5 Pearls Of Success In Life

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So when we're younger, we've had this question, how do we live life to the fullest and live life with no regrets. There is a plan that's taught in the education system. And in our communities, this plan says, do good in high school, get good marks. And if you get good marks, you get to go to university and get more good marks. And if you get good marks, you'll graduate and you get a good job. If you get a good job, you get a house. And then you have arrived, you have one life, or you get a house and a car, and then you're worthy of being married, then you get a wife, and then you live happily ever after. At age 27.

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Remember, I said who's 33 years old because this story of what success is, or live life to the fullest, it runs out of gas. And I would wish that everybody actually fulfills, comes to the end of this chapter very soon in their life. So they can see that there's more to life than this. There's more to life than getting a house. There's more to life than just getting a car and just getting a job. Because now what happens after that what happens in the person hits their 30s, they got the job. They don't really like their boss, and they don't really like that person, this person. And they just kind of not happy. It might not even be the job. They kind of like and then you got

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married. I won't say anything about the marriage. But I'll talk about the cars. You got this car. I always marvel at the cars. It looks so shiny in the dealerships. But give it five days after you bought it. It's not so shiny, especially with this winter, all the salt throwing on quickly rusted down, you're like Hello, this was my dream, like last week. And now it's happened to the car. So you've arrived at this point, maybe like you're in your 30s, early 30s. And then an alarm clock starts ticking. And this is the amazing thing about sadness. A lot of people try to shut off that alarm. Try to press the snooze button on that sadness alarm. What that alarm is telling you is Allah

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created you for more than this. There's more that you need to do. But what people try doing in the sadnesses pressing this alarm, the snooze button, and yeah, you snooze for about three months. And then the sadness kind of creeps up on what am I doing with mine, and you press the snooze button again for another three months. But then the sadness as the years go by the snooze button doesn't work as effectively as it did before. And this sadness hits and what I'm talking about is like universal human experience, because the human being cannot go through life with no purpose. Allah subhanaw taala commands, we have a higher purpose and the body won't let the person just go through

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life is eating and drinking and just moving on.

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So then the time comes here, I'm going to give you what Islam teaches about this. And this isn't necessarily something that you're just going to open up a book and it's going to find it I had to search for this and go through my own years of trying to discover so what I'm going to be telling you about is something that you should take note of and to give you five pearls

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The first of those pearls, how to live life to the fullest and with no regrets. Here's pearl number one, you open up the pearl, you open up this clam, this oyster. Inside you see this first pearl and the Perl says understand that Salah is your life's number one priority. The province of Alon is seldom said the first thing oh well my use Allahu Allah abdomen piano a Sala The Prophet said a lot. SNM said the first thing the slave of Allah will be asked on the Day of Resurrection is a salon. So if you're preparing your life, not for retirement, but you're preparing your life for this life and the net for both, and you know that the first thing that you're going to be asked about is your

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Salah, then that's your number one priority, because the province that a lot has sent him said there's actually some two narrations of it. One of them says that in southern Ohio, that if his Salah is correct, all of his actions will be correct. And if it's not correct the salaat then all of his actions after that will not be correct. In another narration the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that if a lot accepts this person, Salah Allah will accept the other deeds. And if Allah does not accept the person Salah than the other digital copies, all the success in your life is found in your dog in your soul, all your life success, including your house, including your spouse, including your

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good job, including your happiness, including you know, your children getting good mark, every single good thing in your life is in your salon and in your dorm. It's right there. This is like the incubator of everything in your life. Now I say that and you see a lot of people go to their prayer. It doesn't seem like this is the case. And if you look at people who do that, they're not making it to a loss. They do this a lot of that come in come out sound like Sonic and then they're back to work or just trying to make ends meet but they're not

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Going into their salon as if it is this incubator and with the power of God when Allah subhanaw taala and one of the suitors in certain resentment, Allah subhanaw taala that it said the people of Hellfire, what caused you to be in Hellfire? What got you to this location? And they say all Amna akumina mousseline, they say number one that we were never one of those people who did our salon sola wasn't part of our lives. Another verse surgeon woke me noon Allah subhanaw taala says, God, Abdullah Halima me No. Indeed successful are the believers and their number one characteristic and levena whom feasts on it him harsh on those who have for sure. And there's, they're concentrating

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and they're putting their heart into their prayer, the first characteristics of ultimate success, we're not talking about like a small dunya success, but we're talking about dunya and after success, the first of those gems is that Salah is going to be has to be your number one priority.

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Number two pearl. So you crack open that oyster, you're looking at the number two pearl to live life to the fullest with no regrets. This pearl says that your career doesn't matter. everybody forgets about their career. What am I going to study? What does Allah want me to study this degree or that law? What do you want? So pearl number two, it's your career does not matter. What does matter though it is a career that you absolutely must have in order to live life to the fullest and to live with no regrets. That is the career of Abdullah and Emma tala to live your life with the career of being the servant of Allah. And you have no regrets is anybody go to general look back at the dunya

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and say, Man, I wish I had said something different. In University there's no regrets. But somebody in Hellfire who might might say something like that. Now let's print out protectors. So whether somebody becomes a doctor or engineer, they open up a store or you know, the somebody drives a taxicab or somebody owns a bookshop, or whatever it is, the whole community, all of these things are needed. And it makes no difference what you do, all of that is a livelihood. So that's how you get rewarded for providing for your family. 100 Hello, income, that's fine. But in the grand scheme of things, living life to the fullest, no regrets, it does not have anything to do with your career. It

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has all to do with living your life worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. living your life as Abdullah or living your life as a matoba. Number three, life will throw at you some hard times and some good times. You basically have two things thrown at you happy times are difficult times. So some of you are in happy times. Even though you might be frowning and stuff like that. And sometimes there's just a plateau, nothing's really moving. But if nothing's really moving, something's coming very soon. It's either going to be happier, it's going to be sad. If you're not doing anything about it's probably going to be sad. The Prophet said a lot is taught us how to face this right how to face ups

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and how to face the downs. And then if you do this, and I would say that telling you how to do it is different than you actually mastered. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I generally emanated men into the Ummah hula hula amazing is the affair of the believer the life of the believer so amazing in Milan is so awesome. The life of the believer everything that happens to a believer is higher for that person is higher is better for

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them said if something difficult happens to the believer, their patience, and it's better for them. If something good happens to the believer, they're thankful and it's better for them. And then the province of a lot I sent him set with Attica ly lol. And this is only for the believer, meaning that it's something that you train it's imagine that you work on to be able to be patient and to be able to be thankful to Allah. So oyster number three, face life with suffer or sugar. Stubborn means patience, and sugar means thankful.

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A fourth oyster is prioritize your regrets from now. So if you look back at yesterday, what do you regret from yesterday? You can answer the question yourself, but if you look back, you might regret that number one that you might not have paid full attention in your salon, you might regret certain good deeds that, you know, you didn't really do that you hoped you had done. You might regret not spending some time with family, right? You might regret maybe if your parents are in the old age, maybe you weren't as nice to them as you could have been, or you didn't really take the opportunity to show your love to them in the past and that's just yesterday. What do you regret? Now? What about

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the past week? I know if you've been in university, it's very easy to say well, I regret not reading you know, the homework now I have to cram for it. I regret this. I regret that. What do you regret in the past week and then you work your way backwards.

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If you were to save one year, in the past year, what do you regret? A lot of those things will be projects that you wished you had done, you never did it, some ideas that you had that you never really executed on the past year. And I won't say the past decade, what you regret, maybe you're still young and 10 years ago is a long time. But if you start making that list of things that you wish you had done, and start prioritizing what you really regret, and you make your own list of really the things that you regret in the past day, in the past week, in the past year, or longer than that, and now once you do that thing, moving forward, you have a list of how to live your life.

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Moving forward, after that you now have a list of how to live your life. So the things that you regret. So it could be for example, that you wrote down, oh, I regret not being kinder to my parents. And now today, you realize, I have the opportunity to be kind to my parents. If yesterday you regret it, or the week that I didn't read as much as I wanted to read now you have the opportunity to read the Quran that you want to. If you have, you know, kind of like this goal to be more present in the message and do your Salah better, you now have something to do for today and tomorrow, and we go to the messages and we pray and then anytime you ask yourself, what should I do

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with my life, prioritizing your regrets now gives you the way forward. And finally the last oyster. The oyster says that Allah controls the world and not you. The reason I say this is that a lot of people, they act as if the whole world can be changed by themselves when Allah subhanaw taala sent the prophets that align incentives you see in the Quran, Eliza just says in islandica in Bella that the only thing you're responsible for is to pass on the message. Even when Ibrahim alayhis salam was told to call the people for Hajj. And Ibrahim Ali Salim said Allah commanded them called the people for height and phonetic and Abraham, la Sudan Response A, how can my voice reach them. And the last

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part of Allah says, It's not your responsibility for your voice to reach them. It's your responsibility to pass on in essence, liberal humanism called the people to hide until today, you know, 1000s of years later, people are still answering that call and the voice reaches. And I'm saying this one from my own experience working in the Dow, the analogy that I give for that you're not in control of us 100,000 controlling powers and cause an analogy that I gave is like a train this train and unless deemed a loss of Chanukah islands, pushing the train forward. You know how many people became Muslim has nothing to do with us, right? And every time somebody becomes a

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Muslim, ask them where did you learn about Islam, from a book, somebody wrote 5060 years ago, that they found in the lab, or they looked it up, they themselves are searching for the right. A lot of the pilot that is Dean moves forward. And I wish that they were better, you know, people leading in that train, but the train will go forward. Regardless, it's Alice pannacotta is Dean and the world is in unless

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there was once a little boy had a grandmother and his grandmother was really good at the game of Monopoly. And she used to beat her grandson in this game of Monopoly and used to get beaten really badly. So after one summer being beaten really badly, he decided that year that upcoming year to get really good at the game, you know, in the next summer, when he goes and visits his grandma and so on, he's like, I'm going to spend the whole year playing this game playing this game, getting really good at the game, and so on. So the next year came along, and they went to visit the grandmother, and this boy, you know, one year older, lays out the Monopoly board game. And he says, Bring it on,

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you know, left right Park Avenue that that final dealt, and basically, after purchase after purchase, this boy destroyed his grandmother Crusher. And so as he was, you know, finishing off the game, and you know, grandmother's going bankrupt, and it was coming to the end, the grandmother had one last move. And with it, she won the game. As the game came to a conclusion. She said, My dear son, even though you've won all of these things, at the end of the game, everything goes back into the box. After everything you've accumulated, and all the toys and gadgets, houses and cars, everything goes back into a little box. So there's nothing really to win in this journey. Because

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it's all going back into the box. Sooner or later. It's all going to go back into the box. And the sooner you realize that the sooner you win at this game of life and inshallah to Allah your focus won't be here but it will be on the dunya in the afternoon, prioritizing your Silva worshipping Allah subhanaw taala that being your focal points and from there, all know goodness