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S01E20 – Do this ONE thing – if YOU want More Time, Focus, Energy & Happiness!

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Episode Notes

n this podcast Mifrah talks about one thing in your life that if you do it then you will find in your life, more time, focus, energy and happiness!

What is this one thing?

Listen to the podcast & find out! :)

Episode Transcript

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Episode 20 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and maheen Malik.

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As we said, the crisis see

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assalamu Aleikum Muslim life hackers, this is me for America with the 20th episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. In this podcast, I'll be speaking to you about the one thing that if you do, then you can find in your life, more time, more energy, more focus, more happiness. And it also gives you the ability to wish it betters too good to be true. Well, I'll let you decide that. Before I begin, I want to ask you a question. How do you listen to the Muslim life hackers podcast? Do you listen to the podcasts online through a website, or through any other means through your computer? Well, if that's the case, did you know we have released a Muslim life hackers mobile app. So this

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app is actually available for both Android and Apple devices. So if you don't have the app, then get the great app. And it's super cool. I have the app service maheen. And you can get it for free by going to Muslim life hackers.com slash app. And from there, you can find links to both of the versions, we'll also be having an app for Windows friends. So that's being developed and for those with the Windows device, then we've got you covered as well. Okay. Also, another thing is that show notes, show notes, you can find them at Muslim life hackers.com, slash 20. And I'll be making some references to some articles throughout this episode. You can find them at the show notes. So that

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was Muslim life. hackers.com slash 20. Okay, so how do I want to start this, I want to tell you a story, a story of something that happened to me not too long ago. So it was like this, I was in class one day, and it was a really long day. And it also happened to be the last day of the week, you know, the last day of the week for class. And as the class was near to ending it, you can just see my classmates are getting very restless, you know, looking around, and they're just hoping that it'll end so they can go home. And what happened was in that class, I wasn't like that. And I was very focused. And I was really into, you know, working really hard to make sure that I could be able

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to get the most out of that class, you know, being the typical most of life hacker, as so what happened was that after the class finish, guess what, I was still working. And my friend came up to me, she's like me Friday, gee, do you know that class has finished, like, you can go home now. And I said something to her that surprised her and coming to think about it. It makes me laugh. I was telling her, Well, you know, maybe I should stay back and you finish this work off as she gave me this look like, Are you serious? Look, I can just see she was tired. She went to go home herself. And then I was like to myself, okay, fine. Well, it was a long day. And it started at 430 and

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4:30am. So it was a quite a long day. And I was like, Okay, let me just reward myself and go home. And so I did. So I packed up, I went home. And I was as I was going home, I was wondering what happened. I mean, it during that time period, I wasn't the

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end of the day was coming, I was feeling like really out of fit. And I just want to like go home or whatever, like when I was in class. And I started to evaluate my days. And the way you if the way evaluate my days is that I haven't look around the days that surrounded it. So maybe compare it with like a few days that came before it. And to just see if there was like a trend going on something that happened.

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some different things that I did. And so I was looking at that particular day, how come I was able to have lots of energy and was able to focus that day compared to the days they came before it. And then I realized, what was it I did the day before that day. That day was actually a Thursday. So on Wednesday, I exercised, I actually exercise. And you might be thinking, well, they're not already exercise to start off with. I mean, I do exercise to start off with but what happens is during that time, I was going through a dip and what I mean by dip is that, you know your routines fall out of place. And this happens to us after say we we become sick, Maybe something happened in our life or

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we just have so many stuff going on, like so many overwhelming amount of commitments that you know things managed to fall through and schedules just go all over the place and routines and when this happens, I find that

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Exercise is the one that's just pushed away. Because, you know, we think that by pushing it away, we can be able to gain more. But it doesn't always happen to be that case. But anyway, going back to this, so that day, I exercise the day before, and it was just 30 minutes. And it was nothing intense I didn't, um, I didn't go to the gym or nothing like it was just I went walking and running on my treadmill at home. And it was just four hours before bedtime. So straight after I came back, came back home, I exercise, and I was able to sleep that night. And the next day, I had like energy that I was like ready to take on the world. Just joking, but I just had a lot of energy to be able to

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still be ready to work and you know, finish off everything and still be focused at the end of the day, while everyone else around me was tired. That was a reminder to me that I should make sure I'm exercising. But beside that beside the beside my newfound like reminder in my life, how does you might be wondering, how exactly does exercise? How is it possible to get more time, focus, energy and happiness? Well, I want to explain this to you. And don't get me wrong.

