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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah national letter who want to stay you know on a still film when are all the Billahi min surely unforeseen now women see at Merlino may end level for them will do later wamego blue fella heard Yella what a shadow alert either love or devil will actually killer white shadow under Mohammedan Abdo who was Solo Solo love it Who are the early he was heavy woman so darlin, do you want to be certain that he only Dini Baron? Yeah evil Latina no it up a la helper to a party he while at mo tuna Illa one two Muslim moon from another side. So always in forever brothers and sisters as we continue with these short Juma type reminders. We pray that Allah

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subhanho wa Taala accepts from us our efforts keeps us steadfast in our prayers and in our devotion in worship to him. We further pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he continues to allow us to preserve and to protect and preserve the legacy and the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our hearts and in our lives alone. I mean, so actually, today before I begin the Juma reminder, there's something that's on my mind, and it's bothering me. And it continues to bother me whenever it happens, as a speaker and as a daddy, but all of us can relate to this. And it really boils down to gossip and backbiting. It's one of those things that would probably never go

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away, we're always going to be either the subject of people's gossip, or being honest with ourselves from time to time, we might be guilty of gossiping or backbiting about somebody else. But the point is, is that even in a pandemic, even in a situation where nobody on planet Earth has control over, it's a clear indication that something is not right, and that you and I as people, and as believers, we have a moral obligation and responsibility to reflect and think, men, if I don't have control over anything that's happening in this day and age, it's a reminder to me that I have to continue to strive to be a good person and do the right thing. But unfortunately, even in a pandemic situation,

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there are still people out there and I'm focusing more on our people, the Muslims, there are still pockets of Muslims out there that just even a pandemic won't change them. And that's why I titled this short jumar reminder that whether it be a pandemic, whether it be any other type of tragedy, bad habits die hard. And this is what I want to share with you today. So the first thing is that we're going to talk about this subject, we need to have a raw and authentic conversation, and not try to cover up some of the things that we might be feeling when the subject pops up. But we need to be very straightforward about it. And those of us who might be guilty of backbiting and gossiping

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about people in whatever way shape or form in this day and age during isolation and during this pandemic, if this doesn't wake you up, to stop the backbiting and stop the gossiping, stop taking news from one place to another without even knowing what you're talking about. If this situation can stop those habits, it's probably nothing will and like how some of the scholars and even some of our teachers back in Medina University used to say that gossip is one of those types of of problems. Those have habits, that even if the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam was here, it still wouldn't stop people from doing it. And we're seeing people we're not talking about every Muslim, we're just

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talking about pockets of people who just don't seem to care, or see anything wrong with talking with about other people. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam described that backbiting is that when you remember your brother or you talk about your brother in a situation or on a subject that they dislike, so even if it's the truth, but they don't like it to be talked about with anybody else. So for example, this is a real common example that I hear about all the time. You know, if if a woman is pregnant, but she tells the people closest to her, you know, her family and her friends and her siblings or what have you is like, you know, oh my god, I'm pregnant. But I don't want anybody to

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know about it yet. I'll I'll make that known a little bit later. But right now, just between us I can't believe it's happened. She's happy but she's in confidence. In confidentiality. She's telling people closest to her. Don't tell anyone Five minutes later when that news breaks out, you know, somebody picks up the phone can you believe

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So is pregnant, oh my gosh, even though you're telling the truth. And even though in a conversation like that, you might say, Well, people are going to find out anyway, which is eventually going to show it's gonna, she's gonna have the kid, that's none of your business, do what she said to do. She said to keep it private. And that's the help. That's the right that she has over you. And 1000s and 1000s of examples like this, if I tell you something, then I say to you with a disclaimer, don't pass this on, or this is in confidence. This is confidential between the two of us case close. If that conversation continues now. It's called backbiting. And it's one of the major sins of Islam.

