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S01E19 – The BEST Investment

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Muslim Life Hackers

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Episode Notes

In this episode Maheen discusses the best investment we can make, which is investing in self education.

Often times we see ourselves investing in things that will turn a financial profit for us, but why don’t we take time and put aside money to nurture our minds?

Maheen shares 4 reasons why YOU need to take time to increase your knowledge.

Those reasons are:
1) Education keeps you up to date
2) Learning gives you clarity in life
3) Fulfillment of the mind
4) You are better able to give back to the world

Episode Transcript

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Episode 19 Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima lake.

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As we said, the crisis see

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Assalamu alaikum. It's my Haim here, and I'm going to be presenting this week's episode, Episode 19. As usual, you find all the links and resources for this week's episode in our show notes. And you can find them at WWW dot Muslim life hackers.com forward slash 19. That's the number 19. Now before we get started on this week's podcast titled The best investment, I mean, you guys are all wondering what on earth this is about? I'm going to be wondering two things. First of all, yes, I am outside and they might be some construction working background. The reason why I am outside is because my family has decided to do some cleaning on the inside. And it's fairly loud and no one wants to

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record podcasts while the vacuum is going. I do have a cold so I think I sound a bit lazy, but I think I might just be self conscious. Thirdly, you You may have noticed it's a bit more quieter than usual on the podcast because may have noticed that before is not here and 30 minutes time mischievious partner in crime, who've decided that the journey that is in some life hackers, we want to be challenging ourselves constantly. While we are recording and developing some life I guess further and we thought that it would be for the best for the betterment of our personal growth. If we could do podcasts on our own. And you know what, guys? Let us learn the good, the bad. Do you

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hate the solo shows? Do you love the solo shows? We'd love to hear from you. So do let us know. Alright, just one quick announcement before we get started. On this week's fantastic podcast. I like to ask you a question. How do you listen to the Muslim life hackers show? Just do you listen to it via the website, maybe through iTunes? It could be a variety of ways. Well, I am excited to let you know that we have just launched an app, the Muslim life hackers app. This is really exciting for us. As you guys can imagine. You can download the Muslim life hackers podcast app through the Apple Store on your iPhone or through the Google Play Store on your Android devices. It's pretty easy.

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Fantastic. Like just download the app you get all the episodes there context show. Pretty cool. Now I love apps I know you do too. So why not make your listening experience Easy peasy. So once you download the app, do leave us a review. It helps us tremendously by getting the word out there about some life hackers and benefit benefiting more people inshallah. All right, so let's begin.

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So you may have been wondering what this week's podcast is about, and I'm not going to leave you in suspense any longer. This podcast is titled The best investment because we're going to be talking about self education and learning and Shola. Alright, let's get started. I'll start off with a quote by Benjamin Franklin.

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And the quote goes like this quote, If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him, an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest and quote, now 100, reflecting upon this quote, I thought, you know, it's so profound, you know, we spend so much money, we many people investing in a lot of financial instruments like real estate, mutual funds, shares, equities, things like that. But many people, many of us, we forget to invest in our own self education. Now, education is by far the best investment that you can make. We all know, investment takes two forms, time and money. So get in there and start investing some time and money in yourself, upgrading

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yourself, because I want you to reflect upon something as when we're children, as we're infants were put into this strange world and we have all these opportunities to learn and discover the world is our oyster, so to speak, and we have nothing else to do but drop dive headfirst into devoting our lives our senses, our every capacity to learn and grow in this new environment that we're in. We first as children were hopeless, you know, we have to learn how to use our limbs and we have to touch things in order to to, to discover how we should interact with them. And it's quite fascinating. You know, we're learning constantly, we're bombarded with all this new information and

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our mind, the fantastic sponge that it is just absorbs it, and compresses it and we're just like giving more you know, sooner we start figuring out like different things. We recruit we can recognize faces after a few months.

