Do You love Allah and His Messenger ‎ﷺ?

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So Yamato the loved one who once he says yeah Rasul Allah or messenger of Allah.

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You are more beloved to me than everything but myself than myself more than everything but myself, okay?

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The professor nihilism the response lab will levy in FCB at the Hata akuna. habla la come in Neff sick.

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No Jamar, no by the one in whose hand is my soul until I am more beloved to you than yourself. Omar or the Allahu anhu immediately learns the lesson he immediately rectifies and he says, indeed,

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one lie, I swear by Allah that will messenger of Allah you are more beloved to me more than myself, then the prophets, Allah, Allah Islam says, Now you are right here. So as you can see, my dear brothers and sisters, this is the height of the man to love Allah and His Messenger more than anyone or anything else. Now you might think to yourself, Well, yes, I think I do. I love Allah and His Messenger more than anyone or anything.

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But let's put forth a tiny example. Let's say you are sleeping at night,

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and your family is with you.

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Okay, let's say it's your wife, let's say your children are with you. And then in the middle of the night,

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your wife wakes you up saying the little one is shivering and has developed a high fever.

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And you wake up in a, you know, in a rush, and you look at your child, may Allah subhanaw taala protect our families, may Allah protect our children. This is just for the sake of an example. Now you wake up and you see your child trembling, you see your child shivering? What what just imagine what would run in your head, you will immediately get up, clasp the child. Have the child close to your bows, mm. You might even run out of your home. Maybe at times even let's say if it's a life and death situation. You would rush out with your child even wearing your your night clothes and rush the child to the hospital yes or no. But now reverse the same situation where you are now sleeping.

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Your child is well while your spouse is well. hamdulillah and you're sleeping. What happens now the more admin calls out.

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the more than calls out

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a slide

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to four year old.

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Me none. No.

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The more I've been calls out, rush to prayer rush to alfalah success. Pray is better than sleep and what do we do when it's an emergency with regards to our family because we love our family we love our spouses, we love our children, we rush we wake up immediately. But here Allah and His Messenger, Allah is calling you to salvation. Allah is calling you to Asana and our Salah is better than sleep but we target our blankets we turn around, and we sleep even more Subhan Allah. So this is the test. And this is you see, all of us we're all guilty. I'm guilty of it as well. So this is why we have to constantly keep reminding ourselves and constantly keep recalibrating ourselves. So that priority is

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given to Allah. priority is given to the Messenger of Allah and when that happens, as per the words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what are the Halawa? Tell him and you will taste the sweetness, you will savor the sweetness of a man. We conclude this episode by praying sincerely, Allah help us help us to savor the sweetness of Eman. Allah help us to bring in these traits so that we savor the sweetness of Imani Allah help us make it easy for us to ensure that we love you your online and your messenger more than anyone else more than anything else. Your lawmakers from the people of a man and the Allah protect us from the blazing fire of Johanna I mean, I hope this video was of benefit do

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share the video around so that others can benefit as well. In sha Allah Allah and I look forward to talking to you all in another video. Soon inshallah with the permission of Allah. With that I conclude Zak Mullah Hara was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.