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And now, here's the thing. Why do people have Why does Islam have such a big problem with people talking about one another? If it's happening so much around the world, in pretty much every culture of every society of every religion? It's part of what human being is? What's the big deal? Why does this not have such a big problem with talking about people, plain and simple, you don't know that, especially when the person you're talking about is not present in the conversation how he or she would feel about that subject, you don't know, we don't know that something that might look like it's not a big deal to us, it's a big deal to someone else. If we think it's obvious, people are

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going to see it. Well, they don't want people to see it, or know that it's obvious at that moment. If it doesn't hurt you, it shouldn't hurt the person you're talking about. So the point is, is that we don't know people's feelings, we don't know what they might think or feel, they might be hurt, they might be upset, they might be angry. And this is, as a result. People have broken relationships, friendships, even marriages have broken, because of just simply backbiting and gossip. Now, with that being said, we're talking about just personal relationships, right? Even at a community level. You know, I'm, I'm in front of people all the time. But when people disagree with

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me, or have an issue with something I might have said, and even like something that I do, or the way that I look, or the way that I walk or what have you, whatever the case is, nine out of 10 times, no one will ever actually come up to you and say, you know, it's very rare that when somebody actually comes up to me and talks to you and say, you know what you said it didn't come off, right? It doesn't sound great, or they're confused. And instead of carrying the confusion off, and saying, you know, that speaker man never listened to him again. Could you hear what he just said? twisting the speaker's words, taking it out of context, which is what propaganda really is all about. So this is

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like a internals internal issue within the oma where we pretty much spread propaganda amongst each other all the time. What does that tell us to do in a situation like this, if you want to talk about somebody, or you bring news about something a les says in soda to hurrah, it's the one of the most famous verses we all know about. And you know, what's amazing about this soda, this soda is all about etiquettes. It's everything to do with etiquettes and mannerisms. six verses later, that's only six sentences. Allah gets into it and tells us yeah, you let me know people have Amen. Meaning, if you have an ounce of Amen, in you an ounce of faith in you, then guess what, that is enough of a

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reason for you to be somebody who is a Latina, and when Allah didn't even call you moltmann, he says, if you're just a livina m, and if you're somebody that recognizes that that's the wrong thing to do, or the right thing to do you recognize that even if you don't practice it, so you don't backbite but somebody is coming to you with gossip and backbiting about somebody else. You see it and you recognize and you're hearing it. Allah says you're from a Latina Amman, and if that's the case, in a confessor can be never In fact, obion Allah says that when the person comes to you, and listen to what Allah says in Jeddah, confess, sip, that if a fast sip comes to you, now, Timmy,

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that's just unbelievable. Allah is calling the news carrier, the one who's about to gossip, he calls that person not either a Kuma Rajan, or in Mora tune, or mother own or SHA soon. Allah doesn't say that if a person a man or a woman, what have you come to you with news. A lot calls the person who's just all about just backbiting and gossip. A lot calls a person a facet.

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And the thing is, it's amazing to be I hope we all know what a facet is. It comes from the word fiscal and fiscal is something that's inherited.

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corrupt, if you leave it for some time, it's going to get moldy, it's going to get dusty, it's going to get rotten. Allah says that this person who is rotten by nature, a lesson is fast. So for those of you who study Arabic, you know facet, but this is the person who is the doer of the action. It's a quality in them. In Arabic, we call this the ferien. They're the ones that are actually doing this all the time. It's quality in them. So Allah says the person now here's the here's the other amazing thing about it. The fact that Allah calls the news carrier offensive, that a it doesn't tell you if they've done it once if they've done it a few times. So some of the scholars of Tafseer explained

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that it's a possibility that if you do this, just once you carry news about somebody or something without verifying it, without even like having the slightest concern how the other person you're talking about would feel had they heard what you said, Unless as if you do that, just once you're a facet, you're inherently corrupt. You're, you're somebody that's got no hope in this world. And unless paying attention to that, so less has in general confessio couldn't be never, unless says that when they come to you with a never, never own is not the same as hubba hubba ruin is just news, you have a lot to say. And you say it and it could be good. It could be bad. The point is it's news.

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And it's important. Never own is the kind of information that's been announced from a far distance. You know, when you shout out to somebody, hey, look, I'm here to come by, or you're calling out somebody's name, or you're calling and you're speaking to them from a distance. So when whatever, whatever, whatever has those characteristics of something far away is called Neverland. So what is the let's say, somebody who is coming to you, we're not just any kind of news, news, that is that it should have been far from your ears. But they brought it to you anyway, you were not supposed to listen to that. And he or she was not supposed to carry that to anyone. So they the violation has

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already begun. they violated so many rights of the person that they're going to talk about, or the place or the community that they're going to refer to, they violated so many rights. And the law hasn't even gotten to the actual instruction of what to do when this happens yet. Just by choice of words and language and structure. Already, just like Whoa, I don't I don't want to have anything to do with this area anymore. So lnl continues, and he says in jet akun facet wouldn't be never in fetta. Bay. No. And here's the point, guys, Tobago from BNF. From bayona means clarity. So Allah is telling you that okay, if you hear this, if you get this kind of news, the first thing though, the

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priority at that moment is are you sure that's what he said? Are you sure I was there? I listened to his heartbeat. I listened to his lecture. I actually know him. I don't think he would do that. I don't think he's gonna be this way. I don't think that that's him, or her whatever the case is. So what is the lesson and even if you think it sounds so perfect, The news comes to you and it's so accurate. They're telling you every detail on Earth. You as the person who's listening to this, because you're Latina Amman, you're somebody who acknowledges Amen. And you have it in you, even if it's just an atom's way that a man has to talk and be like, Listen, I don't know anything about

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that. Forget, it's none of my business caseload walk away. Why? Because Allah says, and to be who you're going to eventually if you let that go, you're going to allow yourself to become a pole men be Johanna, you're going to become a nation. That's just Jay Hill. Remember the word Jay Hill, Jr. He literally comes from the word, gentlemen, gentlemen, somebody that can control their emotions. So they'll say things and then they'll think after they'll be angry and just shout, swear curse, do whatever think after, or they just don't care. They don't care about anyone's feelings. They don't care who they hurt, they don't care who they embarrass, they don't care who they're talking about.

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And they'll just say it. That's what Jad Hill is. Allah says, if one person is going to start gossiping, what that's going to do, it's going to create a culture because gossip is juicy, it's it's entertaining. That's why 99% of TV shows and movies out there. What are they all revolving around? Like?

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You know, somebody was telling me that backbiting and gossip is almost it's almost become taboo in the sense that when you talk about it now, you look like a foreigner like you look like you just don't belong on earth anymore. Why? Because culture and society has normalized gossip to the extent where it's perfectly fine. Who cares if somebody is hurt or embarrassed about it?

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As long as it's not in front of their face, it's just between you and I anyway, so just Who cares? That's really what it boils down to. But to Allah, it's a reflection of our he men, you have real authentic he man, when you can control gossip and backbiting, that's just amazing to me. If not, it's a culture, the kid is going to see his mom and his dad backbiting about everybody else, guess what, guess what the kid is going to do? Even if the parents grew up, you know, and they mature out of them and say, Look, you know, talking about people is not right, well, guess what the kid's gonna do, the kid might go to school and still back by just won't do it in front of you anymore. So the

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culture begins, then hit that kid, when they have their own family, the same cycle continues, then their friends, one person in the community does it 95 people end up doing it as well. We all it's in our nature that we like juicy gossip and information, but not everything that we like we act upon. And we do. And we know this. And this is a basic principle in our Deen. So that's the first thing I don't, I don't really need to go through the entire verse. But just to give you a glimpse of just how irritating and upsetting the subject is, that it's hurting people, it's hurting families, it's hurting communities. And so I'm talking directly to anybody who is listening to this. If you are

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somebody you know, you somebody you will know, will has a habit of being the news carrier, being the one who loves juicy gossip. So if they don't get it, they spread it. And if they come to you, and they constantly bring, you know, inside information, and but you don't know if it's for sure it's just here, see, he or she is saying this stuff. So it becomes complete hearsay, say to the person, first and foremost, say, listen, just be quiet. I don't want to hear nothing about that. You don't know that for sure. Say something that puts you in a position that you can stand up to stop this behavior to stop this attitude. Just do something because why people aren't getting hurt, even if

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they don't know that they're being hurt behind the curtain that when they do find out they're going to be like, Oh my god, you've been talking about that all these months, and didn't even know it was true. We're best friends you never even came in Ask me anything even told me that they were talking about me. You didn't need you knew that this was going on. And you never came to me. It's just pain, upon pain upon pain upon pain, there is nothing good about talking and gossiping about people. Now with that being said, pretty much every rule, there are exceptions mm. And now we'll rahimullah in his large collection of his image more. He actually puts about five to seven categories where there

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are exceptions to backbiting. Now, when you're standing in front of a judge when you're seeking counsel and help that you need to mention the names of so and so who have wronged you who have hurt, you have taken away your rights. You know, these are separate issues. Maybe one day we'll have a separate quote that will reminder on that on the exceptions of backbiting. But that's not what we're talking about. Here. We're talking about the consequences, and the dangers and how much people get hurt as a result of this. That's all I want to say in the first part of this short reminder. I'm going to sit down as I usually do for the genset for the resting period, even though I don't need

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the rest. If I wish, if we would like we could continue just doing a regular type reminder and count that. And that could be our valid jomar. But this is not the jumar I'm not doing a tumor with you. I'm not asking any of you to follow me in prayer, none of those things. So I want to explain that subject in the next part of the HIPAA lots of confusion out there but there really shouldn't be any confusion and I'll show you why in sha Allah but I'm going to just sit here and just take a couple seconds rest and I'm going to explain to you why I do this Friday reminder this way why I do it at this time so on and so forth. Okay, so just bear with me guys. Let me take a quick break. I'll pull

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them into smaller stuff it'll look at what a comedy set up Muslim including them and stuff it'll in the whole of afford Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah man that few seconds I sat down there just kind of felt amazing. Anyhow, let's get back to this right now, the whole idea of following the Imam or following the hottie for tomorrow, or total winner and so on. I'm not going to get into any of the fifth behind this. I'll just tell you a couple of things. Number one, this is a subject that is still being talked about and debated in the entire Muslim oma. So if you see, you know, isolated individuals or communities that come up with their opinions that write articles for themselves and they share with you their reflection and

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their thoughts and their opinions, their interpretation on things. respect it. Right? We should always respect especially when somebody is coming to you. And they're not trying to create any sort of fitna Don't try to hurt anybody and they're not backbiting about nobody. They're presenting a genuine perspective based on the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala blesta respect that. This is why the scholars they say yen, Buffy, either Coolio Raja Lin i O Allah, tala bit and your oil healer, that every single person or every single student of knowledge should always respect difference of opinion, when it's out there. It's a different perspective based on their ht had their

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efforts. Now with that being said, with that being said, put things in the categories where they belong. Juma is a big deal. It's the meeting that the entire oma has at the same day at the same time. Like it's not it's no joke. So if we are all together as an oma gathering every Friday at the same day of the same time doing the exact same thing. Don't you think that this is a decision of virtual hope and experience? Don't you think that this is something that also, at least the majority of the oma should discuss and collectively come to some sort of conclusion. So with that being said, What do you think is the federal on the subject out there right now, at this very moment on April?

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What is it 17th 2020? What do you think people? What do you think the majority of the major physical body councils across North America, perhaps even across the world are saying, you can go ahead, and it's up to you. But you go ahead, just do the research and look at all the major field councils and organizations of immense and scholarships across North America. And you'll find almost a 99% of them say, we're not ready to do this. And they give their reasons, okay, we're not going to open this door. This is a pretty exceptional situation, we're going to stick with the rule set or the concession concession, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us we're going to wait, we're not going to do

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anything. So when you're home, consider Friday as a holiday and just leave it at that you pray your lohar we're doing these reminders. Now, here's the last thing that I'm going to say. I personally am doing these reminders, lots of shoe and scholars and Imams and students and so on, do these reminders Why?

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To be honest with you, it's because I miss Juma just as much as the next person does, I miss it. I miss getting ready putting on my best clothing every Friday, putting my putting on my perfume and my return, I miss all of that grooming myself to like perfection as if I was getting married every week or something. And then just getting out of the house driving to jumar I have this habit that I would read sawtell calf on the drive to joma because every Juma I go to is almost like an hour away from my house anyway. And that habit became a part of me. And I miss all of those things. And so for me being here and doing this kind of drama, or this sort of joy style reminder, just makes me feel a

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bit connected. Like I still have something to hold on to about that routine. Secondly, this is also for you all that are listening, we want you guys to also feel and at least know that we haven't forgotten and erased the Juma and the routine that we have on this blessed day, throw it out the window just because we're isolated. It's something to just kind of keep the spirits a little high and to just make us feel good, really. And truly, that's what it boils down to the can the fit of the rulings, the exceptions, leave that to the major physical bodies and councils around the world. Let them come to that conclusion. Why? Because this is an oma wide issue. So let the oma decide what

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the conclusion is going to be not one person here one person there, one person brings out an article this person forces on that website and this website and everybody just goes into a total chaos. Please be careful of that. Wait for the majority of the community to come out with some sort of presentation and some sort of conclusion. And I promise you when you do that insha Allah hotelera Allah insha Allah hotelera Allah, you're going to you're going to feel content with regardless what the decision is, if the decision is we're not going to do no virtual jomar no virtual tarawih or whatever. You're going to say Alhamdulillah. Well, you know why? Because it's not just you alone.

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These are scholars and these are humans and leaders, and they're doing their best. You're going to be able to do that. Why? Because you have supportive cast around you. But when you're the one king when you're one person like the King of the Hill, standing there and just shout

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Everybody, this is what we should do. This is what I feel is right? It makes sense to me, quite honestly, it's not your decision. And that's it. Let the rest of the scholars around the world have their input too. And as we sit here at this very moment, that just hasn't happened yet. The majority of bodies out there, in terms of committees and groups just simply have said, we're not going to do this, we're not ready to do this yet. Just leave it at that and just say, like hamdulillah and let's continue to focus on staying healthy, protecting ourselves and our families. And looking forward in sha Allah Vitara Allah to being back where we were as a community, but we come back refined, renewed

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with a renewed sense of gratitude and appreciation for each other. So the backbiting is gone. The the whatever hatred, whatever animosity that was harbored within the heart that's been erased, it's been flushed out. So maybe that's what we need. Maybe we do need this pandemic, just for our own sake of flushing out into refining ourselves as human beings and as people so that we go back to what we were to go back and stay there. We're good people who want the best for each other. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to be there and if we are there to keep us there, love them. And that's all I want to say guys. I hope that this was uplifting and at least a good reminder to me

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and to all of you. So just follow him. Please, please don't forget, as I always say after every one of these reminders on a Friday, is that pray your phone records for salata. lohar Okay, I'm going to go do that right now but I'm going to turn off the camera in sha Allah hotel. Enjoy the rest of your day enjoy the rest of joumana remember to do all of the nice things that we do on Juma reach so till Caffe look out for that one hour that you make sure that the door is always accepted and fill your day fill your Friday with all of them are some of the

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early Mohammed camel salita Ibrahim Ibrahim in the Camino Majeed tnfa dunya Hasina with illa theodosia hassanal kinara, but no surprises it'll be a little bit nicer to follow Solomon Island mousseline but hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen, just like Malala Hytner, thank you all who are commenting who are saying hello, I give you a big Hello right back and while they come, we'll send them to all of you. Thank you all for your support. Look forward to seeing you again. Take care guys said I'm ready to come