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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Smilla he will hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah here Rasool e Muhammad wa ala early he was heavy age mine. My brothers and sisters life and death is in the hands of Allah. Allah is the giver of life and Allah is the one who decides when a person is going to pass away.

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And indeed,

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if Allah wills something is brought into life in

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either order she and

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Paul Allen who can fire cool new fire sober Han and the beheading he Melaku to Konishi or LA to Joan, amazing last verse of surah. Yasin. Allah says, when Allah would like to create something, his instruction is simply be and it is so Glory be to the one in whose hands lies the ownership and dominion of absolutely everything and it will all return to Allah.

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And this is why when a person goes through difficulty and hardship, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him at any loss that you've suffered, be it material loss, the loss of life, health, some bad news, etc. We are taught as a sunnah to say in Allah he were in LA Hara Joan, we belong to Allah and we are going to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala all of us as a reminder to say nothing is going to last long. Nothing is going to last beyond the decision of Allah when Allah decides this is the time that is the time. And there is another important factor that we need to know. Everything that is created by Allah has an expiry date, meaning it has a time tag, there is a

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tag of the precise time that that thing will come to an end all the creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala not just humankind.

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And this is why Allah says either

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Giroux whom fella is three ruinas or Allah is tiempo de Moon SubhanAllah. If the time comes,

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if their time whose time whether it was the previous nations or whether it was any other creature of Allah, when the fixed time set by Allah combs.

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They will not be able to delay it by a moment, nor will they be able to bring it forward by a moment it's Allah's decision, not yours, not mine. Now, the reason I make this introduction is because it is very important to my brothers and sisters as meaning and believers, that we prepare for the day we're going to lose people around us and things that we have, and items that we've known and so much more. It is very important for us to realize you will lose, you will suffer loss, it is part of the plan of ALLAH, so prepare for that day. How do I prepare by building my faith in Allah, building my Yaqeen my conviction in Allah by trying to understand part of the plan of Allah, we will never know

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the wisdom of Allah in everything. One day, he may tell us in the Hereafter, but in this life, you might not understand why did I lose a child at such an innocent age? Why did I have to lose a spouse? Why did I have to lose a parent? Why did I have to lose so and so why did my job? Why did I lose it? Why did I lose my my wealth? For example, you might not know and who knows. If you live long enough, Allah might show you a little bit of why it happened. You suffered a huge loss as a direct result of that loss you made gains 10 times more five years later, what was that? It took you five years of stress to realize the gift of Allah. Did you not have enough Iman and your keen faith

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and conviction to believe this is the plan of Allah?

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Our Jubilee unremoved mini for in umbra. Who could Allahu Allahu Haile so many times we are taught and here is a powerful narration I'm sure we've heard before the affairs of a true believer are amazing. What are they? They are always good for you it cannot be bad. Are you a believer? Yes, then nothing is bad for you. You bear suffer when something negative happens according to worldly standards. And you bear and you thank Allah when something good happens according to worldly standards who

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Why do I say worldly standards? The reason is simple.

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Something that happens that you think is good for you, according to the standards of the world is not necessarily good for you, in the eyes of Allah, not every time you gain something, according to you, is it actually gaining? And sometimes when you lose something, according to you, it's not always bad for you. Subhanallah This is Allah's plan. So what is the test the test is, no matter what has happened to you, if it brings you closer to Allah, it was your gift. And if it takes you away from Allah, it was your punishment, or it was something, a challenge a test for you and you're failing it because it's drifting you away from Allah. As soon as you hear of the death of a loved

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one, the closest person to you.

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You have to lose there

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is no way out. Think about it.

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And by thinking about it, it's not in order to depress yourself. It's in order to strengthen your faith in Allah.

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What will you do? It's going to be a tough one. Or they might lose you before the other way round. Could happen. One of the two has to happen.

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What will you do at the time? Yes, it's going to hurt Are we allowed as believers to hurt Yes, you are. We are normal human beings. You are a human being, you will cry, you will feel the pain you will be sad. It will hurt you but not beyond the point. It will not lead you to questioning Allah. It will not lead you to becoming a person despondent who turns away from prayer. In fact, it is only the remembrance of Allah that will come your heart

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a loving man in not gonna

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be the creme de

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la creme de la he Takoma in

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true believers achieved the comfort of their hearts. By the remembrance of Allah for indeed it is only the remembrance of Allah that can comfort the hearts of the true believers there's nothing else you want to comfort your heart turn to Allah there's no other way because Allah is the maker he knows. So when you suffer a loss like I said, prepare for the day you will lose what you have Lucha Akbar prepare for it even if it does not come at least you know your Eman your your team is such that you know Allah can do whatever he wants. It's not in my hands. It's an Allah says. The reason why we say prepare for the day is because if we have not thought about it, and we did not prepare

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for it, the day it comes it's going to knock us out.