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after birth, like better than computer can ever do, we learn how to integrate all of these new things that are thrown at us at extraordinary speeds, and just compress them. And it's quite amazing. If you think about it as kids in the classroom where we're taught how to fit, how to draw, or how to cross the street, how to share what morals are, how to be empathetic towards others, others feelings, how to be sensitive about other cultures, there is no limits, when we're when we're youth, you know, the sky's the limit kind of thing. We're taught how to read and write, and there's all these books out there seems like an endless supply of knowledge that's just ready for the

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taking. And as we get older, we learn about you know, more about your justice, welfare, what are my rights, humanity, what's my place within the world, we read Shakespeare, you know, we delve into Mark Twain, we look at literature and we study words, every year, we can look back and work. And you can be amazed at what you've learned in that year. And it's just fantastic switching experience that we're going to go through as we get older.

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And we learned 1000s and 1000s of things over over this year. And it's just, it's just incredible. And then maybe we go into university or higher education, and our learning becomes more specialized in the field of our choosing. And then suddenly, and then suddenly it all stops. And I just want to share statistic with you 22% of university graduates never read another book again. Now, just let that sink in. Because it is truly an astounding fact, 32% of university graduates never open up book again. What does that saying about us? When was the last time you opened a book? When did you open a book that wasn't something to do with your studies or something that you had to read.

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Now, continuous learning is vital to make the most of what the world has to offer you and to not take advantage of any opportunity that's given is just a waste of time. And funny. Something interesting, an interesting sentence that I came across, while researching for this podcast was the author of this article, she says, what is it that separates us from animals, and we, as Muslims, we have our bad that separates us and defines us as Muslims.

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But what else separates us what else defines us as human beings, it's our capacity to learn more, it's our capacity to take everything that's out there and internalize it. And this is a really defining cat is a defining characteristic of humanity of human beings in themselves. If you look at the first word that was revealed to our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him it was a crock read, just think about this read. Because we were we had these revelations are commanded to learn, we recommend it to be recommended to ponder to think it's not being done to stop learning. And to stop investing time and money in our own self betterment is it's really going with the principles

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that should make us who we are. Another quote for you guys, this one's by Aristotle, he says, quote, the educated differ from the uneducated, as much as the living from the dead, end quote. Now, that's just another profound statement there to kind of set the mood for the reasons I'm going to be giving the reasons I'm going to be discussing about why you should invest in self education. Okay, so I'm going to be sharing four reasons why you should invest in self education, investing in self education keeps you up to date. Now, we're all aware that we live in a fast changing world technology, the rate at which is advancing is just astounding. I mean, so those are just like, look

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up at the sky, you see an airplane sank, that's like, incredible, like, this thing is flying in the sky, like how's it staying up. And of course, like physics comes into play and things like that. But it's just truly incredible. And cars and phones, computers, you'd have a computer in the palm of your hand, and it's just truly incredible. Unfortunately, like, because of this rate of expansion of knowledge, technology, whatnot, this means that the skills and knowledge that you could that you think that you have, you could get obsolete and irrelevant. Very, very, very being in the field of psychology myself, I see this firsthand, where psychological theories are constantly changing and

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evolving as new research, new evidence comes into play. And we have to change our therapeutic methods and whatnot, to this new current research that's out there. You may be working in like the IT field or you may be interested in like, I don't know what like engineering like, I don't know, fashion design. It could be anything but you know, trends never stay forever. There's always something new. That's coming

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There's always something new to be up to date with. This is a reality that all of us need to face that the knowledge that we have isn't the be all and end all, there is always going to be more, it's always gonna be something out there that's newer, that's fresher. And why not take advantage of that delve in to delve into it and become someone who is at the top of their game in the field that you're interested in? I can give you another example within textbooks, for example, school textbooks, university textbooks, why is it that there's like a first edition second edition third edition, because knowledge, because knowledge isn't stagnant. It's constantly changing. It's

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constantly evolving, to update textbooks. Another example I just throw out there is that I've got the Samsung S four. And it's a fantastic phone. I love it. But as I'm recording this podcast, the Samsung s5 is coming out and I'm just like, well, now on the s5 I know, it's gonna be cool. I mean, why not? And this is just another example that I can, that I'd like to point out. So spring being now my thinking is five, you might be in a similar predicament.

