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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Robert A Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. This is Muslim Khan and I welcome you here. As we continue our series of discussions on the manners of a Muslim. The macadam will allow more so the beautiful state of a Muslim, the beautiful manners of the believers, brothers and sisters, today we'll be talking about the one of the most important aspects of our lives. Something that defines the entire purpose of why we live, why we eat, why we drink. Many people would sit with themselves and they would ask themselves, why am I doing this? Why am I alive? Why did Allah create me? Why is it that I have to

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go to work each and every day? Why is it that I go to school? Why does Allah subhanho wa Taala put this type of lifestyle upon me?

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Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, that he has not created mankind or jinn except for the state of worship. And so this is precisely the purpose of why you and I are alive why you and I, we are part of the lifestyle of the dunya of this world. Brothers and sisters. Today we will be talking to you about the important topic of taqwa fearing Allah subhanho wa Taala. being conscious of him being aware of his presence. My brothers and sisters, how many times have you heard it, that each and every moment of your lives? You have heard that the whole team's you have heard that the lecturers you have heard in the pulpit and you've heard in the Sunnah, you've heard of the statements of the

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scholars here and now as well as those in the past half tequila. Fear Allah have Taqwa the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once pointed here to his heart and said, this is where telkwa is, taqwa. It actually starts within you. It actually starts within your heart. Once you have that intention, in your heart and in your soul, that you wish to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala that you are aware of his presence. You're aware that he's watching you that he sees everything that he hears everything. This is what taqwa is. Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the word taqwa almost 160 times in the Quran, and there is more than 50 authentic a hadith traditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam speaking about taqwa, explicitly in and of itself. This alone is an indication that taqwa is extremely important that taqwa is the sole purpose as to why we live all the sciences of an Islam, all the Hadees the core and the soul affect all of these sciences, everything. Eventually there is just one goal as you learn as you learn and try to understand the sciences as you try to gain the knowledge of our religion. As you try to learn about Allah azza wa jal, and you try to learn about the prophets and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, brothers and sisters, there's only one goal. And that goal is we want to achieve taqwa. We want to achieve that telkwa that Allah azza wa

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jal expects from us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked many times by the by the companions, they would come to him, and they would ask him what is taqwa? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would mention various reasons, would give them various answers. And generally if you take all of these answers and you put them together, you will realize the taqwa it is in the worship of a liar. So imagine, and this doesn't mean that you have to stand and pray all day. This doesn't mean that you have to fast all the time. This doesn't mean that you have to give away all of your wealth and your money. This doesn't mean that you have to completely devote your entire

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lifestyle only to the sole purpose of Worship Day and night known.

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A person sitting can worship Allah by remembering him by pondering over him by pondering about the current

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creation of Allah azza wa jal by looking around looking and admiring the scenery, even the food that he or she eats. All of these things are signs of the miracle of Allah so a gel for brothers and sisters, we can truly make our entire lifestyle in the form of taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala Are you above all my dear brothers and sisters and viewers? I encourage all of you to pay attention to the poor and, and to the traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him. In especially when it comes to the important topic of taqwa. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the poor earn in one of the very first verses of the poor and after sorbitol, Fatiha and Islam mean these are the letters that are

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disjointed, we would never truly understand what they mean. However, in the second a of Sula tillbaka, Allah tells us that he can ki tabula Lieber fi this book meaning the poor and there is no doubt in it. And then the AI continues who the little motor pain, it is a guidance for those who are the terpene those who have Taqwa those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those who are aware of him those who are conscious of him. Now you probably might be sitting there and asking yourselves well who are them with? terpene? How do I know that I am from them? Allah azza wa jal gives us the answer. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that we may not ever understand truly what taqwa is. And so in

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the Quran, Allah azza wa jal actually tells us who they are. And in other verses, Allah describes particular descriptions, particular see Fattah of who they are, and insert tillbaka in the next verse, Allah so it just says,

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Allah Xena you mean all Nobel hype? Where your pmon or sila woman now rose up and now whom young people three characteristics a Latino you mean on a beehive? They are the ones that actually believe in the unseen if we don't know about it, if we can't see it, if we can't predict it, we believe that Allah azza wa jal is the one who knows is the one who sees is the one who predicts it. And this is why Allah is so it just says in another verse in sort of an iron that he has the knowledge of the unseen, he is aware of all the animals that are within the sea, he is aware of all the creation that is walking and roaming around along the lands. Allies so agile is also aware of each and every

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single leaf that falls from a tree. Imagine that this is a verse in the Quran. And when the second aspect of the motor pain, Alevtina you mean wanna build hype, while you pay more moolah sada they are the ones that pray. Prayer is a part of taqwa prayer defines you. A person who doesn't pray is a person who does not have any taqwa. A person who is part of the Salah, who prays at least five times a day, is a person who has taqwa within their hearts. And then they illustrate it, they show it they implement that belief that they have within their heart. And then the third aspect brothers and sisters, I love you know, you don't have been hired, where you pay more than a Seiler where mymail

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was up on our pool, and from the wealth that they are given from the money that they receive from all the blessings in the bounties that allows so which gives them they take a portion of that, and they give back to those around them. They give back for the sake of Allah, they give back to people who are in need, those who are struggling, they help them they assist him. Because as we all know, brothers and sisters, all of the good things that you and I enjoy all of the blessings that you and I have, it really belongs to Allah, it really is from Allah. It's really is in the possession of Allah. So a gentleman he is in control of it. And so it is the right that Allah has that when he

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gives us something that we take from it, and we give back. And so in that in order, we can help others we can assist others and we can make an easier life for those around us. Brothers and sisters.

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What is really the definition of a taqwa? What is it mean when we say to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. We will look at two definitions. The first one brothers and sisters, is the linguistic form of the word taqwa. The linguist

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Stick form of the of the word taqwa. Allah subhanho wa Taala uses it many times in the Quran. And in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Many times you find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam uses and acknowledges the word taqwa in its linguistic form. And the scholars of the Arabic language define it as to be conscious of Allah azza wa jal in order that wherever you are, whatever you do, you place a barrier between you and that which is haram. you place a protection between you and the punishment of Allah azza wa jal. This is what literally taqwa means placing a barrier between you and Allah azza wa jal is punishment. Can you imagine? Can you

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imagine what this feels like what this means to you, all of us want to be protected from the from the punishment of allies. So imagine, all of us want to follow what is halal and protect ourselves and our families and our children from that which is how long this is what taqwa is. So if you ever find yourself, that you become somewhat loose in this area, where you are not completely to the best of your ability, protecting yourself from the punishment of a law, so again, then realize brothers and sisters, there is a severe problem with the taqwa of that individual. There is a severe problem with the topology in their hearts. There is a severe problem with the taqwa in their lives. So

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brothers and sisters, when you see something that is wrong, that is something that is haraam and you realize to yourself, that sapan Allah, I need to protect myself from this, I need to protect my faith I need to protect my Amen. I need to protect my belief in Allah azza wa jal in order that I protect my actions and do that which is pleasing to Him. subhanho wa Taala that means you have Taqwa. That means you have fulfilled the first most important aspect of fearing Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so brothers and sisters, this is the sole purpose of why you and I are here is that all the evil and the tests that we go through daily throughout our lives, Allah azza wa jal wants to see

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how well can you protect yourself? How well can you uphold the religion the faith that you believe in? For the sake of the pleasure of fearing Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let's take a short break. And when we come back in sha Allah, we will continue with the muckety muck blog series, the beautiful manners of a believer