcast. That's all for today. Until next time,

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shameik take action and be awesome.