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Day 4 of ‘The Messengers’ series – Ramadan 2015 presented by Sheikh Muiz Bukhary at Masjid Noor, Maldives.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Dear brothers in Islam before I begin, I have a kind request to make of all of you. If you can, please come forward and fill up the gaps may last for Hannah Montana because yesterday there were a few brothers who are finding it a bit uncomfortable sitting behind by the entrance. So just in case they come after playing, they can sit comfortably, please come forward and fill up the gap so that the gathering will look full and complete the

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melas for Hannah Montana make this gathering and gathering ready angels travelers with their wings, the second and tranquility of Allah subhanho wa Taala descends upon us from Allah as a legitimate high mentioned of us in the seven heavens

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Wada ashrafi nambia un mousseline Nabina Habibi, Namah, Paula, Dr. Yuna, Mohammed deveny Abdullah, Allah wa Island, he was happy he have done with this theme.

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We begin by praising Allah azza wa jal with no doubt our Creator sustainer and Alicia protector and Kyoto We ask Allah subhana wa tada to shower his choices of blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family members, his companions and all those who tread upon his path with utmost sincerity until the day of them. All slaves of Allah first and foremost I advise myself and then all of you all, to adopt a life of taqwa. That is to feel a lot more data and to be conscious of him as a virgin during every single second of our lives if we wish to attain success in this world, as well as the hereafter for after all, even the purpose

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behind fasting in this blessing man is to attain the core philosophy Hannah Medina, he states in the novel Yeah.

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Oh you will believe quotevalet camassia fasting has been prescribed upon you all come up with Avada larina mean callicoon just as how it was prescribed upon the nations before you all for what purpose land

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so that you adopt Aqua so that you become people of Taka, Taka is the ultimate objective even behind a last Panama dialect creating us allies original states will not follow portal Jin will insert the Aqua Dune that I have not created Jin kind or mankind for any other purpose other than a burger and in another place Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the purpose of very bad yeah you Hannah so agudo como la dee da pecan Valentina Min publikum la la come upon all mankind, worship your Lord, the one who created you all and the ones before you all for what purpose Laila bone so that you adopt that to us that you become people of someone. If we adopt taqwa we no doubt become successful in this

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world as well as the hereafter has Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in Surah two number in elute. Athena Mufasa Indeed, for the people of taqwa is Mufasa wintery in this world as well as the year after May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us all from the people of da Ma, he is the Virgil makers from the victorious and successful ones. I mean,

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now getting back to the messenger series,

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Alico Salatu was Salam.

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Where did we stop yesterday, ready to leave you?

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You mentioned the story of Bobby and Javier and then.

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Okay, we're about to start no holiday salatu salam, you know, many, many moons ago, there was an individual by the name Milan. So

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one day, the people of his city, they approached Milan as routine. And they invited him to come and deliver a talk.

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Now Mullah nasruddin got a bit agitated because he was not ready to deliver a talk. And he did not want to deliver a talk. But they kept insisting and he finally agreed.

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The day of the talk arrives, and he goes, now he goes out to address the people, the people had all gathered. He starts off his talk by asking them how people do you know what I'm going to talk about?

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Everybody cried out in unison know,

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the Manasa T and said, What's the point of talking to people who don't know what I'm here to talk about and healing?

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This embarrass the people or not, and the thought, that's inviting again, but now let's plan it out properly. If he asks the similar question, Let's all say yes, we know what he's going to talk about. So they invite him a second time.

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This time to Hola, Greece. The day of the talk arrives, he goes out and the people have gathered. He addresses the people he starts off the talk by asking them

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Do you know what I'm going to talk about? They all cried out Yes. Yes moolah, we know what you're going to talk about. Mashallah, and if you all know what I'm going to talk about, what's the point of me talking about it? And

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now this time to they were perplexed, and therefore, how can we make this man talk? And they decided, let's plan it out. Half of us, let's say,

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half of us, let's say we know what he's going to talk. And the other half, let's say we don't know what he's going to talk about. So they invite him a third time, the third time to hula arrives, and he asked the people or people do you know what I'm going to talk about? Half of the crowd said yes, moolah. We know what you're going to talk about. And the other half said no moolah, we don't know what you're going to talk about. The moolah said, Okay, fine. The ones who know what I'm going to talk about, please tell the ones who don't know what I'm going to talk about and he left.

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But don't worry, I'm not going to say what I said. Yeah, so 100 that. Yesterday, we spoke about hobbies. We spoke about hobbies and hobbies. We spoke about the death of other islands salatu salam, we also slightly mentioned about his son, she, Allahu salatu salam, and then I told you all that today inshallah Allah we will be talking about Idris Ali salatu salam, as well as no halogen salatu salam. And you might wonder why we are not going into the story of scheef heiligenstadt wassalam, otherwise known as The Prophet said, Chief, Allahu salatu salam, the reason being Chief, Allah is solid was Salam was a prophet, that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not talk about in the Quran. We

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know very little about him. Very different about him and these two from the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. So all we know about him is that he was a son from the sons of Adam Allahu Salatu was Salam. And he was the son who used to live with other Malini. Salatu was Salam. He was a very obedient son of Adam, Allah who said that was the lamb. And when are the Meiling Salatu was Salam was on his deathbed. He advised and he entrusted the responsibility of calling people of reminding people about Allah subhanho wa Taala, who is to Assam, she alayhi salatu was Salam.

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Now after she alehissalaam was an Imam, and during that time and your brothers and sisters in Islam, the people of that time were all upon the heat, they were all upon the head. So there was actually not much of an effort that was required at that time, because they were all upon tohave they all used to remember Allah azza wa jal and they used to adhere the commandments of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we also spoke about yesterday we mentioned kabhi and Hobie. We spoke about the first murder that ever to place the first individual to ever commit suicide to murder his own brother Fabien who murdered his own brother. We mentioned all of this. So today inshallah Allah we will

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start off with the story of the Prophet Idris alayhi salatu was Salam. Now in regard to Idris AlLahi Salatu. Salam as well as mentioned in the Nobel for iron, when he states what corofin kita V is in

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last panel taala states and mentioned in the book in the Koran Idris Idris in Ghana Cydia panavia wherein he was a man of truth. And he he was a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He Idris Allah salatu salam, he strove hard, he strove hard in remember in reminding the people about Allah subhanho wa Taala he strove so hard, and he spread the message and reminded people so much that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed unto him, Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed unto him, oh Idris, you are rewarded on a daily basis on a daily basis equivalent to the rewards of all of the children of Adam Allahu salatu salam on a daily basis, he gets the rewards of all of the children equally equivalent of all of the children who are the Miley salatu salam, because he strove so hard in reminding people about Allah subhanho wa Taala is so so hard in reminding people about Eliza

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budget. So each time someone did a good deed is obviously because perhaps he would have reminded him he gets an equal share of the reward. And this was revealed unto Idris alayhi salatu was Salam. Now, one day What happened was, this is a Swahili narration that has been mentioned in the books of history. I misspoke.

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About Israeli narrations yesterday had these two ambonese Royal marriage as long as it does not conflict with what we have, we can go through those narrations, no issues with it based on the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this in this particular narration

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the narrator makes mention that

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an angel came down from the heavens, an angel came down from the heavens and met Idris Allah usato. Sarah, when he met Idris Allah salatu salam Idris islands ratusan asked this angel, I wish to meet molekule Mt. I wish to meet that akula

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this angel asked him why. Then he said now Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed unto me that on a daily basis, He rewards me equivalent to all the rewards of the children as family Serato Sam, so I want to ask molekule mouth whether I can whether he can approach Allah subhanho wa Taala and whether I can be given an extension because I want to accumulate more rewards, because every single day, I get more rewards, I want an extension given to me so that I can accumulate as many rewards as possible from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this angel, he was close to the salary, so that was the land. So he said fine, and he carried Idris AlLahi salatu salam up to the heavens, up to the

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heavens, they cross the first Heaven, second Heaven, third heaven, and the fourth Heaven, medical mouth was on the fourth heaven. So the angel approaches molecule mouth, he greets him and then he says Yamanaka mode, Idris allegan Salatu. Salam conveys salam to you, and he wishes to have an audience with you. In other words, he wants to have a conversation a meeting with you.

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Medical mouth, replies back, replies Salaam back and then he says, Why does he want to meet me? Then the angel said well, this is the thing Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed unto him that he is being rewarded on a daily basis equivalent to the reverse of all of the children of Adam and Eve that was around so he wants to ask you, whether you can approach Allah subhanho wa Taala and whether he can be granted an extension so that he can accumulate as many rewards as possible.

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Then molecule more thought about it. And then he asked the angel but where is Idris? Now? Where is it three Sorry, that was around now that this angel said he is with me. He is also on the fourth heaven. Then molecule Moses with Han Allah.

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Allah has had decreed that I should take the soul of injuries if you select to slam on the fourth heaven. And when Allah subhana wa Jalla decreed this I was perplexed, I was wondering, Idris alayhi salatu salam, an individual living on the face of this earth, how on earth is he going to come to the fourth heaven? And how am I going to take his soul while he's on the fourth heaven?

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Now, the minute he said this, the other Angel understood what was coming and he asked molecule mode. Yeah, medical mode. How long does Idris Allah hisako salam have in terms of life remaining? Moroccan mode said not he does not even have time to back his Island.

