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S01E03 – Reasons on Why to Journal & How to Get Started

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Muslim Life Hackers

Channel: Muslim Life Hackers


Episode Notes

In this podcast Mifrah speaks about journalling, why to journal and how to get started today!

In this Episode, you will learn:
– Why to Journal
– How to Get Started
– About Online Journalling Websites

Episode Transcript

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Episode Three. Welcome to the Muslim life hackers podcast, the weekly podcast providing you with tips and tricks on how to hack your life and maximize its potential. And now for your hosts Mithra maroof and Mahima lake.

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As we said, the crisis see that so much. So I want to go Muslim lash hackers, this is Mikey Malik here, and in today's episode, my co host for maroof will be talking all about reasons why you should journal and how to get started. All the links and resources mentioned in today's episode can be found in our show notes, which are at Muslim left hackers.com forward slash three. That's the number three. All right, let's get started. Mishra. Why should we be journaling? Here? Well, it's a really good question. And it's something that needs to be addressed so that we know exactly what's in it when we journal because it's more than just writing about memories. And there's so much more

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benefits that we can take out. So the first benefit on why you should be journaling is that it is a great way to process your thoughts and clarify them. Because you see, like you would unlike you would unclutter your email inbox, right and your workstation so you can breathe and feel really refreshed, you do the same thing for your mind. Because when you start writing things out that are in your mind, then it allows you to become more refreshed. And that's a very powerful way of being able to focus, right? Yeah, definitely. I know that when I have a tidy desk, I feel that I'm better able to work but tidy mind equals better thoughts. So and another thing is that, here's our mind,

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we're living in a world that's

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loaded with information, right? So, so much thoughts, so much information going through us and our mind is fuzzy. So one way to be able to find clarity is by journaling it because you're able to think about issues at a deeper level. And as a result of writing it out, you can be able to see things in a different perspective. And you can find solution and experience some powerful realizations. And that's just the first point. The second point of journaling. The second benefit you can take out of journaling is that you can it helps you record lessons from your life, because our lives are filled with so many lessons, but that there's any lessons if you realize it if you

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learn it. And because if we don't, then it's a waste. Because there might be a particular incident that happened in our life. And we can be able to look at it as a victim and say all copies that happened to me and feel really worse. Or we can look at it from another perspective and think, Okay, what can I learn from this. And as a result, you'll be able to learn a lesson. And that is much more powerful than you learning it from a book or you just reading about it theoretically, like for example, you shouldn't do x y Zed, you read it in a book, but if you experienced that, and then you wrote about it and you thought about it, then that would serve as something that can be a reminder

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for your life. And it's very powerful way of learning lessons in your life. I guess just on that note, um, the Islamic perspective that we can take there is that how us with Allah tells us in the crabs, like think and ponder, and I think journaling is a really great way for us to, of course, your first tip was to clarify our thoughts and then record recorded lessons that we learned. It's like actively helping you organize and take lessons and be better. And that's it that actually connects on with our third benefit that we have exactly what you were saying about in our religion, how we're taught to reflect we're encouraged to give things taught. And this is an actually a

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forgotten act of worship in today's time, just the act of thinking. Because even if even if the Corker and Allah subhanaw taala, he says in many verses and if there is one verse in Surah, Ibrahim, verse 25, in which it ends off, and he says, what you put into law Who am surliness? Allah Allah whom yetta the Quran, meaning and Allah presents examples for those in order that they may reflect and the question comes about a one way we can reflect is by journaling. journaling actually helps us reflect because what happens is that as we're journaling we are we make ourselves put ourselves in like a third person perspective, because we're starting to write about our lives. And when we start

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looking at from that perspective, then we can it actually forces you to think and ponder exactly how the instruction instructs us in our religion to do to think and ponder. And this is how people come up with so many amazing ideas and thoughts, because they sat down and think we're journaling to be better thinkers. So how does thinking make you a better person? Like how does it benefit? That's a really good question. Because we live in an age of distraction, everything one side attention. So it's normal to log into a social media website. We read countless statuses we'd like to more we go, we go on a liking spree. And then we close the window and we forget 90% of what we read. Because

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what just happened then was that we read, read, read, read, read, we were distracted, but we didn't have any types of things. When when we're able to think then we can be able to be more aware of who we are the world around us. With journaling and you start writing there's actually no better

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In how much you can write because obviously when whenever you want to publish things on social media, you always put a limit to what and you you, you might feel comfortable to disclose some parts of it and you know, leave and others. But when you're journaling, you're you're obviously finger free with it, and write and write and write, and you can be the one who learns the most lessons out of it. Alright, now that we know some of the benefits of journaling, tell us some ways to journal. So the way you can start journaling is you can go about the traditional route, which is independent of paper. And some people really like that, because they find writing with the pin onto paper is