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Totally but prepare for it in sha Allah in de la la hora de Rouen in Melilla Hema, Allah Who ma will kill Lucia in India who be urgently Musa Ma.

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Whatever Allah gave me in the first place always belonged to him. Imagine you lose a child,

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infancy teenage post healthy, suddenly something went wrong, whatever according to you, according to Allah, it went right? That child was never yours before birth, where were they? You were busy crying? Oh Allah give me children.

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Where did the child come from? Allah? Where is the child going back to Allah? Think about it. You could lose one to all it's tough. It will be a sad day indeed. We may cry. The heart might be saddened Yes, indeed. But not beyond the point. We will still say Lana Kulu Allama UB.

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Allah azza wa jal, we will only say we will not say anything except that which pleases Allah.

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If you want to question Allah, there are two different angles you could look at it from. One is to question Allah's authority that is wrong. We are meaning we are believers, we surrender to Allah. But one is

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to question what might have gone wrong with us for Allah to have done something to us so that we can improve ourselves as a result of it. That's not actually questioning Allah as such. It's questioning yourself. Where have I gone wrong? That more so when you suffer a loss materially in your health in a few other things, you say, Oh Allah, where did I go wrong? Subhan Allah improve yourself and that's why we say when anything negative happens and brings you close to Allah, that's it. My brothers, my sisters, when we say surrendering to the plan of Allah is a gift. Wallahi It's a gift. You have travel plans. It has happened to many of us during the virus. You have travel plans and

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suddenly you are stuck. You cannot

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Go you tested positive, whatever it might have been.

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If you're a believer, you're calm. I have my place. I have my food. I'm okay. I'm just here. In our language, I'm chilling. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease.

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The same person could be so depressed because they're angry, when can I go? What can I do? What plan can etcetera, etcetera, not anger, we try to resolve the matter indeed but in the interim, we are happy, excited, you missed a flight, thank Allah. Something negative happened, thank Allah. You are a believer, unlike the others. You tried your best, didn't you? Now what happened? Don't worry. That's Allah's plan. Allah knows what he's doing. It was always Allah's plan. He knew you were never going to make it to that thing. He was just Subhanallah allowing you to rush towards it and it wasn't going to come to you. That's Allah's plan. Will you surrender and say and hamdulillah Ken Ham

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there Allah, for you belongs all thanks and all praise you will become

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because your health is affected negatively. When you begin to stress about things that are not in your hands. When you begin to worry about something that Allah did not put in your hands. You're worried about it, it's not in your hands. Leave it to Allah. That's the whole idea of the work cool. to hand over your affairs to Allah and trust him, it's over. What can I do zero.

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A person is diagnosed with whatever disease, someone says this is terminal Alhamdulillah I'm going to try we will get this type of help and that type of help. But if it doesn't help, what's the ultimate that could go wrong? in inverted commas?

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A person can die. Is that really the ultimate? Or is that the beginning of a new stage of a beautiful life?

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So you've lost a loved one guess what? You're a believer. You're going to meet them again very soon. Very soon. How soon sooner than you can imagine.

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Isn't that a bonus?

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Well, loving man. What about home ve man in help honor being in jewelry at home? Allahu Akbar. What a great gift of Allah. Allah says, Those who believe.

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Allah says, For as long as the family is continued in Iman.

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We will connect them together on the other side, they're going to come back together.

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That's a gift of Allah. We are connected in this world do you think Allah is not going to connect us in the hereafter the same Lord who have connected you here you want to be connected there he will connect you so don't depress because a believer knows there is a life after death. We are too sophisticated in creation for it to be the end of everything you live and that's it. The kuffaar used to say

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mahiya Illa HYAH tuna dunya Animoto Anna here

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it's only this worldly life. It's we're just, you know, dead and alive. That's it. You just living for this life? That's it. Allah says No way. You are so sophisticated. You have feelings. I know you you know me. We'd like to sit we haven't had the time. Don't worry, you will get the time. Just believe Allah will grant you the time even later on these a lot of time. Subhanallah

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this world is temporary. It has challenges. My brothers, my sisters. Every time you have a gift of Allah, the back of your mind while you are thanking Allah for it. Remember, Allah not only can take it away, a day will come when he will take it away. As a challenge. Are you prepared for that day? Are you ready to adjust as you ready to come down? You lost a loved one. What do you do in the law here in La Jolla Rajon First things first, I must declare that I belong to Allah, that person or that thing I lost belongs to Allah and to everything is going to return to Allah. That's your declaration thereafter. What must happen is to come. I must remain steadfast. Fulfill your prayers,

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it will help the deceased if you're a child of that deceased, for you, to pray for them. In what way just simply asking Allah Oh ALLAH forgive my Father, forgive my brother, forgive my child, forgive my spouse, forgive whoever it may have been. grant him Jana and have mercy on them. That type of a dua even though it is so simple is probably one of the most powerful gifts you could give the deceased.

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That type of a dua even though so simple, is probably the best gift you could give them.

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repeat it and repeat it again and again after every prayer, fulfill your prayers. Learn to dress modestly, appropriately learn to carry yourself in a proper way What are you doing? You are continuing after them with iman. Then Allah connects you later on.

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And you life must carry on how many times you have a person who passes on and the wife or the husband or someone says you know what, that's it I'm come here and

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I'm never gonna marry again. That's your statement because of the loss. But that's Allah's plan. You're not the first person and you will not be the last person. A year passes two years past four years, five years past and you begin to yearn for companionship once again, there is no betrayal of your deceased spouse. If you were to remarry. No, not at all. No betrayal whatsoever. It's the plan of Allah, they have done it before you the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him married those who lost their spouses before.

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Tell there is no betrayal. Don't let someone fool you to say no, you're betraying your

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deceased spouse, imagine he'll come in your dreams and haunt you. That's what people say.

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Hey, what did you do? That's not happening. May Allah Almighty grant us ease forgiveness. My brothers, my sisters, in a say in a similar fashion. When we've been given a gift by Allah, whether it is a business profit, a beautiful home a lovely condition, one day Allah has to shake it for you, he has to shake that tree for all those dead leaves to fall down. And what happens? New leaves begin to blossom with the man strength, be strong, be strong, you might cry, you might shed a tear you are a human, no problem. For as long as those are tears that are not questioning Allah but rather, showing the helplessness of men in front of Allah, no harm. The prophets, Allah Allah, Allah salams

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eyes filled with tears when he lost his son, Ibrahim. And he said in nama here, Mattoon This is a sign of the mercy that Allah has placed in the hearts of those who have mercy. Jalla Hala, houfy buddy Rahama.

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So my brothers, my sisters, these are a few words I thought I'd share with you today because people lose things and then it it actually shakes their belief in Allah, whereas it should strengthen you. That was the plan of Allah from the beginning, he told you that I will take things away, I'll give you things. It's part of the plan of Allah. Sometimes, you see, there was a time when

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the old pass on, and the young, inherit them, and continue until they become old they pass on and their young ones, inherit them. Now we're living in an age where it's the other way around, or it is unpredictable. Totally. Not like it wasn't until unpredictable before. But the world has changed to the degree that you hear of young people passing on before the old a lot of the times. That's all part of the plan of Allah, it can happen. Just bear it in the back of your mind. That's all to say this can happen. If it does happen. I will surrender to the decree of Allah, as difficult as it may be. And you know what, initially when you lose a loved one within your family, yes, everyone will

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come home, they will talk to you, they will comfort you and so on. It won't really hit you so much, because that's too close to home. A few days later, a few weeks later, when everyone is gone back to work and you're sitting all on your own, it starts hitting you if you don't have Iman that we're talking about today, faith and conviction, it's going to knock you out. Build your faith, build your conviction, have faith in Allah. You know, the morning time in Islam is limited. Beyond that, please move on with life continue, go ahead.

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And as much as you may cry from time to time and it may be difficult, it will be tough a few days will be worse than others no problem. But

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in general you will be moving closer to Allah you get closer to Allah, such that that loss had it not been for the loss, you wouldn't have been so close to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, may Allah Almighty grant us all ease and comfort and ultimately may he help us go through our challenges and difficulties in a way that we earn closeness to him and reward so that we earn Janna tool Fidelis without reckoning for indeed again, my brothers and sisters when you surrender to the decree of Allah, it is one of the highest and closest levels that you could arrive at to Allah subhanho wa taala. It's called a Riba, Bill Kedah to be happy at the decree of Allah. That's not a joke. That's

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very difficult. Happy at the decree of Allah. Yes. When Allah gives you a million another million another to show happiness is easier without will cover. I'm happy I got a million I got to wait until it's the other way around. That's what we talk about. Riva will cover May Allah make it easy for you and I the day He tests us and the beautiful dua. May Allah never test us with that which is too difficult for us to go through Akula Kali Harada also Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad