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Reliability Daniel James Miller Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi many My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam in Santa Monica Monica library, Gatto.

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Larabee datamine Sheila Hello Praise to Allah subhana wa tada and we testify and declare that no one has the right of worship besides a loss of final data. We send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to the spice and pure family to his companions and all those who follow him till the end of time. Allah subhana wa tada blists Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhana wa tada grant this oh my goodness, may Allah grant that those who are struggling, those are suffering those who are harmed May Allah grant me despite ALLAH forgive those of us who have committed sin. Allah guide that this week, be this Juma be an explanation for the

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sins of last week, and may be a guiding light for the week to come. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah over the last two weeks, we spoke about prioritizing the important things in your life. And we almost began with the end. What would be important on the day of karma? What are the main questions Allah subhanaw taala will ask about us the things that we need to answer. And we gave a few simple steps insha Allah 10 things that were the priorities in your life, and that insha Allah if those 10 things are in place, then Bismillah Allah has promised those who do those simple things that Jana inshallah becomes guaranteed, we pray for that. And we continue in that today we'll talk

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about the story of your life, your legacy, we should all think about this. Our life is like a book. Literally, it's a book. In fact, it's beautiful calf, which we should recite every Friday. Allah says they will say Molly has an kita what kind of book is this, that he does not leave out any detail, every single thing has been recorded numerically in that book. So we have a book of deeds of actions, the book of our life, and when we are gone, it will be judged and it will be judged by Allah, but by those around us. And this is our legacy, the thing that we leave behind is really that which which counts. So I take you to a day, which is in your calendar, which is in your which is

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sick in your diary in my diary, the day of our janazah it will happen cannot be avoided, no one that is sitting here, no one that is listening to this will be exempted. Each and every one of us will die reality of Allah reality that Allah has placed. And on that day on that janazah

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if today was the day that we were to die, this is where our story ends. If this is the last page on the book, we ask, will I be missed? Will they be anyone who will say I miss Mohammed, Ms. Fatima way she? She was there with us yesterday, she's gone today? What do they say about me in the gatherings? Will they say good things, bad things? Will they remember me in terms of in positive light or negative light? Will they be those who curse me? Or they'll be those who make dua for me. And for me what maybe regrets we all have regrets, things that we've missed out opportunities we didn't take. And of course when we look at our deeds, and we know that we need to stand before Allah with those

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deeds, will always feel it's not enough. And what will I show for my time here when I stand before Allah, and he says, I've given you life I've given you strength and health and intelligence and wealth, and I've given you so much what do you have to show for that which I have given you? Would it be sufficient? And this is the legacy. A lot speaks about the legacy of some people in fact, it's about their own. But this is what so many of us Allah says, Come Takumi jannetty Yun How much did they leave behind after they died of gardens and springs beautiful palaces, beautiful things and crops and noble palaces on a common Kareem Mateen Can we have a key and comfort when they abused

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themselves? They died and they leave behind all these luxuries of life. They cause the houses the businesses the clothing how much they leave behind Quranic and just like that one word karate just like that. Oh, Ruffner Coleman after him. Someone else allegedly allowed someone else to inherit from them all that which they worked on which they amassed all the things they love the most in one split second, it gets passed to someone else, not these anymore. family back at La in Santa

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Monica New Moon marine and the heavens after they had left after these people had died. And the heavens and the earth Alesis not the heavens no the earth shed one tear for them. No, were they reprieve? No. Do they have any respect? What is mean mean to that not the heavens and the earth meaning no one in the heavens and the earth Muslim when they die even on the lift palaces and all those things. No one actually was spelled said that they died. And another tough seat even at buses, in fact, to some people to some very special people. The heavens will miss the good deeds that went up through them. When we make good deeds. It gets there, isn't it

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Humans are mysteries, those sought out those vicars that Muhammad made 41 made a mistake, and the earth will miss the people that do the good, that sudo that used to make on the earth, the earth will cry. Now it's not the animals, some people, even the earth will cry that they die Suhana lamella grant is to be of those people. I mean, some people, the legacy of a life will be a list of assets that they acquired, of no use to them, and will just be transferred to others. Others will have a legacy that people will look back and think, Wow, what a great life life worth living. A life that we envy and is positive is good envy, that we wish we can be in that state. Now there are

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hundreds of billions of how many people in the ground now whose story is over, and they cannot change one letter in it was you and Al Hamdulillah. We are the authors of our script today. You and I have the opportunity to write our legacy, to write our legacy. And to leave something to a legacy, as we know is something that we leave behind for our for those who come after us. And we need to ask what is of substance really, the day I die? What are the things and we've all been at the janazah we know what people will say about a good person or a bad person. No one will ever ever say, Wow, he lived a good life, he traveled to 1015 different countries, no one will ever praise you like that

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that's not at that point in time with nothing. How many calls you had in the garage? Ultimately, people No, that didn't mean anything. But they will mention malaria, that man we swim in the mud every day. That man's vanilla was charity gave we know of him, if ever, you know you did business with him, he was an honest man. The Prophet also loves Hadeeth janazah walks by and as this Genesis being carried to the grave, the Sahaba begin to speak about the dead man in a positive light. And when they were done, the prophecies were but whichever whichever meaning becomes YG YG YG what what's wajib that this man will intergender because of what you had said, the first judgment that

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occurs, think about this, the very first judgment before kiama is Allah lets the people of the dunya judge you your own family, friends, colleagues, they will judge you, and if they can say something positive about your life, then hamdulillah that's one of the indications inshallah intergender. In fact, the Hadith says if 40 people have a man testify to your goodness, it becomes compulsory for this man to intergender 40 people of substance and suddenly the opposite janazah was brought by and people started speaking bad about this man. It was such a horrible person bad neighbor always never smiled grumpy fellow. And so the prophecy is watching but watch it but watch it but based on what

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you said, Now this man becomes liable for Jana, because the the earth has bought the earth has testified against this man. So we need to ask ourselves now. We are halfway in our books maybe towards the end maybe the last chapter. We are we right now in terms of our legacy. If we were to be taken today, this weekend, Angela. We don't know mela preservers protectors grantors many, many years mala take us in the best of our the best situation of a man and goodness melograno is it moment that we meet him? A moment in which Allah is happy with us?

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So imagine now what is the legacy? Think about this, what have you do I have? What do I have to show for the last 30 plus years of my life and suddenly for you?

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And if we look at the legacy now and we talk about a much bigger legacy, the legacy of an oma of a nation of people, this oma 1441 years and mobile 150 that has been standing it has so many ups and downs and highs and lows, so many heroes and villains in the story of the Muslim ummah. We have for example, the first generation the base Blitzer generation, they started off the worst of the worst backwoods killing their own children. Within 50 years. They were the most advanced nation on this planet. They change the world and abuse asylum and a handful of Sahaba a few 100 of them change the world a legacy the till today people at the tip of Africa at the end of Australia, bottom of South

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America is following the example you have backwards and forwards and Mohammed sitting here in the clouds behind Allah a legacy that is will be until the end of time. You have within this legacy orlimar scholars great if you know there's not a single Muslim that practices Deen except that someone like Mr. Bahari, Imam Abu hanifa Imam Shafi is getting a reward every single one of us when we make Salah it is because we learn somehow through them indirectly or directly Swann, Allah, great scholars, great people who live the legacy, not only just in the deen, we know of the scientists for hundreds of years, people with Muslim people practicing the deen they lead the world in science and

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technology. And they leave behind a legacy a golden age that we can look back and we are proud to be attached to that legacy.

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We also have villains within our story. We have moments that were bad that were down Savonarola, can you imagine the feeling

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When the Mongolians massacred the whole of Baghdad, what it was like to live at that time, when hundreds of men would line up and wait for the turn to be executed by female, Mongolian or when the Crusaders walked in, and they conquered Jerusalem, and the blood as we see the rose to the knees of the otters, or when the last group of Muslims lit Spain full of the 800 years Spain was this light in the oma.

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And then after 800 years, the last boat of Muslims lift. Grenada has led lift, swallow the fall of Cordova. Can you imagine what it was what it must have felt like for the oma to live in those times, success failures, heroes and villains, people that have lived a golden Mark that's vandalia the legacies to be envied. swannanoa long after they had died, they only lived we speak about a man like him. I know.

