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Motivational Evening 19 July 2019

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah cattle.

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smilla rahmanir rahim In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Alhamdulillah All praise is indeed due to Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while Allah he was having a Jemaine we send blessings and salutations upon the messenger peace be upon him. Mohammed Abdullah Al Hashimi and pollachi his companions, his household, we ask Allah to bless them to bless every one of us and to grant us all goodness, I mean,

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my brothers, my sisters, it is amazing to see such beautiful faces here. We ask Allah to grant us beautiful hearts as well. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to grant us beauty on the day of judgment and in the Hereafter, this life and this world is full of imperfections. Do you know why?

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Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala create

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this world with so much of hardship, difficulty and imperfections? When we say imperfections, we mean, even humankind, as good as the posture, maybe it's the best posture from all the creatures of Allah.

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The best posture from all the creatures of Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that others call upon him in Santa Fe, Sangeeta coeem we have created mankind in the best possible posture. I'm sure you know what that means.

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You know what it means? Okay? It means the positioning of every limb and organ of this particular species is absolutely the best.

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It cannot be better than this. Think of it for a moment. You have eyes? Where are they?

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Here? Can you think of a better place to put those eyes?

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Think of it? Can someone give me an idea? Put your hands up, please, you know a better place than where the eyes are to put them.

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He says probably we're so used to seeing the eyes at that place. That's why we find them so normal. I want to pause for a moment and say, I don't think so. I tell you why. We are a species created by Allah. If you think of the eyes, anywhere else, you wouldn't be able

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to see what you can see. The way you can see while your eyes are right here. So even from a logical perspective, you might get used to a disability. May Allah grant us all goodness, and May Allah cure those with disability? I mean,

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but to be very fair, not only the eyes, I mean, I thank you for an answer, because I wasn't even expecting an answer. But I'm happy that I got one. It gives me food for thought as well.

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But if you think of the ears, I mean, where would you like the ice? Let's go back to the brother. Where would you like tea is tell us? Where would you like to see them? Think of a better place?

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You can't imagine. Thank you. Because I can't imagine my eyes in my nostrils. I mean, come on, what am I going to see? Or at the top here or the back here? Or one here and one day? I mean, you know what, what's the purpose? So Pamela Oh, one a little bit lower than one higher what's gonna happen on both of them by my baby? Imagine so Angela, we don't have to wake up right? And Allah protect us, you see, so even your ears one here one day, you can hear it the way Allah Allah says, look, Allah guarantees you. In fact, when Allah says sin, it means the best possible posture. When he says the best it's a challenge, because he's not wrong. So he's telling you, nothing can be better, the best

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posture, the way we fashion you is superb. Look at your hands look at and I can give you another piece of evidence. All the other creatures of the Almighty are nowhere near mankind. Nowhere near the animals, whatever else, even the baboons and chimps that look quite similar to man, some annaleigh they're not as refined as human kind.

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And we have you know where the lips are, where the nose is imagine Subhanallah the lips at the back How would you kiss look but

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imagine how would you eat if your mouth was here.

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You're gonna think of it your fingers, the five fingers and look at how which one is longer than the other the thumb. There is no other position that you can ever come up with that is more superior to the normal.

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That Allah has created you follow? It's a challenge of Allah. You think of your nails, can there be a better place for them to be and where they are, you can go back home and keep thinking, keep thinking Subhana Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the understanding of his greatness. So

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this is a law there are a lot of people out there, every one of us, Allah created us while he says mankind is created in the best of postures, he has allowed and catered for and made imperfections in us. Guess why?

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The second time, I'm asking you why? imperfection. So what that means is my nose will be a little bit this way, that way, one side will be a bit more than the other depending on where you sleep, you may not never notice it, but you can actually measure it. Or if you have someone called I think it's a maxillofacial is Is that right? Right. The person will be able to just look at you and say this is wrong that he is a bit longer than the other one and this nose and this you know what? Nobody notices it. You just look at the mirror too much. So none of the people I got this and I got that you can go into the public and be under the spotlight and nobody will notice the floor. But Allah

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had to have some flaws

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within us you have a little belly problem your stomach and everything in the right place Mashallah you got some issues some problem you need to get sick, you need to have a flu after a little while. You need to perhaps you know, something happens that's wrong. Something doesn't go your way in terms of your health and your body.

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Before everything else.

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Guess why,

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when we have the world around us as well. A lot of things go wrong. You have earthquakes. You have today I heard of an earthquake in essence, mela Granton ease, that's very close by. I heard of, you know, heatwave in America. I heard of flooding elsewhere.

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And so much going on that that is actually

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something wrong. Meaning it's something that's not normal. It's not supposed to be right. Why? What's the purpose?

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as handsome as you think you are. So Pamela, as soon as you think you are.

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The hunk, they see right.

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I promise you, they will be flaws. And you know what, a little while later a few years later, you won't even look the way you're looking as handsome as you think you are. They will be flaws.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala kept perfection for a totally different place. That's why if this world was perfect,

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that other place would lose.

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Expand you what is that place?

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Jana? Mashallah. I think one of the, the brothers from this table has said Ghana, May Allah give us agenda. I mean, yesterday, I was speaking about something else. And I was saying, What's your ultimate goal? And there was a brother sitting here saying, Jenna, and I said, there's a sister here called gentlemen, she's still your ultimate goal.

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May Allah forgive us? Allah grant us ease. Anyway, my brothers and sisters, gentlemen, is our ultimate goal.

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It is I'm talking here of the paradise gentlemen, not the sister agenda.

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But we want

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spouses also to be in shall not be in the law with some qualities of Jenna, I hope, I mean.

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So my brothers and sisters Aegina would lose its value if Allah kept perfection here, this world, we believe as believers that we are here to be tested. People say sometimes young people say that's quite boring. Why would Allah make us here to test us? And I tell them, you know, what, why did you go to school? Well, I went to school so that I can live and I can get a job after I've graduated, and I can do something so that I can earn so that I can have a comfortable life. When Allah says, this whole life is just like a school, you've come here, you can get your qualification so that you have your certificate on the Day of Judgment so that you can have a comfortable eternity your entire

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life thereafter will be comfortable. So there will be rules and regulations. Just like at any school, there's rules and regulations, right? They will be do's and don'ts. Just like any school, there will be a certain type of dress code, just like any school, there will be so much like school, but we're ready to do that for schools and to learn for a few years. 20 years to study so hard in order to be able to learn for the next 30 or 40 years. Because at the age of about 5560 they retire you which means your books No longer will help you right. What age what's the age of retirement

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Some people are saying 6070, etc, whatever, let's say 70. And after 70, what happens, you retire, is you may continue to do certain things, but the jobs, they won't want you anymore. I have a friend who's in his 50s. When he applied for a job, they told him no, because of the age factor, we won't give you a job and, gosh, we're becoming old man. So can Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us ease. None of us here feel like we're old. Guess what? Slowly the clock is ticking. Something somehow someway needs to change in our lives positively. Because if it doesn't, we can have wasted our time at school. Sorry, life. I call it school intentionally, actually.

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How many of us have been to universities, and we come out and we regret the days we spent, we could have done better, right? We could have worked harder, we could have actually achieved much more. But you know what, that's this life. Something very interesting is

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we prepare

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for this worldly life, which is not going to last long. And we teach our children to prepare for the worldly life, that's not going to last long. And it's not wrong by the way to prepare for it. But we prepare for it much more than the interest that we have in the Hereafter, which is far greater SubhanAllah. If I asked you, how many books have you read in your life? If you've been to school, college university, and thereafter, you perhaps have a field, you must have read at least 200 books. Is that fair?

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But if I asked you have you read the Quran cover to cover, I don't even want to say Put your hands up. If you read the translation, that one book that's going to take you forever into eternal paradise, you couldn't read it. But for the exams, you stayed awake all night, every night for the whole two weeks, because you had to study

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for that. I'm not saying it's not important, but I'm just saying it's like a bit of a balance. Strike a bit of a balance.

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I hope we're motivated to be able to pick up the Koran and read it. It's the word of Allah, you make my maker has given us a book. It's a manual, it's a it's actually a way of living such that you can enter general Phil DOS, you need to do something, you need to read a page a day try to see what did your Lord say? I mean, the biggest examination ever is not GCSE. It's not a levels. It's not your university degree. No, the biggest examination ever. The result of it shall be on the Day of Judgment.

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Don't lose focus.

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And so Allah subhanho wa Taala has created this world in a way that you will have issues every issue that you have is an opportunity to shine.

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You have a problem in life, it's your opportunity to prove to Allah Who is your master, that you're doing it right.

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Allah teaches you what's going to happen, a lot is going to happen. While I number one,

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the Quran says we will definitely test every single one of you. We will test you that's what Allah says with what he gives you what is going to test you imagine you have the paper exam paper before anything else. Allah tells you what the questions are going to be, what is it?

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He says,

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be shy in mineral coffee, with a little bit of fear at times you will fear you will be scared you'll be worried a little bit of anxiety, all that is included in this. Allah says it's a test. We will test you with that we we will place it in your path. Why? Oh Allah, you are so merciful. Why would you put the problem in my life? For you to show us? Are you really going to be patient and understand who we are who you are the fact that ultimately you're going to return to Allah, it's not all about this world. We spend, we earn 1000s of pounds, millions of pounds, we spend 1000s of pounds, millions of pounds, on what on ourselves on this world that we're going to quit, but we

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haven't yet spent pounds for the hereafter. We haven't yet spent anything for the hereafter. And Allah says, if you really are a true believer, you are. You can only call yourself a Muslim if you share what you have what we given you, if you're not prepared to share what you have, you're not a Muslim.

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Does that sound a little bit hard?

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It's a pillar of Islam.

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Islam has five pillars, one of them is if Allah blessed you with something, you have to share it if you don't, you're not a Muslim. How's that? Have you ever looked at it that way?

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What is aka? Allah says if I give you give others if Allah wanted he didn't need to give you to give the others he could have given them directly, but he was part of your test. Allah says I'm going to give you 100 pounds, two and a half. Give it to the man down the road.

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That's what Allah says, if you do it, I'll give you peace give you a happiness. I'll give you more because now I know his sustenance is written, but through you, so I'm going to give you to make sure he gets.

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Did you hear that? The more you give, the more you get. It's a fact. Do you know why it's a fact? Because

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say, for example, you are looking after orphans and widows, and you've given 20 pounds 50 pounds and you make it regular, or every month I'm going to give 50 they've been making dua to Allah to say, Oh Allah alleviate the suffering we are going through and Allah put it in your heart, he's going to use you to answer there do Allah so Allah has already chosen to give you before them. If they don't give you they're not going to get but because you have the intention to give, they're getting through you, if you don't give Allah will give them actually through someone else. The loss is yours. Not that. Well. Sort of that.

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So Hannah law, and this is why I say people don't know in Islam, one of the pillars is to share. One of the pillars is to share. If you have anything, share it. Allah says when you share it, you will be at peace, you will get contentment, you will get happiness, you will get solution for your problems. That's why to put a smile on the face of another is a bigger charity than to smile on your own. So panela but to smile will trigger the other smile. So a smile is also considered as a great charity. But our expression so we just look

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What did you just say? Smile, guys? Come on, man. Even if you don't have teeth, it's okay. Even if your teeth are in jail like mine,

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Allah grant us ease. My brothers, my sisters, your character is part of what you're going to earn in the hereafter.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to shine in your character, give people importance Allah will give you important no matter who they are. You see a person who's poor, you see a person who nobody looks towards you look towards them, you greet them, you make them feel important, alone, make you feel important, Allah will create reason for you to be important on the Day of Judgment, he'll call you out, you'll be a VIP. That's because you know what you made others feel like VIPs that's why

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reach out to those who least expect you to reach out to them. That's a winner. That's when you will get happiness. Allah has kept joy of mankind in

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their sacrifice to serve others. So Panama, can Allahu Allah happy not only do you want the help of Allah, question, do you want to help us Allah? Yes, we all do. Well, if you do, Allah says, help others and help you. Amazing, amazing. The Hadith says Allah will help those for as long as they are helping others he keeps on helping you. What do we do? I've got a problem. So now I'm in the shell waiting for the for help. Allah says Hang on, the little that we've given you, whether it's your time, your expertise, whatever else it may be something get up and help others Stop touching the lives of others and you know what, your life will change, it will change the problem with us when we

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have an issue. We are so depressed, we don't even want to get out of bed. soupcon Allah, we don't even want to get out of bed. May Allah subhanahu wa taala help us and guide us get up. It's not all doom and gloom. If you're going through a problem, there are people going through bigger problems with a broader smile.

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If you have debts, if you have a financial issue, and you're going through obstacles and problems from a financial perspective, they are people in deeper suit than yours. But guess what?

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They're just smiling and they're still swimming closer to Allah and they still fulfilling their acts of worship. Shaytan comes to us and makes us despondent at a time when the only one to open the doors for us is Allah so we plug out. I know of people who become stressed and depressed to the degree that they stopped praying, I call out to Allah but he doesn't want to listen. He says use the Jubilee. Howdy, Kamala, Mr. g. Allah will definitely respond to your draft for as long as you don't make haste. When the Prophet peace be upon him was asked what is the haste you're referring to? He says yaku had to come down to the hour to follow Mr. jubliee. When when one of you says I called out

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to Allah, I made the deal I made another. He's just not listening to me. I promise you. You need to have conviction that Allah has heard you and responded to you and He will give you what you want when the time is right. If it is right, if he hasn't given it to you, it's not good for you.

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We make a deal out of his desire. Do you know what it is to have if you don't know what is the Hara? Put up your hammer.

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Okay, so I think almost all of us know what is the house

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Seeking the guidance of Allah through a DA and through, you know, calling out to him etc. And we'd like the guidance of Allah. A lot of us had don't even know the meaning of that do out that's a supplication. You know what you say in that? Do? You say Oh Allah, if this is good for me, my Deen my dunya meaning my religion, my life, my future, etc, etc my hereafter, then let it happen for me make it easy for me and give me blessings in it give me Baraka in it, but Oh Allah, if you know, in your knowledge, and I don't know, if you know, in your knowledge that it's not good for me, then take it away from me. Take me away from it, and make me happy with your decree. What was the decree

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that you're not going to get it?

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So we want something we make it?

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What happens? We still want it. So Pamela, and then we say, but I made it harder, but it's not happening. Well, if it's not happening, you told Allah if it's not good for me take it away from me. But I saw a dream. And a dream. I saw Muslim aid. It was green. You know, green, the green colors. So Green means it should be good, right? Yes. So Pamela, you're making a mistake. In the door, you didn't say, oh, life is good for me. Show me a dream with green color. You didn't say or light if it's good for me. Let me see a lovely horse in my dream. Or life. It's good for me. Let me see me holding her hand. Wow, sorry. That's about marriage, by the way.

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That's not what you said. But that's what everyone believes. It's a mistake. You have nothing to do with dreams. I'm just clarifying the point. And people must be saying what I thought all my life I even got married. No wonder you have marital problems. And that's a joke and

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forgive us, Allah forgive us.

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But there may be a dream that makes you feel good and reassures you perhaps but the two eye itself tells you that you know what you are saying if it's good for me, let it happen for me, if it's not happening for you, it means you said if it's not good for me, Let it not happen for me. So the doors are closed, the road is closed, another door is closed, a third door is closed and you still fighting along like a champion and you don't know but you just need to say well, like it's not good for me. Take it away from me. He's busy taking it away from you and you running after it. You don't even understand what do you made to allow? Leave it The Doors are closing. One might say what's the

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extent of it, okay, that's a topic of its own. Whatever in your capacity, you are able to do you do to achieve what you'd like because the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says it is Allah and Phalke was standing below the wall attaches. Work hard to achieve that which you believe is beneficial for you.

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seek the help of Allah and don't be lazy. That's what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, right, which means I'm going to work hard according to my capacity, the minute it's beyond your capacity, if you want it still, it's gonna stress you depress you, it's gonna, you know, those are gonna play, it's not good for you. So kind of like, leave it. That is the harm. But sometimes we want something so desperately that we don't realize, Allah heard that he knows the future, and he is not going to give it to you. Because he knows it's very bad for you very bad for you. He's not going to give it to you. But no, we still want it. This is why

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when you understand the knowledge of Allah, and you ponder over it, and you surrender to it, you won't go wrong. So what is the knowledge of Allah? What does he know? What does Allah know? Who can tell me? What does he know? Don't say everything because obviously everything Yes. What does he know?

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He knows what we don't know. And he knows what we know as well. Okay. He knows the past, doesn't he?

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He knows the present, doesn't he? And he knows the future, doesn't he? There's another category of things he knows.

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He knows what happened. He knows what is happening. And he knows what will happen. There is a fourth category that he knows. And that's the crux of the whole list. Ha.

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So Panama, guess what it is?

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Let me say it, okay.

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He knows what happened. He knows what is happening. He knows what will happen. And he knows what will not happen. If it were to happen, how it would have happened. Allahu Akbar.

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Did you hear that? What is never going to happen? It was never going to happen. It will never happen. If it didn't happen. How it would have happened is part of the knowledge of Allah. Allah ma ma, ma ma ma yaku. Mamma mia can either Kanaka Kono Subhana Allah that is Allah. You might want an example or two of it. Would you like an example? Let me give you you know

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You write, perhaps on a Friday? It's as soon as

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I tell you, it sort of took off. There's a story of al Qaeda and Musa alayhis salam, right. What happened? What did he do? Can you tell me one thing he did?

00:25:14--> 00:25:28

One thing Sybil did in the company of Musa alayhis salaam, the Prophet Moses, may peace be upon one thing that he did, yes, he killed a child. He killed a child. The Quran says he killed a child. Why did he kill the child? Because of the statement they said just now.

00:25:29--> 00:26:02

Allah says, had the child grown up and he was never going to grow up because according to his daddy, he was supposed to be dead at that time. Anyway, I had a brother who passed away not too long ago. And when they did an autopsy for some reason, they said had he not died through being shot the way he was, he was going to die of a heart attack anyway, at a similar time, because all the arteries were actually clogged. So it was like, for me, it's like a lot of piling up to three things happening at once. If this doesn't happen, he's still gonna go but perhaps this way, that way, who knows? Allah knows best. I don't know, I just thinking how powerful Allah is. Right? But this young

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boy was actually killed. And then Musa alayhis salaam says Why? He says, had he been given the life to grow older, he would have been disobedient and a source of this and a source of whatever negativity. So Allah decided he rather lose his life now so that he can be saved and his folks can be saved as well. But was he ever going to live longer than the point he actually lived? In the knowledge of Allah? In the eyes of Allah? The answer is no. He studied was written. This goes to show what wasn't what is not going to happen. If it were to happen, how it would have happened is the knowledge of Allah. Now surrender to that, just surrender to that you'll be a happy person,

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believe firmly, that the condition you're in is the best possible condition for you right now, even if it's tough, because Allah didn't promise you that your life is going to be easy. He only promised you that he's going to help you through the way if you have faith and conviction.

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Well see people diagnosed with a terminal illness, let's pause for a moment and say, Oh Allah grant cure to those who are sick and Ill in any way. I mean,

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they had everything aligned to take something away. Why that's the nature of this life, you're going to get to a place where there's no sickness, no illness, no time, you know, time will be slaughtered and so on. And so everything is gone, you know, that's agenda prepared for that day. Now, I want to share with you, you know, they told me, I'm going to be speaking for 30 minutes, Mashallah 30 minutes are up, but I think we can have a bonus, we can have a bonus. It's a motivational evening, Mashallah, we eat a bit less, it's okay.

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So, my brothers, my sisters, like I said earlier, you know, if you want joy, please make an effort to instill joy in the lives of others, beginning with those whom you live with. That sentence is golden. You write it down, practice upon it, you'll be the happiest person on earth. Did you hear what I say? You want joy, you want contentment, happiness, peace. Start off by creating or instilling, or making an effort to let others feel the joy because of something you've done, because of how you behave because of how you act. And you know what it starts with those whom you live with. You're married your spouse, then your children, and your parents, and your siblings, then those who

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live with you, those who interact with you, at work, or elsewhere, those who interact with you on a daily basis, they should feel joy, when they see you, you will be the happiest person, even through your problems, you will have a massive family. So Angela, earlier today, I was speaking to someone and I said, you know, we had a time when we were young when our friends used to be people who really helped us stick up for us, and really is there every time to benefit us today. one of your best friends would be a person who doesn't harm you.

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That's why we no longer expect benefit from people. We just don't want you to harm you haven't harmed me, you're my buddy Subhana Allah

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because I can't expect much more from you. We are Muslims. It should go beyond that. The verses which we the verses that we heard a little bit earlier, from Surah, a DA or certain incense, same surah has two names. where Allah Subhana mortalities, those who feed for the sake of Allah, Allah will give them gentle, they don't want a thank you. They don't want you know, reward recompense from a human being. They just say Oh Allah, we did it for you. We love you. That's why we're feeding. That's why we reach out to others, why they're also creatures that you've made. What will make me special is how special I made others feel.

00:29:51--> 00:29:56

Remember that? So that's my message that I have for you this evening. Before I actually

00:29:58--> 00:29:59


00:30:00--> 00:30:04

Meaning before I end my talk, I'm still here in Charlotte for a while.

00:30:06--> 00:30:09

I want to ask you, all of you seated here this evening,

00:30:10--> 00:30:14

we have a microphone here. I'm prepared to give it to any one of you

00:30:16--> 00:30:17

for a minute

00:30:18--> 00:30:55

or two, to share with us something that you may have found motivational in your own life that perhaps by letting us know we would be motivated as well. So if you have something to share with us, put up your hand male or female, older young and we will give you the microphone and we give you a minute or two to share it with us and inshallah we would definitely benefit from that. Can I yes, the brother there on the right. If there is someone please put up your hand Hi, so we can see. Then we will go to the sister back in Sharla.

00:30:57--> 00:30:59

try to be brief and to the point Bismillah