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I'm not going to be speaking about you know what you're going to lose from not exercising because I know the typical approach to exercising is that are you know you're going to get you're going to you know, lose your health, you're going to lose this lose that? Well, I want to change this a changes perspective and tell you what you can gain through doing this. So, I mean, you know exactly what's, what is that potential loss, you know that, you know, by exercising, you know that your health, health will get better. And

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you can avoid sicknesses and everything. We We all know that even I've heard that myself as well. And yet, I still find that I'm not exercising all the time. So changing it, I will tell you what you will gain when you implement just this one thing. And don't worry, I'm not going to be you know, speaking about in this podcast, are going to be trying to guilt you on why you shouldn't be exercising. Although, you know, if I'm able to then that was advice 10. But anyway, so the first one is that exercise gives you more time and focus. So how exactly does it give you more time and focus, because obviously when you go exercise, you're going to get up 30 minutes exercise, and then maybe

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another 30 minutes, you can say to cool down. So that's just one hour gone? Well, let me put it to you this way. Every single person has 24 hours, every single person has 24 hours in a day. So that includes you, that includes me, that includes the people that came before us in history, the great people, the scholars, you know, the mountain rivers, and everybody, they all had 24 hours in a day. So now the test was it wasn't who had the most time that was able to make the most difference, or, uh, you know, do great things in their life, it was more, who was it that was able to be more effective in their time. So I'm thinking about that exercise, when you exercise, it helps you focus.

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And if you focus on something, you can get it done quickly. Because what happens is when you exercise your, your body lets out what's called endorphins, which improve the prioritizing function of the brain. So after you exercise, your ability to sort out priorities improves, allowing you to block out distractions, and better concentrate on the task at hand. So after you exercise, you'll be sitting down, you wouldn't want to get distracted by email, or all these social media or something. If you know what task you want to do, you can do it much faster. And another thing is that there will there was something from this this really good book, it was called spark the revolutionary new

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science of exercise in the brain. And in this the author john, dr. john says that exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for two to three hours afterwards. And this is a really good book, by the way. I'll link it to you on the show notes. You can as I mentioned earlier, and in this book pretty much like the author speaking about how exercise helps produce chemicals in the brain that grows new neurons in turn, which increases our ability to learn. He also explains about how it helps anyone struggling with addiction to gain gain the strength or motivation to overcome it. And he there was also like case studies on my stories on how schoolchildren were able

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to succeed just by exercising. So anyway, you can see that society gives you focus we agree on that right. So how exactly do I gain more time through that. For example, if a task normally say that, like a task takes you three hours to complete

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When you are distracted and tired, but when you're focused, you can get that same task done in one hour. Therefore, that gives you one extra hour. Because if we were to take out

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about one hour from that, for exercise, and we just take that one out from exercising, so that was one hour, getting that work done focused one hour for exercising, and one hour extra. So what just happened was that you gained time in your life, you gained an extra one hour. And that's where the whole thing about you exercising, opening up more time in your life. On another note, as I was preparing this podcast, I was feeling very out of focus, and I was quite distracted. And what happened was, I was I told myself, okay, let me take my own advice and go and exercise. And so I did, and I came back. And what I was able to get more done in the 30 minutes after, as opposed to

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the one hour I spent before exercise. So that was pretty funny. And yeah, so it worked. It's just, it just goes to show like how quick it works. It's not that, you know, you take it and you have to wait a long time or something, I mean, it straightaway, like you can see these effects immediately in your life. And in the long term, it just gets better as well. The second one is that exercise gives you energy. So now the second thing people sometimes say is, I don't have energy to exercise. Well, the thing is, if you don't have energy to exercise, then that's more of a reason why you should exercise, because exercising gives you energy, and with more energy, you can work better. And

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not only that, this is the part where the worship part comes into comes in. What happens is, as we know, Ramadan is coming up soon. And this is an opportunity for a lot of good deeds. And there'll be a lot of long night prayers and all these acts of worship that you know, a know are coming up. And yes, having high level of faith is important as very central, but no doubt, the connection between health and being able to perform these acts, acts of worship is also there as well. Because we do know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace and blessings be upon him. And his companions were very strong people with active lifestyles. They weren't like, you know, the typical

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lifestyle that we have today in the modern times will be sit down a lot, we don't move too much. And, and it also made sense why they were able to undertake like, more harder types of worship. I'll give you an example of that. There is a type of prayer that we pray when there's an eclipse. And what happens is that it's very similar to our normal prayers, but it just, it differs a little bit. And so one thing is that it's very long if you are trying to pray it. And so I won't get too much detail into this, because there's a lot of details we can discuss. But pretty much how it worked is that like you'd recite in this prayer. It's like the prayer after, like, there's an eclipse that

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happens. So whether it's a solar eclipse, or a lunar eclipse, we do know that eclipses don't happen every day. So thus it explains why like this prayer is like, you know, long and everything, because it doesn't happen often. But anyway.

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So in this certain prayer, what happens is that you'll be standing and you'll be reciting, like, if you were to do it the way that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, and his companions did it then the way they did it was that they'd be standing. And in in one standing, they'll recite long chapters from the Quran chapters, meaning sutras from the Quran. And in one standing, they'll recite the long surah, which is Surah, Baqarah and surah to imraan, which is also very long. And this can take up to one to two hours to recite. And so if you're standing and you're standing for like one to two hours, that's a really long time. And what happened was that there was someone that was saying how they

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actually tried to do that, like an eclipse happen. And they tried to pray long, and they tried it. They wanted to do it like how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam and his companions did it. And what they said was that, you know, despite them having a, they had a very good religious commitment intentions. I mean, they really wanted to aim high. And they just, what they were saying was that they got really tired and had to cut it short. And he was a part of that, that you realize that really, these people were people of thread there they had, they had strength, that

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physical strength does come into play as well. So no doubt, exercise gives you energy and allows you to worship better. The third thing is that exercise makes you happier. And we discussed this we touched upon this point in the habits of happiness, in which maheen gave a talk about

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habits that you can implement in your life to be more happy. And one of the things

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She did mention was exercise. And now I have an interesting study that I was reading about with regards to exercise, it's linked to happiness. And so there what happens is when you exercise you release serotonin, which improves mood and alleviates symptoms of depression. And there was a study conducted by researchers at Duke University. And it proved that depressed adults who exercise regularly improved as much as those who are treated by antidepressants. So this is how the study was right. Like they had three groups. So there was one group that took the medication, or like three groups of adults that were suffering through suffering, depression, and one group took the

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medication. One group took the medication and some exercise and the third group just exercise. So after, after the study, they took the people like who did get better from the depression, and then they wanted to see their long term results, like after the study what happened after that. And this is the part where like, I was like, wow, like, it's pretty amazing. It said that the first group who only took medication 38%, from this group, went back into depression again. So say there was 100 people in that group, then 38, people from this group went back into depression, they fell back into it. The second group, which was a group that had a combination of medical medicine, and exercise,

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31%, went back into depression again. So if you were to look at this at 100 people, then 31 people went back now the last group, now, the last group, the last group that exercised only, whoever believe it, like it's amazing how this is such a big difference. It was 8%. That's right. 8% of individuals from this group went back into depression again. So if we were to look at back at the 100 people, examples, just eight people. Now, that's, that's pretty, pretty profound, I must say, like, I was like, Well, I mean, sometimes just, it just really goes to show that there's a big effect. And maybe This also explains why depression is very common today than it was before. Because

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one, one reason can possibly be that our lives are just less active today. And because you know how our lives I will normally in front of a screen, we're just moving screen to screen, pretty much our computer screen, our mobile screen, and just very little movement. But this actually a good article that describes this study in more detail, you can check it out, and I'll link it in our show notes as well. And it's called natural happiness, the truth about exercise and depression by James clear. And yes, you can find that in our show notes. Also, I know when you're in a bad mood, it doesn't help with anything really makes you procrastinate in your work, it restricts good ideas, it has an

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effect on your relationship. So there you have it. If you want more time, more focus, more energy, more happiness in your life, then exercise, incorporate exercise, make exercise a part of your life, and just get started. And remember something though, don't worry about ideals, you know, because sometimes when we find out about something, or we learn something new, or we're reminded to do something new, you might be tempted at this stage to start googling up exercise routines, buy new gym clothes, set up a timetable and say I'm going to start exercising at so and so time and you just get up and exercise it just gets started. Because even if it's not ideal, like say you wanted to do

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it before you start your day, which is which is pretty ideal. And it doesn't happen and you find that nothing's happening. Just get started. Make it super easy. watch a video while you're exercising, go listen to something it doesn't matter. Make it easy, because you see with everything in life. Like even if you're starting a new project like this many times like we're all prepared, we know what to do. We just have to take the first step, take the first step. And remember that your body is a gift from Allah, it's a gift from God. And it was created to be something that moves around and not sit still. So be consistent with this and find and you will find I have no doubt you

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find that you want to do more like you, your body will start craving more exercise and you will want more exercise. Think about it. Why is it that people who are fitness instructors or you know gym junkies or heads as you call them, the people who always exercise, they don't stop because there's something that's amazing, that comes as a result of exercising. So start easy, keep consistent, and go for it. And remember that even if you aim high in your life, the second part of taking action, you will be very difficult if you're not in good shape. And that's about it and this closes

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Today's episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. Remember show notes are at Muslim life hackers.com slash 20. You can also download our app at Muslim life hackers.com slash app. So until next time, everybody aim high take action can be

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