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Many of you would know the 40 hadith of him now we hear so many books that he wrote more books than yours he loved. He loved listening for two years. But he has more than 40 plus books that he wrote authored. In almost every Islamic science. He wrote only 15 years 40 years he loved. But his legacy is 1000 years long. And his rewards continued to grow, as he lies uncovered rahimullah great legacy that he left behind. In terms of our own legacy, most specifically, in Cape Town, we are part of a very proud legacy, a good pride, something which we can take positive pride in 350 plus years that we are here, just surviving is a miracle. But for any of us who read the history of our existence

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here in Cape Town, it is an anomaly. It is something out of the ordinary for a tiny minority, confronted with exile, imprisonment, colonial persecution, apartheid, all these things stacked on this tiny minority, it should not have survived. Many, many Muslims were taken from Africa to America, minimums were taken from Africa, to South America to the Caribbean, all the dark skinned people that we see in Europe, and we see in the Americas. These were African Muslims that were taken, but the dean, because of the persecution, it disappeared, it became extinct. The Muslims year survived through that. And they both Swan Allah, we don't have 100 plus years to go beyond, you

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know, to pause before before the very first machine was even built. But this Islam survived. It is a miracle from the miracles of a law that we are still here as a Muslim community. And we have built a legacy, what hamdulillah lots of positives in it, massage it, every corner, you can go massage in a country that accepts us to practice our Deen freely, not a single person I know it's sitting here in Jamaica, then you had to you know, you have to go back to the bus and you'll be docked your wages in other parts of the world is not like that. This country SubhanAllah. And this is not that we have done this. This is off the back of some hard work of people long before us schools, we can send our

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kids to happy schools, modalities, you can get an AMA you don't have to travel to the ends of the world, you find out the best scholars in this land, you have swannanoa you go into a shop unheard of if anyone has traveled the world, anyone that's traveled to a non Muslim country, you will not find really anywhere on Earth where you can walk in a shop and you can see what is halal not allow on the packaging. You can tune in to an Islamic radio station, high profile people sports business judges, parliamentarians, this is a legacy which is very unique to this country, for a small minority, to present to have such a big clouds, they have such a great opportunity is a rich legacy. But when we

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talk about these people, to one guru, for example, we can talk about his story so amazing. A man that came here broken, defeated, he lost everything. kamya is almost in the 70s he fought a good fight. But he lost to the colonials he came here to be imprisoned. And he stayed in jail for more than a decade to come out to start from scratch or like to squat start from scratch, to start with Alif batter of the teaching scholars and Allah in Indonesia to come with Alec better to start madrasa five, six people,

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one machine, but he passed away and he left what would come 300 years later, all of you all of us are human skills, every jumar that is here in that man's skills. Every machine that is built in the men skills rahimullah, what a great legacy. But we talk about these people as Alesis tilicho Metin color palette, that was a nation that has passed by the time is over. We can only talk about the legacy and learn but it's not our our legacy is not what you and I left behind.

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But what matters to them for them, they will get the reward of what they did, and you will get the reward of what you do. So now it's a new age. It's a new time, new challenges, new opportunities, and this is our time, your time and my time. You and I are now writing as we said not just your own legacy.

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Not just your own book of deeds, but you and I are writing the legacy of the Muslim community in South Africa, the chapter, the new chapter. And we are writing part of the legacy of the oma, what you and I do. And the some of our deeds collectively as a community will determine if this age, this generation, this generation that we are, will be one that is positive, a good chapter, or one to be forgotten one to just page over uneventful, nothing really happening or once upon Allah even worse, mela particulars one of catastrophe and calamity that will say this is the age as you know, every generation Pinilla they must stand they will be people will stand it was under our watch that we

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lost Jerusalem. It was under our watch that we lost. But that is under our watch, the caliphate ended. We couldn't stop it, we were unable to do anything. So we don't want our generation to be the generation or a lost generation simply has no mention no meaning no value. So we enter as we sit a new age and it's important for you and I to know where we find ourselves as oma, the challenges that we face. We know that we live in a time of a unique time in this oma, we we don't have less than 100 years, but 80 years, 90 years the caliphate has ended, we don't have a halifa something which is very unique to our time that we have Muslim country about 49 Muslim states, not any two of them are

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even allied with one another on goodness allied on goodness. We have major problems internally ideological issues. We live in a time where everyone is now exposed to every kind of ideology. You can't hide from it anymore. You can't tell your kids don't read that won't work anymore. You can't put a put your head in the sand and hope it'll go away. No, now you and I live in a digital age where things change and the more change happens, the more challenges occur. And the faster the world travels, the more it leaves us behind as oma as a nation we are falling further and further behind.

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They of course positives and their negatives. But more than not, we all know that the by and large is in a negative in a low at the moment. And then in the South Africa Subhana Allah is still is a guy is a bright light. You know, it is very much a dark picture. We had a few weeks ago, some of the best business minds and Islamic finance. They had the awards, the Islamic Finance, like Academy Awards, they give awards to the best Islamic bank in the world, the best fund manager in the world, they called the givers, right? They hosted for the first time in a non Muslim country, which was South Africa. And we are tiny 2% you know, for us to, to to host such a prestigious award. And it's

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they said once again, these are international people that we see your country and we see the positive this is a fertile land that many countries don't have. So as bad as the situation is globally, we are in a unique position as an oma in Cape Town, to really do something special to leave behind a monumental legacy, not just for ourselves. But for the entire oma, we really have an opportunity that very few people had definitely an opportunity better than our predecessors. We don't have a party, we don't have the kind of operation opportunities that the lack of opportunities that they had. So it's an opportunity for us to move forward.

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And we won't go through all the problems. There's a whole list of problems. Yes, vanilla, drugs, social issues, drive all these things that we have from a community, we're going to talk about the problems. What is important is that we start fixing problems.

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The measure of a community, the legacy you will leave behind is ultimately going to be what problems the new generation fix. Every generation will come with new problems. It is the son of Allah, He will not let any generation get too easily. When you solve one problem, Allah subhanaw taala will resolve to the new problem arises. The problem is not it's a taste, yes, it's a fifth night with some wisdom in it. But really it is for us to rise up to rise to the occasion to see who will rise up and take this challenge on. And remember as I said last week, really Allah does not reward you based on whether you succeeded or failed in solving the problem. He will reward you just for time.

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He will write in your books. This is a legacy kiama now allows in his generosity. He will give it to you as if though you've solved the problem.

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But as a community, we need to ask what did we contribute to our legacy? We look at you know we say 200 mosques. If you look at the Murano, Burano

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Ramadan serve extra weeks of Ramadan, we put out which mosques if you look at the rate at which must have grown,

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our predecessors did a much better job with a much smaller base. They didn't have the fancy degrees we have today. They didn't have the jobs that we had today. They didn't even have the people in council that can help us with paperwork and all this stuff. Some of them couldn't even read or write but they both

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massage it in a very difficult environment. We lost that we both knew massages are developed and push things forward to Panama. There was Baraka Baraka in that sincerity. So for us, our time is now and you and me, we need to decide which of these problems we are going to fix. And we have a sweet a golden opportunity to write our legacy.

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And the one who leaves no legacy, really, he is the one that truly dies. As they say, the one who leaves nothing of these days, he really has come to an end, even the pious person, the worship, there are two types of deeds. There's a deed making Salah making Vicar enforcing fantastic, amazing, but once you die, that worship comes to an end, and you will never increase further than that you will reach the level and your your your Salah ends with that you could run into that.

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But the person who has actually left behind some kind of sadaqa jariya really is your legacy. It is a D that will continue to grow even long have you died, that you can actually surpass the pious worshiper because your contribution continued long after you had died.

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So the prophets of Salaam says whoever starts a good tradition, a good example a good initiative, you started Subhana Allah, which is followed. Then from him, he said he would, and the likes of the Lords of whatever follows him. So you started initiative, you don't know what this initiative will grow into. you plant the seed, you put the brick, you put the first step, someone else follows you and someone else follows and they take you to the next level, the next level. So long as this initiative continues, that reward will go to you, every single person that walks that path will come to you will get a reward in that they will not be reduced in any way. And you will get the reward in

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full SubhanAllah. There'll be nothing diminished from the reward. And of course, the countryside waiver starts a bad initiative, bad tradition. You started something a fitna and this thing escalated, it went out of control, then for him is the Son, and the son of whoever falls into that thing as well. They will not the punishment will not be diminished from them know from use vanilla. There are those three types of people, the one who leaves a golden, beautiful legacy that will inspire others and will be good for him any of those. And maybe perhaps most of us before in the second bucket, who have left no legacy, we have an uneventful life, not even a footnote worthy of

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mentioned, we just came and we went and that's it, maybe a few relatives will cry over us, but not very long, and life will continue. And then of course my law predictors, that those will leave a legacy of destruction long after they leave the mess that they left behind will continue to harm people, for example, it's one of the founders of apartheid, we think about it, the legacy they leave behind now many millions of people have have been harmed by that answer behind the law, they will get the shape of that punishment to protect us.

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In a more specific ideas about building a legacy that are resolved sometimes is when a man dies, his deeds come to an end. Even the good one we said even though we only have the only Appala whatever you did, whatever you're doing, how many times you give us a fast answer. Now these kinds of acts of worship, they will end when you die call us except a person who leaves behind three specific things, three things that he says there are three types of charities you can leave behind, or three types of good deeds you leave behind. That will continue long after you end. And we know this Heidi's a very famous Hadith. He leaves behind a continuous charity meaning some form of endowment, whether it is a

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building, a Masjid, a tree, anything that brings benefit to anyone, Muslim, non Muslim, even in animals behind Allah, you plant the tree, and birds nest in a tree birds eat from that, fruits in a tree people sit, then while that three stands, you are getting rewarded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So one type of promises, all good deeds will come to an end, except number one, a charity that continues an endearing charity or number two knowledge by which people got some benefit out you imparted some knowledge, some wisdom not only for the aroma, important, something good and people benefit from that you get the reward. Or number three, you live behind pious children, pious

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children who make dua for you long after you die. That is your legacy. And if we're to break this down.

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So the first thing is a physical need that you solve for someone else, you know, sometimes we feel we don't get appreciated. We do good maybe at work in our office. We've done so much effort we don't get the recognition we deserve. We did so much good in the family and no one said anything positive. So long as people benefit that is your legacy. Allah will reward you don't ever feel shy or scared or hesitant to do good. In fact, the true sincere person does good not to be noticed by others, but he knows a lot notices and allowability would end the lesson.

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People give you your, the mobile is gonna give you the, or even in the dunya, I'll give you in some other form. So if it does something and you leave something of good that people benefit after you die, then this will be in your account. So now you and I need to be very hard. What do I have on my balance sheet now that if I go away tomorrow will continue earning me some kind of reward because I need help in that cupboard. I need something to continue to send a light a mercy in a difficulty when I'm alone in the cupboard. So what do I have What have I left behind? It can be imagined as we see a hospital and orphanage a tree, planting a seed walking on the road, you know, fixing the road,

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whatever it might be Subhana Allah, whatever it might be, but do something of benefit that will long outlive you some people, as we said, and we'll talk more about this inshallah, depending on the sensitivity, and how much Allah accepted that deed can be small, but you're multiplied over and over and over and over. You look at certain massages or both. And they ended wells are dug, they live for 5060 years they dry up, you have other things massages are well measured. For example, standing the massage in the book of Swan Allah hundreds of years they stand wells that have gone on the word of Satan of mine, for example, when he came to Medina, the province of Salaam See look who would buy

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the belt the well of Roma, this well that we need, it belongs to a Jewish we will buy it and get into his place in Ghana. So people probably got together, how much are we going to club together, he himself with any purchase that well at an enormous price, swallow that well still is water today. So today, people are drinking about 1400 years, it's a very long time for the well. But that is the legacy that Allah when Allah loves a sincere deed, you will keep it to India long after you disappear long after you in that deed will continue to do leave behind something of substance of benefit for humanity or for the world. The next the next thing is important knowledge. And again,

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this is not just about this is not just about being an ally, always when we think when we read this is sort of, oh you need to study in the data room for 64 signal for six years. Come back, give a dance, leave a book. Now you've lived knowledge Nelson Mandela is that's one type of knowledge and Subhanallah when we look at the legacy,

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when we look at the legacy of the personalities of the Almighty to list, the top 100 personalities of the oma, you exclude this harbor because they're gonna tear on the own. Usually the top of the pile belongs to the scholars, both those Islamic scholars and the scientists. No one remembers the king's vanilla.

