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I remember there was a scholar who said, not too long ago, he says.

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And I had to ask him why he said this. He says, if you have a phone,

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you must go through tick tock for a few minutes a day and swipe through to learn good things. Okay. Okay. Did you hear what he's saying? Encouraging people to go through tick tock every day for a few minutes. And I sat with him backstage later, and I told him shake. What did you just say? He says, Do you know how much I've learned from tick tock? I said, that's because your algorithm is relatively clean.

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And you've been learning things I said, Why don't you do yourself a favor? Get some one of the youngsters and ask him, can you show me your tick tock? They will not show it to you. Say why? Because it's easy stuff a lot. What do you want to do that? Right? It's the algorithm is relatively clean, it gets used to what you say around the phone. Two days ago, I was talking about something. And the phone started showing me the same thing because it hears me right now.

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The phone has now

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the ability to deliver this lecture that I'm delivering right now. Do you know that all you got to do is get to that app of the artificial intelligence and say, Please deliver a move demand lecture on this topic? And I promise you it will type it out for you in a in a short span of time. Exactly the way it's delivered by me. It's happening. I'm not you might not know about it, it's there. It's there people use it.

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And subhanAllah so the reason he was saying this, he felt innocently rightly so there is a lot of goodness on Tik Tok.

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It's true. But at the same time, the distractions even more so you and I cannot say don't use your phone Don't be on Instagram Don't be on Tik Tok. Don't, don't be on Facebook. Please don't have WhatsApp don't even be connected because it's so dangerous. We have to face reality and tell you listen and giving you a red hot coal. You're gonna have to bounce it through your hands and put on the asbestos gloves so that you don't get burned. And make sure you use it in such a way that you will be proud of it on the day of judgment but that doesn't mean I should tell you divorce yourself from it completely. Goes