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S01E10 – The Truth About Motivation

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Episode Notes

In this Podcast episode Maheen Malik will be talking about motivation and what to do when we are lacking it.

– Why it is important to know about motivation
– How we experience motivation
– Steps on how to stick to your goals when you lack motivation

Episode Transcript

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Episode 10 Welcome to the Muslim law Packers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima lake.

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As we said, the crisis see that so much Assalamu alaikum Muslim life hackers, this is America, and in today's episode, my co host, Mohit Malik will be talking about the truth of motivation, and how to overcome it, if you find that you are lacking it. In all the links the resources from today's episode can be found in our show notes at Wilson lifehacker.com. forward slash 10. That's the number 10. So let's get started with this mean, tell us about motivation. Why is it what's important about it? All right. So often we hear that motivation is all you need. Like when we're talking about goals and habits and lifestyle changes and things like that, we set these great goals that we're super

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excited about, we can't wait to see the end result. And then one day passes, two day passes, like we're trying to implement this new lifestyle change or habit or goal, and then maybe three day passes. And then we find ourselves sitting on the couch with a cheeseburger or whatever. If you're doing like a health, child's health change or whatever halau cheeseburger.

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And then we find that we're beating ourselves up about not having enough motivation. And hence these goals that we're trying to achieve these things, these habits that we set up for ourselves. They just go down the drain, I often see people say that I know that this habit or such and such as good for me, but I just don't seem to have a consistent drive to go out and achieve it. What are these Olympic athletes out there? Do you think that they just found out a bit every single morning and be like, yeah, I can't wait to run? I don't know kilometer or something's No way, it's important to realize that motivation is not all you need to achieve your results. and lack of it is not what's

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holding you back from results. So pretty much what you're you're trying to come across is that it's it's not just motivation that would get you to your goal set. There's multiple goals. So like On the flip side, it can also mean that just because you don't have motivation, then in there, it doesn't mean that you should abandon that goal altogether. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, yeah, that's correct. Okay, so. So say, we don't have motivation. And we're working on a goal that's really important to us. And we figured out Okay, look, I know that today, I'm not planning to stick to work on the scope, but it's still in the long term. It's important. So how can I experience motivation? Okay, so

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the truth is like motivation is like a wave, the wave of motivation, I want to say it rises and falls, we can't always wait to be motivated. Can't wait to can't always wait for motivational high to implement a goal or change. That's just not feasible. For example, if you're trying to kick a bad habit, for example, your smoker, or you're trying to get more fit, and you're you want to like go for a run or something you can't always wait for to be on a motivational high. Like maybe you might come like once in a few days should just say you can't wake up or like to wake up one day and say I want to do it yet. It doesn't happen yet. goals are to be done. To achieve a goal needs to be done

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consistently. And across time, like every single day, so to speak. Okay, so what I'm trying to say is that we have to cut ourselves some slack, you can't have a tsunami of energy all the time, be forgiving with yourself, because motivation is going to come and go. It doesn't play an important part. But just know that you can't really rely on this. It does play an important

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role, but you can't just rely on this motivation to keep going day after day. Okay, so safe water, safe motivation is a kind of petrol for a COVID. Yeah, it's you can't really rely on it. I think, yeah, it's really

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it's we sorry, if I were to rephrase that again, then it would mean that we see motivation as the pixel to a car, but in reality, it's not. It's not the type. Okay, yeah, that actually makes completely sense. We've got a bit of a deal for you. Okay. So what are some steps we can take to stick to these goals is say, so now that we realize that motivation isn't the energy that would keep a goal running? Like it isn't the petrol that will keep the car going? Good. Yeah. What is it? Like? How do we make sure that we will stick to a goal and make sure that we get from A to B. So now that we know that motivation is not perpetual?

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The second one that I'd recommend is assess on what this goal or this new habit or this lifestyle change that you're trying to implement? Is it something that you really care about? be real with yourself? Is this something that you'd want to work on every single day? Like, I don't know. Maybe you want to be an expert, cheese tasting? I mean, are you really passionate about this? I mean, is your lack of motivation and reflection? Yeah, it's not really important to you. Yeah, precisely. So that's what step number one, just be real with yourself and taste.