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Now, that's technology for you. Now just reflect upon this is it not more important to keep ourselves relevant before the technology that we own. Therefore, if you want to stay relevant, there's no other choice. You need to be constantly learning more and upgrading your own knowledge, in order to keep up with this fast changing world that we're that we're blessed to live in reasonably to why you should invest in self education is that it gives you clarity, again, within this fast changing world that we live in is many negative things that come about, but there's also a lot of positive things, positive opportunities that might not have been available. Previously,

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within the past, many things that weren't possible before have become possible. Today, seeing opportunities within the world around us requires us to be well learned about our environment, you must keep yourself up to date up to date with a new new way of doing things new way of seeing things. person who is constantly reflecting on things, and the things that they learn and is seeking more within within the world is it is not in the same boat as he or she who does not increase their knowledge. Have you ever seen someone who was it was well worded knowledgeable. And they just had this amazing take on the world, the pondering the questioning the reflecting. And as Muslims were

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told to embed this character, FIFA thought friends, this is number three is fulfillment. Education gives you not just external rewards, whereas you could be you could be acknowledged for being learned about a certain topic or you know, you can be able to better utilize tools that others can't, can't utilize, being learned. And investing self education also has internal rewards as well. It feels good to reach your potential, it gives you the satisfaction, and you can be the best person that you can be. Now if you listen to this podcast, often you may have picked up that I say food for thought a lot. And the reason is that it's just a fantastic thing. And I love how whimsical it is.

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It also goes with the point with this point on how education and learning fulfills, like our body needs sustenance to produce energy energy to help us do our day to day activities and grow and become more our minds needs similar energy. And where do we get this mind food from? Well guys, I can tell you that there is no Island we work that sells food that fulfills the mind to get started on some self education and get your mind nourished and thinking and pondering and reflecting. Reason number four. Now, I said festival last is that you're better able to give back to the world, your knowledge, it does not have to just benefit you, but the people around you. What about Edison and a

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light bulb? Now be curious? When was the last time you want to date without flicking the switch? I know that I use a light bulb every single day. And I'm pretty sure you guys do to those who have knowledge can you contribute to the world in amazing ways. This can be as simple as knowing the rights of those who are being oppressed and giving them clarity within their lives. Knowing how to fix a problem that others just don't know how to tackle, seeing opportunities that people may look over. Don't just learn for yourself but do it with the intention of helping the oma and humanity. So I just want to just like to share a story with you. Last year I went to just before my Ramadan I

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went to a course on fasting and zecca and the the teacher there the chef there he was sharing a story. The story was he was just recounting a question that he had been he had answered in a previous course. It was an elderly man who was he was quite frail. You know he was in his 80s if my memory serves me correctly, he was having a lot of trouble fasting fasting for him was having

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negative consequences upon his health, he felt he couldn't get up during the day. It was really taxing for him he he was faint, and things like that. And basically, he was asking the chef, you know, she had the teacher, he said, Look, look, some people have told me that if my body can't take fasting that is permissible for me to not fast during Ramadan, he's like, Look, I don't know if this is true or not, I feel embarrassed to not be able to fast and I've been fasting for almost 90 years now. And what's the proof that I can not fast that I can Stop fussing during my odd years? Because I feel like I have to. And the chef, you know, he gave him all the proofs and evidences from the Quran

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and Sunnah about how if fasting is very difficult for you, and having negative consequences for your health, especially someone who's always in the 90s, that it's permissible for you to not trust during the during the month of Ramadan. And this old man, he was so relieved, you know, he, he was saying to the chef, you know, I felt so guilty for even thinking about not fasting during the month of Ramadan, because I've been doing it for almost 90 years now, the knowledge that the chef was able to give him had freedom from this huge burden and this huge guilt that his old man was feeling about not being able to pass during the month of Ramadan. And just little things like this, like being

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able to impart the knowledge and someone that could benefit them or relieve some stress off them. It's just really sweet to think that you can make a difference in someone else's life by just being more being more learned, being more learned and, and having some more knowledge. So I'm just going to recap this for four reasons why you should invest in self education. Reason number one, that keeps you up to date. Number two, it gives you clarity, number three, it fulfills you. And week number four, you're better able to give back to the world in general.

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So I hope until you've been inspired to take up a new hobby, read that book quantum physics mechanics or cooking that you've thought about reading or maybe even traveled outside of your suburb for a change inshallah. So that concludes this episode on the best investment which is knowledge.

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As you can find all the links and resources. Today's episode, show [email protected] forward slash 19 that's Episode 19. Alright guys, until next time, aim high. Take action.