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You know, it's amazing. And when I tell you, elite,

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elite, even Abdul Malik, do any of you know him? Have you ever heard of him alwaleed Malik. This is the halifa that had an empire from Spain in his time they conquered Spain, all the way to China. One of the greatest empires that existed but no one even knows his name, Panama whenever I speak to him on Bahati you know, his family camshaft is vanilla, you know who these people were, when they died was nothing in terms of material gain a few books that they wrote, even in their lifetime, they one of the big deal. No one thought of them as you know, they were a scholar, Alhamdulillah great. They never thought he was a superstar. But Allah loves them so much that the knowledge India to the end

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of time, and so the legacy shines. So this is a special thing about imparting knowledge, something very special. So either you can be the one that learns and input inputs. If you can't do that, remember, all these scholars, if you look at the life, they had benefactors, financially, people support them, people who assisted the institutions of learning. There's other ways of helping and beyond that. So behind Allah, giving dounia knowledge over skills over uplifting someone, even just a word of advice, someone might go and go through some difficulty. The marriage is going through some difficulty. And you can go and say, you know, I've been there done that. If somebody you give

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them advice, show them the ropes, it saves their marriage, from the 2030 years of goodness comes, children come from that, handle that word of advice, change the law, all of us know, we had a conversation with someone that changed my life. Many of you can tell you, I was in one pot, and I had a conversation with Uncle so and so and it changed my life for the better. So behind Allah, that is a legacy someone left behind every good deed on that path goes to you. So don't be shy to share some good words of wisdom. words of advice. Don't be shy to do that. On this point. SubhanAllah it makes us so happy. The Burano youth group started initiative all on their own. They are starting

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now. From the slides panel. Oh, I saw it in a different chat. I don't even see it in our announcements. I don't know why we don't announce it. They started a learning support based so these are students in university. Anyone who's doing matric an institution, you can join free. So anyone whose kids are going through matric now you want some tuition, learn your math geophysics, this group of youngsters the boron will use

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Group, let us know we'll sit down, we'll talk to you free of charge, no need for anything else, just contact us. I don't know why. So now slides I should going around. Now imagine your son, your daughter, teacher, someone else's son, daughter, that person gets an extra five 6% to get into medicine, that person becomes a doctor, that person now saves lives. All of that in your scale of goodness, because you spend five hours tutoring somebody, maths, and similarly anything else, you change someone's life. So impart good knowledge impart good knowledge. Lastly, the Navy systems is something which is really profound. I got this actually, I had a conversation with someone a mother.

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And this is the reason why I gave us what she said, you know, life is so busy.

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Kids, work, husband full time job. I don't have time to do all these things for the community, can the fact that I put my focus on my kids can that be my legacy. And this had if you read this Hadith, the prophecies will leaves behind the pious child, that can be your legacy. Your greatest contribution to the oma can be you know what, I didn't build many mosques. I didn't write any books. There's nothing on paper, you can see amazing, but my kids are wonderful people. I read them, I told them, they are successful in the dunya and akhira. They practice they do whatever good they do in life was because I told them that and that will be your legacy. And the more pious your children

00:31:26--> 00:31:38

are, the more they will make dua for you may Allah granted out over we continue making dua for parents, Allah grant those who have passed away, high place in Ghana, and may our kids be good kids, and let them make dua for us.

00:31:39--> 00:32:19

So your legacy can be your children. Now, all of these three things with a building a Masjid, an orphanage, learning knowledge, writing a book, singing and raising a child, they are not easy things. You cannot get a legacy just by sitting and doing nothing. And that's the catch. That's the catch. It's not just raising any child to 18. That's easy. You can read someone to 18 is simple. You just pay for the food, the medical, that's not the raising a pious child, it is about really teaching a child really investing yourself in that person. So to build a legacy requires a lot of effort requires for you to sit with a child you to sit with that magic committee in that meeting, in

00:32:19--> 00:33:01

that six years of studying and then teaching. This requires investment upfront. And you can all you can do Subhanallah is plant the seed, what what sorts you know about this thing, leaving a legacy is like, please describe it as planting a seed and you will never know what that seed becomes. Some of those seeds will not amount to anything that will never even germinate. Some seeds will germinate a little bit become plant die. Some of those seeds may become trees, huge trees, forests, voila, you don't know which one is going to be accepted by Allah subhana wa tada is a loaded word you for every seed, Allah will you would you for every intention, but some Allah will accept and allow it to