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He does not even have time to practice it even to close his eyes and open it The minute he said that molecule mode to the soul of Idris and interact with certain allies of the states. And the other the I decided earlier the very next day a lot of foreigner who McCann and I live

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in our home.

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And we raised him raised Idris alayhi salatu salam to a high station. scholars of Tafseer mentioned the highest station was the fourth heaven and the hadith of Islam and Mirage Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he went on the amazing night journey, he met Idris alameen salatu salam on the fourth heaven. He was on the fourth heaven Idris Allah is Fernando Salaam. So this is about it in regard to degree silence salatu salam and now we move on to the next major prophet. He was a Rasool not a big arrow soon, a messenger known alayhi salatu was Salam no alayhi salatu salam. Now after the death, after the death of other Molly's salat wa salam, mankind remained a bone to heal. Mankind

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remained upon our faith for many, many years. They remained upon tohave for many, many years, even at birth of the long run Houma. He mentions that between other islands salatu salam and new Highlander salatu salam there was a time gap of almost around eight to 10 centuries, eight to 10 centuries were the people of that time. They

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Made upon the heat. But before we go further, we need to clarify this word century because in Arabic, the books of history mentioned, Karl, Karl, the word in today's context is directly translated as a century follows of history and Tafseer. They mentioned that the more probable or the more favorable opinion is that a corn can be interpreted as a century, it can be interpreted as a millennium, that's 1000 years, it can also be interpreted as a G as a generation. And the more favorable opinion is that either

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10,000 years, they were 10,000. Because remember how long their lifespan was extremely long. How long did that wasallam live?

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960 years we mentioned and I will study New Holland he was around his lifespan was 1700 odd years. 1700 odd years. So they say either, it was we take it as a millennium. And that would mean 1000 to 10,000 years, or we go with generation which is the more favorable opinion that there were 10 generations 10 generations eight to 10 generations between AlLahi salatu salam and new Iraqi Serato Sara. Now at that time, at the time of no Halloween Salatu was Salam just before New Haile Selassie wassalam was appointed as a prophet. There were five very, very righteous individuals, five very righteous individuals and their names were what Sua, yo, yo, and

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what Sua, yo, yo, and there were five righteous individuals who feared Allah, they worshipped Allah, they were very much devoted and they worshipped Allah a lot. They were very righteous and pious individuals after their death, after they passed away. shavon seize the opportunity. And now he begins his mission. He starts off by whispering in their minds in the minds of the people. Why don't you put up FPGAs in remembrance of these individuals? Why don't you put up statues? Why don't you put up monuments that you see? Like I said, Look how he dealt with our father, Adam, Allah is Rotherham. And now look at how he is dealing with the people of that time. He didn't go to them and

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tell them worship something apart from Allah commit sherek associate partners unto Allah. No, no, no, he went to them. And he said, You know, they were really righteous people. How sad that we have lost them. Why don't you put up some monuments? Why don't you put up some statues to remember them? And he whispered in their mind. So each time you look at the statue, each time you look at the effigy, you will remember this righteous, righteous individual, you will remember what you will remember. So you will remember your voice, you will remember us and that will motivate you to do good deeds that will motivate you to do good deeds, you will keep remembering these righteous

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individuals. Why don't you put up some statues? So the people, they thought about it, I thought, yeah, after all, they were righteous individuals, and it's a good mood, their intentions were okay at that time. They just wanted to remember them, remember them, and also motivate themselves. Oh, so and so what was such a righteous individual, he was to spend the prayer, the night in prayer, he used to do so much. So they used to look at the statue, they want to look at the statues and motivate themselves. So they put up statues, they put up monuments, they put up effigies in remembrance of these five individuals. Now what happened? generation after generation tasks with

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each generation shavon kept whispering shavon is a very patient individual. It does not attack immediately Eli is in white, and then plans out his snares his traps May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us, I mean, generation after generation passed with each generation he kept whispering in their minds. After a few generations, the younger generations for God, why them treatises, had put up these monuments, put up these effigies and now they started to make the worst. So they started to seek the help of Allah, through these statues, they used to go worship not directly worship the statues, he whispered in their minds, they are righteous individuals, you know, perhaps your will be

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answered if you go to them. use them as a stepping stone, use them as a stepping stone, then you will be answered go and ask through what through through your goals through your walk through NASA. He started off with that and after a few more generations had passed by he started whispering in their minds now you know,

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now generation after generation and pass by

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had forgotten why the apprentices put up the monuments put up the effigies, and they had forgotten why their early appearances were making tawassul. The younger children see when the older generation used to make the worst soil they used to go by the statues and they used to seek help through the statue, but it would look from outward as if they were worshipping the statue. So the younger children who saw their parents going and sitting and making prostration and making dua towards the statues, thought you know, these are gods, these are gods and they started to finally worship the statues. They completely forgot about Allah subhanho wa Taala and they started to worship these five

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idols. In other words, they were not idols. They were just individuals but they put up idols they put up monuments and now they were being worshipped with so our yo yo and nuts, they started venerating them so much to the extent that they fell into the pit pit of destruction, where they started to worship these ideas that this was the point when Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down the first Rasool the first Rasool know alayhi salatu salam, Allah azza wa jal, he mentions in Surah aarav laquanda Anson nano Han in de

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Ilaha in

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mina Minami la the Ursa nano honeycombing indeed we said no to his town to his people for call and he said yeah, oh my people Oh, my nation. Oh, go to LA worship Allah ma la comunidad de novo you have no other God other than Allah Subhana Allah in the fourth one la cama de Yami Nazim. And I certainly fear for you the torment of a great day if you do not turn to Allah, I fear that you may have to face a great punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah, who Allah Subhana Medina mentions while the father or son, no one told me he in de la comunidad de niro moving and indeed we sent no to his people and he said in Nila ko NaVi removing I have come to you as a clear as a

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manifest Warner. As a clear Warner I'm warning you against what the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the online viewers as well as the television viewers know alayhi salatu was salam, his name in other words know his full name we're going to talk about his neset he was no a vanilla MC above me to show that this is a bit of a difficult name, even if no one was Idris Allah he was. He was no the son of lambic, the son of middle Sharla the son of canoe, who was Idris Allah salatu salam, the son of Uriah, the son of mela eel, or you can pronounce it as Mila he the son of Canaan, the son of anoosh, the son of Shiva, Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, the son of Adam Alexandra, I hope it's clear he was no the son of lambing, the son of matusadona, the son of

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the son of Idris the son, was Idris, the son of Uriah the son of Mahela ie the son of Tainan, the son of anoosh, the son of she the son of Adam AlLahi Salatu was Salam. I hope it's clear. So he was no highlight in salatu salam, the How long did new Allahu salatu salam live on the face of this earth.

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scholars of history mentioned that he knew Haile Selassie was Salam. He lived for 1780 years on the face of this earth 1780 years. He lived before Prophethood 480 years 408 years before prophet hood and right after prophet hood until the great flood until the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala came down 950 years Allah Allah azza wa jal mentioned this in the Noble Quran.

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What about the new Han ala Tomi fella bcfe him alpha sonnet alpha sonatine in from Xena

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welcome, no honey LA County and indeed recent no Haile Salatu was salam to his feeble Farah with a fee him alpha Sonata Illa from Siena, and he stayed with them. He stayed amongst them 1000 years less than 50. In other words, he stayed with them 950 years. I have a son in law from Siena. 1000 years minus 50 in the sense 950 years for alpha Homo dovan. after which the to fun

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The flood took them for whom the oily moon was they were the oily moon while they were oppresses

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while they were oppresses for after the human to find a moon, so like I said before Prophethood 408 years and after Prophethood until the tufan, under the punishment of Allah subhana wa Jalla came down upon his nation 950 years. So 480 plus 950 mathematicians in the ground

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480 plus 950,004 30,004 30. And so 1007 80 minus 1004 30 350 after the flood after the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala came down, he remained for another 350 years, totaling up to a grand total of 1708 years, no holiday Serato Sir, he lived on the face of this earth for 1780 years in total, Allah azza wa jal, he talks about no Hydra his Salatu was Salam in different places in the Koran, different places, and Allah subhana wa tada even sent down a complete surah titled as surah no surah No, we have surah to know a complete surah so my dear brothers and sisters in Islam know alayhi salatu salam, he, when he was appointed as a prophet, like I said, this was at the time when his

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people they were worshipping the idols, the effigies the monuments that they had put up in remembrance of those righteous individuals. This was the time Allah subhana wa tada appointed new Hydra to set up so No, I didn't you salatu salam, he kept calling them to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He kept on calling them he kept on reminding them about Allah azza wa jal, he kept on inviting them to turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala but their harsh and arrogant response was Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions it in a noble Quran call almanor pomi he

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will be called mela mana in the center leaders the leaders of the comb the nation they said in northern Iraq a few Bharani movie were really we see you in plain error. You are committing a grave mistake in Ireland aka p volare movie this is what they said you know, highlight, it was around new holiday salatu salam very calmly replies Allah. Allah is me.

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All my people, there is no error in me there is no error in me or attacking me or sudo Mirabella me in Barada I am a messenger, but I can mean Rasulullah Mirabella alameen berada I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds there is no error in me there's no I am not committing a mistake here I'm not in grave error. berada I am a messenger from the Lord of the worlds

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obelisk. obelisco calm rissalah to be I am conveying unto you the message and the messages of my Lord risala Robbie will answer hola como la la mina la semana de la moon and I advise you as I know as I know from Allah that which you do not know

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what lm mean Allah, Allah tala mon I know from Allah Allah reveals things to me that which you do not know that which you are not aware of. But these people, the chiefs, the leaders, they went on to argue with new highlighting salatu salam they were very obstinate, they were very proud, arrogant, stubborn. They did not want to listen to the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala they did not want to listen to new Allah. So that was around. They went on to argue with new Highlander salatu salam they say Allah azza wa jal mentioned this in the novel called on for call alma en la Vina cafaro comi he man arancha in LA.

00:29:03--> 00:29:55

Atlanta, the chiefs of the disbelievers from amongst the people they said, Man, aka Miss Lana, we see you You're just like a man. You're just a man like ourselves, nothing special in you. You claim to be a messenger, you claim to be a prophet, but we see you just like us an ordinary individual. And wama naraka sobre la la Vina whom Allah de Luna dry and we do not see you know, rich, powerful people following you. Instead, we see the poor, destitute people following you. wama narrow Allah Kumar, Elena menfolk, Bernardo Newcomb, KDB and we do not see any merit in you. We do not see any virtue in you. In fact, we think that you are a liar, a lot. Look at what they're saying to the

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Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, we think you are

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Elia new Highlander salatu salam once again, calmly replies Kalia ko Omi nation. Item enquanto Allah magneti Merapi. Tawny Ramadan Minar in the forum Mita la Kuma, nosey mucho mucho and zone la hakkari when he said oh my people tell me if I have a clear proof from my Lord and mercy that is I there is a profit or loss behind what Allah has blessed him with no holidays that was said and then he goes on to say but that mercy, that sign of a law has been obscured from your sight. You cannot see Allah has blinded you. But then I noticed a mocha Moo Ha, ha ha Carrie Hoon? And should we compel you to accept the message of Allah Subhana Allah, when you have a strong hatred towards it, when you have a

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strong hatred towards it, are we to compel you to accept the message of Allah? Because after all, like Rafi Dean has no compassion, indeed, you cannot force someone to embrace Islam, you cannot force someone to accept the message of Allah.

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during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a year known as Amazon frozen, the year of grief and sorrow.

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You see, in those days, they did not have accurate methodologies of recording time. You and I, we have 2015 2016 2017 we can record time. But in those days, they didn't have calendars. They didn't have all of this. They used to remember periods of time based on important incidents and events that you should take place in a given year.

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Like say, for example, what was the year that the prophets are among Allah who was born, known as Ahmed feel is that last year, the year of the elephant. Why? Because that was the year during which abraha with his army of elephants, he came into mankind to try and destroy the cargo the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the Arabs of Makkah, the Quraysh, the era they had never seen elephants in general, when you go to the lands of Arabia, you're not going to find elephants roaming around you see camels but you're not going to see elephants, you go to Africa, the jungles of Africa. And you come to Sri Lanka as well, you see elephants.

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So they were amused and they were astonished. Rather, they were flabbergasted the minute they saw all these elephants, and they titled The year as annual fee. Now this year that I'm going to talk about among the year of grief and sorrow. Now why was it titled as a hammer hosen two very tragic incidents took place during that year that literally shook Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam that emotionally shook Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the first incident he loses his beloved uncle Abu twining.

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The second incident he loses his beloved wife or the job of Vietnam One,

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two incidents

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where I'm going to go into the incident of Khadija de la Mancha. But Abu Talib was on his deathbed. asuma is an alum while he was alive was informed about it, he rushes towards his uncle, and he drives his level best to make his uncle after the Taliban because I thought it was very close to him. Abu Talib treated for supervisor mamani earlier said make his own son rather better than his own children. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his nephew in reality, but he treated him even better than his own children. He was so close to somebody for a long while evaluated him he was a pillar of support for Mohammed Salam it earlier is a bolt of support. So was Khadija de la Mancha

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and that's why I said that emotionally should cross over by us lm because during that year, he lost two huge pillars of support Abu Talib and Khadija de la Mancha. So he was trying to, you know, coax him and make him after the Kadima but he kept refusing, he kept refusing and the pagans of Makkah, like Abu Jihad and others were not helping them around Abu Talib, and they were shouting they were screaming at the top of their voices trying to drown the voice of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Finally, apodictic braids is last without uttering the Kadima without uttering the candidate for supervisor Obama was

00:34:22--> 00:34:23


00:34:25--> 00:34:32

and he leaves the room because he's sad for his uncle, and his uncle did not under the care of him. He leaves the room

00:34:33--> 00:34:33


00:34:35--> 00:34:36


00:34:38--> 00:34:39

the man

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

the man he.

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

ago it was lm in Nicola demon. That means you cannot guide when you when you land, what are kinema EFD, Manisha

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

But Allah Subhana Allah Allah guides whom He will look at some people take this ayah and they say that Allah subhana wa Taala was rebuking Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah azzawajal was reprimanding Mohammed Sorbonne while he was selling but that was never ever the case. Instead, Allah subhanho wa Taala was concerning His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by telling him all Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, don't worry, it is not your responsibility to guide people your responsibility is diblock A Bravo risala conveying the message, you have to convey the message guidance comes from us you have done your part you have fulfilled your responsibility. You

00:35:47--> 00:36:30

have conveyed the message. It is our wish, whether we want to guide an individual or that an individual go astray when I came in Allah Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala was consoling Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa it was said. So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, like I said, like graffiti, there is no compulsion in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He Daya is from Allah azza wa jal, the responsibility upon the messengers was that they had to convey the message so no highlight Serato sample saying the same thing and also cocomo Ha, ha ha, carry on? Should I compel you to accept the message whilst you show so much of hatred towards it? The next thing that they did

00:36:30--> 00:36:35

now was they started to offer new highly Serato ceram money.

00:36:36--> 00:37:23

They thought they can bribe a prophet of Allah, this or to offer him money. They said, we'll give you money. Keep quiet. We'll give you money. How much do you want? We'll give you money. No, Haile salatu salam replies, well, Tony la una la Hema. Hola. Oh, my people I asked, you know, well, I don't want words from you. In Nigeria. Illa Allah, indeed my reward is from Allah subhana wa Jalla wa Vittorio De la de la mano, and I am not going to chase away the ones who believe in the message of Allah, because they said what the ones who are with you are the weak, destitute poor. We don't see any rich, powerful, influential, influential people with you. We only see the poor with you, the

00:37:23--> 00:37:47

destitute with you. So Nohara is Raja Sabha mama and Avatar de la mano, just because you look down upon them. I am not going to chase them away. Mama Anna Vittorio De La Nina Manu in the Houma la corapi him wakeeney araku COVID alone, surely they are going to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala but I see that you are a people that are ignorant, you are ignorant

00:37:48--> 00:38:17

just as how the kurush justice how the poorest What did they do? They went and made so many offers to our beloved Prophet Mohammed said Obama will get you married to the most beautiful woman from our tribes we will give you well To do this we'll do that but what it also lies at about morality earlier. So let me say even if you place the sun on my right hand and the moon on my left hand, I will not give up conveying the message of

00:38:18--> 00:38:41

my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. This is the responsibility of spreading the message and in regard to the home of Mohammed Salah Lama let us tell them the responsibility has been magnified lies so just stay tuned and I'm gonna film higher on match matching of rejection in Sita una

00:38:43--> 00:38:43


00:38:46--> 00:38:47

una bien

00:38:48--> 00:39:25

Why are we known as the best of nations? Roma, you are the best of nations. What are our characteristics that Marina Del Mar who's enjoying good Marina, but then how Nana moon God forbid even and believe in Allah, but your brothers and sisters in Islam, we can just stay at home. You know what, I'm going to the masjid, I'm praying. I'm reading the Quran. I don't have to worry about my siblings. I don't have to worry about my wife. I don't have to worry about my family. I don't have to worry about my children. I don't have to worry about my friends. I'm doing my thing. I'm going domestic five times a day I'm reading the Koran that is sufficient. No. We as the oma of

00:39:25--> 00:39:30

Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is upon us to survive

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

that belly Why me well I can vary from maybe even a worse the the the conveyance and the sharing of all of this is upon us We must spread the teachings of Islam. This is a responsibility that is weighing down upon our shoulders upon our shoulders. We must spread the teachings of Islam we must spread the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we must make our we must call people towards Allah.

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

Law, we must call people towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. We cannot just sit and remain. I think that, you know, I'm doing my thing. I'm seeking knowledge. I'm reading good books, I'm reading the Quran, I'm praying, I don't have to worry about the boom of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam I don't have to worry about the people who have not embraced Islam. As you know, a believer cannot do that. A believer cannot do that, especially a follower of Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot ever remain in such a way. And remember, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, we live in a time and an era where everything has become so so easy, Allahu Akbar, we have so many tools at our

00:40:37--> 00:41:21

disposal. But if you use those tools for home purposes, you have social media platforms, you have so many things you have, you know, YouTube channels, for example, you have so many methods, so many ways of spreading Islam. But we don't use these methods. We use social media platforms for the wrong reasons. We like the wrong pages, we share the wrong pages, we share our own content, while your content at times inappropriate content. Instead, we can use this powerful tools to spread the beautiful message of Islam. Today, with the click of a button, you can reach out to hundreds if not 1000s of people with a click of a button being from any part of the world, any part of the world.

00:41:23--> 00:41:50

I am on WhatsApp groups, and we have broadcast lists that have almost 500 600 attempts divided across so many lists because WhatsApp only allows about one or 50 people per list. But then we have about five, six lists with people from all over the world. At the click right after my talk. This talk is now currently being recorded. Okay, it's being recorded. Right after the talk within about half an hour within about one hour. It's sent across the whole world.

00:41:51--> 00:42:00

I put it up on a platform known as SoundCloud and SoundCloud allows me to even see which country how many people have listened to my talk.

00:42:01--> 00:42:08

If I go to yesterday's talk and click it, it will give me an analytics and tell me so many 300 people have listened 400 people that listen, 500 people have listened.

00:42:09--> 00:42:51

When the videos go up on YouTube, you go on to our YouTube channel today to remind them, and you will see how many views we get within a month, within a month per video almost 30 k 40 k 50 k views. People watching it, they're being inspired. And just imagine if one individual somewhere far away somewhere in some country. If he were to be inspired, if he were to turn to Allah subhana wa tada and say, if he saw that video on your page, if you shared it, it doesn't necessarily mean that only the scholars are benefiting from this. Now even you can become a part of this. If you share good content. Sometimes you think you know what if I share this, I won't get enough likes. Let me share

00:42:51--> 00:43:07

something good lines. If you share appropriate content, good content, productive content, if someone sees it if someone is inspired. Today, even when we have a talk, when we asked brothers to spread the word, they don't want to spread the word here and here think I'm too religious.

00:43:08--> 00:43:44

If you cannot make it for a talk, spread the word tell your family and friends say you're busy you are at work, you're tired, you couldn't make it, someone else made it. That individual made it and he was inspired. And every good deed he does. You're going to be rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala on the day of the AMA you will go and you will be given your Book of Records. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us books of records, but our right hands I mean, you will open your book and you will be you'll just be blown away. You will see so many ombre so many hedge servants will become a habit or on this that you don't make

00:43:46--> 00:44:23

this happen. I think I bought the wrong book you might turn and see whether your name is on it or not. But then it will be sent down to you my dear brother, you shared this piece of information you share this video you did this, you whilst you were perhaps waiting for a taxi or you were at the bus stop, you are at the airport, you spoke or you're traveling on a flight you spoke a few words with an individual you didn't think about it you got off the flight you you or you were at a transit perhaps, but those words struck a chord in that individuals heart and that individual maybe after five years, 10 years, he or she embraces Islam. And then they go on they go on Hajj they make their

00:44:23--> 00:44:41

children for Father, for sure you and those for father for others. They call people unto Allah so many 1000s of people change and the rewards will keep coming to you. What a great investment. This is why we are known as hygroma. This is why we are known as the best of nations.

00:44:45--> 00:45:00

So don't forget this responsibility. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. We have so many tools at our disposal, and we will be questioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of the AMA as to how we use these tools as to how we use these tools. We can

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

use them for amazing purposes. So let us use them in sha Allah Allah May Allah azza wa jal help us to do some, so many brothers and sisters in Islam know Haile Selassie was sat on his throne for 950 years and 150 years calling people Andrew last time, you and I, this is like a part time job for us. As a part time job, whenever we're feeling the mood, or feeling you know, a man is stronger than Mashallah let us call people unto Allah subhanho wa Taala let me you know sometimes you see when you when your demand is high, your Facebook page Mashallah so many shares so many likes so many retweets, but after it starts to go down, then you see other content coming in as well. May Allah

00:45:39--> 00:46:00

subhanaw taala help us all we are all you know, in this pit melas panicle data help us to change the better. I mean, no Hollywood that was not his job for 950 years. Not a part time job. 24 724 seven, he himself says caller have been nice to me, Elena.

00:46:03--> 00:46:19

Oh my Lord, I have called my people day and night. Lane. I'm not exaggerating when I say 24 seven in my wandering shift. That's what we'll do March 24. Les no one knew me saying this. I call them day and night.

00:46:21--> 00:47:08

For how long? 950 years, Allahu Akbar. What a mission. What a project, what is our project 950 years, day and night. And then he goes on to say Allah for 11 years in the window. He laughs But each time I call them, it ended up with them running away from me. They used to run away from English to flee away from me, they started stuffing their fingers in their ears when I approached them. Whenever I tried to approach them, they start to stuffed their fingers into their ears, and they used to, you know, gather their garments and cover themselves you say it was in Nicola down to only

00:47:11--> 00:47:11


00:47:14--> 00:47:15


00:47:16--> 00:47:17

with the

00:47:20--> 00:48:05

bamboo stick about all and whenever I call them, so that you might forgive them. They trust their fingers into their ears. They covered themselves up with their governments, and they persisted in their refusal, and they magnify themselves with pride and arrogance. What's that boasting bow, they started to boast and they started to show off their arrogance and pride in Allah subhanho wa Taala save us from these elements pride and arrogance. I mean, he kept on calling them My dear brothers and sisters in his lab, he kept on calling them but they kept on refusing they kept on turning away from him. After 950 years of a huge tiring struggle. No pilot

00:48:06--> 00:48:13

raises his hands to Alaska, kind of Medina padano be in Houma, ausone.

00:48:22--> 00:49:08

Oh my lord, they have disobeyed. In hamasaki don't think that he tried for one year, two years, three years, three years and then he turned to Allah after 950 years of calling them later one day and night. Now he cries unto Allah, Allah they have disobeyed me and they follow the one whose wealth and children give him no increase but only loss. I mean, after all their objectives were all very materialistic, very materialistic, and they were not responding to my invitation towards Yuya Allah so he cries out unto Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he says, well, Mancha, makran kabara and they have plotted a mighty plot. They have plotted a mighty plot, and they say naka de una Alianza

00:49:08--> 00:49:35

como la una what down Walla, Walla, Yehuda, Yahoo, kawana tsra these names that I mentioned before and then they say, You shall not leave your Gods nor shall you leave but also Yahoo, Yahoo, nor NASA, they said that they will never leave their gods. And now they cry out of their arrogance with that we'll wrap off in sha Allah, they cry out of their arrogance and they say no, bring it on.

00:49:36--> 00:49:44

Bring it on, bring your challenge we want to see you see the arrogance. They say call Luciano Khadija.

00:49:46--> 00:49:59

taggi Diana, Bettina Mima. Dona in tamina saw the they say oh no, you have disputed with us enough. Now. You know, this argument has gone

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

For too long, just bring what you keep on threatening us in regard to the punishment of Allah bring it on we are ready to face it. Look at the arrogance. Look at the appliance.

00:50:13--> 00:50:15

No highlight he saw that was around.

00:50:16--> 00:50:38

He replies Carla in MIT Columbia Hill insha Allah and to be more dizzy, only Allah will bring the punishment upon you if he wills and then you will escape not and then you will not be able to escape the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah azza wa jal now reveals to know how to answer that was around. We're all here.

00:50:42--> 00:50:43


00:50:47--> 00:50:48

is been

00:50:50--> 00:50:52

on and

00:50:53--> 00:51:34

it was revealed unto him none of your people will believe except those who have believed already. Allah subhanho wa Taala closed the doors of Toba. Allah shut the doors of Toba after their arrogant statement that we just mentioned and Allah said, those who have believed they have believed no one else will believe. So Fatah Tabitha is Do not be sad because of what they used to do, do not grieve over them. And you know why this was said? Because the wife of New Hollywood at wassalam did not accept the message. The son of no Hideki salatu salam did not accept the message they were all from the kofod they were all from the disbelievers. So the hustler journal reveals under no highlights

00:51:34--> 00:51:54

from the dose of Toba have been slammed shut. For that matter No, I don't do not grieve or what they're doing. No one else will believe. Now the minute this was inspired in Ohio, he was alarmed. He raises his hands and he plays unto Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, Allah no hold on Bina.

00:51:56--> 00:51:58

caffine Hina.

00:52:00--> 00:52:01


00:52:05--> 00:52:10

La Jolla nido 5g calf,

00:52:12--> 00:52:23

he prays unto Allah He says, Yeah, Allah LED, not even one this believe led not even one calf. remaining on the face of this.

00:52:24--> 00:53:07

led not even one disbeliever remain on the face of this earth in NACA into their home. If you leave them you will know that they will mislead your slaves, the little slaves who have believed in you they will mislead them while I do fire john cafaro and they will not beget children other than wicked disbelieving children, they will only reproduce wicked and disbelieving children. The minute new heiligenstadt wassalam pray to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah azza wa jal instructs him was nigh full caviar uni now what in what to hot tip any filler the Nevada move in

00:53:08--> 00:53:58

that is the last panel data instructional highlight. So that was a dam or nor was nine foot, construct a ship, construct a ship was neither full caviar unit and construct a ship and the eyes were joaquina and with our inspiration, why not 240 Bernie and do not address me Do not supplicate me Villa de Nevada more in regard to those who have committed wrong in regard to those who have done wrong in Morocco. They are surely to be drowned. They are all going to be drowned. A lot of men do brothers and sisters in Islam. With that we conclude today's session tomorrow inshallah Tyler we will talk about the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala descending upon the nation of North hyleri

00:53:58--> 00:54:05

salatu salam and the series will continue from there. So until we meet tomorrow in sha Allah Dinah desert Kamala Harris was set up in Morocco