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So just build yourself. So number two would be get in touch with your why this is a really

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important stuff that I think that many people miss when they're out there trying to implement new goals and new habits, and they're just lacking the motivation. They're not really clear on why they want to do this, these goals. So why actually means it's like your intention? Yeah, precisely connecting with your intention. That's right. So what I want to suggest is actually sit down and write down the reasons why this goal, this habit, this lifestyle change is important to you. And you find that like, while you're writing, you have the motivation if it is something that you're actually passionate about. So I'm going to say these like reasons why, like, for example, you want

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to get fit, right? Or you want to be more healthy, you want to eat healthier, or something like that, right? And the reason why this is important to you think about the consequences of what will happen if you don't implement this change. So for example, I don't, you might get sick in your older age, you might not be able to play with your kids. And think about these reasons. Think about the consequences of you not taking action, and also the immediate consequences as well that you have, you have to have energy or you wake up with like, like, you know how logic Yeah, precisely. And so once you've learned and the consequences of why, what will happen if you don't take action on this,

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and make note of what will happen if you do achieve this goal, for example. I mean, she kicked that smoking habit, if you become fitter. Oh, yeah. Or you know, even if it's not habit, say if it's like a project that you really want to work out something that's important to you, the why on why you should do it inside your case, I can achieve x y Zed, and I can pursue what I'm really passionate about. And why if I don't do it can mean that maybe two years would pass in my life. And yeah, I have no way it can be anything can be a task that you're assigned, um, obviously motivation plays, we think about motivation, in every sense of our lives. It could be motivation to get up in the

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morning, right? Yeah. So think about, you know, the consequences. Yes. And then also thinking about the positives. For example, if you get that project finished, maybe it's for work to get finished on time, maybe you'd like to get a raise or promotion or whatever. If you do get fitter, you might be able to fit into that dress that you've always wanted to wear, if you do keep that smoking habit, it will also lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Okay, so like, if we just would like some of some of that point of why it's pretty much clarify your intention, your intention, and write it down and write it again, I you know, that actually reminds me of, you know, it's islamically how we have

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this concept of our actions are judged by intentions, and, and you know, it's actually a way that we can get closer to Allah subhanaw taala, by by making our goals in line with it. So for example, if it was a goal got to do with the habit, say, Gosh, with the help, that it can be that I want to do this, so I can be a strong person, and I can be able to, you know, make make use of the blessing, making the blessings that God's given us. Yeah, make use of the blessing that God's given us. And also things like being being able to carry out your acts of worship properly. Yeah, we have to pray properly, because you know, these things do as you grow older, you find that these things do affect

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other areas of your life, including your spiritual side. So on another side, thank you for watching, and I take health project. Yeah, and one of one of the ways you can add into it. So if you want to get like, you know, inserting some rewards, then a why you can put a put is that, okay? I really want this goal because Allah sponsor has blessed me with this strength. Yeah, presets, not everyone has been given. And thus, this is such, it's important for me to make sure I pursue this, because this is a strength that he's blessed me with an act of gratefulness to him, I'm in a

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gym, he really makes sense. So to be able to get in touch with intentions and like Mike was saying, like during the journey, you forget, you lose motivation. And writing it down is really good as it we can go back to what open it up, save it in Evernote, or we run an

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app by the way, for those who don't, something that we're very passionate.

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So write it down and keep it somewhere that it's really easy to access. So when you find the motivation is low, you're the wave is not at a time, you can go back and reflect on this, on this paper on these writings on these notes that you've taken on why this why this goal this project is action is important. And you find that it will ignite some kind of motivation in you and get you in touch with your intentions. Okay, so what's the next step? The next step that I would recommend is know your cues. So when we're taking on a task or a habit or a lifestyle change, I think something that people really forget to do is listen to your body and your behavior. Really think about what

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you do in situations where you don't take action on your goal. Don't take action on this project. For example, you wake up in the morning and you're trying to learn a new health habit. I quit the health habit a lot because it's easy to reference and I know it's on everyone's to do list so you wake up in the morning and you know that if you don't exercise, if your gym clothes or something is not laid out in front of you, you are not going to go to the gym like

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All that day. So know that the behavior is that you putting out those gym clothes is going to make you do that habit or that take action on going to the gym or whatever. And so that's your behavior that you know will lead to success. Make sure that you're implementing this cue for yourself, set yourself up for success. Okay, yeah, it makes sense. So pretty much, you should be honest with yourself. So you know that if you are in this situation, you would be more likely to do this. Or if you're in this situation, you'll be more likely to this one. One thing that she came came to mind is, I found that when I wake up for my fudger prayer in the morning, which is like early morning

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prayer, if I pray next to the bed, yeah, then the next thing I do is jump into the very good sleep. But I found that when I actually go outside my room and pray, or even say, like, pray with a treadmill loose or close by it, I end up not going back to bed and actually

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taking action. And this is something I know beforehand. And it just takes like an extra few steps to do it beforehand. And the result is worthwhile.

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I think I don't have any regrets that why don't I jump back into bed? Yeah, that's right. You set yourself up, set yourself up for success. Okay. Another example I could give is, for example, you're trying to eat healthier. And you know that if you don't like for example, you're you're going to work every day, five days a week. And you know, if you don't pack your lunch or take like some fruit or something that you're going to go out and buy something, you're gonna buy something, right, yeah. So you know that your behavior, when you say, good behavior for you is packing your lunch. And that will lead you not going out and buying some junk, make sure that you are taking action on these like

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good behaviors. And that's a cue for yourself. Okay, so pretty much in order to know, in order to know these behaviors, you shouldn't be observing yourself. Yeah, instantly and precisely being like reflecting on your life. Yeah. And when you're not, when you're not aware of these cues, or you're not conscious of what is the subtle thing yet, this is the subtlety. subtlety yet know these cues, because these when you don't take action on things that will lead you to success, it's gonna lead to a low influx of motivation, so to speak yet, so know these cues and know what works for you and set yourself up for success. Okay, because one thing leads to another precisely, okay, so that would be

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a step number three, now, your cues. Step number four that I would suggest is set yourself up for success and make sure the goals that you're trying to engage and not the size of Everest. So what I mean by this is that perhaps your lack of motivation is because what you're trying to changhai is too big, too big for you. And you're like, I just cannot do this, I'm just not motivated. That's my goal out the window, but we really need to think about is how to take small steps, the small steps will eventually like, build momentum. And you'll find that motivation comes naturally when you're achieving these small little goals. For example, Quran memorization, which we talked about this a

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lot, because it's really important for us to implement the Quran in our lives and be one who's constantly constantly has the Quran on the tongue. So when you when you're trying to memorize Quran, for example, don't try and memorize the edges a day, that's just not going to happen. Unless, unless, unless you've you've come to a stage with your hand, do it. Yeah, yeah, unless you put yourself up to there. So start off small, and know that these smallest steps will lead you to better motivation and more momentum. So now that we know that you should like tackle small steps and not go on the size of Everest and things like that. Think about the tasks that you're trying to implement

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and the goals that you're trying to achieve and make sure that they are feasible for you and realistic. Check out our episode on habits when he talks about how to start habits successfully. That's Episode Five, five, yeah, in there, she talks about how we can shrink our habits. And this can actually be applied to tasks that we have to do and projects that we're trying to continue on as well to shrink that habit and make sure that it's something that's easy for you to do. And it's just ridiculous if you don't do it. So it's easy to start so that you can take the first step, hopefully one step leads to another. Yeah. And you can start growing from there. Okay. All right. So the final

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tip that I'm going to recommend is be forgiving with yourself. Don't be in rage at yourself if you slip up. Yeah. Maybe you have a cheeseburger once in a while and you try to sell yourself. It's okay. It comes in good motivation comes and goes. And that's special. It's okay. Just keep going. That's important. Yeah. Yeah, I think that's like a general rule in life. I mean, what was going to sleep we're not gonna be perfect every day. You know whether, even if you know that you're someone who aids Hi, you're awesome life hacker. You're you think your life hack is you know, made like trip along the way of climbing these mountains. I mean, this is what makes us human. And this is what

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ultimately reminds us that we are weak and like who we really depend on is Allah subhanaw taala. He's the only one that can help us. So when we find ourselves making mistake, we realize our imperfections. Yeah. So guys be forgiving themselves because you can do it. Just keep going. Yeah. So I mean, we've got five steps that you discussed about how can we stick to our goals. So the first one was to ask

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Evaluate the goal itself and see Is it something that you really care about? Is it something important? And the second one, you mentioned how to get in touch with the why. So pretty much clarify your intention? Why is this important to you? And the third one was that to know your cues, so look out for little behaviors that trigger another thing. So is it that you know, if you're here, this, this happens, or if you don't do this, this happens. So keep an eye on your behavior and how you react to certain situations and change it. Make the conscious decision to change because it's easy to change the decision then to actually change the habit once you're in it. Yeah, okay. And the

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fourth one you said was set yourself up for success. So start small and start building and building up from there. Okay. First one was be forgiving to ourself realize we are human beings at the end of the day, take it easy. Okay. That's, there's some really good tips that you mentioned. I mean, we want an action point. Okay. So give us an action for what can we do at this, like, especially when all this information is given to us? How do we start you know, going for life? I want you to look at your goals, and think are you lacking motivation? If so, try these tips and see how it goes. Well, I guess we'll have to start looking at our goals and see if we can implement any of these. Okay, that

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concludes today's episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. And don't forget the borderless resources mentioned in today's episode can be found in our show notes at Muslim luck is.com. forward slash 10. That's the number 10. And if you have enjoyed this podcast, please help us get the word out. To me to the show. You can go to Muslim life hackers.com slash man, and there'll be a tweet for you there ready to share. So make sure you share the tweet.

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I'll make sure I share it as well. Until next time, hi take action and be

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