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n this Podcast Mifrah Mahroof answers a question from the Muslim Life Hacker Community and discusses how to utilise your mornings when you don’t have any commitments or a to do list.

In This Episode, you will learn:
– Ideas on what to do in your mornings
– How to take action on projects in the mornings

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Episode Seven. Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima lake.

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As we said, the crisis see that so much Assalamu alaikum Muslim lifepak Is this me Malik here and in today's episode, we will be taking a question from the Muslim life hackers community. This one is all about how to wake up in the morning when you're going to have any commitments or to do lists to tackle all the links and resources mentioned in today's episode can be found in our show notes. And this one life hack is.com forward slash seven. That's the number seven. All right, let's play us question and get started. This one comes from say it from Australia.

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My question to you is how do you motivate yourself to wake up early when you don't have any major commitments like work uni or a to do this? Wow. That's a really interesting question. Because you and I both morning people and we love we live off our to do list and our tasks live and we live at about organizes. And I guess if we didn't have that task list organized the day we'd kind of be lost. So what's the point of waking up? When you have nothing to say makes a great point? How would you go about answering that question? That is a really good point. Because when we look back, remember our school days how like yesterday in school, so when it wasn't school will do nothing.

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She's TV ranting about Dragonball Z here back in the night.

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That was that was the thing is we first first we need to work out the why. Okay, so when we do look back in those days, then one thing we can see was that it's not that we didn't want to be productive. It was just we didn't have anything to do. You know, the question came? Why should we wake up early in the morning? This question that side has given us is a very valid question. Because this really exposes the why. Because we can know the how of waking up early in the morning. But remember, there is a it's good to wake up. Everyone knows that we have to realize each person's realize why should they wake up early in the morning, what's the that can be gained personally,

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first of all, we need to see what's at loss. So we needed to realize that, for example, if there is about two hours in the morning, then that would mean that each two hours actually adds up. So every month if you if you miss two hours every day, that means you would lose 60 hours per year, that actually means 720 hours, 30 days. Yeah. And if you were to look at it in a decade, that means you would lose 300 300 days. Yeah, which is close to a year. So you'd pretty much a decade, which consists of 10 years, you don't have make use of nine years. Yeah, because one one year was just you know, sleeping in so we don't mention this so that you can feel bad about it. Rather, we make this

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clear so that we can realize what's at loss for us personally, and so that we can realize how much time there is. And it can motivate us to go and make use of this time. I mean, just imagine what you could have accomplished in a year. Yeah, because we all have something that we want to do projects, certain hobbies or something that we want to take on. But we think Oh, we don't have time, guess what, this time in the morning. So my suggestion to you now that you know all this is that pick one thing and spend two hours every morning working on it. So we figured out that we've got that extra time in the morning that we can be making use of before, give us some suggestions on what we can do

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with extra time, I think so pick a project and make sure it's something that's exciting to your universe completely random, even if it's not related to what you're studying, or anything. And you should know that how the outcome looks like so you know when it's done. So some things you can do, I'll be mentioning some links throughout. And all of these links, as we mentioned earlier will be in our show notes. The first thing you can do is pick a hobby and become proficient in it. And there's actually a great website to help you on that. It's called discover a hobby.com in discover hobby, you can find a hobby you can find what's it all about find links on how to learn about it and find

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even references, books and DVDs about it. And some interesting ones. I was just looking through the website and I saw one called learn how to juggle. And then I saw what about speed reading and speed reading is pretty useful. There was one called sushi making. So you know, press the family make sushi, she's tasting interesting. Yeah, it was interesting. Then there was sign language, which is very handy, very handy. The funny thing that I had to check out because it was just very interesting was called taking care of rodents. I know it's not a hobby I'll pick up but I was like, is this really a hobby and I clicked into it and get just kind of mock up to not my cup of tea so so there

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are many hobbies on this website that you can get an idea from. So what you do is pick something that interests you. So for example, if you chose one core filmmaking, then have an outcome. So we're still making you can have a goal like make a short home video for your family and aired at the end of the holidays. Perfect. So that's something that you work on two hours every single day in that morning that you would have slept in, but make sure that this is something that you want to do because everyone wants something different. One of you might find may find painting and drawing to be very nice. Others might find that filmmaking is better for them. So pick something that excites

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you, you know, motivates you to wake up to find a hobby then another thing you can do is also complete a course online. What I mean by completing the course online isn't that you go to like a normal university or a

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enrolled in a course. Rather, there are a lot of places online in which you can learn things. Can you there's a few examples. Yeah. So there's one called coursera.org. And that's also mentioned not sure notes is open culture.com memorize comm e. m. r is it's spelled, and it's Khan Academy. And also if you want to learn is slammed is higher University.

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Yes, planning online university. So these are some places in which you can learn something that because like, you know, throughout the year, when you're busy, you think to yourself, I wish I knew this, we should know that. But all these things are available for you. And you can use this to else extra to give yourself an extra step two, learn something, I've actually enrolled in the Islamic online university. And I'd say you can really go through that bachelor's in Islamic studies course at your own pace, you've got online tutors available to you all the time. It's really a great learning environment for people who just have a short amount of time to to give during the weekend

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really fit your son's studies around your schedule. Have you been checked, check that coursera.org personally, as well. And I've seen that it has some really great university level courses. And it's offered by different universities across the world. And it's something I can just it's just not knowledge you can take and learn from Yeah, definitely Why don't really benefit you. And another great thing that people can utilize this small amount of time that they have in the morning is to learn a new language, I think being able to pick up a new skill, especially with the small amount of time that we have in the mornings would be just fantastic outcome. I don't know, I'd love to learn

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Arabic or Mandarin. And just Scott, there'd be awesome. Yeah, I do. I love like languages as well. And I really want to learn multiple languages because it runs in my family and I my dad knows, like quite a few more languages than we do. So it really gives him an advantage when we're traveling. And we have to stick with just a few languages. So there are some really good sites to help you with that as well. There's a website for languages it's called Duolingo. That's one that's it's it's all free and you can learn a language at your pace. There's also one called Life mock up. The last one was called memorize which I mentioned in the last one. But memorize also has an option to learn

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languages as well. And I personally use it for to learn Arabic how I've had Why do flashcards are great. And yeah, it's a nice way to learn because the flashcards you get points and it's really fun, because it's so there's like a lot of things that people can do with this time that they have in the morning hobbies, courses, languages is really nothing limiting you to go out there and take advantage of the resources out there. So pretty much what you do is out of all these pick one and focus on it. Because when you can focus on something, then you can know that at the end of your holidays, while everyone is sleeping in, you've learned something. Okay, so you've given us some

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fantastic points and how to make use of this great time that we have in the mornings, pick a hobby, learn a new language to a course, there's really nothing limiting us utilizing this time that we have in the mornings. So I guess just go out there, grab a skill, pick a language, do whatever. But don't be stagnant. Don't keep stealing waste precious time that God's given us because as soon as you can. So give us that action step for this podcast. Okay, so an action step is because we gave you a really big list, there are a lot of choices within it. And the downside about choices, choice can be paralyzing. So when there's too many things, we don't end up picking anything that's actually

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freshly proven. Keeping that in mind, we want to give you a one hour limit. If you look through the websites in our show notes, or you can google up whatever you want to search up and what you want to learn. Put on a timer for just one hour. And at the end of that one hour. During that one hour write down what interests you. So anything that you pick and that you'd like just write on a paper and what's the one hour finishers look through your paper and decide just to take on one project. And if you can't decide then randomly pick one and once you have picked it, then commit to setting aside one to two hours every morning from working on this project until you've reached your goal. So what

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we want from you is once you have decided to write down below in the comments area of the show notes and let us know what you decide on. Yeah, we'd love to hear your taking on how to take care of rodents or stuff like that. Yeah, I can teach us a few things as well. And so that's today's episode of the podcast. If you have a question or would like to get it answered in this episode, x rays and the city recorder voicemail by going to move them by packers.com forward slash ask your questions chosen it will be played and answered in the upcoming podcasts. Until next time, aim high take action and be

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