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S01E08 – Body Language & How You Can Use it Effectively

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Muslim Life Hackers

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Episode Notes

In this Podcast episode Maheen Malik talks all about powerful body language and how you can use it effectively.

In This Episode, you will learn:
– Why is body language important
– How does your body language effect others and you
– When to use effective body language
– 5 steps on better body language

Episode Transcript

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Decide, ah, welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and maheen Malik.

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As we said, the crisis see sea. So I'm like Muslim life hackers, this is made for America. And in today's episode, my co hosts maheen Malik will be talking about powerful body language, and how to use it effectively. All the links and resources mentioned in this episode can be found in the show notes, you can find them at Muslim life hackers.com slash eight. That's the number eight. And let's get started. Megan, can you tell us why body language is important? I have a really great question for and I think part of the reason why we're asking this question now is because we're put in a position where leaders are really important. And we want to be able to convey as much influence as

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we can, when we're out there presenting or, for example, going in for a job interview, or you're meeting a prospective client, or perhaps you're just standing in front of your class, you're about to give a presentation of I don't know, volcanoes or something like that. So that's why body language is so important, because we need to be aware of what we're what we're doing with our bodies more so than what we're saying. Studies show that when you're going into a group of people, they decide if you're competent or not within 100 milliseconds. Wow. And how long is 100 milliseconds? Well, it's about the time it takes to click your fingers.

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Super quick, quick, right? So we have a very judgmental society. And yeah, first impressions really count here. Okay. That's why it's important to when you go into this high pressure situations, be aware of how you're standing, because that's gonna really make or break you. This is not to say that what you're saying is not important. But studies have shown that only 7% of what you say is really taken away by the audience's and yet it's quite quite a low amount. Yeah. And the rest of what you do naturally in that kind of high pressure situation, yeah, that kind of acting timid, and not being aware of what you're doing with your hands and feet, it can really be detrimental to the outcomes

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that you wish to achieve the message that we're trying to get across. Yeah, definitely. So that's why it's important to be aware of your body language. So now that we knew that body language is important, how does our body language actually affect others? And does it have an effect on us as well? Yeah, absolutely. So like I said, a lot of research research has been done in this, especially by us social scientists, and psychologists all around. I really want to mention Amy Cuddy's research. And you can find the link in the show notes to her TED talk on body language. So she did research on up to changing your body posture. So what they did was they got participants in a room

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and they got to sit in power posts, and just kind of what's the purpose, for example, purpose might be that they'd be standing up kind of putting their hands on their hips, or they'd be asked to do power pose while it was sitting. So they put the hands behind the head kick up their feet on the table, like the strong kind of

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relaxed, relaxed, control kind of puzzle. Yeah, okay. And they've got other participants to go in kind of like less puzzle pieces, that kind of timid poses. They've had their hands crossed over, they have their feet kind of awkward to place and like their bodies, like more squashed yet, like most questions, yeah. Less kind of powerful stance. Yeah. And what they did was they they measured these subjects, cortisol and testosterone levels, before and after they asked them to take these poses beforehand, kind of establishing a baseline, we know that testosterone is linked to aggression and power. And cortisol is related to stress. Yeah, and it's linked to a lot of these stress related

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diseases and things like that. Experiencing nowadays. So what they found was that those people who took a power pose for two minutes had significantly increased testosterone levels and significantly decreased cortisone levels afterwards. And that is suffering level increase a little more confident and more likely to take risks. That's fascinating. Yeah, definitely. And vice versa, for those who

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are those who took on like a less powerful pose, because the levels increased, and they were more timid, so to speak, and less likely to take on like these high risk situations. So it's like how the body reacted like how the body acted. They felt the same inside. Yeah. So their poses influence the hormonal levels. Wow. So your body basically influenced your mind kind of thing? Yeah. Because we know that there's so much thing said out there about how we have to present ourselves in front of other people so that our message can be more powerful. But now that we know that the way we structure our body has an influence on us, just

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really something important to keep in mind. Yeah, and this can really influence you for the better or for the worst of you know, if you're not aware of how your body's influence influencing you, for example, you're going in for an interview, and maybe you're waiting outside of the waiting room, you kind of like splashed over in your seat, maybe like quickly skimming through your notes and

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You've hunched over, your arms are pulled in. And this is really affecting you your mindset as well. Yeah. Rather, you should be kind of kicking back and relaxing. And that will really help influence your mindset as you go into when you actually do kick back and relax, do you? Do you find that a person who does that is able to concentrate better? Because they're in a more relaxed position and able to take in more information? Yeah, precisely because all levels will go down. Oh, increasing stress.