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very therapeutical. But it really depends on each different person. For example, I really like to write, I'd really like to type my journal entries out. And one of the ways I wanted to reasons why it really appealed to me was that a, it allowed me to be more organized. And because every time I would write a journal entry, I can tag it with, with something, for example, it can be Listen, it can be live for goals, or it can be a tag, which I can refer back to. The second thing is that I found with my online journaling, I was able to, it was easy for me to retrieve journal entries. So I can just go to the search bar and write and it's a really nice way on how you've developed

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throughout time and nice to go through the memory lane and see how you have been and see how you are now. And the third one is that I was able to capture my thoughts. And obviously you can capture your thoughts on pen and paper, but my mind would start racing and my, my brain can't keep up with it. What would happen is like, it would look like scribbling writing, and I can't read it go back to like, what was it? I can't even read it. So but with typing, because I'm quite a fast typer I can be able to type it down. And it's easy to read. I mean, I don't have to worry about reading squiggles. And lastly, one of the things I really like about writing in an online in online format is that it's

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a really beautiful experience it just depending on what service you use, though, because I know that the one I use that I can be able to customize the background. And for some picture that's really nice and inspirational. So for me sitting outdoors with my laptop with a cup of tea generally, it's quite ugly stuff I say sounds like a pretty big club, I guess. So what are some online services in which we can use to to general because I know you mentioned that you like online Generally, the one that I use personally, it's the websites called pintu.com. And it's a journaling tool in which you can store your journaling notes online. And it has many features, including one of my favorites.

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favorite one is called military grade encryption. So if you're scared that you know you don't want to jump online, then this is this is perfect for you to be honest, very great military grade. Yeah, they actually have two types of locks. The one is like a basic lock and other one is a military grade. But it sounds pretty cool. You must have some pretty interesting secrets to me the military grade.

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So if you do decide to subscribe, this pin pins, it comes as a basic version is free. And there's also pins with pro which comes at a very low yearly cost. And we have a link in our show notes that will give you 20% off so do check it out. As he mentioned earlier, how you can access the show notes. And some other online services you can go to is another one called Oh life and that's another free service. And some people what they do is they also generally in their Evernote application and Evernote for those who don't know it's a notetaking application.

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We love Evernote. It's what we run from and in fact, Evernote is what we're using to record our show right now and refer to our notes. So you can also create a a notebook in which you can create a putting all your journal entries. And I personally do use Evernote at times when I'm traveling because one thing I like about Evernote is it has this location tracking feature. So if I'm overseas and I'm on my mobile and I start writing, then he tracks where I was. And it actually preserves the location. So now when I go back, there's this feature in Evernote called Atlas feature right but pinpoints you're looking Yeah, and I can just click on it. And then I find notes that were taken in

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Mecca, Medina. Yeah. And all these really nice patients. I was like, Wow, well, in my mind when I'm when I was doing Hutch, a year ago, I did, I wrote some entries as well as in Medina and Mecca. And

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it's really nice, because it shows the whole map, can

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you just see your entries hovering over the particular area that you're in? That's great. Okay, great. So those are some great tips on why we should journal and how we can journal. So tell us your action step for today. The action step for today is give journaling a chance. So every single day, sit down journal for a few minutes, do for 30 days. And if you'd like it continue, and if you don't, then then you can stop because it's very easy to dismiss something new and say, Look, I don't like to journal. I'm not a good writer. It doesn't work for me. But at the end of the day, you don't know until you try it. Yeah. And I have heard of people who have said that they didn't like it. And then

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when they got into it, they really enjoyed it. Yeah. And this became a daily part of it. Yeah, it became a daily part of their life. So try it out. And let us know how it goes in the comments area of the show notes. We really

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We'd like to hear about your experiences. Yeah, definitely. Okay, so that concludes today's episode of the Muslim life hackers podcast. As mentioned earlier, our show notes can be found at misled my backers.com forward slash three. That is the number three. If you have enjoyed this podcast please leave us a review on iTunes. You can do this by going to Muslim life hackers.com forward slash iTunes. This will take you straight to our page. And also guys just an extra note. If you do leave a review before the 15th of March as a special thank you will be donating $1 for every review, received to charity right, which is a charity dedicated to eliminating world hunger by feeding the

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poorest and most vulnerable people around me. So get those of us in internet show empires. Take action