00:33:01--> 00:33:41

prosper, the best you can do is to plant as many as possible to put your name in as much as you can. And just one Yala, I don't need all of them. I just need one to really be accepted by you. So how do you really do this? Those who have built a legacy, they will tell you it begins as always insincere Nia and a plan, you must want it, you must leave this Juma saying I want to do something I don't want to be stuck on the couch and continue my life for the next 40 years like this. If I continue on this path, I'm not gonna have anything to show I need to start working on something I don't know. But that desire must be the and then remember, with legacy a lot of times there's tissue with

00:33:41--> 00:34:19

success. I don't want the female I don't want people to say Masha Allah Muhammad with University of Mohammed no one wants that. We want you here Allah to accept it. This is also I can stand before you Yeah, Allah and say, This is why by your grace, intermediate agenda, because I did this for your sake. And so many people benefited from that. So the Nia must be sincere and the most sincere that Nia is it's an indication of the acceptance. They are great scholars, more knowledgeable than the scholars that we have, they will more than format it. They will more books in Buhari and Muslim and others, some disappeared in obscurity. Even among those scholars, for example, they will say we

00:34:19--> 00:34:53

don't be so many books. But those books we don't know where they are. Those books were not fully accepted. But the special one which is very sincere, maybe came at a time of difficulty and they persevered. Those are the ones that endeared by law. So it said Nia that will put one five and in the towel and only be five and and another man who puts five in the towel, that's 50 billion, whatever it might be because of the NEA in the heart. So be sincere in your legacy. If you start an initiative, you're on the budget committee, whatever good you're doing in your life. I hope you're part of some good charity. Remember when you attend that meeting? I'm not doing it here for you

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

people. I'm doing it only for the pleasure of Allah and the more difficulties the more reward you're going to get. And do not fear to think

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Big. Don't feel scared to think big. I'm going to take these challenges on. Yes, you have to plan and that's the odd thing. We all know the challenges, but it's sitting down planning working, okay, if I want to fix this, I need to make contact with 1020 different people. I need money. I need government assistance. Do it, do it. If you don't do it, who's going to do it? And that is the greatest reward for the one who starts. Even in business vanilla, the guy who started Apple, they'll say in the garage, no one believes it's possible. The big companies, where did they start? one person, one idea, hundreds of challenges, but they started they persevered. And it's the ones that

00:35:36--> 00:36:13

start at Ground Zero, are the ones that keep the maximum rewards. Sahaba Swan, Allah, they came in, they heard this man, we know, but he's coming with a strange religion, what is going to become the Islam thing could they have imagined what it would become, and they are the ones that are that foundation. So you never know where it's going. But to start Swan, Allah, Allah will give you the would just start I mean, so the first thing is have that near the robber, make the decision today, I want to do something positive, long after I die, and then stop no more excuses and don't need sit back stop you alone will not give it free of charge. Every single person who has a great legacy,

00:36:13--> 00:36:29

they will tell you more about the challenges they overcame, whether it is business, whether it is sports, whether whatever it is if you want success in this life, alum will put bumps in your way to see how far you willing to go. how sincere is that near?

00:36:30--> 00:37:05

releasing that near? How much do you want it. And when you push yourself to the max, when you look like this no option a lot opens the door for a place you could not have seen. And you know, I can give you examples from the Sunnah and the Sierra and the history, I can tell you myself on certain organizations that I work with, you find yourself what law in our lives, you find yourself in a situation, you look at the numbers and this organization will not survive. When the numbers don't add up. It's gonna run to an end and out of nowhere, personal example someone phones you out of India, I heard about your organization. Just tell me the number. Don't know who the uncle is how you

00:37:05--> 00:37:43

got our information. But the money is this vanilla. You had to first push yourself to that in that brink. We have nowhere else to go. Now I leave it in your hands. And then Allah opens the doors. Don't worry about feeling I am insignificant. What can I do? So it started off as the man who was going to kill the profits are gonna look we ended up law you starting at a better place than he started. You started at a much higher level than many of the Sahaba who couldn't read it right killing their own children. You starting off with a much better place than our earlier to ungroup nothing, no money, no family, nothing. But the it doesn't matter where you start. Don't feel that

00:37:43--> 00:38:12

you are insignificant. Oh, it's only for the scholars and the chefs and the movies. No, no, no. It is for everyone. If every one of us here leaves a legacy 300 of us here 300 whatever we leave behind, then we've changed the world and the community. Don't worry about the naysayers. Every time you want to do something good. You will have 1020 people saying this is bad. The MBR got that the Sahaba got that the scholars got that Mr. Malik, for example. He wrote a book called Amato, which is really the foundation of a man behind his book. The most authentic book of Hadith was

00:38:13--> 00:38:44

the Maliki method. When he wrote the book, crucify you writing a book of Hadith was not needed. And he said, read the book. No worry. This is the only water that survived and all the other books have had is basically built on his book. So many of the scholars told him why you're doing this, no need to do this to write the book. And he said, you know what I did for the oma for the sake of the oma, whoever needs it. No reason. You know, a long time I read the book, maybe one person read his book, but now it has endured. So don't worry about the mistakes we learn from it, we move forward. And if you're in an organization, don't get demoralized, it's part of shaytaan and it requires number three

00:38:44--> 00:39:22

consistent hard work. When we spoke last week about the deeds Allah loves. It's not the quantity. It is the consistency. It is about signing yourself up and making it part of your life. That if I sign up for the Budget Committee, yes, there's going to be this terrible meeting once a month. We are going to sit for hours talking about so many things. I can be doing so many other things. But this is part of my life I need to do this. But if I am signing up for a orphanage, whatever, I will make the 50 cent debit order good or bad. In in ease and comfort I will do it here Allah that is the consistency no matter what comes I will continue giving my part this is what Allah loves the most

00:39:22--> 00:40:00

more than a million Rand deposit that you put in the bank that fulfilled and EFT you make every single month without fail when I have a job not a job. I continue as short as long as I'm able to do so. This is the one that gets accepted by Allah sincerity and consistent hard work and do things because they are you know what's vanilla is a beautiful speech. You should listen to the President Kennedy when he spoke about going to the moon. He says we take these challenges on not because they are easy but because they are hard. We look for the difficult ones because we want to be the leaders in that that mindset. I don't look for the easy way out mediocrity. What is the big challenge?

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

Give it to me, I want to be the ones who have put up their hand. And you know what? Don't feel I am insignificant because every challenge requires a lot of different people. Yes, you need the man on top, the scholar, the alum, the businessman, when they speak to spoke to the people at NASA, the janitor, sweeping the space station, whatever it is, and they were talking about what job do you do as a scientist and those that calculating all these building rockets? What do you do? So he said, I'm also helping to put a man on the moon. Yes, I'm the janitor. But I'm also needed. Yeah, you might be what am I doing, I'm just, you know, washing some towels in the masjid. I'm just bringing

00:40:34--> 00:41:13

some boxes, gently moving some cheese, that is part of the objective initiative, that is your contribution. And you'll see of the reward as well. Don't underestimate your contribution. And the best of those are those who try the hardest and spend the most time in it. And lastly, all we can do is plant that seed. All we can do is plant that seed. With it grows, it doesn't grow is up to Allah. And that's why after we do our if it comes to do our and the trust in Allah, Allah, I've lived behind deeds, except those deeds from us, as we have the evidence of the de vida rabbanut cobalamin in the country. Similarly, in both the Kaaba immediate afterwards, Allah accept this from us, only

00:41:13--> 00:41:49

when Allah accepts, then you will see the benefits of Hollywood Santa end up with this hadith. He says, if all if you knew that he likes it, that just one of your deeds feel happy, because he only accepts a good deed from someone was guaranteed Jana, if you have one good deed, one, just one solid that is accepted, then it's an indication that he must reward you and send you to Ghana. And that's enough. So I'll accept all our good deeds, and more. And think, and as I said, asked this question today in traffic, when I die, would I be missed? What would I have left behind? Allah grant us a legacy that is good, that is good in the dunya. And in the era, I mean, just a few announcements

00:41:49--> 00:42:26

quickly, that this Sunday, it's going to be our marriage clause, closer than a garment for those who are looking to get married or planning on this or even who are married already. We'll discuss lots of things, how to find a good spouse the rights and duties of the husband and the wife. If you have arguments how to resolve these conflicts, how would you go about divorce if you realize marriage is not so good for you? intimacy all this stuff? So this is a bit of a restriction? Yeah, maybe 15 and above, and this is for Sunday, it will be in the masjid from 830 to nine so at tonight there'll be snacks all involved as well. So from 830 to 834 nine and to continue to assert insha Allah our

00:42:26--> 00:42:34

classes on Mondays six to seven rightly guided caliphs, back to basics should still come out inshallah Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh