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So we have several opinions of what the actual word zilpha is talking about here. However, according to the majority, all of the opinions that I've given you are all correct, because they're all similar to each other. It's all referring to punishment from Allah azza wa jal. So to summarize, what zoom is talking about, is that this punishment is getting closer and closer to them. Find them out. Oh, who Zul for now. Right? Oh, who, initially this word is wrong. But then there's a dummy or there's a pronoun attached to it. And that's that little small hair from the word or Oh, who what is this referring to? It's got to be referring back to something. The ultimate they say that this is

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talking about the Hellfire itself. It's talking about the Hellfire itself. So for them out of elbow when they see the Hellfire zilpha getting closer to them and the punishments of the Hellfire getting closer to them.

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See a two would you for Latina cat photo, the it becomes there are strong effects that come along on their faces. See at rejuvelac, Edina cafaro. So their face becomes darkened and it becomes affected by this because as a result of their disbelief, there's a number of things now to keep in mind here number one.

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Here, what it's telling us is that sins and mistakes affects the appearance of an individual, you actually look more dreadful. A person actually looks darker in their personality, a person's appearance becomes dark and gloomy, simply by the deeds and the behaviors that they have. And they do. This is why in another verse in in Sudafed that Allah azza wa jal talks about the prophesies send them and his companions see maham fee, would you hear him? What does it say? Min effort is sujood. So Allah azza wa jal talks about the face of those who are constantly praying, you can see the effects on their faces. This is why they are limited. They say that the sujood is the norm of

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the face itself. A person, I'm sure all of us we've met somebody like this in our lifetime, you ever meet somebody just by looking at them, their faces so pleasant, there's something about the brilliance in their face, that becomes so welcoming, it becomes so beautiful, nobody has this more than the elements themselves. This is one of the beauty and one of the blessings of a scholar of Islam is that even by looking at them alone, your your Eman will increase, you don't have to talk to them, you don't have to take a single word. But if you just see their faces alone, it already starts to affect the heart. That is a sign of true scholarship in that individual. So we've all i'm sure we

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probably know somebody like this, or you've come across people like this, that really Subhanallah you look at them, and you see like, nor do you see light in them, you see beauty, you see brilliance, you see it as calm a sense of spirituality in them, all of this comes from the effects of their deeds. Then, a second point now with this particular verse,

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we mentioned that see at would you see, it comes from the

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verb set set is referring to something that you make it disgusting, you make something dirty, something becomes in and of itself a filthy. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the Dalai Lama, they said here, what it's referring to is that the faces become darkened and blackened. And this is like in another verse that allies so it just isn't suited early. I'm Ron eomer, Tabby, ogbu, what tests What do we do? So on the Day of Judgment, their faces will either become white filled with that brilliance that we're talking about, or their faces will become darkened and black. Here's a question though. How do you get it? Suppose you want that brilliance in your face? Suppose you

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want that sujood mark there. How do you get how do you achieve that brilliance in your face. Number one, is to constantly pray the solid on time, but not just restricted to on time, but taking your time praying the Salah itself. If an individual doesn't rush through the prayer, it's a sign and an indication or a pattern.

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that a person will get that brilliance and that Knorr placed upon them. Nobody knows what exactly this note is. We don't know exactly what this brilliance is talking about, or what exactly is it like some special forcefield is placed on we don't know. It's just a beauty in that moment. So the first thing is, is that a person should pray their prayers not only on time, but should should take their time praying them. The second most profound way to building this note on the person's face is to pray all of their son prayers, every single one of them from the 17th to the 19th or rokerites a day you pray all of them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions that the reward for the

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person who prays all the Sunnah prayers in a day is that Allah azza wa jal will build for them a mention in the agenda just by praying the sinner prayers itself. So you want to make sure that you get every single one of them for your date. The third way to get this is extremely important. And that is of course praying the pm will lay praying the TM will lay as we mentioned before

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Edna hedger Rahim Allah He mentions that one law he the person who prays to head Jude or pm will lay will never feel tired during the day. pm will lay is the spiritual light for an individual. Nobody, no single person who prays pm will lay will not have the snore on their face. It's not possible. Anybody who is waking up in the nighttime and praying to Allah azza wa jal is guaranteed that you will have this light on their face. Now, here's the next question.

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Why do you need the Why do you need to have this light on your face? If you don't have it? Life is still good for a lot of people, or they're pretty content without things are anyways. So why do you need that light on you? Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the first reason Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number one, he praises the brilliance on this individual in the Quran. So it's a shot off or a level that of spirituality that Allah gives this individual and so that person is praised even in the poor in itself. And Allah azza wa jal recognizes it. Number two, when you have that brilliance in your spirit in your face of spirituality, it's a sign of loss and sincerity that you have. And when you

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have that, and others recognize it and see it wasn't what does it cost for them, it causes them to also increase their emotion, it causes them to also become more spiritually involved and stronger. How do you feel when you see a scholar? Do you feel like you want to get away from them and have nothing to do with them? know, when you see a scholar, you want to be closer to them. And you want to be their friend, you know, you always want to be around them. People always will come and ask a scholar, you know, give me your phone number. Let me talk to you, you know about something or those coffee like you know, I want to be your friend, you know, can we go on and go go and get a coffee or

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something like they just want to have that companionship, this is all part of the brilliance in them. So you become a more beloved individual this way. Another benefit is that your acceptance in any community or any group of people is increased, people will just simply accept you more and more. And this is why there's a number of stories of even people who have accepted Islam from this will actually accepted Islam when they see the note on the faces of believers. So it's very, very important that you try to achieve this as best as you can.

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So see a lady in a cafaro work peeler had a lady come to me he had their own. Now this is very interesting, because it will also be set to them. When their faces become dark. And because of their as a result of their disbelief. It will be set to them how the lezzy Quantum be turned down. This is the thing that you all have been not it doesn't say that this is the thing that you've been doing. This is the thing that you've been calling to get down to their own comes from the word Dharma, which means to invite. So what it's saying is that your bad deeds, you've been doing it and you had to put effort to do it. You were calling for those bad deeds to come to you. We're calling for that

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to happen to one of the greatest benefits from this verse here is that this verse, the way it ends, it proves that bad deeds requires effort, whereas good deeds should naturally come to you naturally as possible.

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Are Fedora we should always want to do good things. But what's unnatural is a person who does bad things as a way of life. And then that requires a different level of effort that you have to put forth to accomplish something bad. We all are naturally good human beings, we Allah as diligent creates an individual this way, with this particular fitara, you have to try to do something bad. And that's one of the most profound benefits of being a Muslim and being a believer, because a believer can find higher than anything that he does in his or her life. And this is why I've always used the example that

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it's amazing to be a believer, because the believer of movement, especially a Muslim, not only is he or she intelligent, but they can always find a purpose or a wisdom in the most trivial things in their life. And you know, a believer can sit there and wash his car on a sunny day. But washing his car could feel like a, it could be a source or a way that he increases as he men, washing your car can increase the man of a believer How is very simple, because for a believer, it's not just washing a car. It's following the sun, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he commands us to keep our camels clean. When we say the camels keep your mode of transportation clean. And then second

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principle is cleanliness is half of our or an enormous part of our Amen. So for the believer, it's not just washing a car anymore, this washing of the car reflects a bit of my personality and who I am. This is why Believe it or not, this is a statement of their lemma, one of the ways you can know an individual is by looking at the state of their vehicle. There's actually scholars have commented on this, one of the ways you can get to know a person and have an idea of their lifestyle and how they live and how they do things is look at the state of their vehicle. If their vehicle is clean and organized, then that tells you about the personality of the owner, that he's also clean

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individual, and he or she is also an organized individual. But if the car looks upside down like a hurricane pass through it every single day, then that also reflects on the owner and what kind of personality they have. So it's really, really important brothers and sisters, don't look at this as a burden. But look at this as subpanel this is one of the strongest evidences or proofs or miracles, that Islam is the truth, because Islam protects every single inch, and part of your entire life. Even that measly card that you think might be just part of the dunya. And it's trivial, no one should care about it. For the Muslim, this car is a part of my lifestyle, and I treat it as though

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it's helping me increase my email each and every single day.

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And, and then so this is the first point is that the way the verse ends is that the individual is calling to bad deeds.

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tied down also some of the LMS said that Ted down here is referring to to get the boon. It also means that this is the result or the final ending for these individuals was based on the lies that they would say or commit against the religion or against the truthiness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we'll pause for a moment