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Yeah, that actually reminds me of something. Sometimes when I go to conferences, there are some speakers that would actually say, Everyone stand up and stretch out. And then I found those talks afterwards have a much more powerful message that I remember, as opposed to the ones that I do. And coming to think of it can be that because we're changing our body posture, and you're active and more More likely, during a conference will slouch, especially when there's a lot of talks happening. After we have to stand up and you know, change things. Yeah, that's precisely right. So that's how body language affects us. But it also has an influence on others as well. Yeah. So for example, if

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you're taking a powerful pose, maybe you're addressing like a board or something, you got your hands on the table, your hands on your hips, you're taking you taking this powerful pose, causes others to take complimentary pose, they are less likely to be aggressive towards you, because you've already taken that powerful, powerful pose. And they will normally take on a complimentary prize, for example, they will move they'll be more attentive and less likely to speak over the top. And vice versa. When you are given a timid pose, you give him permission for other people to take on like a more powerful role. Now that we know this about body language, what are some tips we can implement

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in our lives so that we can be able to better make use of this knowledge that we have? Okay, that's a really good question for it. And I'm going to give you guys five steps on how to implement better body language. And we've all been in a situation where we want to give maximum influence, for example, are going in for a job interview, or we're giving a speech at a conference. So going in for speech, going for interview have this kind of this kind of sets the stage for what we're about to talk about. Step number one, identify your current body position, say you're just have to go on stage and give a presentation or give a speech or whatever. How are you sitting in your seat and

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preparation? Are you slouched over? Are you looking at the ground is your chin tucked in, like identify what you what position you're in? Same for like you decide to go in for an interview, you're waiting on the waiting, your feet are inverted or something yeah, hunched over kind of and acknowledged at this point, language is having an impact on your, on your mindset. And you don't want to be going into and giving a presentation in this kind of mindset. Step number two, adjust your body, push your shoulders back and stand up straight. It's it's amazing about what this these two simple adjustments can do for your for your mindset. Say also, you might want to try to try

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something that I do. I put a pen in my mouth and I force a smile. And I just do that. Even before we started recording this podcast, I had a pen in my mouth, and I was just forcing a smile and hold that for about two minutes. And it's just amazing. What is post smart can do for your mood. You just feel so much happier. For everyone listening. That was a pretty funny sight. So yeah, try the pen in the mouth technique. Maybe put your hands on your hips if you're standing up. Yeah, really worked up helpers. And it's just really amazing. Hugs can lower your stress and really mitrice your Coronavirus? Yeah, precisely. Step number three is be aware of your hands and eyes. Why is that?

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Yes, these with your hands on ISIS, how we talk essentially. So you're walking up on the stage. Now you're standing up on the podium, you've just walked through the door, you have to see the interviewer for example, you want to be speaking with your hand in your eyes. When you're when you're addressing someone you want to be holding the eye contact for just a little bit longer than usual. This forces the other person to really be captivated by what you're saying. Don't be don't have fleeting eyes. This just shows nervousness. You don't put your hands near your mouth. This really this this is really a sign of you know, you don't know what you're talking about. And it

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doesn't give a give a good impression. So when you're speaking, speak with your hands. You don't want to be speaking with your hands in an outlandish manner like you don't be doing like Star jumps or whatever your hands.

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Everywhere. Yeah, precisely. You want your hand gestures to be in time with your words. I can also be aware of the message that your hands are giving away. For example, hands, hands open, palms up means you're asking for something hands open palms at 45 degrees means that you're being honest and open. Hands at 90 degrees with your fingers together. That means you have competence and expertise and what you're saying and touching your face and hair. As I said indicates nervousness, enhance your hips means aggression. So you don't want to be talking to interfere with your hands. I'm not you wouldn't be standing up. Secondly, your eyes you will look more persuasive when you look

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directly at a person with a slight smile. This is what studies have told us Don't stare for too long. This can be a bit uncomfortable kind of freaky for the other person. Yeah. So like I said,

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Just hold gaze for just a little bit longer to emphasize power. Step number four, be aware of your feet. Now, this may sound a little bit funny. But your stance can really impact the way you come up to an audience. If, for example, you're up on stage, giving a presentation, if your feet are kind of like crossed over like a ballerina or something, this really does not give up a powerful image of you tonight, and you don't know what you're talking about. So have your feet in sailing towards facing towards your feet facing inwards, this shows nervousness in a closed off from the audience, you don't want to be kind of a part part of them. Sustained with a balanced bite on each on each

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foot. That's how you want your feet to be to be actuated. Okay, and then step number five is fake it till you become it, don't fake it till you make it, fake it until you become that confident person. So you want to be routinely practicing these power positions and influencing body movements until you become confident in your speech and become confident in your presentation. And it becomes kind of second nature for you to give off this influential personality that you adopted. And by implementing these body language step, it's not just about having it influence your personality, but allowing your message that you want out there to the world to go further. You have to be better

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heard. Yeah. And why why hinder your message that you'd like to get out there by not effectively communicating to party? This is a tool that we all have comes up here and he's able to use it effectively. Yeah, I think it's a real shame. So go out there and make use of effective body language. That's some excellent insights that you gave us. Are there some books that we could read on how to increase our knowledge about this particular subject? Okay, well, john, in our recommended resources, you can find, you can find the recommendation for the book, The Silent language of leaders how your body can help or hurt lead by Carol Kinsey goman. And it's an excellent book with

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great recommendations. So please check it out. Fantastic. So before we end up today's show, please leave us with an action point so that we can take it an intuitive Okay, challenge for you think about a situation where body language can influence you for the better it might be in an upcoming interview or presentation that you're doing through uni group or anything commit to using better body language in our comments below and tell us how it goes. Fantastic. Okay, that concludes today's episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. As mentioned earlier, our show notes can be found at Muslim life hackers.com slash eight. That's number eight. Finally, thank you, Fatima, Ozzy, muslimah

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Lhasa and NF JD for leaving us a review over at iTunes. We really appreciate it. If you would like to do the same then simply go to Muslim life hackers.com slash iTunes. And that will take you directly to our iTunes page where you can leave a review. Until next time, aim high. Take action and be awesome.